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– Best memory that you’ve made at Gaylord? – Bringing her when she was 2 years old until she’s 20 now. – So 18 years? – Yeah. Spending all the games with my mom. – What’s up, everybody? It’s Dez from COISKI and I’m in beautiful Norman, Oklahoma today for a Big 12 matchup between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Texas Tech Red Raiders. This is “SATURDAZE.” What’s the one tradition that if I came to an OU game I have to know? – After every touchdown when the Sooners score you’re gonna hear a bunch of shotguns go off right? It’s my favorite tradition at OU. It catches people by surprise sometimes but it never fails to get the energy loud and, you know, it’s something that you remember for sure. – Favorite OU tradition? – Definitely the Boomer Sooner wagon for sure, yeah, for sure easily. – Before the games the Sooner wagon that comes out. – Probably this hat. I wear this hat every game.
– This hat? Is it a good luck hat? – Yeah. Yes sir. – The Boomer Sooner chant.
– Let me hear it. – BOOMER! – (Off-screen) SOONER! – BOOMER! – SOONER! – BOOMER! – (Off-screen) SOONER! – Do you know the words to the fight song? – Yeah. I do. – Let’s go. – Boomer Sooner Boomer Sooner, Boomer Soon- – What’s the one thing I need to know about an OU football game? – An OU football game? I feel like the energy. – The energy is pretty much unmatched. I feel like OU fans are like ridiculously respectful to the other team. I mean, there’s like no booing. We only ever boo the ref’s, you know. – Lot of sports fans, a lot of people acting wild rooting on the team. – Everybody’s gonna be friendly. Everybody loves
OU football. So you just got to embrace it. – ner. Boomer Sooner. Boomer Sooner. Boo- – Best memory you’ve made at Oklahoma?
– Probably OU/Texas for sure. One of the most like magical experiences you can have. Seeing the
stadium half orange, half red. It actually gives me chills. – Bringing her when she was two years old until she’s twenty now. – So 18 years? – Yeah. Spending all the games with my mom. – Getting this little gash right here on the way to one of the games. – Tell me the story behind that. – I don’t remember.
– Okay – I was sitting in the very front row and the mascot came out, came up right all in the front like brick wall, did a backflip off of it. Coolest thing I had ever seen and the entire time we were sitting there we were all like arms crossed like this doing chants. It was honestly the coolest thing. It was like we may not know each other on campus, but when we came to the game it was like we were all just one big unit. It was the coolest vibe I have ever been to in a game – Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, OKU. – Bro that was the hardest song.
– I told you I know it. I know it all. – What is the atmosphere like inside Gaylord Stadium?
– Oh man. The atmosphere in this stadium is non-stop energy all the time. – You know right now, it’s actually insane. Everybody’s going crazy especially on our defense today they’re doing amazing. Everybody is losing their minds. If we score here, I’m gonna have to go. – Every home game is loud, energetic, and is
so much fun. Like I love this. This is my favorite place in the world. – Boomer Sooner? – That wasn’t close at all. OU steamrolls through another opponent and all this football in this heat.
It’s got me a little hungry Let’s go get something to eat. Alright, so now I’m at O’Connell’s joined by Jeff Stewart, how you doing man? – Pretty good, pretty good. Good to see you guys glad you made it in. – Thank you. Thank you. O’Connell’s has been around for a long time, right? – Yeah, we’ve been around for 51 years. Five. One. – (Laughs) The big five-one. Although this isn’t the original location tell me how has O’Connell’s continued to be a staple
in OU culture. – I think it’s just history and tradition. I think initially it was a nice place to be at night, you know people frequented it. Now, they return to it so many times.
Parents bring their kids. – So just generation after generation after generation of Sooners just come in here and make those memories.
– Uh-huh. How did O’Connell’s become, you know, the OU hang out? – Well, I’m not real sure how it started. I bought it right out of college. It was kind of like just a dingy beer bar.
– Okay. – And just gradually work through it, cleaned it up, changed the menu, activities, involved more college kids in various things not just as employees, and it just grew from there. – So tell me, OU game day, what is it like in here? – Well, you know, we only get one or two people. (Laughs) – No. We generally open the doors and we’re generally the first one full. It’s just incredible. It’s a lot of fun. A lot of screaming sooner fans.
– Of course. – However we’re also, when they have the big opposing games, we become the opposing team spot as well. – Oh wow.
– And they actually will generally beat the Sooners in. When we played Notre Dame, it was all gold in here.
– So do you think just your reputation in Norman has spread to other fan bases and they know when they come to Norman they have to come here. – I think that’s what it is. I think it actually started with Kansas to tell you the truth. They had called and wanted to set up a little spot where their alumni could check in and I thought well, okay they’re gonna have a good table like we’re sitting at now and they’ll come in get a little badge, sign in, what have you. No. They had a bigger table They came in and decorated the whole room. Their entire alumni showed up and then there’s their cheer squad showed up and their cheerleaders were actually in here doing cheers and I think it just expanded from that. – What are some of the popular dishes here that people are ordering? – There’s several of them, but one of them is the buffalo wings We’ve got a sweet and spicy buffalo wing that people just thoroughly enjoy. The ranch hand hamburger is one that is very popular. I’m not sure how ranch dressing got to be so popular in Oklahoma. – Yeah, that’s more of a Texas thing, right?
– Yeah, we go through gallons of ranch dressing and then our fish and chips. – What makes O’Connell’s unique?
– History and tradition. I think that’s the main thing that makes it unique is the history and tradition and trying to support that and keep it going so that when they return they get the same feelings and what have you even in – and this is very much like the old store. It’s twice the size but it’s very much designed exactly like the older store so they, you know, they leave one and come back and say, “Oh it’s the same place.” – So tell me the best thing about O’Connell’s. – Oh, the atmosphere. The fans. – Yeah, just the great atmosphere. A lot of fun people to hang around with. – Favorite thing about O’Connell’s? – I think my favorite thing about O’Connell’s is like the friendship. I feel like I don’t know you, however, I feel like I’m friends with you and so it’s great. It’s like the fellowship hit O’Connell’s. – This my guy right here. – It’s amazing.
– This my guy right here. – BOOMER! – SOONER!
– (Off-screen) SOONER! – BOOMER! – (Off-screen) SOONER! – TEXAS! – (Off-screen) SUCKS! – Bro I’ve never seen that before. That’s crazy. “SATURDAZE” has plenty more in store for you this season. Let me know where I should go next. You never know, we might end up at your school. In the meantime, check out “SATURDAZE” with TCU and “SATURDAZE” with Texas A&M. Peace

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  1. Fuck the boomer sooner wagon fuck the gun shots and fuck the chant Horns up will will see y’all at the red river shoot y’all know what time it is mane ????????????????????????????????

  2. O'Connell's Chicken fingers are best in Norman! And I hope this dude ordered Pizza Shuttle on way home from Campus Corner.

  3. All these folks are asking you to come to their midwest big ten school. Let me save your time and money, stay in the south. They think they have something going but its nothing compared to the SEC, Big 12, and Southern ACC.

  4. This our fight song
    Boomer Sooner Boomer Sooner Boomer Sooner Boomer Sooner
    Boomer Sooner Boomer Sooner Boomer Sooner OKU,
    Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma OKU,
    I’m a Sooner born a Sooner bred and when I die I’ll be a Sooner dead, Rah Oklahoma Rah Oklahoma Rah Oklahoma OKU

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