#881: Baseball Field Restoration Project Sports Lighting | Apple Valley, CA

okay my name is Alan Levine I’m a
national project manager for American technologies incorporated we are the
nation’s largest family-owned restoration contractor in the United
States I’ve been with the ATI for about 23 years all together at a severe
windstorm two and a half years ago took down the wooden poles that were
supporting some existing HID lighting and in essence it took down several
other poles along with the old new electrical switch here we reinstalled
and we came to the point in November that they called us and asked us what we
could do to help them get this field led by April 1st
well we finish lighting yesterday we actually turn down the lights yesterday
with no issues I’m the gentleman who has to stand behind it when it’s finished
and walk away I need to know that the product I’m buying is going to do the
job that I expect and I put my faith in lpp saw the product realized the
superiority and their design and what they could do for us versus Musco
lighting that the park originally had with HID JJ and LPP were there every
step of the way I had a phone call JJ would answer the phone I’d leave a
voicemail JJ goes on vacation I knew he was gone it was that attached but I got
a call the second he got back my emails were answered on a timely manner back
and forth dialog was continual along with Jake your photometric planner and
your engineering source all the way to the Valmont
all the way to the issue I had on Monday trying to decide on what some of the
torque specifications were they were all provided to me and we were able to get
through it and get this job completed and have the lights ready to energize
the biggest challenge overall was beating the new photometric requirements
that were thrown to us basically in a curveball we stopped production we
halted it we basically since the specs off to JJ
we went back and forth with the city of Apple Valley in contact with the
National Little League Association and determine what we needed to do to
rectify the situation within 48 hours LPP came up with the solution
we’ve gotten a revision on our plans and we’re able to proceed forward with the
correct components to give them the light they need on the field these
lights are very impressive they’re heavy they’re solid they’re well-constructed
six hundred thousand plus hours of time on it
I’m not sure what the standard HID fixture or light bulb will give you but
I doubt we’ll be anywhere near that so I’m not being a company with multiple
location facilities that could produce poles of this size this magnitude is
great drive down the street every day we can Velmont product so we don’t see the
word Velmont on them but doing the research on the product and comparing
the product I know what they’re putting in the ground is they’re mostly valmont
product you’re aiming diagram came to us we’ve set them preset that we have a
little more adjustment to do yet on the project which will be completed Monday
after dark look pretty straightforward the lights are basically placed where
they were originally we’re able to use one of the existing existing poles but
existing locations in the outfield to light not only this baseball diamond but
to light a practice field as well we’ve switched that pole into two sides so we
can turn on side independently so that will give them options to use just the
small field without having to light the larger field the other great factor is
each of these poles draws less than 15 amps compared to the HID fixture this
build is exceptionally large that it does not have an outfield fence so the
fields of play in this field runs continually from home play all the way
out to the femme side of the property as with way larger than any baseball
diamond whether being Little League or pony ball or high school ball whatever
be ATI is building a new corporate facility 144 thousand square feet in
Anaheim and I’m looking forward to sourcing products through LPP for that
as well

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