8 Iron Only Challenge Match | Golfing In Atlanta

should be up there around the pin yeah
swing your swing bro what is up y’all hope y’all having a great day out here
with my buddy Michael at Candler Park again have a fun little challenge in
store 8-iron only just one club is that all we’re done that’s it that’s it
we putting with it well putt will chip blade where we get you in the hole
hopefully no tops but you never know so we’re gonna be
playing six hole match again match play against Michael and I’m one up currently
life time here on the channel against Michael want to know we’re on defeat it
just happy to get my clothes back yes tell you the T right now we’re on hull
seven it’s a par four goes up the hill and then back down total we’re looking
at about 340 350 yards ideally just right up the right side we’ll put you in
a good spot let’s stare down that’s scary and that looks pretty good right there
right down the middle well I guess I’m gonna go with the Nate iron Michael I think this whole plays a
little shorter than you said from the tee because there’s the 150 and I don’t
believe I had earned 190 up the hill I’m right here
Michael’s right back there should be pretty good sorry we had to pan on those shots
couldn’t really set the camera up behind because you couldn’t see the grain so
hopefully you could see a little bit michael pin-high right I was a little
long left but both mmm not too bad Michael’s definitely better all right
Michael’s right there there’s the pin I’m right back over there yeah let’s get
it up and down let’s get it up and down Hey
we will take that all day long that was a really good effort right
there Michael to tap in for his for alrighty
very nice sir yep this would be huge early on in the match that was huge
that’s a four for me what we got here Michael all right guys this is hole
eight at Kindler Park we’ve got basically straight downhill on the card
it says about 250 it’s gonna play closer about 210 so something straight out
towards the tower that tower right there that looks pretty good heading just a
bit right of the tower but I think that should be perfect so michael says the
tower 8-iron full sin the tower shakes Michael you said it the
tower and I think that literally went straight down the tower we’ll take it that was kind of cool just both at the
same time what you think Michael works out well for me maybe we’ll try this
again I’m not sure if you could see from there hopefully you could knows in the
shadow line was pin-high right maybe 10 12 feet Michael’s friend just passed
maybe about 20 feet just walk looks like she chose him to go with 8-iron well
that’s his only option but that’s what he’s going with
and this looks pretty good this would be a huge ping slamming birdie on our
second hole oh oh I thought that was good be a big up and down has he done it has he done it oh no he
left it short parts oh ho I won’t anymore
one more revolution there to happen for the par rammed it on home let’s go
our third hole 168 straight up the hill par 3 should be just a full 8-iron it
does play quite a bit uphill so gonna need hit a full whoo I think she’s dancing the whole
thin to win scampering on up there tell me the thought process real quick on
shot selection so we had 168 plays about 185 typically my 8-iron flies 158 full
so you try to just belly that ball right in the middle gets low and runs on the
dead Bermuda should be up there round the pan
yeah swing your swing bro yeah we got Michael right here not too bad a little
short can you see mine right there thought we got it all the way there and
I was playing a long ways you get the one club you do what you can with it
that’s right to the line shipping with the 8-iron
it’s pretty good so far Michael here for his par Oh Neely’s is a little short and that is
a bogey for this would be a huge start to the match even par through three let’s go this is actually number one out
here at Chandler Park this was in the last video but this is the fourth hole
for this challenge would be good all righty there’s Michael
and there I am Michael how far you have 117 to the front pin from here front pen
and I have 114 just in case you’re wondering those guys are not on the
green they are on the next team box oh that looks really good oh that looks
really really good oh boy Michael mighty just stuck that not the best right there that is right
that was not good I think that that was about pin-high but
it was a long ways right need to get this up and down pards over here is only
got a pretty good look at a birdie so yeah I’ve got got my work cut out Andy
there’s Michael right there it’s in good shape I am right there got about 40 45
feet left here let’s get it close oh that was a bit aggressive I was a bit
aggressive oh eight nine feet long this would be a huge emotional swing in the
match if Michael could make this oh no did he hit it did he hit it did he hit
it good effort sir good par that is a four
for Michael this is a must make for me to stay to up in the match Oh leave that
short don’t leave it short that’s a bogey alrighty Michael now
moves a match to me one up Michael got one right there
he did par three up next number five 167 yards it’s heading just a little ride in the
pan should be about middle of the green there it is front edge he’s got a birdie
look all righty Michael’s ball is right there
I’m balling it up right there got a couple looks at birdie Michael
this is a very pivotal hole in the match he’s going with the 8-iron it’s not a
must-make but it’s it would help oh he has rolled it well hmm
this would seal the match and give us the first pin slammer of the day I
wasn’t gonna leave it short never a doubt three there sir thank you
all right need to keep my 1-up lead riding on to number six
all right guys final hole I’m one shot down need a pin slammer par 3 down the
hill gonna be about 129 yards playing closer to 123 18 that looks really good
I just headin right out it oh just a little long a really good shot Wow
that may have sealed the deal that might have sealed the deal right there does a
shot of the day this has been such a fun challenge you really can score well with
unique clubs around the grains if you practice it you never know what you’re
going to be good shipping with the 8-iron bump and runs I’m pretty happy
with the results what do you think Michael I mean I like you said I think
it’s a great instructional piece where you can you can hit different clubs
around the green doesn’t always have to be a lob wedge
let’s go roll the rock get our first pin slammer of the day all righty I’m right
here Michael’s right back there pretty much a must-make sir not too bad scampers about four feet
just past this would be huge for a pin slammer to end it oh not quite the pin
slammer but we’ll take a par hope y’all enjoyed coming along thanks so much
Michael for having me out here today that was a lot of fun to match ended up
one up I did get the win Michael’s just gonna have to come back to the channel
again so I can get his first win on the channel that was gonna be tough today I
made five pars that was better than I ever anticipated so I was thankful for
that but Michael played well Michael really did he hung on strong there to
the very end so much fun have any words for everyone out there today
you know just great to be here appreciate you coming out to Cameron
Park true sport true gentleman you know always compliments the competitor so
just a wonderful day is great to have you out here
I appreciate it if you all enjoyed this kind of content drop a like below that’d
be greatly appreciated and subscribe and push that notification bell as well and
y’all until next time we’ll see you when we
see you

34 thoughts on “8 Iron Only Challenge Match | Golfing In Atlanta

  1. Video Idea: Play a round in a suit and tie like the guys "back in the day" used to do it that would be so fun to watch and interesting to see how it is to play with.

  2. Zac, what shoes are you wearing? Those look like they would be super comfortable to walk in, but still stable.

  3. Thanks for ALL the uploads!!! Your style of videos makes it feel like "we're out there with you".

    You partner up with some good people too ??

  4. Yo Zac! Super cool to see you in Georgia, if you ever get the chance, come down to Athens and play the University of Georgia course!

  5. Read this in Zac's voice…

    "Well, I'm a little disappointed that I shot 5 over par while golfing with only my 8 iron. But, what can you do?" -Zac Radford on every challenge video.

  6. Who here is mad at the fact they are scoring better with 8 iron only then most of us with our full sets ???. Way to play boys. So you brought back a little Scotland with the 8iron bump and runs Fryer would be proud of y'all.

  7. Funny how you both carried your full sets around with you ?
    It's a hard habit to beat .
    I love using a sand wedge for anything around the green, doesn't always work out but when it does it feels real nice.

  8. Is it just me or does anyone else get the feeling this Michael guy has numerous people locked in/buried under his basement? #CreepyAsHell

  9. To tell you a story Zac I played in a 5 iron only tournament years ago on a par 3, the funny thing I was playing 123 yard hole and hit it off the tee and bladed the shot and there was a house about 30 yards behind the green. I just knew I was going to hit it as fast as the ball was traveling, but it hit the flag it self and fell down about 2 inches from the hole. I just love plying these kind of tournaments ?on the vid

  10. Hey Zac, just wondering if you have some sort of deal with Rhoback? I notice you and your buddy both wearing their shirts but you never plug them in your videos.

  11. Can anyone else recall how many times Zac's sunglasses fall of his head when he swings hahahaha another good video man!

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