7 EASY WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR CONTACT! [Baseball Hitting Tips for Better Contact]

What’s up guys? Coach Madden,
YouGoProBaseball.com and today we’re talking about how to make better contact
when you’re hitting contact is so important right if you’re not good at
making contact even if you got a very powerful swing it doesn’t mean anything
because you got to hit the baseball right before we get into the video I
want to say thank you just big-league grips for sponsoring this video big
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grips calm so the first thing when it comes to making better contact is to
make sure that you got the right size and weight bat the length and weight
back because if you’re swinging a bat that’s too long or too heavy you’re not
going to be able to make as good a contact as if you had the correct weight
and length to bat same goes for if you’re swinging it to that too short or
too light right it’s just not gonna give you the same amount of success as if you
were swinging the right bat for you now I shot a video with Rawlings and we
talked about how to pick the best bat for you so if you haven’t watched that
video go check it out but just remember that you got to swing the right size of
the length bat if you want to have good contact at the plate tip number two when
it comes to having good contact is to have good timing right you got to have
good timing because you could have the most perfect swing mechanics your swing
can be beautiful but if your timing is off if you’re too late or too early on
balls you’re not gonna have the same success as if you were on time right so
timing is huge in fact I just shot a video with a bunch of tips on how to
improve your timing so make sure you watch that one if you’re struggling with
your timing but to work on your timing the main thing is you have to do more
work with live pitching right you got to focus on where you’re struggling right
if you’re struggling with timing live pitching is going to be your best bet to
get back on time there’s a bunch of other tips in that video so go check
that one out too tip number three to make better contact
when hitting is having a good swing plane and this might be the most
important in fact because if you’re not having a good swing plane and let’s say
you’re swinging down at the ball right a lot of coaches say swing down at the
ball you’re crossing the path of that ball for only a
very split-second right that ball is coming in on this angle here and you’re
swinging down at this angle right here there’s only a split second to when you
can hit that ball so your timing has to be perfect right to make contact with
that ball you have to be so perfect with your time if you create a good swing
plane and you get this back on the path of the ball on the plane of the pitch
earlier and stay on it longer you’re going to have more success at making
contact even if you’re a little bit late or a little bit early you’re still going
to be on the plane of the pitch right so just have a good swing play swing plane
we want to set our body angle right we want to get our chest over our toes that
puts us in a more athletic position and also creates an axis around our spine to
swing around so when we go to swing we want to be here and get on plane with
that pitch early so now I’m on playing I’m playing I’m playing on plane on
playing on plane on plane off play so there’s a lot more room for error in my
timing than if I was swinging down or even up or cutting right we hear a lot
about swinging up give me those moon shots right same goes for that we want
to be on plane with the pitch that’s gonna help our timing that’s gonna give
us much better contact when hitting the baseball tip number four when trying to
make better contact when hitting is to swing a wood bat right the reason why
would that is such a great tool to use when you’re working on your contact is
because you’ve got less of a sweet spot right you got to be a better hitter
mister RoMac from Kissimmee sticks he says aluminum makes good cans wood makes
good hitters and I always love that quote because I believed it to be true
and if you’re swinging wood you’ve got a smaller sweet spot and the ball just
comes off of this bat a little bit different than it does off of your other
bats right so make sure that when you’re practicing on making good contact that
you’re swinging your wood you know I like to tell my guys half and half if
you’re only swinging wood in games and you can do that a lot if you’re not if
you’re swinging your other bat in games then maybe go half and half but always
working with wood when you can because it’s gonna make you a better hitter tip
number five for making better contact is to hit with heavy balls because heavy
balls are not only going to work on us getting to the contact point
but driving through it being strong through that contact point this is just
a heavy ball it’s about a pound it’s filled with sand I believe and all
you’re gonna do is work on getting down to contact and driving through because
guys who are weak at their contact point or they have some insufficiencies in
their swing when they get to that ball and cut it off or be soft through it
they’re really gonna feel that so when you’re using your head the heavy ball
you really have to work on using everything within your body to drive
through this ball right get to a good strong contact point and really get
extended through that ball and that’s the great benefit of using heavy balls
when working on having better contact stronger contact in your baseball swing
tip number six on how to improve your contact and it’s to Train small right
this is a skinny barrel bat right here and we’re gonna hit mini wiffle balls
with this bat imagine if you could hit mini wiffle balls that are moving with
this skinny barrel bat right here when you start swinging regular-sized
baseballs with your regular bat it’s gonna be so much easier because you’ve
been practicing small you’ve been training small so use the skinny barrel
bat and a mini wiffle ball pitching machine to work on training small you’re
gonna be able to hit those small moving objects over time you’ll get better at
it and then when you get to your regular bat and the regular baseballs it’s gonna
be so much easier you’re gonna be such a better contact hitter before we get in
to tip number seven I want to let you know that we’re giving away one of the
big league grips all I need you to do is hop down in the comment section below
and let me know what you’re gonna do this season to work on your contact and
I’ll choose a random comment to win one of the big league grips I’ll ship it
right to you and the last tip number seven for having better contact is to
practice more yeah a practice we’re talking about practice if you’re not
happy with where you’re at with your contact right you’re watching this video
for a reason you want and clicked on it you’re not having issues right if you’re
having troubles work on it right you can’t just watch these videos and go oh
those are some good ideas and never do anything about it you got to get out
there and put in the work do some of the things I suggested right watch some of
those other videos I suggested these things will help if you put them to use
right I promise you I’ve seen the results myself with guys that I work
with but you have to do it you have to put in the work okay
practice all this stuff and you we’ll be better at hitting the ball
having better contact okay hop down in the comments below let me know that
you’re getting out there right hop down there right now say coach I’m shutting
the computer off I’m going out to hit I’m working on some of these drills that
you just told me tell me what drills you worked on when you come back let me know
we’ll talk down in the comment section and also if you haven’t already don’t
forget to subscribe click the bell cuz I got some really good stuff coming that I
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56 thoughts on “7 EASY WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR CONTACT! [Baseball Hitting Tips for Better Contact]

  1. i’m gonna use a lot of the tips from this video and then do more bp soft toss working on power by staying on plane and having better torque with my body as soon as this comment is posted i’m leaving to practice

  2. Thanks coach, just wanted to let u know how much this channel has helped me. last year I wasn't hitting the ball at all, no homeruns and a like a 0.250 ba. but I was getting it done in the field so I moved up to the A team. I'm now hitting 2nd on the #5 team in the state with 2 hrs. thanks coach!🙏

  3. I’m going out to hit off a tee using tips from other videos! I’ll use the grip to work on my contact too!

  4. I am going to try and use a combo of all the great training suggestions you and Coach Antonelli have been offered this offseason to get better contact on the ball and really drive that ball this year.great vid thanks Coach. much respect

  5. Coach I got a few questions can you answer them ASAP

    1. When throwing to a base I’ve been taught to point my glove to the baseman and have my elbow pointed to the basemen which is correct or is there another method that is better.

    2. When do you know in the infield if a slow roller is coming and if you should bar hand it of not. Is there like a drill for this too?

    3. When I gather all my energy to throw the ball as hard as I could my eyes get off the baseman how do I keep my eyes on the baseman when I load back.

    4. What are good drills to do to get better at hitting the curveball that i can do by myself.

    5. Lastly, what are good drills to keep all of throws always straight and aren’t like sliders are they drop down?
    Thx coach

  6. I take my 9 year old to the yard with my big net and use the heavy balls. I also do some soft toss with the heavy balls as well.

  7. Have you ever hit a homerun in your professional career? I know you were a pitcher but I am just wondering.

  8. Going to sue these tips more my 15 yr old he plays JV in high school and going to work with him on the off season too

  9. This season I’m going to work more with high tee work, weighted balls, and getting a smoother swing. Also have mental approach I plan on using when games start next week

  10. I play softball but get a lot of good stuff from your videos.
    I am currently using your tips from other videos and will try some of these.

    My dad is taking me to the cages 2 – 3 days a week. I have a try out next weekend for a club team and will be working hard on getting my swing more consistant.
    Thanks for all the time you put into helping others.

  11. I’ve played basketball most of my life. This year I started playing baseball for my high school team. I’m the second in the pitching rotation and I’m getting better. (Lefty btw) I’m going to start throwing more and find some coaches that can help me master my mechanics. These vids on your channel have helped a lot.👍🏾

  12. *soulja boy voice "computer?????" Idk what im doing awake rn 😭😭😭 mb coach im going straight to sleep😤😤😤😤

  13. To work on my contact I’m working a lot of inside and outside soft toss and machine to really work on being able to get good hits off those pitches

  14. Great video and this season I'm working at working harder at my batting using your tools. Thanks allot for your help

  15. I’ve started coaching this year and I’m having my kids hit the mini balls every practice followed up with live pitching to see the ball and get their timing down.

  16. Hey Coach Madden, I will practice on me having my Palm up and palm down in my hands during my swings. Last year I rolled over a ton, so I will work to end that problem.

  17. Looks like you got a whole lot more than one big league grip you could give away 🤔😂 bet you swing a 34 in bat with how massive u are 😂😂

  18. Yet another great video from Coach Madden. Your awesome Coach. You make it easier to coach with all your tips and videos. I tell all the other coaches in my league about you and your videos. I figure if all the kids get better then my son will even get better then he is. Because he sometimes gets bored always being one of the top kids in our league. So thank you once again for all your help. Stay awesome…

  19. Hey Coach. Big Nick wanted me to tell you he has been working hard to get ready for tryouts. He’s been working on eliminating lag and being on time/on plane. Safe travels with USSSA.

  20. What is the proper way to hold on to the bat. I seen and hear of so many ways just wondering your opinion

  21. I am going to practice as much as I can, hit weights, hit mini wiffleballs, and have someone live pitch to me. Please I really want that grip.

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