61 second Artist + exercise for the defensor (table tennis experts)

Hey this site Maciek we do the next test of a long tenon by the way I say a few things about the pivots and we show different exercises to improve your game pin earphone tell about how to play the pivots and that’s what makes me the biggest problems with players attacking pins can be divided into three different groups long, medium and short each of them differs in many aspects as the thickness of the substrate which can be modified structure of the pivots and adhesion and you can really get lost in this because we do different tests that you may know how to play different types of plugs Today we are testing an unusual pin Chinese regarded in some circles 61 Second Artist 1.0 mm on the substrate the pin even though it is long enough that it’s hard pin thus promoting the game at the table transmitting rotation in the case of the latter is dependent Us because it is not soft It is hard because you have to give yourself rotation This journal is quite fast by what is not so large control interference by the hardness of the carrier and the thickness of the substrate is not too great SZ and the ball flies straight line It works best in the game at the table and the attachment of the active unit at worst it performs piercing because it is hard to give its rotation and issue a simple ball This lining is for players playing at the table actively block This lining is in receipt of specific by thick and hard pins quite strongly does not react to rotation by giving her a little but not enough in passive play is not suitable facing too much rotation active game is quite simple because it ignores the plug quite a large amount of rotation thus there is no difficulty in playing in the first zone of the plug at the table behaves quite decently in the second the third zone is not as good as the first but also can play This pin fun to play because it ignores the large amount of rotation producer says that this journal is quite ample opportunity to reverse the rotation and the possibility of attack so largely I agree because ignoring rotation can easily attack the enemy the biggest problems players who make me toss the ball to the backhand m y I stand in the second zone because if I am not able to give too much rotation and she goes back without rotation by what I have to play quite low over the net playing a long pin is generally not pleasant against players playing short pin and antytopsinami the worst services These are short upper rotary services alternating with fast by what I have to be very vigilant in in reception and if you do not have time for this table show the high ball the worst to block topspin without rotation weak because pin game on the strength of the enemy and rotation They give me the most points defense in case of a strong rotational attack Because he cut the ball hard enough psyche has a very big role in the game pins because some people are afraid journals and from the beginning they play badly always a player who dominates the rotation is heavier opponent because I have to adapt to his attacks and does not perform all the time the same movement but let’s not simple uniform attacks so advice to players playing on pins change the rotation and play in different ways when it comes to strength I invite you to their previous tests ALTS Tri-City and subskrybujcie

5 thoughts on “61 second Artist + exercise for the defensor (table tennis experts)

  1. Witam , czy może mi pan złożyć składaka za 120 zł z dostawą ?Tak generalnie to chce złożyć jak najlepszy zestaw w tej cenie Mój styl to w sumie sam nie wiem … . Chyba pośrodku bo lubię ofensywny ale def też może być .

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