6 Ways to Increase Pitching Velocity in Baseball

Alright! In today’s video we’re gonna
cover pitching velocity so if there’s your first time here make sure you hit
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of baseball where velocity comes from okay so the first one is your genetics
you can’t control your genes you can’t control your parents but it’s part of
the equation so your genetics your parents you know what did they give you
are you flexible are you durable because part of throwing hard over time is
staying healthy over time your hips are they good different hip shapes different
hip socket shapes they can influence how well you rotate over your front leg over
your back leg how well you can transfer force your shoulder so your shape of
your shoulder same thing we have type 1 type 2 and type 3 acromion ‘s how does
that influence how your shoulder stays healthy over time are you fast twitch
are you slow twitch you know this is a big determinant of how fast you throw a
baseball how fast you sprint how high you can jump all this stuff arm length right longer arms longer lovers height
weight all this stuff make up your jeans so your jeans are crucial about where
velocity comes from okay number two is your mechanics mechanics of you transfer
force and they help you efficiently produce and transfer that power from the
ground to your armor so your mechanics don’t leak power pretty simple the better mechanics
they transfer more power right that’s what your mechanics do they take energy
you create the ground they transfer it up through your legs through your hips
through your core through your arm finally to the baseball so you want to
transfer as much power as possible you want to produce as much and transfer as
much and you want to leak as little as possible so that’s what mechanics do
free if we really summed it up very very simply the best pitchers have good genes
and then the power that they produce from good genetics they transfer it well
and they don’t leak a lot of it okay a third one food you gotta eat healthy
things why does food matter it’s well it’s like
the bricks of your house so if you’re building a house and you make a crappy
foundation and you build it with cheap blocks that are made of I don’t know old
bones and dust then what kind of house you can have build you need good
materials you need good food so McDonald’s cheeseburgers they’re not
gonna fuel long-term durability they’re not gonna help your body recover djor
they’re not gonna do any of that stuff for you food is the building block for
you to recover after outings so recovery to give you the nutrients all right
that’s like the mortar and then to get big and strong you can work your butt
off in the gym but if you don’t have the again the building blocks to build
muscle to stay healthy to thicken your tendons and ligaments over time all that
stuff you’re not going to get out of it what you want you have to support your
strength training with good food good nutrition eat healthy things okay number
four strength and size building the weight room so you need strength and you
need size look there’s some Joe Kelly’s there’s some Tim Lincecum’s there’s some
some skinny guys in the make in the major leagues right but what you don’t
know is both those guys have amazing jeans they’re both SuperDuper athletic
they’re great examples of guys who just have as much fast-twitch and as much of
this as they possibly could in addition to working hard and being great pitchers
and all that stuff but almost everyone else is very big very strong they are
well-built athletes so strength training you need to get big you need to get
strong and you need to become durable right we need to become durable because
it doesn’t matter how big and strong and how amazing you are if you’re constantly
injured and even when you’re a gym rat even when you do all these things right
I was a good example as a player you can still be hurt but you give yourself a
fighting chance by taking this stuff seriously and bulletproofing yourself as
much as you can strength and size which is built in the weight room which is
built through strain conditioning that is crucial number five conditioning and
this means your arm can means your body so it’s more than just running poles a
lot of different things and conditioning is going to cover throwing you have to
throw if you want to be in shape to throw you can’t just be in the gym all
the time and not throw so a good good throwing regimen is crucial because
that’s what conditions your arm to throw you have to throw if you want to throw
harder besides that sprinting great explosive sure that might go here but
you have to be in condition to do the job that you want to do arm care here
again this goes back to durability goes back to strength but it really goes more
I think in condition you condition your arm to do the job that you’re asking of it
so conditioning is again it’s handling the demands of the job so when you’re
pitching constantly when you’re starter going every fifth day when your reliever
going back-to-back days all this stuff getting your your conditioning working
you’re sprinting you’re running whatever it is you’re throwing in your arm care
all those things get your arm well prepared to handle the demands of the
job so conditioning is really really crucial you can’t have any of these
without the others you can’t have jeans without good training you can’t have
good mechanics or the arm conditioning you need all these things to get where
you ultimately want to go but there’s one more thing we’re into cover and the
last one up here alright last thing your mind you can’t be scared to throw the
crap out of the ball but you absolutely have to face your fears you know when I
recovered from two different Tommy John surgeries both times and I came back
there was a point where my body my mind everything said hold back you’re gonna
hurt yourself again just go ninety five percent just go ninety percent and I had
to say you shut up now voice I’m gonna throw this ball as hard as I can
possibly throw it because that’s what the job requires of me so you have to be
mentally tough you will have injuries you will have aches and pains if you run
from them every single time you’re not gonna be able to do with the job now we
have to still approach pain and injury and soreness in a pragmatic way we can’t
just push through everything that’s not what I’m advocating but there are times
when you have to hit the gas and you have to be mentally tough to do that the
other thing you have to make sure you finish each pitch this is harder than it
seems it’s not just about throwing the crap out of it it’s also about throwing
the crap out of it and then you could also write down here throw the crap out
of it but to get everything out of your body you have to tap into all of it you
have to throw it at 99% all the time 100% in my mind is over throwing 99% is
where we get the best of all possible worlds it’s where we’re throwing the
ball as hard as we can possibly throw it while remaining in command of the
baseball all right so we have to throw the crap out of it we have to be
mentally tough to do that there are times when we have to face our fears
there are times when we have to still pitch through discomfort and there are
times when we have to absolutely get every last little bit to get our slider
to break the way we want it to get a fastball by a guy to get that last
little bit of deception on a changeup whatever it is that’s pitching stuff
it’s not a velocity exclusively but your mind is extremely important in getting
every little bit so I have a lot of kids that I work with a lot of players that I
played with who they don’t throw 99% they ease off and they ultimately don’t
make it as far as they want to because of that no one has except for like
Justin Verlander can throw a hundred miles per hour 100 you know Plus where
they can then just throw 95% they still know threw 95 miles per hour very few
people can do that some people today can but on the whole we need to get
everything out of our body that we possibly can and that’s where the mind
comes into this equation okay so I hope you enjoyed this video you know
basically what I’m trying to do is just help you understand what it takes to
make it so there’s a lot of different factors there’s a lot of stuff you need
to cover and there’s a lot of training and your future if you want to be a
really hard thrower if you want to be a really good pitcher so make sure you’re
putting in the work make sure you’re auditing yourself and covering all your
bases because there’s a lot that you have to as you saw today there’s a lot
that you have to improve on over time so if you haven’t already hit subscribe I’m
putting on new videos each week and I want to help you get better especially
if you’re a pitcher really if your hard worker and one day
you want to reach pro baseball you

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  1. Dan, this is a great way to explain to people what they need to do and unique because with a society of young kids that needs to see what you are saying it helps!

  2. Hey Dan, you hit the nail on the head. These are exactly the things that I talk to my son about. This is his first year of college ball and they are telling him the same things, this is great reinforcement of oh it's just dad talking. Thanks for sharing and putting out the great content.

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