Cho-le! Cho-le! Not-ready! Cheater! No! Si! Non! Ja! Nein! Hey, welcome back to EmRatThich’s channel. Today is weekend and it’s time to have some
porn. Oh, no I mean “have some fun”. Today, I will show you 5 types of Cheaters
in table tennis”. Number 1, Master of edge. Legend of ball. Number 3, Champion of score. Number 4, Expert of Let ball. Number 5, Lord
of Obstruct.


  1. True story: I won't name names, except for my own. 5th set, duece, 10-10. I'm receiving. Opponent serves to my backhand, I return w/ strong shot, making him block ball. Ball overshoots table, missing it entirely. Ball hits the ground, then a few seconds go by, and I state score of "my ad." Opponent calls a let! A let! He specifically waitied for the ball to hit the ground and for me to call out score before calling let. We argue back and forth, which distracts half the other tables also playing in tournament, lol. He says a ball crossed our playing area, and that although he admitted it did not distract him until after the point ended, it still distracted him. He "saw" ball in his peripheral vision, forcing him to miss my shot. He admitted that ball did not cross our playing area until AFTER our ball hit the ground and AFTER I made the point. Still a let. So I go to the tournament organizer and complain. Tournament organizer agrees w/ my opponent. I argue w/ him. He upholds his decision. I mentally break down and as a result lose the match – and every other game in the tournament.

    I talk to EVERYONE in the club who saw the point, and ALL agreed w/ me, saying my opponent cheated. I talk to other experienced tournament organizers and they all say that this organizer should've declared point as good, that it was not a let. Eventually I make peace w/ the guy, and all is well. But I'll never forget that day. And if it happens again I'll quit the match while making clear that I don't play cheaters. This and opponent and I have played in club since that day and he's now very sensitive to calling lets, lol. He's more tolerant of what happens on the other tables.

  2. LET BALL! ???? at first I don't get it. I think dont know that shit, until I realize that the cheater is pointing on the NET!

    #NETball not #LETball

  3. I was playing a lady in a tournament a few years ago and she called two edge ball just in the first game which didn't even come close, I didn't want to argue with a woman so I let it go at that time and I was also ahead in the game which I won eventually. In the second game, she again called an edge ball by raising her index finger and saying "sorry" just like she did in the first game. Now, I'm thinking that this woman is a habitual cheater and she's really getting into my nerve. When the score was 10 – 9 my lead, she again called an edge ball which was about 3-4 inches away from the edge, this time I didn't let it go and started arguing with her to no avail. I went to tournament director to complain about this "edge lady" and was told to just replay the point. I agreed but I asked for a referee to monitor the rest of our match. I won the match and this lady didn't even shake hands with me. I found out later from other players who played this woman in the past that she always do this kind of cheating.

  4. If youre a guy from Germany but your Parents are from Vietnam so you understand Everything so that makes the Video even Funnier

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