100 thoughts on “5 Things American Tourists Shouldn’t Wear in Europe

  1. Please Note: This Video is for 35+ year old US travelers heading to Europe. Young Europeans do wear most of these styles and trends, but the 35+ European crowd do not wear them to the same extent. And the locals won't care what you wear, so this is more to help you blend in a bit better. Great travels to you all & Thank you for all the comments & subscriptions.

  2. I'm from the Netherlands and I don't really give a damn what you wear. Just leave your stupid selfie sticks at home.

  3. None of these are actually valid. The videos from that channel are usually good, but this is a laughably useless video. Please just wear what you normally wear.

  4. Dude. On point about backward caps. Heard this guy speaking French, wearing one, his accent was pretty mild he could have been from Switzerland, but he had one of those and I asked him if he was French Canadian. He was like 'how did you know?' hahaha dead giveaway ?

  5. Hi there. Another remark I wanna make: maybe this advice applies for western Europe. In Eastern Europe lots of locals wear those things. Specially in Romania. Maybe only the quality of the things you wear, for example a very expensive pair of running shoes, will make the difference showing to everybody that you are a tourist.

  6. Me, a black American will always stick out like a sore thumb ?
    But I will take your advice and not wear my Adidas track suit.

  7. Most of these tips are for safety. In Europe, especially in crowded areas, tourists get robbed…a LOT. These are some tips to make ypu look like a local so these pickpockets and thieves don't target you directly.

  8. For me the absolute give away that the dude is from the US is that they wear t-shirt under everything. 105F? Lets wear a fucking thick white t-shirt under that shirt! 'Murica! Oh yeah and Khakis… with skater shoes. Do you skate? Are you heading to the half pipes? Then wtf is up with those DCs or Vans bro? Why? The 90s is over.

  9. How about I take along my traveling companions Mr Smith and Mr Wesson and see who wants to mug my fat American ass.

  10. Erm.. North Americans STAND out in Europe Regardless of what tacky clothes they sport But.. because they are typically OBESE.
    Few euros are even close to that Fat.

  11. My little two cents : just wear what you feel comfortable with 'coz the moment you start to speak they will find out that you are a tourist.

  12. Just dont look down on europeans becouse we are alergic on that.behave normal talk normal and smile.learn at least words hi help and thanks on languages and no problems

  13. I tried to avoid all these issues with clothing by walking around in Europe naked . . people still stared . . you just can’t win . .

  14. O! Pan „piwo prosim” ja pierdziele…. Skąd ten koleś bierze te bzdury?? Niech mu ktoś powie, że gada głupoty za każdym razem. Nie wie nic, a się mądruje ?
    Nie słuchajcie go.

  15. Visiting the Vatican, St Peter's and other churches- There is a dress code.
    No shorts for male or femal, no singlet tops, no bare shoulders, no cleveage, no very short skirts.
    Stilletto high heeled shoes should not be worn on any floor of historic significance. They damage tiles, parquet and carpets.

  16. Good video, very informative! I'll be really impressed if you can figure out how my pasty white a$$ can blend in Asia or Africa. 8P

  17. I appreciate your advice. However – I'm not a Sissy Boy Democrat, who hates America.
    Instead, I take great pride in being from the US. Thus, I feel no need to hide my nationality.
    I dress very modestly at home and I do so abroad. By no means am I going to hide the fact that I'm from the greatest country on Earth.
    Unlike you – I don't crave the approval of cowardly Europeans who have let Islamic Invaders take over their land. Their approval is meaningless to me.

  18. Everybody uses caps especially in southern countries and we looove university hoodies and white socks ?

    Just don’t wear sandals with socks and you’ll be fine.

  19. Americans, you do know that all American "fashion" flows over to Europe, right? I mean, visit the Netherlands and tell me those people aren't dressed exactly the way Americans dress themselves.

  20. I like his pronunciation of Ahh-Diii-das, is he aware, that Adidas is an abbreviation of the founders first & family name?
    That guy was named Adolf Dassler, first name reduced to the nickname Adi (yes like der Führer) & "das" brief for his family name & voila: Adidas.

  21. I remember reading there was some fad on Europe where people would just wear McDonalds, like, uniform shirts. So to be local wear a McDonalds work uniform. Ironic huh?

  22. Different parts of Europe is different. As a scandinavian we don't care at all what you wear. Your attitite is a 100 times more important. Other parts of Europe can be a bit different but what you wear is not so important, unless you are in religious buildings in orthodox and Catholic countries .

  23. why would an american go to europe? to hang with some people who positively despise him? to take pictures of their old buildings? i hope you enjoy yourself over there, but i'd rather spend my money on things that are actually fun and rewarding.

  24. we in the netherlands think you can wear what you want, but don't walk around like a billboard, or full of gold and a cap to show in do in drugs! this is the netherlands here is drugs legal, only with important festivities we walk around like in the orange or the colors of our flag ?

  25. I was about to say that many of us wear sport shoes but then i noticed your description hahah… i agree about university logos and baseball hats.

  26. well i wore a black leather jockstrap in Prague city centre had no problemo went Nude for a few weeks down at the beach and a few wooded areas great dont forget pick up your weed in Amsterdam before you hit the lamer parts you can pick up students ((young Legal )) if you give a donation to there collage education or pick up a slapper in sector 1 but it will cost [email protected] ?

  27. Why fit in? we are traveling, not in high school. I personally don't think we should cater to anybody. We wear whatever we feel like. They don't like it? though! YES WE ARE FROM THE US, WHO CARES!

  28. To be fair, Europeans in America stick out like sore thumbs as well ?. It's the pants. It's always the pants. European jeans are weird. I'll stick to my Levi's.

  29. I was born in Rome, but I wear sport shoes most of time… Do not wear shorts or skimpy clothes when you enter a church!

  30. I see loads of people wearing athletic clothes even when there not going to a gym or running
    And I live in europe
    Also nearly everyone wears sports shoes just people going to work wouldnt

  31. the most hilarious thing is when American family comes to Europe and they all, 3 different generations, walk around in matching tracksuits and hats and bicycle sunglasses in just slightly different shades. Like they need special clothes for tourism and traveling lol. Why cant you just wear everyday clothes you would wear to go out in your own city? oh and.. socks and flip flops.. wtf????

  32. I'm European and sorry to tell you, but nun of this is true… It pretty much made me laugh. Most countries in Europe are pretty safe, much safer then in the United States. Best advice for travelling to Europe: Use common sense!

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