5 Steps to Choose Your Cricket Bat

G’day, everybody. In today’s video, we’re gonna run you through
how to choose your cricket bat. It can be very overwhelming when you walk
into a store and you see the big massive range of bats. So we’ve got five key points you should consider
when buying your cricket bat. It’s important to choose a budget, or to have
a budget in mind so that you can narrow down your choices. Most bats will come in a range of bats and
varying price points. For example, the New Balance DC range. Same shape bats, different price points. So there should hopefully be one that suits
your needs. It’s important to know how you like to play
your cricket. Do you like to play off the front foot or
the back foot? If you tend to play off the front foot, you
probably want to look for a bat with a low-to-mid sweet spot. If you prefer to play off the back foot, then
you probably want a bat with a mid-to-high sweet spot. This will give you better value for your shots. We can help you determine this when you come
in-store and speak to one of our experts. It’s really important to consider the weight
of the bat that you choose. There’s nothing worse than getting a bat which
is too heavy for you. This is really important when buying a junior
bat, you want to make sure the bat is the right weight, because obviously you want to
try to be batting for longer than ten minutes. You want to think you may be batting for a
long time and making a lot of runs. If the bat’s too heavy, then you tend not
to be able to play your shots correctly, which means you can’t time the ball right, which
means obviously you get less value for your shots. A lot of people think that a heavier bat can
hit the ball further, but this doesn’t always work out. If you’re not strong enough to swing the bat
correctly, then it’s actually going to be worse off for you. So it’s really important to consider weight
when you come and buy your cricket bat. It’s important to consider pickup when it
comes to buying a cricket bat. Pickup is different to the actual weight of
a bat, because pickup refers to how it feels in your hands and in your stance. So it’s always a good idea to come in-store,
pickup a range of bats and pick the one that feels most comfortable to you. Pickup can be a fairly personal choice. Some guys like a bat with a slightly heavy
pickup, some guys like a bat with a light pickup. So again, always really important to come
in-store, pickup a range of bats, and pick the one that feels best for you. Okay. So you’ve gone through the range, you’ve narrowed
it down, you’ve selected your favourite two, three, four bats. So now the guys in-store will go through,
test the sweet spots on each of them, and help you pick the best one. So, hopefully now with these five points,
we’ve given you a little bit more knowledge on picking your perfect cricket bat. Of course, nothing beats coming in, visiting
us at one of our five locations, picking up a bat, feeling them, having a swing. So come and visit us at one of our five stores,
or check out our full range at kingsgrovesports.com.au.

11 thoughts on “5 Steps to Choose Your Cricket Bat

  1. Good presentation but I won’t be buying a bat off this guy. He sold me a bat over the market price i wasn’t happy and took it back and they said I’ve used it.

  2. I looked on the your catalogue for the New Balance Burn and it said it came in sizes Small Adult, Harrow, 5 and 6. I went on your website to get a size 6 and it said it only came in Small Adult and Harrow.

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