5 Simple Football Skills That Will Impress Your Friends! PT 2

What is up guys PWG here and today I’m going to show you guys five more tricks that will impress your friends. Let’s get to it Number five, the slap heel. All you need to do is do a slap and then hell it up in the air It’s so easy, even JayMike can do it. To be able to pull off this trick It’s very important that you do the slap high enough to have time to do a heel touch with the other foot. Number four, the reverse toe bounce. You might have seen Ronaldinho do this in a warm-up it’s pretty easy, but I don’t think JayMike can do this. So for this trick I’m going to do it with my left foot so I shoot the ball up to my right hand side, put my left foot behind my right crossed leg like this and when the ball is coming down, do a step over with your right foot and let it bounce on your left. Number three is a flick up called Rake Lift. It looks way more difficult than it actually is Start off with your weak foot on the ball, drag it back slightly on the side of your foot like this, catch, lift and turn like this. Number two, Neck Stall Hamstring Catch. It’s a pretty old-school trick, but even for new school standards, It looks pretty dope. For this trick you need to start off with Neck Stall. From here on it’s pretty simple, all you have to do is straighten your body slowly and let the ball roll down your back. To be able to do the catch, you catch it between your heel and your butt. But remember, to be able to lock the ball firmly you need to catch the ball like this not like this. Number one, the Spin Magic Finger Spin. This is one of my absolute favorite show tricks and if you can pull this off, you will definitely impress your homeboys and homegirls. If you want to be able to pull this trick off you need to be able to do Spin Magic and Finger Spin. Key points to be able to do this is to get the right spin. And by right spin I mean like this, and not like this. It won’t work. So that was it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it. Remember to like, comment and subscribe you know the drill. Also remember to keep on practicing and stay in school See you guys next time

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  1. What do you think of these football skills? Can you do them? Leave a comment below and tell us which skills you can do!

  2. Unisport- these are some easy tricks to impress your friends

    Me- confused on how to get the ball of the ground

  3. I’m learning how to juggle and even tho I’m not at this level I’m working at it and the way this video was made is super energizing and inspiring

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  5. Is a question for yall have u ever seen someone do this tricks and u told ur self they look ez but when u try it out u inberased ur self

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