5 Must-Have Softball Bat Bags for 2018

A bag is a bag, right? Wrong! When it comes to softball, not just any old
bag will serve the purpose. You need the right bag to carry all of your
equipment. Here are 5 softball bat bags for 2018 that
will make carrying your softball gear easier. 1. Boombah Beast Bat Bag This beautiful bag can hold more than you
realize. At 40”L x 14”W x 13”H, it can fit 8
bats plus your gloves, cleats, and batting helmet. It includes wheels for pulling and a ventilated
compartment for your cleats. There are also 53 colors options. 2. Boombah Tyro Bat Backpack For a smaller version of Boombah, choose the
Tyro backpack. It measures 20” tall x 15” wide x 10”
deep and can hold 2 bats with 2 3/4-inch barrels. The interior pocket will hold your glove,
cleats, helmet, and even a facemask. Like any backpack, you carry it on your back
and there are 55 color combinations. 3. Easton Walk-Off Bat Pack While it may look similar to other bat backpacks,
Easton took their time coming up with their own design. This bag holds the helmet on the outside so
there is more space inside for other gear. The shoe compartment is ventilated and the
bag can hold 2 bats. The back is also padded for more comfort. There are 13 color options. 4. Under Armour Undeniable Batpack This bag can also be carried on your back,
but unlike the others it can hold up to 4 bats. It’s also large enough to carry the rest
of your gear. The material is water-resistant. The bag has a hook fence and when it’s hanging
it has a special top-loading design for better access to the contents inside. 5. DeMarini Voodoo Rebirth Backpack Last but not least, the Voodoo has a unique
design that stands out from the rest. It’s large enough to carry all of your gear,
including 2 bats. The shoulder straps are padded for comfort
and the whole bag is waterproof. The decoration panel can be removed so you
can personalize it with your team logo. It also includes a water bottle holder and
other cool features. Visit www.FastpitchSoftballGear.com for more
information on these 2018 softball bat bags. If you’d like to hear more reviews, subscribe
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