5 ELASTICO VARIATIONS YOU NEED TO LEARN | How to do these football skills

today we’re going to teach you five variations of the famous elastico or the flip-flop or the yucca or whatever you want to call it so buckle up and get ready to roast some defenders now the elastico is a special trick which means that I’ve raised up in a special pair of boots for the occasion – this here is the Mizuno Wave collection which is an exact one-to-one rereads of the very Buber available in the 2002 World Cup same mind-blowingly soft K leather upper save wave technology in the outsole for better cushioning it’s basically all there in what is one of the most comfortable releases of the year anyway is just 205 grams which is also the same weight in 2002 and honestly this jumps straight into my top five favorite boots I’ve ever worn it’s that good [Music] number five the outside in this is the most common of all the elastic hose and a very effective move when the ball is in front of you tap the ball with the outside of your foot and then quickly tap it again with the inside try to do it in a fluent and snapping motion [Music] number four the inside-out this is like number five but in Reverse so to speed tap the pole with the inside and then again with the outside of your foot and obviously this is also done in the same flue and snapping motion a good tip is to angle your foot from the beginning and do a small jump to make everything easier [Music] number three the hocus-pocus this move is so filthy and has a high risk of failing so practice it a lot before you do this in a match put your weight foot in front of the bowl and now do an inside-outside tap with your strong foot behind the standing leg you can aim for the Panna for complete destruction and to earn your place in the Hall of Fame [Music] numbah tear goes out to the jumping elastic ‘l now this move is a lot like number five but done while running and jumping approach your opponent and jump slightly to the side while gently tapping the ball with the outside of your foot and then right before your foot hits the ground make sure it’s angle so you can tap it again with the inside now football is all about enjoying the game although if you fail this one it’s the opposition team that will enjoy the game and also your teammates and your coach your girlfriend and YouTube and finally the elastic old chop this move is great for shielding the ball are being very flashy at the same time do an outside tap and right before you tap it again with the inside you do a small jump to put your weak foot in front of the ball this will not only shield the pole but also be very mind blowing to the defender a win-win [Music] so there you have them on a plate my friends five variations of the elastic or a cow or flip-flop or what basically you name it that you can use more less every situation where you face a defendant in a match but what you would do next well as always usually let us know in the comment section right down below now remember guys if you’re as hyped about the release of the Mizuno Wave Cup legend as I am you can go and cop them if you click the link to unisport store or come right over there now also don’t forget that if you’re new to the channel don’t forget to subscribe with the notification dogs to see all the latest videos this second they drop and finally go learn some very cool step over moves by clicking the video all right down there well that’s it guys I’m signing off cheerio

100 thoughts on “5 ELASTICO VARIATIONS YOU NEED TO LEARN | How to do these football skills

  1. 4 isn’t really a variation, it’s a completely different trick, – Neymar Zig-Zag
    3 just is a hocus pocus like ?
    2 is sick if you catch it right ?
    1 the only actuall variation of a flip flap
    To make elastico more effect drop a shoulder like Ronaldinho

  2. I have done this moves a lot with great succession…but, it really ruined my knee…I got my right knee an ACL reconstruction surgery because I do this in every game and training…

  3. Your skills are so good that I used them in real madrid jr tryouts and i got selected using them , i hope others go to tryouts and get selected like if you agree ?

  4. I can do this move with my strong foot(right) easily but finding difficulty by doing it with my weak leg can you give some tips to make my weak foot strong?

  5. I've been looking to buy that Nagoya grampus jersey for ages where did you buy it please I'll pay anything

  6. Who else is watching in 2019

    Also Unisport you should do a reverse elastico for the people who know the trick for example once you do the normal elastico you stop the ball with your weak foot then you shoot the ball with your strong foot

  7. 2:43 when he says football is all about enjoying the game, literally made me laugh and it was true couz when yours skills works well everybody enjoys and if it doesn't then well everyone enjoys it….??

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