100 thoughts on “5 DRILLS TO DO WITHOUT THE BALL – Learn these football skills

  1. Wow I lost my ball yesterday and I got worried about how will I continue my training session without the ball and now you've uploaded this video at the right time!

  2. They all are really useful
    But I want to learn how to protect the ball really😊😊
    But it is also helpful
    Love your channel it is fabulous
    Please love my comment

  3. Thanks for this video I don't have a football so I was wondering how to learn this video helped me thanks a lot thank you so much

  4. The scotish run we call that suicide its a killing drill for me thats the number one drill that i really hate dont get me wrong its for stamina that needs all football players

  5. I see the voting of drills or skills many of them voted skills if we do more drills then watch skills make you better.good aglity acceleration make more speed to do skills guys

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