4K 360° VR Decoding Fan Zhendong’s Reverse Pendulum Serves TOMORROW TABLE TENNIS

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas you’re celebrating it and I hope you guys had wonderful year it was definitely amazing for me in this channel I really appreciate your support you guys are awesome and in the New Year I hope I hope we could improve together to a whole new level I hope you know this this video is a 360 video in you can move around you’re releasing a computer you can use your mouse to drag around to see the surroundings and it’s my first time incorporating the arms from the videos let me know what you think so today’s video I’ll be talking about several sirs and some not boring ways to practice so they’re doing a lot of those exercises you can do warden solving your favorite thing over finger food Cheers setting barriers is an effective and fun way to practice survey first let’s review backspin goal sir our goal is to let the ball go through and bounce back in between the two carrots notice we have two legs for the serve shorter one here is farther for the opponent to reach longer one here is harder to be pushed back short on the table [Applause] master this distance difficulty by shifting this exercise trains precision of placement the pureness effective now any deviation or impurity will cause the ball to miss the gap for a more detailed tutorial deserve check out my coding Mullins coaster video now we want to add some excitement for oxen to your backseat service so now we can do it this way and we can have a short one that goes like this or can have a longer one that with more sights when you’re working on it it was like this this exercise helps us to understand combination of spins when there’s more backspin on the ball tense curve more sharply back whereas the ball with more site or corks been tense produce a smoother and wider curve after this exercise you’ll be able to easily control the extent of each spin on your syrup if you want to add more cycling course with failing to make spin curve or more with the Chinese one the particles through the first door then curve behind the middle four cans and finish passing through the side door we see a 90 degree and return of the ball remember to have enough backspin on the ball combined with lots of corkscrew state by rubbing the bottom of the ball and swing towards your stomach for more detailed tutorial on this surf check out my decoding them is a tiny surf video now we’ll do some bats monsters so this is to their forehand backhand and then this is to their middle towards a little bit towards for net hard time moving notice we can add some extent of backspin or top swings we deserve for punching the ball down onto the table will create some backspin click these three by hitting forward we put some topspin on the ball the massiveness exercise we can hit any target as we like now it’s off of our reverse pendulum regular grip won’t do so curl your three fingers at the back of the racket her little fingers and moving your thumb the handle lies on top of your arm which gives you much more room wait let me get up stand we shall have foot in front of your right like so and lean forward raise your center of gravity like this by lifting your left foot then raise your racket and your arm at the peak fix your elbow as the pivot and drop your forearm like a pendulum now as a reaction force makes a swing back add force that is directed away from you this is when you contact the ball lower your gravity back down let’s do it again here notice my elbow is at the highest point and my arm is relaxed and can swing back and forth at this point think yourself as a crap holding up the two claws so like this and at this point – but in a different angle your ball you should rotate counterclockwise in crosses don’t contact the ball far away from your body toss the ball so that it’s underneath you then contact there are three different placements forehand or backhand short adjust the direction of the brush accordingly Malone has a different stroke than Fernando this elbow stays lower in the movement is short this helps them to create backspin inherent offended own serves which are mostly side

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