4 Tips for Beginners | Baseball Pitching

Pitching tips for beginners. Whether you’re a young kid beginning baseball,
or you’re a 38-year-old man, or a 62-year-old woman learning how to play
baseball, here are some tips for pitching a baseball. One, make sure you master the fast ball before
moving on to another pitch. So before you start tinkering around with
a curve ball, change up, slider, learn how to master throwing a fast ball for
strikes. Next, make sure your elbow is always above
your shoulder when releasing the baseball Otherwise, you’ll be throwing the
ball side arm, and the ball will sail, or tail, and it will not be an effective
pitch. In addition, you may
cause arm problems. Next, it’s imperative that you point your
glove at your target, and as you release the ball, tuck the glove into your
armpit. Lastly, let’s make sure we all follow through,
and get into a good fielding position, so we’re ready to field that hotshot
back hit back to us. If you
follow these tips, beginners, you’ll be an outstanding pitcher.

12 thoughts on “4 Tips for Beginners | Baseball Pitching

  1. what a horrible video….seriously.  Your tip for beginners is learn the fastball first….what about HOW TO LEARN how to throw a fastball….pitching stance…movement.  This video I give an F-

  2. I used to throw over the top but I got elbow pain. Now I throw very low 3/4 and it's gone. So you won't get arm problems if your elbow isn't above your shoulder…..

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