4 Pitching Grips To Get Out Any Hitter Alive!

What’s up guys? Coach Madden, official trainer at yougoprobaseball.com and today I’ve got 4 pitching grips for you to get out any hitter alive. Alright, that might have been a little bit of an overstatement. Obviously as a pitcher you’re going to give up some base hits now and then but you do want to work on your pitches and make them the best that they can be. So today I’m going to show you four pitches that work great for me and are great pitches in general to help you get batters out okay. The first one is going to be the sinker. The sinker was my best pitch is what got me drafted. It was what earned me all-american honors at Division one baseball at Auburn University. That’s all I threw in fact that year so the sinker is a very great pitch okay. The way I grip the stinker is right here on the skinny part of the laces. I want to put my pointer finger on this lace and my middle finger right here. It looks like my middle fingers on the other lace but I just got fat fingers. Really I’m trying to get this pointer finger on this lace right here. My thumb is going to be in line with that pointer finger and I’m going to have more on this side of the ball than I do this side of the ball. These fingers are just kind of wherever it feels, wherever they feel comfortable okay. Now the main thing with the sinker is when you throw this pitch, depending on your arm angle, if you’re a higher arm angle guy, you have to have a lower wrist angle. If you’re a lower arm angle guy, your wrist angle could be more straight but you want to make sure that no matter what, you’re getting on top of the baseball when you throw it. So you’re coming over the seams this way. If I’m a higher arm angle I’m coming over the seams this way. On the lower arm angle, over the scenes this way. If I’m a sub guy, my wrist angle actually has to be cocked more and come over the seams this way ok. So the sinker again is a great pitch and we’re trying to look for downward movement versus side movement so if you’re getting a lot of arm side movement it’s not as good of a pitch. We want that downward movement okay. The second pitch is going to be a slider. I started throwing the slider, I threw it in high school it was more of a slurve then and in junior college when I got to Auburn I stopped and I just started throwing the sinker because it was such a dominant pitch but then the scout who wanted to draft me said you know I really want to draft you but you only thrown 1 pitch can you throw something else and i said yeah i can but my sinkers nasty why would i but i did anyway i obliged and I brought my sinker back to, excuse me my slider, back to life and it became a great pitch. In fact by the time I got to pro ball they ranked it the number one pitch in the whole San Diego Padres organization so it became a great pitch. Now I had two great pitches, the sinker and the slider okay. The slider, the way you grip it is going to be this again this is the way I grip it is not the only way to grip these pitches but this is how I was successful and I’m going to be on the horseshoe. I want to put my middle finger right here on this part of the horseshoe, pointer finger right next to it, my thumb in line with that middle finger, more on this side of the baseball then that side, and then all you want to do is create the angle at which you want that pitch to break. So if I’m throwing this ball right here, the four seams are going to be moving this way when I throw it and it’s going to have that break. Again, depth is better than side to side okay. So the more downward movement you can get on these pitches the better you’re going to be with them. Now, you don’t want to snap your wrist when you’re throwing this. I know you hear a lot of coaches say you got to snap your wrist, snap that curveball off, snap that slider off. No you’re not snapping. You actually have a stiff wrist and you’re creating good arm speed through there and if you do that I’ve ball is going to pop out and if you have that correct angle or axis that ball is going to move the way you want it to move okay. The third pitch is the fork ball and I started throwing the fork ball later in my career in professional baseball and it became actually a very great pitch and I used it as a changeup and it danced like a knuckleball. So if you’re looking for a pitch like that that’s a great great pitch. The way I hold the fork ball is by splitting my fingers right in the middle of the baseball not on any laces okay. Some of you younger guys this may not work because your hands are too small. Some of you older guys you’ll be just fine. I actually have pretty small hands for as big as I am but I split that baseball right down the middle not on any seams. The thumb can be on or off. I really actually through this ball without the some on it if anything it would be very lightly on it and all you want to do is come straight through your release point wherever your arm angle is that way and let it slip out. What that slip does is creates that knuckle movement and that drop coming down and that’s what you want in this pitch. The change of speed is going to be drastic and the movement is unpredictable even for the pitcher so you want to work on this because it can be a very wild pitch but once you’re able to get the consistent movement and control it it can be a very effective pitch for you to use. The last pitch is going to be a 12-6 curveball. The 12-6 curveball is just going from 12 on the clock to six on the clock and this is such a great pitch to help you get batters out because it’s working on straight depth. We’re not getting any side-to-side movement if we throw this pitch correctly. We’re trying to go from up to down and the reason why depth is so much better than arm side or glove side movement is because think of a hitter when he’s hitting his bat is moving this way through the zone. He can’t in the middle of his swing go oh the balls going down let me go down in the middle of his swing. He’s already committed to a plane, he’s already committed to a plane to swing on, like a swing plane, right, he’s already committed to that plane. If that ball moves down he’s going to swing over that baseball but if that ball moves this way and he’s on the correct plane already he can still get a base hit even though the pitch is moving. That’s why depth is more important than side-to-side movement. So for the 12 6 curveball you’re going to grip it the same exact way as I actually threw my slider. The only difference is for that slider I was releasing here to get this movement on the 12 6 we want to come straight down and we want those four seems to be moving straight down so basically a four seam fastball will be moving straight back a 12-6 curveball we want moving straight down and that’s going to give us that straight down depth downward movement that we need to get batters out, swing and miss pitches, right. Guys, I hope you enjoyed this video please take a quick second if you did to hit that subscribe button there’s going to be a little bell then I want you to hit next to that and that’s going to notify you when I upload new videos and I’ve got a bunch of great stuff coming you’re going to love it I promise. If you like this video hit that thumbs up for me and leave me a comment below let me know what pitches you throw right now and what pitches you’re trying to learn. Also, I know I talked about the sinker and the slider in this video right here but I have an advanced sinker and slider program. Again, the sinker was what made me the pitcher that I am, or was, and the slider became my best pitch so those two pitches I mean I know everything about. If you’re going to learn those two pitches, you should learn them from someone who is very dominant with those pitches. So if you’re interested in that, definitely check it out. It’s actually on sale right now. So if you’re looking to learn the sinker and the slider, check out that program. I’ll leave a link below where you can get it and i know you’re going to love it because it’s everything i know about those two pitches and those two pitches helped change my pitching career so I hope that that information can do the same for you. So go check it out and I’ll talk to you guys in the next video.

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  2. I throw a four seam, two seam, curve, and a slider. I'm hoping to learn how to throw a knuckle ball, thank you

  3. I’m 39 and playing in an adult baseball league out of SC, I’m throwing a 4seam fast ball, a slider and a split finger. Any tiles on throwing more off-speed pitches to preserve my arm better? I’m throwing around 87 mph and my arm seems to start bothering me around the underside of my elbow and forearm these days.

  4. I pitch sinker circle change 4 seem and now I’m learning forkball and can you do a video on the circle change

  5. Very well put great job explaining why the pitches do what they do if you get a good understanding of the physics you can throw 3 different pitches with a 2 seam grip I'm a righty and my best pitch was a sinker to other righties inside and more of a 2 seam/running fastball more lateral movement away to lefties (same grip) never needed a 4 seam(not that I didn't throw on occasion) complimented by my circle change looks and moves just like the sinker 10 mph slower it got more swing and misses while the sinker provoked ground balls. A hard knuckle curve with nearly vertical or 12-6 plane of break since I throw high 3/4 for my arm slot and last a cut fastball that I would throw harder than my sinker/2seam mostly but on occasion tighten my grip and snap my wrist a bit for mor lateral movement like a slider. In my opinion sliders an cutter's are siblings just like 2 seam and sinkers. Natural release point grips hand size and arm slots makes everyone's unique . I played around with how tight I grip my curve and throw a big loopy slow Barry Zito curve too. With practice you throw your usual pitches with a little more or less pressure or more follow through your 3 pitches can look like 10. Very simple and effective approach especially if yours going through the lineup for the 2nd or 3rd time since I didn't throw especially hard at all I had to keep the hitters unbalanced another way and sinkers get the quick groundball out to keep pitch count low and batters from seeing all your tools and learning tendencies. Attack the zone down and enjoy those 3 pitch innings and recover base hits with double plays strikeouts are overrated and inflate your pitch count

  6. i threw a 11-5 curve and a 2-8 2 seamier. Had decent movement on them , 12 in on curve and 4 or 5 in on 2 seam, but was never accurate enough to see much mound time

  7. I used to be a good pitcher but something happened yes I have a lower back issue now but it shouldn't stop me from throwing strikes I used to be very tough with good pitches and good stuff now I can't even get through an inning and I missed bad it's like the game turned its back on me or something it's the craziest thing it's a serious case of I used to be good but now I suck and I don't know why

  8. I need help. I have like a 20 era and I have never found my pitch. Change up works only when I throw it for a strike.

  9. Keep in mind tunneling of the arm slot when throwing these pitches. I've seen many college pitchers who seemingly have good "stuff" (good fastball, slider, change) get mashed by good hitting teams. It's because their arm slot changes based on the pitch the hitter knows whats coming based on the arm slot leaving any deception behind. One pitch I'd highly recommend learning is the changeup – its not a sexy pitch by any means but it is probably the best pitch in your arsenal once mastered. Don't slow your arm down to throw it though – in fact try and throw it as hard as you can and let the grip take the velo off. I've made many college hitters look foolish because of how I throw my change up – and if you have a plus fastball that change up becomes even more lethal especially if you get depth on it.

  10. I have a 12-6 Curve, 2 Seam Fastball, Changeup, and a Slider. I can throw a Forkball but it’s very inaccurate so I don’t really try to. My coach taught me to be able to throw a Fastball from a submarine armslot to keep batters off balance, and I’m learning a Curveball down there too.

  11. I’m trying to get better with the forkball. Sometimes it has more knuckling action and sometimes it dives. Depends on the arm angle. It’s like two different pitches with one grip.

  12. Started throwing the forkball when I was14 it is my favourite pitch to throw today because it fools a lot of batters and produces ground balls for double plays

  13. Can I give you a advice
    I think you should throw the ball
    Not just talking
    But I love your videos it helps a lot!!!

  14. Hey coach can you please help me to throw a a good cutter.
    In my little League you can only throw four seam.

  15. I'm proud to admit that I had a good split-fingered fastball. I'm 50 years old, can I still throw it? I don't know. Been a while

  16. I play in Australia where baseball isn’t popular but I really love it. Thanks for helping me get better bro.

  17. I agreed at all , I was a Cuban Picher very dominant and this video is very important if picher wavy to win more games . The slider , the curveball and the sinkers are not easy to hit . Location , speeds , plus movement is ENAFF to Strike out a lot of players with out including the split finger , I Remember when I was a kid the most dominant picher in the Caribbean Island used only the split finger called tenedor in Spanish meaning fork ?. Fart ball with good location plus a good split finger , no one want to face a picher with those weapons . I’m in my 46 and I still pitching in recreation leagues and let me tell you I strike out Pro – Players Durant the they off season they love keep playing baseball ⚾️ no matter what level but they realize that 90 % is mental and concentration is very important for any picher . I changed the sequences cause I don’t want any HITER guess my ideas ?. The greatest Atlanta Picher Mr. Maddox teach me a lot . Thanks for that great video . ⚾️?

  18. Hey, thanks for the video. I throw a 2-seem and a slider in my over 30 baseball league (the 2 pitches I have, besides a standard 4-seem, that I can consistently hit spots with), and I want to incorporate a reliable 12-6 curve as well. That was a good description of swing plane, as related to the vertical movement of a pitch being more damaging to a batter than horizontal movement. Keep up the good work.

  19. We have a grandson in pony league and he is a pretty good pitcher but I think he will be interested in your video and will pass it on to him.
    Thank you.


  20. Whats the difference in a sinker and a 12-6 curve ball? Sounds like they are doing the same thing. Why distinguish them as different?

  21. Is the fork ball spin or nah…cuz you compare it to a nuckle ball but for a nuckle ball there's little to no rotation

  22. Can a youth player throw the slider or sinker without hurting his arm. I am scared to teach my boys to throw breaking pitches due to injuries. My son and his friends I am working with are 10

  23. I am only 12 and I play on a very competitive team. They went 44-3 last year. I throw 4 seam, 2 seam, sinker, curve.

  24. I throw, 1. sinker…2. 2-seam… 3. Slider… 4. circle change… I try to throw curves but they dont break that much and are in the dirt, my circle change is similar, usually in the dirt

  25. Been throwing 12-6 curve diapers from my living room to my trash can clocking about a 2 second delay time of my wife yelling at me not to do it any more

  26. You can learn to throw a fork ball w/o actually throwing the baseball. Just train your fingers to split the baseball.

  27. I recently started pitching and my coach would tell me to snap my wrist when I threw a curveball and slider. It would mostly end up going outside almost every time because I snapped my wrist. I started to just let the ball come out and it has been working better than snapping my wrist.

  28. i throw a sinker 4seam fastball 2seam fastball changeup curveball 12 6 curve splitter ball slider and i think thats it

  29. is it bad that i throw my 12-6 differently i throw it differently buh still get the same movement

  30. I throw a fast ball but I hold my wrist weird and pitch sidearm lefty so it goes from the right side to the left side and dips at the end I don’t know what it is

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