4/29/16 – Baseball – G-E-T 6, Westby 3

It’s all crammed atop the Coulee baseball standings. 6 of the 7 teams are over .500 entering tonight. A half game is all that seperates – the top four teams. bottom 3…1-1 ball game. Eric Peterson breaks that tie.. he rips one to to left. Weby leads 2-1. to the 4th. Kepp Roberts sends one back up the middle. that evens things back up at 2. later in the inning. Blake Evanson gets on to fall in right. 1 run in. G-E-T on top 3-2. more from G-E-T in the 4th. Noah Hammond drives this one to center. thats deep enough to get the runner in. Redhawks get 5 in the inning. they lead 6-2. 6-3. G-E-T in game 1. Westby takes game 2. that’s just how this race is going.

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