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on a tuesday nyt im in the ebd withyoui (stilted) Hello and welcome – ♪ Vivaldi’s “Spring” from Four Seasons ♪
…to this distinguished episode of 3D printing pancakes. For those of you that… this is your first video, you wouldn’t know that this is not how I talk. Sorry, I-I don’t know why I’m talking like that. Bryan found online a pancake robot. Literally a robot that makes pancakes and we’re going to decide whether this pancake is DOPE or N-N-NOPE! (Bryan) -whether the robot is dope. Yeah, wha- You said “the pancake”. We can also decide if you are DOPE or NOPE. (Bryan) What? Yeah. NOPE!! (buzzer sound) Thats what I would vote. Click that bell icon, because you don’t want to miss future DOPE or NOPE videos or videos like that because they’re fun. Right? also, I live stream occasionally and comment back in the first 30 minutes so click it so you don’t miss that good stuff The product that we’re looking at here today is “Pancake Bot.” *deep breath before dramatically reading* “PNKBO1BK” “3D Food Printer, Black” As you can see from this picture right now, it’s printed an astronaut. Oh~ Eiffel Tower status! My question is: how fast can this thing print… …Before the other parts of it are burnt. Oh look! Even in their picture it’s burnt! *laughs* That’s TOASTED, dude! Look at that thing! That is burnt! In their own picture! Are we- This is real! Bryan: Some people like overdone pancakes! WHO?! *Matthias remix of who let the dogs out* How’re you gonna eat this pancake. How’re you gonna serve this pancake. You see what I’m saying? You’re like, “Ok, come and get your pancake!” and it just like *immitates scooping a pancake off of a plate* It keeps falling apart, like… *video music plays* Matthias narration: The first pancake printer. Oooh, that thing goes slow, dude. What? You have to draw your pancakes out? *more video music* Huh. And then what. Then you cook it? So–what, do you turn on the thing after? ’cause it doesn’t look like it’s cooking… “Proprietary batter dispensing system will draw your perfect customized pancake every time.” “Software included to trace any image on your computer.” Oh, thats cool. “Non-stick electric griddle with removable probe included.” ♪ violin stab ♪ Not horrible reviews. 3.5 out of 5. That means we really don’t know going into this. So what that means is.. I’m not a deciding factor, Bryan’s not a deciding factor. We’re gonna tell you at the end of the video if it’s a dope or a nope. But also you get to decide. So stayed tuned to the end of the video to find out how to vote. Before we buy this lets look at some reviews. “Does this pancake bot obey the laws of robotics?” “..Specifically, may pancake bot not harm humanity, or, by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm?” “PancakeBot will cause great harm to your cholesterol count.” *laughs* (Bryan) Wow Aw, look, it’s Pikachu. (Bryan) Whaat? He got a little toasty on the sides, though. He got a little toasty. Okay.. Ooo, 239 bucks? *nervous groan* add to cart! EHH There it is. ???? So, I was told that Dave and Bryan tested it to make sure it worked, yeah? (Bryan) Both of us primarily did. (Matthias) Primarily did? (Bryan) Dave should take the lead on this one because- (Both) Dave knows how to use it. *both laugh* Bryan has no idea how to use this, so Dave’s gonna help me use this. Bryan, you are USELESS. Dave, do you know how? (Dave) Yeah dude. Alright, Dave. Dave’s gonna help me with this one. Bryan, tap-out. Tap-out. “The design above will resemble the actual pancake once it has been flipped” ..is what it says right there (Dave) The cool thing about.. (Matthias) Yeah. (Dave) ..this program is that you can import a picture to draw over to help you with tracing. (Matthias) *understanding ‘ohhhh’* See, when I heard that, I thought it was going to trace it automatically for me. (Dave) Right. (Matthias) And I was like, ‘Oh, that’s cool.’ ‘It eliminates a lot of the work!’ *laughs* But I still have to do the work! Oops. This is what I’m doing, guys. (Dave) There is a tool to help you draw straight lines. *whispering* I don’t want them, dude. *exasperated* There we go. Check this out, see now I fill it. Yeah, that’s what I thought! all on the same like plane here
you don’t saying I would recommend using different shape different
oh I can do different shades yeah different that’s a burnt pancake dough
hopes they’re gonna push that hard first gotcha okay okay okay okay okay
I call this the shortcake file name shut mask air alright you ready to get shook
while eating some cake let’s do it hello I’m chef Mathias today I’m going
to be showing you something pancake bot maker a 3d painting ba f3c
pancake bot maker so wait we got a 3d pancake that makes robot I don’t think
that’s what we’re doing here I think we’ve got a 3d printer that makes
pancakes Dave is the engineer of this thing let me rephrase that he didn’t
invent this I did not he figured out how to use it for the most part yeah he’s my
pancake engineer on set what’s first what are we doing first got to get
batter into the best seems simple enough do we got a bottle yeah I’m gonna flop
it in there real good flop this I feel like I’m printing inside the printer
right-handed yeah did you just pour it in from the spoon in there but you make
a mess Brian so unpatient are entertaining so the
shook pancake that I’m that I’m going to make I’m gonna wait till the very end
okay that’s going to be my final magnum opus so to speak sweet so I drop this
puppy right into there yep can go ahead and turn it on and it oh oh here we go
I turned on too soon that’s okay select the item I’ve pre-made a few okay let’s
play button to select okay so then there’s I have Superman
I have Simmons cat who’s Simmons say a little cat at the cartoon you probably
recognize it messiahs snapchat logo okay snapchat logo snapchat logo and I’m
clicking play now okay here we go guys this is it this is it I mean that wasn’t
too difficult although I didn’t do all the setup you did so then you have to
press now do you hear it yes singing dude it’s like oh there we go
I see it I see a sad chat logo but it’s going to be incomplete because it didn’t
spread squirting and silver yeah Oh yep I’ll mold it but good enough by
good enough except it’s gonna be born yeah
you know if you look in there see already bubbling that’s when you know a
pancake needs to be flipped more updates big time this puppy is going to be
smoking but the problem is if you don’t cook it fast enough then it won’t dry
and dry you mean York okay it was nothing Oh
drawin time dude this is happening enough in time to create the outline so
that the rest doesn’t flood out this takes forever dude welcome Paul this is
Paul he is a producer of googly eyes I don’t know you’re familiar with I’m
excited I’ve seen this thing floating around the office yes and well we’ve
actually had this at the office trying to get it to work for three months and I
think Dave finally got it to work what am i making here dude I mean it’s
clearly a waffle like not very best tanking it’s really know what the design
is all the design oh it’s like a dog cake I would say I go alarms yeah okay
does that mean with it what company does that remind you of company yes we’ll go
snapchat there you go now are you willing to taste this of course I’m
going to taste both I’m actually a crying did you get through it oh oh
thank you Brian got sugar-free oh I’m just kidding look okay so now what I got
to do Missy airship so you’re splitting it’s not fully cooked yet on partially
on one side that’s the issue almost almost like a band-aid okay Paul
all set it okay they’ve been to work dude I’m sitting right here here it’s
not even dark at all that’s not even dark at all yes I like your hat thank
you did you just touch my chef’s hat Paul
chef’s shoulder – okay I’m dying to tell somebody
okay so here we go there’s a pancake did we not have butter by the time
I’ll make compromises I don’t care dude how do you like it I have a tooth in the
ocean I don’t know well it does smell good but mainly it is
the syrup I mean snow face the smell well it
tastes disgusting really no no it’s actually it just tastes like a normal
pancake okay cuz yeah it’s good it’s good
how much do you think this was $800 $800 dude yeah well bro judging by our
reaction on say 200 now you’re closer closer
it’s like 290 bucks okay okay where you get this for 290 bucks and make pancakes
consistently I wouldn’t get it now so what does that mean dope or no I think
the idea of it though but for me I know I see you score whatever I can oh cool
but I also think it’s so dull forward between look at just a doorknob you said
no I know you don’t go he said no you said no I didn’t say dope I said no if I
get to keep this you get to keep Isle it’s about so this is Tanner infocard
right up there producer rack over you’re not that’s the
official announcement about that dude that’s an amazing about it for the show
tonight oh my god do it well we finally cookies
do you know what this is looks like a griddle yes what was it oh
it’s made a big bubble we making pancakes man we makin pancakes
but do you know what this is exactly gonna make pancakes for me well yeah
court what subtle you think that you think I’d make my own pancakes come on
dude you’re definitely I’m a master chef dude we’re going to make a pancake here
okay and I’m gonna need you to guess what this pancake is okay I’m gonna
design a pancake you just waited is it not doing anything done that you
might have to we got this dude we got this I don’t know what is it making not
even from ours oh no we got a lower the oops I goofed dude I’m working pancake
maker it’s okay okay oh my gosh no way it’s the mathias load oh he’s got it
already little good you’re not going to be able
to like scoop that up and get the main part of this the main like structure of
this pancake is air that is not done it’s just letting it cook before it does
the next four all right here we go dude here we go it’s going it in now how many
time do you have how much time do I have yeah right now to do what wait for this
pancake wow this is impressive if this could do this like three times the speed
be pretty uh pretty sweet isn’t it going to burn on the bottom because sometimes
men sit on there for a long time this is weird dude this is not the design of it
now that isn’t that’s enough to design at all so it’s gone rogue pancake bot
has gone rogue this is the sloppiest pig I’ve ever seen
I mean but let’s be honest even a sloppy pancakes don’t get sloppy pancakes still
taste good but I wonder if my wife’s drunk in the kitchen oh there you go so
we’re just filling in some gaps there rather drunkenly what was your question
like did you guys get the foam don’t worry about it do is Molly you’re
actually gonna use old man this lipstick it’s so bad don’t woah dude this isn’t
missing everything you see that what do you think looks like it’s cooked kind of
here’s everything dude got that seventies retro vibe I’m liking it I
mean I see your logo and I saw from the beginning so I think that’s a success I
don’t know what happened there dude it was just like it got lazy look I don’t
feel like it but I’m almost not even upset about it because it kind of adds
some Flair I mean that’s the thing about the pancake pot you can’t really hate it
because still gonna paint it like yeah it’s like yeah I hate you but still so
Casey yeah oh bloody heck yes what are you doing you’re you’re
banging fuck what are you doing dude I literally never seen anyone who’s paying
gig like that so how’s the pain good good
little burnt the painter doesn’t taste any different we could sit there
anywhere else but if there’s a little bit better all that anticipation like
waiting for to your cook like would it really got me going for it
this pancakes are 15 minutes how much do you think this is on what the doing it’s
making the shook pancake baby up way too much probably like $600 wow dude it is
actually like 290 bucks okay waiting 15 minutes for it dope or no let me tell
you what happens a great there’s no always like as I can sir that’s pretty
built who are you going to keep that together I’m going to do my best
I have to this is the shook pancake as you can see it did not fill it in even
remotely oops Oh success is that legible guys I I
think I look like cook way didn’t fill in very well at all I know it didn’t
fill in at all it did a poo poo job all right and left behind some O’s there
dude I’m getting shuck limp say hey I’m chef Brian I don’t even owe in one bite
dude you hear that right you got a lot of
mouth juice it’s the pancake it’s not bad I’m hungry though it’s a very thin
pancake too this is like a crepe you know you don’t eat a crepe as a meal
you’re just like oh look it’s a crepe and then you eat it and you’re like did
I just eat air it’s not supposed to be practicable it’s supposed to be a fun
thing it’s relatively cheap I feel like you could perfect it I’m gonna said dope
really even though it took you 30 minutes to make that show pancake yeah
because the idea of this is not to make breakfast in a hurry the idea is novelty
you know when you make these things with your kids this is going to be fun
because they’re going to be all excited about the cool little designs that you
make and then they get to eat it so for that I say go guys I need you to tell me
if you think this is built for nope I’m going to make a community post and 24
hours look out in the sub feed for that you get to boat dope or nope until then
here thumbnail right there I have some more crazy
fun food products giant gummy brain it was surprisingly tasty I sunk my teeth
into that puppy click it I’ll see you over there

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