(3A) 2018 IGHSAU Iowa Farm Bureau Girls State Volleyball Championships

>>Funding for the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union Iowa Farm Bureau Girls State Volleyball Championships is provided by — The path to greatness starts early. The Iowa Farm Bureau believes in Iowa’s youth and their pursuit of greatness. That’s why we’re proud to be the title sponsor of the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union. Each student’s effort is important and when one rises, we all rise to a better Iowa. Fareway, along with Nabisco, Frito Lay and Sara Lee is a proud sponsor of the Iowa Girls Sports Championships. We congratulate all the schools and student athletes participating in this year’s Girls High School State Volleyball Championships. Fareway, proud to care for the places we work and live. By Musco Lighting, the sports lighting specialists, providing lighting systems for you, your project and your community.>>Eric: Championship coverage live from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, continues from the 2018 girls volleyball championships. We have handed out trophies already and now it is Class 3A as the Kuemper Catholic Knights, ranked number one all season long take on the second ranked Tipton Tigers who return their entire starting line-up from last year’s state tournament team. Greetings. Eric Braley and Barbara Randall. Welcome back to the broadcast. This will be a great match-up.>>Barbara: It will be fun to watch. This is Tipton’s first time to the state finals and Kuemper was ousted earlier than they wanted to be last year. Should be a little bit of a chance for revenge.>>Eric: Let’s take a look at Tipton. Last year their first ever trip to the state tournament and they made a great growth from last year to this year setting school records for match and set victories in a season. They have some players that can play.>>Barbara: I love Sommer Daniel. She has great court awareness and great control over the ball.>>Eric: Kuemper, 44-1 overall. That’s a lot of pressure when you are ranked number one preseason and each and every night you got to bring it. Now they have a chance to really prove to everyone they are the number one ranked team.>>Barbara: And they expected to be in this match last year and were beaten in the semifinals. It will be interesting to see if Aimee Adams can lead her team to a state championship this year.>>Eric: Ready for the team intros with public address announcer Rick Blackwell. Will call the teams out with smoke and fire and energy as we get set for this 3A match-up.>>Announcer: 2018 Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union girls Class 3A State Volleyball championship match. Fans, please welcome to the floor the Tipton Tigers! [Applause] >>Eric: Tipton comes in here, they are a little deer in the headlights look. Last year it was their first time here and they got swept 3-0. It is a different feel this year.>>Barbara: Absolutely.>>Eric: Kuemper has been here before. Many, many, many times. But they’re on a mission. Number one from the start day one of the season. They want to finish number one the last day of the season here today.>>Barbara: And they should probably get it done. They have the offensive power.>>Announcer: It is now time to introduce the players and coaches in today’s championship match-up. First for the Tipton Tigers. Number two, Hailey Stewart! Number three, Alex Hoffman, number five, Bailey Schmidt, number eight, Madison O’Leary, number ten, Emily Hermsen, number 11, Grace Nichols, number 14, Ashlynn Downs, number 17, Kelley Leiser, the assistant coach is Amanda Vollbrecht and Jen Johnson. Now for your starters! Number four, Sommer Daniel! Number six, Amanda Smith, number nine, Jamie Kofron, number 12, Laken Hermiston, number 13, Blake Ehler, number 15, Kamryn Chapman, the libero is number one, Karlee Kamberling and the head coach is Amy Calonder! Now let’s meet the Kuemper Catholic Knights. Number one, Kenya Trausch, number six, Brooklyn Bakke, number seven, Elise Janson, number ten, Amber Mohr, Alli Mertz, Mariah Naberhaus, the assistant coaches are John Wagner, Nicole Martin, Morgan Molak and Laurie Bueltel. Now for your starters. Number two, Aimee Adams, number three, Grace Molak, number four, Anna Niehaus, number five, Courtney Schenkelberg, number nine, Kara Peter, number 13, Maci Overmohle. The libero is number 11, Mallory Badding. Pardon me ladies and gentlemen. Her number is 19. And the head coach is Keith Stickrod. Let’s meet your officials for tonight’s game. The first referee is Shawn Petersen, the second referee is Stuart Dusenberry, line judges, Jodie Wielenga and Kent Prescott.>>Eric: Let’s take a look at the keys to the match. Tipton coming in as number two.>>Barbara: They need to do a good job serving. They need to make sure that Kuemper can’t get to their strengths and their right side and middle hitters. They need to stay aggressive offensively and they have done a great job of that this tournament so far. They go up and they are still hitting when other teams are tipping. So, they need to keep that going through this match.>>Eric: Kuemper has been dominant this year. What’s it going to take to seal the deal? The cherry on top, the championship trophy?>>Barbara: They need to pass nails because their strengths are in the middle and on the right side. And you can only set those hitters if you’re passing well. So, they need to pass and put the ball on the setter set. And they need to stay steady. Tipton will push them and they may not be used to that. They just need to stay steady and stay with the game plan.>>Eric: The stage is set. Kuemper beat Clarion-Goldfield Dons. They had to battle and defeat a very good Osage team yesterday in the semifinals. Winning that fifth set 15-13. For Tipton if the quarterfinals they beat New Hampshire ton 3-1. They were down and had to battle back and win that one. In the semifinals they took care of a Mount Vernon team 3-1 yesterday. These are the two top teams in Class 3A and why not do battle here live in front of everyone watching on Iowa Public Television for a chance to claim champion or runner-up.>>Barbara: And there is a big difference. For the rest of your life, if you end up in that runner-up position, that’s all you remember and it’s a little bit of a bitter memory.>>Eric: Speaking from experience, Barb? [Laughter] >>Barbara: Yes, I am.>>Eric: First serve and we are under way. Tipton will wear the white uniforms and in red and yellow, celebrating, it is the Kuemper Catholic Knights of Carroll. 1-0 the Knights. And a quick side-out. Serve by Overmohle, 5’9″ senior setter. Blocked at the net but tooled out of bounds. High flying in, Sommer Daniel. We will call her name a lot. The junior has committed to play volleyball at Utah. Listed at 5’9″. Aces across the board. 1-1 here in the first. Over the block. Working near side. Kuemper has options. Tipton gets a good swing. Good rally here. Patient, patient on both sides of the net. And it ends with the two contact lift call against Tipton.>>Barbara: That’s a good rally and if that’s any indication of what we are going to see this afternoon, it should be a fun match.>>Eric: It is not just a bump, set, kill. It’s long rallies and that’s what you expect in the championship match. Another point. It is 2-2 now.>>Barbara: We will see a lot of that from Tipton. They like to set a quick set to Sommer Daniel. On that play she probably should have taken a swing at it because she had the line wide open and she may have taken someone’s head off if she would have swung at that ball.>>Eric: Here’s Hoffman with the serve. Good pass. Nice set. The student sections are going wild trying to do everybody this their power to They are on their fellow classmates to a state title. Here’s a look at the replay. Smoked it down in the corner! Perfect placement. Tipton looking really good.>>Barbara: One of the keys for Tipton is, you know, play that back part of the court because everybody tends to get sucked in and so if you hit the ball into those deep corners, you’re going to have to set. I guess that would be a key for anybody playing volleyball. Not just Tipton.>>Eric: More than one player getting involved here for Tipton, though. The run continues. Now leading by three. Very early stages of this first set. Kuemper to the outside. Through the block and down for the point. Good look at Courtney Schenkelberg, 5’11” senior outside hitter. That’s her first kill and with the side-out, Anna Niehaus back to serve.>>Barbara: They play different positions. But Coach Stickrod has put them opposite each other and the reason I think that he’s done that is so that he always has one of his big guns in the front row.>>Eric: They try and go as fast as humanly possible. Talking with their coach, I said what’s the deal with the offense? He’s like we just try to push it, quick tempo and obviously the faster the offense, the less time the defense has to recover and get set up defensively.>>Barbara: And that will leave wide open hits just like Adams had a minute ago.>>Eric: Got the point. 6-4 Tigers.>>Barbara: Smart tip. It looked like maybe that’s Tipton’s game plan. Even though it is in the name of their school, that doesn’t have to be in their game plan. But the hitters have come out tipping and I don’t know if that’s game plan or nerves. We’ll see.>>Eric: No tip on that attack. A good swing and that’s her second kill. That’s the thing. Tipping works very effectively because everyone is expecting a big spike like that. But if you continue to tip, then the defense is going to adjust and the tips just aren’t going to work.>>Barbara: Absolutely. The most effective tip happens after you have been hammering and hammering. Get the defense back on their heels and then you tip and the defense is stuck and they can’t move forward.>>Eric: Fine start to this Class 3A championship. Hermiston behind the service line for the Tipton Tigers. 5’5″ senior defensive specialist. Good serve. Through the block. Unable to convert on the overpass. Knocked down for the kill! I wasn’t sure because there were two blockers there, full extension. But somehow that ball got through and down for the point.>>Barbara: Well we can tell you why it got through because arms were straight up versus being pushed over the net. If those arms would have been pushed over the net, the ball would have stayed on Kuemper’s side.>>Eric: Aimee Adams, the leader on this team serving in the back row. Look at that defense. That back row for Tipton. Good hustle. Have to hit it over. And it will result in a Tigers’ kill.>>Barbara: I think we have discovered one thing. Tipton certainly isn’t afraid of this stage.>>Eric: No doubt about it.>>Barbara: It may be the first time they are here, but they’re loving it.>>Eric: Tipton last year first trip to the state tournament. Coach said last year was big. The players, the coaches even were really wide-eyed, taking everything in. Had no idea what to expect. And that quarterfinal match went so fast. It was a 3-0 sweep. She tried to call a couple of time-outs but in the blink of an eye it seemed like it took five minutes. They had all offseason and this season to prepare to get back to the stage.>>Barbara: That’s one of the reasons I think coaches should bring their young teams here. The junior high, middle school aged teams so they get an idea what this atmosphere is like. I tell everybody this is one of the best kept secrets in the state of Iowa. The atmosphere here during the normal week, there are two coaches — two courts that go the opposite way of this court. And then for the Friday big day, they turn the court and have one court and it is just unbelievable to believe in an atmosphere like this.>>Eric: We try and bring you the sights, the sounds, the energy of what’s taking place live in front of us here on your TV screen. But it is hard to capture it all unless you are here.>>Barbara: It is.>>It is hard to capture if you are in the stands as opposed to playing on the court. Everything is magnified because this is the final volleyball match for 2018 for Class 3A. What a quick moving play.>>Barbara: That’s what makes her so good. She is up in the air ready for the ball, waiting for it right between the blockers’ hands. Nice job being up early, Kara.>>Eric: That ball is set tight to the net. Good athletic play to stay out of the net and move it over. Better swing on that attack and it is down for a kill.>>Barbara: You can expect Daniel to do a lot of that kind of thing. She is only 5’9″, which is a little bit undersized for the type of player she is. But she gets kills because she has such good ball control. She can tip anywhere she wants. She can roll shot anywhere she wants and she can use blockers’ hands whenever she wants to and that makes her pretty hard to stop.>>Eric: That one sails out of bounds. Sommer Daniel leading all players with four kills on nine attempts. Just a tad under the .500 attack percentage. Very balanced offense for Kuemper Catholic. No one with more than two kills so far. Still the early stages of this opening set of the Class 3A championships. Wow! That’s a tough play to make. You love that lefty, Aimee Adams.>>Barbara: I love the lefty on the right side. Everybody who listens should know that. But Aimee Adams is one of their go-to hitters so she’s going to get a lot of sets. And when Tipton doesn’t put a block up on her, she’s going to get a lot of kills.>>Eric: Adams, 372 kills in the regular season. Averaging nearly four kills per set. All knotted up at 11-11 here in the first. Kara Peter, the 6’3″ junior middle blocker. Into the net. Service error and the Tigers get the point here. Well, talking about Tipton, their team motto is the best is yet to come and that’s something they decided in the offseason. Printed T-shirts. They lived that motto each and every day and they truly believed this year would be the best ever. And it already has been! Regardless if they win today or not.>>Barbara: Yep.>>Eric: Most set victories. Most match victories and advancing all the way to the championship game. Something tells me they are not just content yet.>>Barbara: And they have sever underclassmen on their team. Once they get a taste of this, those underclassmen will lead for next year trying to get back here again.>>Eric: Into the net. Attack error makes it a one-point ball game in the first set. Barb, you live here in Cedar Rapids and you see what this state championship does for this city each and every time. The hotels are filled. Parking garages are filled. The restaurants are filled.>>Barbara: The traffic is crazy.>>Eric: Because the state of Iowa comes to Cedar Rapids much like going on in Cedar Falls with the high school football championship much like boys and girls basketball and wrestling. What do you love about the fact that your community that you live in gets to host this?>>Barbara: One of the things is it makes it really easy for me. I come here every day and watch almost every match. So, that makes it easy. But it does really help the economy. It brings a lot of people into the community and the things that the Cedar Rapids has done since the 2008 flood has been tremendous. So, now people are getting to see some of the neat things that we get to see on a daily basis.>>Eric: I like the beautiful placement there. Grabbing that back line. Take a look and see just how close this ball was. Just inside.>>Barbara: But where did it land?>>Eric: In the golden corner which is exactly you, former D-I coach. There’s a service error. We have seen a couple of those. Let’s see if a couple of those errors will come back to haunt the Knights as they trail by just a couple of points. No team has taken a time-out as we are just past the halfway point of the first set. Kuemper. Keith Stickrod in his tenth year of coaching. 291 wins. Just 61 losses.>>Barbara: Double contact called on that set.>>Eric: That is a look at Coach Stickrod. They finished second place in the Hawkeye ten conference. They went 9-1 in conference play. Their only loss to Council Bluffs. They get the point there. 45-1 overall because of good blocking just like this, Barb.>>Barbara: Well, they didn’t exactly jump at the same time, but when you jump doesn’t matter as long as your arms are up there at the same time and pushed over the net.>>Eric: Good swing. Better block. Quickly back to Kuemper’s side of the net. Free ball over the net to Tipton. In system. Got it through for the point. Well, this is going to be decided by just a couple of points because no team has been able to go on a run so far here.>>Barbara: No. There haven’t been any real runs. There have been points of three scored but nothing more than that. And so, it will be — it should be a tight first set.>>Eric: Tipped. A little give-and-go down the line. Antenna is waving and when that is waving, that means the ball hit it. That means point for Kuemper.>>Barbara: And that antenna is lined up with the outside of the boundary line. If the ball crosses the net outside of the antenna or touches the antenna, it is considered out of bounds.>>Eric: Not the best pass and real athletic set. And it results in the kill. Barb, she was almost in the net, Sommer Daniel, and was able to contort her body to keep it in play.>>Barbara: I think that’s part of the ball control that she has. She has good body control. And she’s obviously played a lot of volleyball to be able to do the things she’s doing with the ball.>>Eric: Smoked that one down the far sideline. Get out of the way! [Laughter] >>Barbara: That was a great swing. Anna Niehaus took it to them and hammered that line. Like I said in the past, it’s really hard to dig a straight line drive at you right down the line because it comes at you so quickly.>>Eric: Able to work that one through and again, neck and neck as we head down the home stretch play to 25, win by two. That is the sixth kill for Tipton’s Sommer Daniel. Here’s Amanda Smith, 5’10” senior. The other setter. The difference between a Six-two offense as opposed to probably the more conventional side, the one the majority of schools use.>>Barbara: A lot of teams here at the state tournament have run a 6-2 this year. But a 5-1 is when you have one setter and that setter goes all the way around in six rotations. Three times she’s in the back row and three times in the front row. A 6-2 is when setter rotates to the front row and a hitter comes in for her. They are placed oppositely so it is always happening at the same time so your setter is always in the back row and you always have three attackers. Tipton’s 6-2 is a little different because Sommer Daniel is both the setter when she’s in the back row and the hitter when she is in the front row. Like she is right now. Yep.>>Eric: Point for Kuemper. They needed that one. And the interesting thing with that as we look at the replay, that’s not something they are going to switch back and forth during this match, right?>>Barbara: No.>>Eric: They decided it is going to be 6-2. That’s the offense they are running.>>Barbara: Kuemper runs a 5-1. So, you will see Maci Overmohle will be back row and then she will move to the front row. When she is a front row setter that’s when she can dump and be a little more offensive above the height of the net. When she’s back row, she’s going to dump it a different way.>>Eric: 20-18. Having trouble getting this one over the net. Tipton. A very well executed play. And Sommer Daniel is getting set. She’s getting digs. She’s getting seven kills already. And it is a three-point lead for Tipton. Let’s listen in to the Tipton huddle.>>We are playing our game, right? We are playing our game. Exactly. Our serves are aggressive. We are also serve/receiving very well. Keep that up. Keep that up.>>They are not going to roll over.>>Right. Finish this game right here. We need more first balls. Let’s keep going at it right here. Passing the ball, go after it. Okay. Be aggressive! If we’re aggressive from the service line all the way through, they’re not passing well. So, we have to be aggressive. Let’s go.>>Barbara: So a couple of things were said. One of the players said they are not going to roll over and die and that’s true. Kuemper knows that this set is not over. And so, Tipton needs to keep going, pedal to, metal. She wants the first ball put away.>>Eric: We appreciate the head coaches letting us put microphones on them so we can get inside their huddles through out the entire day of coverage. Barb, Tipton starting to pull away. What have they been doing?>>Barbara: Their offense is quick. When they shoot a ball to the outside and the hitter is able to go up without a block against her, that is advantageous to the hitter. And that’s always a quick point.>>Eric: Another attack error. Kuemper right now hitting .179 as a team. Tipton hitting in the .200s. Needing to make a run now is Kuemper Catholic. Needing a side-out. Daniel. Into the net. Set point in favor of Tipton. Tough serve. Attack error. Smart to let that one sail by but a lot of work needs to be done by the Knights. Even if they can’t climb their way out of this big of a deficit because their no room for error, getting three points could be huge for their momentum, for their confidence heading into this second set.>>Barbara: And that’s what you’re playing for right now is getting a head start in that second set by gaining some momentum here.>>Eric: You don’t carry the points over, but you can carry the momentum over. A pretty impressive first set victory for the Tipton Tigers. 25-19. A big reason for that, eight kills, eight of them already for Sommer Daniel. Look at the final point that sealed the deal.>>Barbara: A kill for Daniel.>>Eric: She’s having a good day so far. We’re a long way from done. Tipton wins the first one. Back with more of the Class 3A finals here on Iowa Public Television.>>Eric: Tipton wins it 25-19 over Kuemper Catholic in the first set of the Class 3A championship. Let’s take a look at some of those highlights. Barb, what really jumped out at you? They played within a point or two of each other until about 18 and then Tipton stepped on the accelerator and pulled away.>>Barbara: Like we expected, the three players to get the most touches did. Sommer Daniel for Tipton and Aimee Adams and Kara Peter for — actually, Kara Peter didn’t. It was Courtney Schenkelberg. So, expect a little more to go to Kara Peter. Let them lead the way.>>Eric: You see the stats. A better hitting percentage, that was the difference in the six-point victory over Kuemper Catholic. Well, down but definitely not out. I would not bet against Kuemper. They have been number one all season long. Only one loss last year. 2017. They saw a 2-0 lead evaporate to eventual champion Waterloo, Columbus.>>Barbara: I know that that has been with them all year. And something they have really worked on to get back here to this point.>>Eric: For Tipton, they have really worked on their mental game and culture from last year to this year. Right down the line. Smart place to go with it and nice execution. Anna Niehaus is a 5’8″ junior outside hitter and she’s multi-talented. Over 200 kills this season and a strong attack percentage. Wow. A quick kill by Daniel.>>Barbara: If I’m Kuemper, I may commit and take my middles, have her go out because you know Sommer Daniel is going to get set, those quick sets. And from the middle it is hard to make it out there on time which leaves her with a single blocker. So, I may just cheat out there and see if I can get a double block up on her.>>Eric: We have a pause here. Jamie Kofron. She’s the best in the state at the shot put and discuss. Oh, by the way, she is helping lead her team all the way to the state championship volleyball as well. Great athlete.>>Barbara: She will be on the track and field team at Iowa in college. What I really like about Kofron is she stays aggressive. During the other matches this week when the set was tight and everybody else was tipping, she was swinging at balls and getting kills. It was fun to watch.>>Eric: The Knights looking good. Right now jumps up to a 3-1 lead. Definitely not a must-win scenario for Kuemper, but they don’t want — what in the world! You got to be kidding me.>>Barbara: Wow. What a great play. Heads-up play. Let’s look at that one again. This is so heads-up and a little lucky.>>Eric: Wow. A lot lucky. Right?>>Barbara: Yeah. It was right at Amanda Smith’s knees and was able to get it up in the air high enough for Daniel to send it over the net.>>Eric: And we understand not everyone watching Iowa Public Television knowing all the rules of volleyball. But you can bump it with your knee, kick it, use any body part.>>Barbara: Yes. Again the refs here are the best in the state. So, they are going to call everything consistently and well and that was just amazing. Nice swing by Adams on that one. No block up with her, which I think is a mistake. I think Tipton needs to stay hey, wherever Adams goes, we are going to put a block up on her and if we can, let’s get two or three.>>Eric: Aimee Adams has been so dominant. 372 kills in the regular season. A .425 kill efficiency. 21 aces, 319 digs, 22 blocks. She is just the epitome of what you are looking for in a high school volleyball.>>Barbara: And she is a lefty.>>Eric: And you like that?>>Barbara: I love a lefty on the right side. She is tall. She’s 6’1″. She’s like what you would choose for a volleyball and she has chosen to go to South Dakota for her collegiate career.>>Eric: I don’t like when we export talent out of the state. But we see the players decision. We see a lot of other schools at the D-I, D-II level. There’s so much talent.>>Barbara: Yes. We have had so this players go all over the country representing Iowa in practically every state. I can’t think of any in Alaska.>>Eric: Getting the kill on the outside makes it 6-4. If you’re just joining us, the first set went to Tipton, 25-19. A lit run to pull away. Here’s Aimee Adams, the 6’1″ senior outside hitter. Strong serve. Over the block and that one went down. Amanda Smith is one of the two setters in that Six-two offense. Attacks it from the back line. Blake Ehler, another senior on the Tipton roster. Getting it through the block. Smart heads-up play by Grace Molak.>>Barbara: Here’s another look at Molak. Using the blockers’ hands. That’s the bad part about using the blocker’s hand is you have to make sure the officials see it. [Laughter] >>Eric: She made contact she said.>>Barbara: I got it. Yeah right.>>Eric: Triple block and it results in a block. Sommer Daniel. A look at our net cam. All three blockers.>>Barbara: Yeah. Their hands weren’t perfect, but once they touched the ball, they were able to just push it over the net.>>Eric: Trying to go with a really shallow serve, Amanda Smith, ended up costing her as it goes into the net. Kuemper wearing the red and yellow. Tipton in the white tops. Setter dumps. Worked to perfection.>>Barbara: That was pretty. That time the middle, which happened to be Kofron was coming in for a quick. The setter was able to make it look like she was setting the quick but she pushed it over the net into the middle of the court.>>Eric: Disguised it very well. Just like in football. A fake hand-off trick play.>>Barbara: Here’s another look at that. Kara Peter I have been impressed with her all week.>>Eric: Me too.>>Barbara: She does a nice job as a middle. She is 6’3″. But she does a nice job as a middle being everywhere. So, as a middle blocker you have to block absolutely everything that is being attacked at you and then you have to transition, get off the net back in for a quick set and she does that. And not every middle does it and it’s a little frustrating for coaches when the middles don’t do it. But she is really good. If she’s blocking over on the left side and for some reason has to be on the right side, she gets there.>>Eric: Mishandled that one. Kara Peter, 330 kills. .486 kill efficiency. But what she does in digs and blocks is incredible. Leads the team in blocks. Let’s listen inside her team’s huddle with Kuemper Catholic.>>Slow the game down. We need to play our game. Slow down and be very aggressive. Let’s go. Right now. Be aggressive.>>Barbara: Well, one of the things we heard him say there was slow down and I think he meant — because when he talked to us, he said they try and do everything really quickly offensively. What I think he meant there was more like take a breath, relax, make sure you get your serve in. Relax when you’re passing. That kind of thing. No slower offense or anything like that.>>Eric: Talking to him after that victory in the semifinals over Osage, he said the team has had huge focus. He pushes them hard all year and they respond to pushing each other. They play the game with passion, determination and a fire in their eyes. He said in that Osage fifth set he looked through the net at his team and he was almost scared how determined and focused they were. [Laughter]>>Eric: He knew they were going to pull it out. He said I have to give a ton of credit also — as we look at the replay — to his assistant coaches who do so much and the practice players because they push the starters.>>Barbara: And we have seen on other teams how important that is. Every player on that bench, whether you’re on the court or not, is huge in these matches. All season long.>>Eric: The Knights are looking strong. Up 12-8 trying to tie this 3A championship up. They dropped the first set 25-19. By the way, that’s Adams’ fifth kill. Blocked but out of bounds. Did it hit?>>Barbara: Yep.>>Eric: Wow. That was close.>>Barbara: Let’s see if we can see it on the replay.>>Eric: She flies in to make contact to hit it. Tool it out of bounds. Pretty close.>>Barbara: Yep and that’s why I don’t want to do that job.>>Eric: She had much better view than me. She’s literally looking down the line. That goes out of bounds. And now a side-out. Checking in will be Laken Hermiston, the 5’5″ senior specialist to serve. Very impressed with what I have seen from Kuemper here in this second set. Different attitude. Different results. Another point. They are starting to pull away. A five-point lead at the halfway point of this second set. Adams five kills. Schenkelberg four kills. Four for Molak and three apiece for Niehaus and Peter. The slide. Deep and out of bounds. As the play was unfolding, it seemed like it was going to result in a kill.>>Barbara: It really did. Didn’t look like the block was solid. Looked like Chapman had all the room she needed and she was just a little underneath it on her contact.>>Eric: Service ace! Two players just looking at each other, a little unsure of whose ball it was and now it is a seven-point advantage. Great job of serving by Courtney Schenkelberg. Another tough serve and it’s not a service ace, but it results in a point.>>Barbara: Results in a point. Yep. And it will be interesting to see — Tipton is going to take a time-out.>>Eric: Let’s go inside the Tipton huddle right now and hear what their coach is saying.>>Yes. We talked about that. We got to mix it up. Kamryn got a kill and Emily got a kill. We have to mix it around. Go at them. Be aggressive. We’re passing balls. We’re passing balls and doing a good job of that. Mix up our offense and go at them. Let’s go.>>Barbara: So, Coach Calonder wants a mixed up offense which the way I said it makes it sound goofy. What she means is to not let the Kuemper Knights know who is going to be hitting it. One side give it to your outside, middle. Set someone in front of you and just don’t let them know where you’re offense is coming from.>>Eric: Coach Calonder 19 years of coaching. 16th year at Tipton. 246 wins in her career. Last year making it to state tournament. This year, not only making it, made it all the way to the state championship here in Class 3A. On the brink of trying to bring home the school’s first ever championship in volleyball. A seven-point deficit for Tipton, though. And Kuemper is playing red hot. Back set. It’s open.>>Barbara: Nice dig by O’Leary.>>Eric: Tooled out of bounds. Last touched by Tipton. Kuemper celebrates. You can see the confidence growing by Kuemper.>>Barbara: They have gotten a little bit of their belief back. Not that they ever really were completely in disbelief. But they might have been starting to question things and they are starting to feel good.>>Eric: Set to the outside. Here’s Kuemper. Back row attack. Came up strong with the back row attack. Good hustle. Surprised at how well Adams got it all the way from her position in the back row. Know a tip. Quick to the middle. Long rally. Is the score going to be 19-10 or 18-11? 18-11. Tipton wins the point.>>Barbara: Tipton did a really nice job with their defense that time, running a couple of balls down that Kuemper thought they had won. And then they get up against the single blocker and put the ball away in between the two back row defenders.>>Eric: Back set tip. It finally hits the pink court. 19-11. Such a balanced offense for Kuemper. Seven kills for Adams. Six kills for Molak and four kills for Schenkelberg. On the other side, not very balanced for Tipton. 11 kills for Sommer Daniel and only four for Smith. Is it easier when you can focus on just one player offensively?>>Barbara: Absolutely.>>Eric: That’s down for another point and the Knights are rocking and rolling in this second set.>>Barbara: That’s what I was talking about earlier with Peter working so hard. She is blocking. She’s at the net, controlling the ball and then she gets off the net for transition and can put the ball away. That’s what a middle blocker needs to do.>>Eric: Caught them off guard. Smart heads-up play. Amanda Smith disguised it well. Sent it over and the setter’s dump results in a point. She has five kills now. Kuemper. Almost went in the net there. Blocked. Point for Kuemper. They are now just four points away in a very lopsided score right now.>>Barbara: From this replay we will see why this went down. Her arms were behind her head and then straight up. When your arms are like that, you’re rarely going to block the ball on the other side of the net. You need to push over the net for that.>>Eric: Setter’s dump again. Power wins that point. Kara Peter.>>Barbara: Kofron is doing a good job sticking with her, but she might want to think about taking a little more of the angles on the block. Kara Peter tends to turn it one way or the other. If you take away those angles by spreading your arms, that could be advantageous for Kofron.>>Eric: Wow. She plays the game so well. She is like an artist with her paint brush and smock and everything. She can set. She can dig. She can block and she has a variety of shots. A variety of angles.>>Barbara: She is like an artist. She probably could do it with acrylics and oils and all different things. She’s amazing.>>Eric: Kuemper flexing their muscles. They wanted to make a statement and they most certainly are right now in the second set.>>Barbara: They’re definitely in control and Tipton is kind of where we were talking about last set with Kuemper. They are now playing for momentum to head into the third set.>>Eric: Serving. Kuemper good swing. To the outside. Back set slide. Great rally.>>Barbara: That was a great up by Badding.>>Eric: Setter’s dump. I think we’re heading in minute two of this rally here. [Laughter] >>Barbara: Nice roll shot.>>Eric: And we have seen just about every type of shot that you can have.>>Barbara: Yep.>>Eric: Another beautiful up. And finally Tipton with the point. Does it feel better when you win those long rallies?>>Barbara: Absolutely! You’re also very, very tired. So, it gives you a little bit of lift into the next point. But that’s a great rally by Tipton. That kind of rally will help build their momentum for the next set. That won’t.>>Eric: Service error and it is set point after a huge performance by the Kuemper Catholic Knights. The number one since day one and they’re one point away from tying this series up 1-1. Out of bounds. 24-16 now. It will be very interesting to see what the third set looks like.>>Barbara: Absolutely. Hermiston has a big job to keep the ball in because any mistake is the end of the set. Wow!>>Eric: Or any huge kill like that.>>Barbara: Yes. That’s awesome.>>Eric: Aimee Adams and the rest of her team with the statement win in set two. She has eight kills to lead Kuemper. They win it 25-16. We got a good one. This feels like it could go five.>>Barbara: I think we might get to see that last kill again. That was an awesome kill. Let’s take a look at it here. This is just awesome. She’s in the right place. The block isn’t out there and she just hammers it.>>Eric: We will be back with more as we head to the third set of Class 3A championship only on Iowa Public Television.>>Eric: Big win for Kuemper Catholic in the second set, 25-16ment we are tied at 1-1. Take a look at some of the special — 25-16. We’re tied 1-1. Take a look at some of the special highlights. Eric Braley, Barbara Randall with you. Really, when I look at Kuemper’s line-up, they’re tall.>>Barbara: They are tall. And she’s leading the way at 6’3″. That is Kara Peter. And then they also have Aimee Adams who is 6’1″. Courtney Schenkelberg is 5’11”. They have got a couple other six-footers. That’s pretty big for 3A.>>Eric: We pretty much flipped the advantage from set one to set two. Three more kills, two less digs and then one more assist. Better overall defense for Kuemper in that second set. Eight kills for Adams, six for Molak. Five apiece for Schenkelberg and Peter and four for Niehaus. For Tipton it has been Sommer Daniel. 12 kills, 37 attempts. She also had seven assists and eight digs. She’s going to end with a triple-double before we are all set.>>Barbara: Two balls I think she should have hammered, maybe she didn’t feel like she was in the right position. But that one was definitely one she should have taken a swing at.>>Eric: Good swing there by making sure the block was there. But she knew exactly what attack she needed to take.>>Barbara: Yep. 1-1.>>Eric: That’s our series and that’s the score in the third.>>Barbara: When you are playing on championship Friday, you can’t celebrate anything.>>Eric: What normally is what you think is kill the other team digs it up.>>Barbara: Yep.>>Eric: And returns it.>>Barbara: Which goes to prove you have to play until the whistle. We have had several occasions through out this week where teams are used to having the point at that point but the other team was able to get a hand under it and get it back. So, they celebrate and then they realize the ball is still in play.>>Eric: Beautiful serve results in a service ace and an early two-point lead for the Knights. That’s why you leave Kara Peter in to serve. I would too. I jinxed her.>>Eric: Service — what? They called it in.>>Barbara: It looked out from here but we are way across the court.>>Eric: Yep. Back-to-back service aces. A three-point advantage.>>Barbara: It does look in from that view.>>Eric: You don’t get a good swing out of that because of the tough serve. They are playing very fluid right now.>>Barbara: Yeah. I think we have talked about this before. There’s no way that Aimee Adams shouldn’t have at least a single block on her. But I would make sure that my two blockers followed her around the court. Wherever she went, I would go to and where two people going, potentially three.>>Eric: They took that momentum from the second set and they brought it with them to the third. A five-point lead early on. Let’s listen in to the coach’s huddle. And let’s talk strategy with Tipton.>>We have to mix it up. [Indiscernible] >>Calm down. Relax. Don’t roll over.>>Their defense is set up where we hit, mix it up. Think about what’s open.>>Barbara: Two things were said and they were said the same way but mean two different things. Mix it up. Mix who gets to take the swing. Not just Sommer Daniel every time and then mix it up with your shot. Don’t always hit. Don’t always tip and when you do one or the other, make sure you are putting it in didn’t places around the court.>>Eric: So, Sommer Daniel has been set — has 40 total attempts out of the 90. So, almost 50% of the time that they are attacking it’s been Sommer Daniel doing it. Well, guess who knows that. [Laughter] >>Barbara: Everybody in the gym. And so, they went away from her and set a couple other players and they got the point.>>Eric: That’s why you got to take time-outs sometimes.>>Barbara: That’s right.>>Eric: Barb, you were all-state volleyball player. All-American at Iowa. Played on the U.S. team. Coached Division I at UNI. How do you use time-outs? I know it depends on the strategy. But you like to give a little time for the team to talk amongst themselves and then a coach comes in or how — what do you think is most effective?>>Barbara: When I was coaching Division I and Purdue I was an assistant. But I thought the way it was done at UNI was very effective. She calls a time-out and the team sits on the bench and she and the coaches talk about what they are going to talk to the team about and gives a chance for the team to talk about what they need to do and they come into the huddle and discuss what needs to happen.>>Eric: I think it is interesting because you really have about 50 seconds. It is not like you have a whole time to eat a peanut butter sandwich or drink a lot of Gatorade or something. Football has much longer time-out and basketball.>>Barbara: You can get a lot said in 50 seconds. Sometimes you’re done in ten or 15.>>Eric: The other thing is when to use them. Right now, I think that was a smart play by Tipton to say we need it early on before this gets away from us. Right now, Kuemper really is playing with fire right now. Nice placement. Right on that line. But you see that look in Kuemper that they have had against Osage where they won in five yesterday. It’s just that determination, that focus that, no, this is ours and we are not going to let anybody stand in our way.>>Barbara: And when they lose the ball, they get it right back. So, only three points have been scored on them in this set and they have been one and done.>>Eric: Yep.>>Barbara: So, Kuemper gets it back and scores more than one. That’s how they have gained such a big lead.>>Eric: Kuemper leads by seven. Looking to go ahead in the series 2-1. Tipton won the first 25-19. Kuemper won the second 25-16. 10-4 the score here in the third. Again you have tuned into the Class 3A championship. Already handed out a couple of trophies today. Dubuque Wahlert beating Cedar Rapids Xavier in the Class 4A match-up. Big block and big point for Tipton. Chapman.>>Barbara: Tipton definitely thinks that they haven’t done yet. So, it is good to see they are still fighting. They are only down five points. That is not insurmountable. It is good to see they believe that also.>>Eric: Nice textbook play out of Aimee Adams, the lefty. Take a look at that one more time.>>Barbara: She’s laughing.>>Eric: The benefits of — >>Barbara: Hits her in the face.>>Eric: The benefits of a lefty on that side.>>Barbara: The benefits of a lefty on that side is that is her strong side. So, the ball for a right-handed player, the ball has to cross her body. For a left-handed player that’s like having a right-handed player. The ball doesn’t have to cross your body and timing is easier and makes the offense a little easier with your left-hander out there.>>Eric: Back set. Good swing. More celebration and one other thing. We talked about kills a lot. But Mallory Badding is doing a great job as the libero for Kuemper. She’s the one wearing the bright yellow top. She’s a 5’8″ junior libero and getting good passes to the setter. Making sure that this offense runs smoothly. Maci Overmohle. This is just a clinic right now being put on by Kuemper. Are you kidding me? 14-5.>>Barbara: Just about everything that can go wrong for Tipton is going wrong.>>Eric: Let’s go inside the huddle for Kuemper Catholic.>>Keep moving. Move. Move. Focus all the time. Every ball. Go, go, go. Don’t let up. Let’s go.>>Barbara: I agree. Go, go, go. If you’re up by nine points at this point in the game, go, go, go. There’s not a lot to be said. You can’t be doing that much wrong. But, on the other hand, Tipton’s got to be saying we have to chip away at this. This is something we can handle. That’s how you play volleyball. You play one point at a time. You can’t get three points or six points at one time. So, you have to play each point and make little chips in that lead.>>Eric: Keith Stickrod tenth year. 289 wins, 61 losses at Kuemper Catholic.>>Barbara: Net violation.>>Eric: Net violation and the run continues for Kuemper.>>Barbara: Maybe I should say center line violation. And the difference is you can have a body part touch that line but you can’t have a body part go completely over that line.>>Eric: Barb, how do you build tradition? Because clearly, Kuemper Catholic has done it. Four straight trips to state. 11th in the school history. I’m assuming it is something you have to start young and there’s a bunch of young kids that made the trip from Carroll that are saying in a couple of years I can be on that high school volleyball team.>>Barbara: If I were a high school coach, I would get them started young and make sure we have a plethora of fifth and sixth graders here. I would build clubs they could play in throughout the year and make sure that everybody gets touches on the ball whenever they want.>>Eric: It seems like there’s a lot of the same schools that make it to state year after year after year in every class.>>Barbara: Yes.>>Eric: Many of them are bringing home championships trophies today.>>Barbara: And that’s exactly because that’s what they have done. They have built a program. It has become an expectation in that community that if you play volleyball at this school, you’re going to get a trip to Cedar Rapids. You’re going to get a chance at a state championship and you’re going to have a ton of fun.>>Eric: Hard work. Nothing’s handed to you.>>Barbara: But, it’s less hard if you’re winning. You still work hard.>>Eric: It is more fun too. I have more fun when I win.>>Barbara: Yep.>>Eric: Tipton not giving up, but they’ve got a mountain to climb if they want to win this third set where it has just been controlled by Kuemper. Good pass. Nice set. Tooled out of bounds. Point for the Knights. 19-7. And overall, Kuemper’s hitting .260 attack percentage, which is good. It will be interesting to look at just the second and third set, how efficient they have been.>>Barbara: Yeah. It would be impressive to see because they aren’t making a lot of mistakes right now.>>Eric: On the other side, just hitting .132 is Tipton. And again, Sommer Daniel 13 kills. Five for Amanda Smith. Five for Blake Ehler and three for Kamryn Chapman.>>Barbara: So, this is where I think it would be beneficial for Sommer Daniel to have her set pulled off the net. She’s under five compared to the blocks. Give her a chance to use the angles around the blocker’s hands.>>Eric: That’s something you can change in game.>>Barbara: Yep. And there will be times when she will want a tighter ball. But with these big blockers, she wants to be able to hit some angles and if you give her a tight ball, those blockers’ hands is like hitting into a phone booth or trying to get out of a phone booth maybe is a better way to say it.>>Eric: Ball goes out of bounds. The Tigers get the point. And we will head to the fourth set soon where it will be a must-win scenario for Tipton.>>Barbara: That’s a great swing. Courtney Schenkelberg hit high off the blocker’s hands. Made sure there was good contact, but by doing so, it also sent the ball back off the court and the defenders were sucked in and couldn’t touch that ball.>>Eric: Service ace! That’s her third. How good is Osage? They took Kuemper to five yesterday and Kuemper had to win 25-18, 23-25, 21-25, 25-21 and then 15-13. You can only win by two in the fifth set and that’s what it took. Osage had an incredible season as well. Tigers get their tenth point and trying to get some momentum going.>>Barbara: So, here’s where that unorthodox rotation comes in. She plays middle blocker in one rotation, which is hard for a lefty. For the same reasons, it is easy for a lefty to be on the right side. When she’s in the middle, the ball has to cross her body for her to swing and it is really hard to do quick that way. You can’t get the ball to the hitter as quickly. So, it is a little awkward but that’s how they run their offense and they have been doing it for years.>>Eric: And it’s been working for years. Four straight trips to state. Last year was a tough one but everyone knew. They have had the preseason number one ranking and they have carried that every single match, every single day of this 2018 season. Set point for the Kuemper Catholic Knights. 24-11. Dominant. Dominant in the second set 25-16. Even more dominant here in the third.>>Barbara: Nice — that’s a great swing. Emily Hermsen was up against the single block which has been atypical this match for her. She’s usually had a double block and that’s a little bit harder to handle. But she got a nice kill out of that single block by going deep cross court.>>Eric: Hermsen has been a nice role player. Helping out this team this year. Nearly 100 kills on the year. There it is! Final score in the third Kuemper 25, Tipton 12. A lot of work needs to be done for Tipton. Down but not out. Let’s take a look at that last point.>>Barbara: This is a great touch by Daniel on the defensive side of it. But just not high enough for anybody to get to. Nice play by Adams.>>Eric: Things are clicking for Kuemper. We will be back with the fourth set right after this. You’re watching high school volleyball championships on Iowa Public Television.>>Eric: A very, very good Kuemper Catholic team has been flexing their muscles in the second and third sets. Let’s see how Tipton can respond because Kuemper Catholic has really taken the momentum to say the least here.>>Barbara: They have stolen it and they’re charging forward. This is a different Kuemper Catholic team than we saw in the first set and because of that, it’s a different system team.>>Eric: Look in their eyes. They are very determined and focused right now. Let’s go to the start of the fourth set. It’s going to be Tipton who gets a chance to serve. A must-win scenario if they want to extend this match, extend their opportunity to win their school’s first ever state title. Again, a lot of size on the side of Kuemper Catholic and just a very fluid offense and defense to offense transition.>>Barbara: We have been talking about Peter is there every time for her setter. So, she gets set and can do a lot with the ball.>>Eric: Adams with 16 kills on 40 attempts, hitting .325 for Kuemper. Grace Molak seven kills on 13 attempts hitting .462. Six kills apiece for Schenkelberg and Peter and five kills for Niehaus. Another point makes it 2-0 in favor of the Knights. For Tipton, Sommer Daniel close to a triple-double already. She has 14 kills, ten assists, eight digs. Amanda Smith ten kills, 21 assists and six digs. Blake Ehler with five kills to go along with 11 digs.>>Barbara: Nice swing by Chapman on that. She was able to keep it to the left backside of the court. Back row defender touched it. Great play.>>Eric: There’s the side-out. Let’s see if Tipton can do a run here early on in the fourth set.>>Barbara: So, that time Peter turned it the other way. She’s been going a lot across her body. This time she went more straight ahead and was able to use a little bit of an inside/out swing to get the kill around that blocker.>>Eric: Peter has been serving bullets over the net.>>Barbara: Bullets.>>Eric: She has 42 aces in the regular season. Schenkelberg had 49. That’s pretty impressive for a 6’3″ middle hitter. She has 330 kills, 42 aces, 137 digs and 75 blocks. That is the epitome of a well-rounded volleyball player. One-handed slam dunk.>>Barbara: Nice job by Chapman to be up and take control of that ball. The official absolutely says the ball was above — or over the plane of the net so it was an allowable contact. If the ball wouldn’t have broken the plane of the net then she could have gotten called for reaching over.>>Eric: She place with a little fire in her belly, doesn’t she?>>Barbara: Yeah, I like it.>>Eric: Got that one through the wall of the Tipton defense. And that kill is number 17. What a performance. Niehaus. Again they don’t get a good swing out of it because not the best pass. Now they get a good swing and it results in a point. 4-3.>>Barbara: Ehler did a nice job using the outside blocker or her outside hand so she gets a contact and then pushes it out of bounds so she gets a kill out of it.>>Eric: If you’re just tuning in, live coverage of the 2018 Iowa girls high school volleyball championship. 12:15 we tipped off the 4A match which went to Dubuque Wahlert and now 3A if the Kuemper Catholic Knights win this match, this set, they are your 3A champions. They are facing off against the Tipton Tigers.>>Barbara: There’s Molak. Skying up against a double block. The block wasn’t quite close and she was able to pit that.>>Eric: I’m impressed because Molak doesn’t get nearly many attacks. She is 5-13.>>Barbara: What we think is good is same as a batting average. It is not figured the same way but we would like it up .300.>>Eric: Here’s Amanda Smith. A very, very important member of this Tipton team. A record setting year for Tipton. Too long and point to Tipton. So, when you get that set depending where you are on the court, at what point do you make the decision of what type of shot you’re going to use and where you’re going to put the ball?>>Barbara: Well, the key is making it look like you’re going to do the same thing every time. So, you may not make the decision until you are in the air and you see where the blocker’s hands are. It also depends if your feet are in the right spot. If your feet don’t get to the ball, you may have to tip just because you are out of reach of being able to hit it. It kind of depends on a lot of didn’t things.>>Eric: Well, the Tipton fan base and student section having a lot more to cheer about. Very similar to what they had in the first set. Trying to do everything.>>Barbara: Those are great serves.>>Eric: That one very shallow. Kuemper with the point.>>Barbara: Well, one of the strategies for serving short balls like that and if you remember one of our keys for Tipton was to serve strategically. Well, actually serve for aces. But part of the reason was because the Kuemper Catholic strengths are a middle and a right side. You need good passing for that. So, if you can serve short into the patterns for their approaches, that can sometimes get them out of system.>>Eric: Tie it at 7-7. What is Tipton doing better or what is Kuemper doing worse that is allowing this to be a lot more evenly balanced than what we saw in sets two and three?>>Barbara: I think they are serving short. We have seen that. But — this is Tipton. And they’re also mixing up the offense so that Sommer Daniel isn’t the only one getting the ball. They talked about it in several different time-outs and you can see it is working for them as Chapman — well, Chapman got the set. She didn’t get the point.>>Eric: The Knights lead it by one. Much more competitive than what we saw in the 25-16 win in the second set and the 25-12 win third set for Kuemper. Four contacts.>>Barbara: That’s the kind of effort Tipton is going to need if they want to push this to five sets.>>Eric: The coach said we just quit thinking so much and just started playing and that really helped them go on a 9-1 run and rally for the victory.>>Barbara: Sometimes I like to think in a situation where you got killed in two sets and you are facing the end of your season not finishing it like you were hoping, go out there and just have fun and enjoy the experience and see what happens.>>Eric: Yep.>>Barbara: Because a lot of times when you have fun, good things happen.>>Eric: Tipton might get into danger zone. That’s what she says when everybody is feeling it. [Laughter] >>Eric: They are in the danger zone in the first set and they are trying to get back there here in the fourth. That’s one of my workout songs. My go-to song. You don’t have one?>>Barbara: No.>>Eric: I will get you a play list. I will make you a mixed tape. [Laughter] >>Eric: 9-9. Able to get it out of the net there. Up and some way, somehow it results in a point. Weren’t expecting that to be returned so quickly.>>Barbara: And that is part of what happens when you are scrappy with your defense. You go for everybody ball and you just make sure that you get touches on things because you know the offense from the other team is just going to keep hammering away. So, you got to get a touch.>>Eric: Kuemper responds! The first set was exactly like this. One or two points separating Kuemper and Tipton until Tipton pulled away and it was 19-19. Another point and another lead for the Tipton Tigers.>>Barbara: There’s Chapman getting the kill off the block up against the single block. Using the hands and swinging hard. Kind of to the sideline. If there weren’t any hands there, that ball would be way out of the gym. It wouldn’t even try and catch the court.>>Eric: Hermiston the serve. Got it through the block. We are tied at 11-11. Well, coach, we will see the replay here. Coach Amy Calonder in her 19th year of coaching. 16 of them at Tipton. She said it is a fun group to be around and work with. It’s a very smart group. Tipton, they really understand volleyball. The seniors have played a long time together, playing club AAU. Sense of calm with the team and they never panic.>>Barbara: They don’t really look like they are panicking. They look like they are trying to find solutions to the problem at hand.>>Eric: Their strength is offense but their defense has been slowly improving here at state. Scrappy.>>Barbara: I think defensively they look amazing.>>Eric: She’s very critical as a coach trying to find — >>Barbara: Yeah.>>Eric: Good defense there. Hard to play good defense when that’s coming at you. Mercy!>>Barbara: Well, again, this run for Kuemper is coming with Kara Peter serving.>>Eric: And Aimee Adams with 19 kills so far today. A time-out on the court. 14-11 our score. Let’s go inside the Tipton huddle.>>Everything is going really well. When we run our offense that’s going really well. Mix up helps and we are right in this match. What do we have to keep working on?>>Finding the holes.>>Yep. Looking for the holes. Smart. Smart, smart, smart. Playing defense. Get down low and we also have to get some hands up in her face here. Okay. Right here we get this side out and we roll.>>Barbara: One of the things that they are looking for is holes in the blocks. They are having a lot of holes and one of the things that they need to communicate with each other is where to swing when you see those holes. So, that’s on the team and one of the players said that. So, we’ll kind of pay attention if they’re using that.>>Eric: Right at the midway point of this critical fourth set. If Kuemper wins it with plays like that, they’re your class 3A champion.>>Barbara: The other thing that she said in the huddle was they need to get some hands in her face. They are talking about Aimee Adams. That time they had a double block up, but Adams beat the block by getting there quickly and went between the two blockers.>>Eric: 16-11. The Kuemper Catholic fans are feeling it. Still some work needs to be done here.>>Barbara: The Tipton fans are trying to get their team back into it.>>Eric: That’s what I love. I love fans that cheer when the team needs it most. Not just when they are rocking and rolling doing great.>>Barbara: That will help them. Any time you get a great block like that, that will get your fans going. And Chapman does a great job of getting up there and all by herself putting that ball down.>>Eric: 16-12 is our score. Into the net. 17-12. Tipton won the first set 25-19. Kuemper won set two 25-16 and set three 25-12. A reminder, we’re just at Class 3A. We still have two more championships after this with the 2A and 1A championships. Just a hair out of bounds. Asking for a touch. Not awarded.>>Barbara: And Sommer Daniel is trying to get her team to keep their heads in this game. She doesn’t believe it’s out of reach yet and I have to agree with her. In the sport of volleyball, the minimum swings so greatly that if they get a couple good points, if Tipton gets a couple good points, they could be right back in this thing.>>Eric: Sommer Daniel with a triple-double. 16 kills. 14 assists, 12 digs. 19-12 now.>>Barbara: That was a nice try by Kofron to get a touch on that ball but just knocked it down where nobody in the back row could defend it.>>Eric: Kuemper is finding their groove here in this set. Let’s go inside the Kuemper Catholic huddle with Keith Stickrod.>>Every point. Every point. Remember relax. Do our job and do it right.>>Barbara: So, basically he’s got it right. Do our job. They’re ahead. If they wanted to go point for point back and forth, they would win this match and the state championship. He doesn’t want that to happen. He would like to get a few more points than just one at a time. They are on a run of three and he would like them to get a few more.>>Eric: Coach Stickrod has been the head coach of detective ten years. Seven times he has led them to the state tournament. Looking to end the 2018 trip to Cedar Rapids with the championship. So close. Again Tipton, love that fight. Returning every player. The entire starting line-up from last year, which was their first time they had ever made the state tournament.>>Barbara: And Ehler did a nice job that time. She took a swing. It was kind of a weird set that came at her and she took a nice swing. It wasn’t overly aggressive but it was into the blocker’s hands and watching it out of bounds.>>Eric: Five points away from taking this set and taking this match. Number five, Courtney Schenkelberg, the 5’11” senior outside hitter leads the team in aces. Tough angle to take on that. Going to the middle. Gets out of the way. That is your great relays champion for the shot put and discuss.>>Barbara: She takes the pass and she doesn’t care. She’s going to hit it and that’s exactly what brought Tipton to this match was their aggressive hitting.>>Eric: Block. Trying the other side. Out of bounds. It was close.>>Barbara: Maybe a little bit closer than what Coach Calonder would like. But she seemed to know it was out and it was.>>Eric: 20-15. Tipton putting a mini run together here. Trying to force a fifth set. Another long rally. No team willing to budge an inch. A tough play. That was set really tight to net. I thought the only way she’s going to hit it is if she runs into the net.>>Barbara: Hits it right into the bottom of the net.>>Eric: A run by Tipton makes it a four-point ball game. 20-16. Play to 25, win by two. Let’s listen inside the Tipton huddle with coach Amy Calonder.>>Again, you got to believe in yourself. You have to believe in yourself that you can go get this.>>We did this two days ago.>>We did do this two days ago. Let’s go. Do your job. Going Adams. Know where it’s going. Let’s go!>>Barbara: So, as they said, they did this two days ago. They know what it takes and every volleyball player in the world knows about comebacks.>>Eric: Kuemper knows it from last year when they were up 2-0 and ended up losing in five.>>Barbara: Everybody who has ever touched the volleyball knows it is possible.>>Eric: They are talking about two days ago in the quarterfinals when they were down and went on a 9-1 run to defeat New Hampton. Sommer Daniel has 22 kills right now.>>Barbara: Aimee Adams would like to be the last server of this match.>>Eric: See if she gets her wish. Blocked at the net! Down for the point. Three points away from your Class 3A championship.>>Barbara: And it looks like Kuemper is starting to feel it a little bit. But I think Tipton has maybe a little bit left in their tank. Kara Peter did a great job there reaching over. She’s way over the net putting that ball down.>>Eric: It’s in! Barely.>>Barbara: I’m not sure why Kuemper didn’t go for that. I don’t know if they thought it was outside the antenna or what the problem was, but they just kind of stopped.>>Eric: 22-17. Out of system and it’s not the play that they wanted. But because of some tough serving. Kofron. Thought that was going to be an ace.>>Barbara: That kid has a lot of grit.>>Eric: Out of bounds! Oh my! Here come the Tigers! Trailing just by three. How big is the serving in this run here, Barb?>>Barbara: It’s huge. [Laughter] >>Barbara: I would be so scared back there.>>Eric: How about an ace! What do you do? What in the world do you do?>>Barbara: Look at Kofron. She is stoned face. She doesn’t care. She’s won the relay. She is just going to put the ball over there and see what happens. I love it.>>Eric: You can have an impact on every part of the court. Let’s go inside the Kuemper Catholic huddle now.>>Make sure to be ready. Be ready. Let’s go. Right now.>>Right here!>>Barbara: Coach Stickrod says to be ready and he’s right. Because that serve is coming over tough and you’re never sure where the ball is going to go off the passer’s arm. So, be ready to run it down and send it back over.>>Eric: I don’t care if you’re ready. You still got to handle this thing.>>Barbara: Absolutely.>>Eric: I have a feeling she’s not going to hit it into the net. They finally got a good pass and then led to an easy kill.>>Barbara: Well, we will look at this again. Kara Peter who is a middle blocker, they had her go to the outside and take a swing which is not her normal position. But she is good at that too.>>Eric: Mallory Badding. We talked about what she means defensively to this back row. Serving, blocking, point. Match point for the Kuemper Catholic Knights. Backs squarely pressed against the wall are Tipton. They won the first set 25-19. But Kuemper Catholic has looked very good in sets two, three and four. 24-21. Adams has 22 kills on 58 attempts for Kuemper, hitting .310. Ten kills for Molak. Ten kills for Peter. And it is match point again for Kuemper Catholic. Service ace! I love sports.>>Barbara: I do too.>>Eric: You never know what’s going to happen next.>>Barbara: And you never know the size of the heart.>>Eric: Match point Kuemper Catholic. 3A match-up and they get it! It wasn’t easy, but they’ve got it. Ranked number one on day one of the season. They are number one on the last day of the season. You’re Class 3A champions, Kuemper Catholic Knights!>>Barbara: Well fought match by the Tipton Tigers. They really did a great job coming in here and fought hard. They’re generally undersized but they are scrappy and they played really well together as a team.>>Eric: Let’s look at that final match point. The last one that they needed to win the championship.>>Barbara: You’re going to set the player who helped get you here. One of the two go-to players that Kuemper has. Kara Peter taking care of the last point of the match. You got to think that would hurt.>>Eric: They don’t care. [Laughter] >>Eric: They just won the state championship.>>Barbara: They just got their pink T-shirts.>>Eric: Congratulations to Tipton. 39-4. Finished with the state runner-up trophy. Kuemper Catholic finishes as the champion. Let’s award to all-tournament team for Class 3A.>>Announcer: Presenting awards to the 2018 Class 3A all-tournament team is John, regional manager for the Iowa Farm Bureau. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2018 Class 3A all-tournament team. From Kuemper Catholic, Maci Overmohle. From Tipton, Amanda Smith. From Osage, Danielle Johnson. From Mount Vernon, Rory Light. From Kuemper Catholic, Kara Peter. From Kuemper Catholic, Aimee Adams. And to all-tournament team captain from Tipton, Sommer Daniel!>>Eric: I think I would agree with that all-tournament team. A great group of ladies. Heart, fight, determination, very well represented. Peter from Kuemper, Daniel and Smith, Johnson and Light.>>Barbara: It speaks volumes that Sommer Daniel got the captain after losing the championship match. She is an all-around player and she did amazing things at this tournament. Just couldn’t quite get over that last hump.>>Eric: We will award the championship and runner-up trophy now.>>Announcer: The Tipton Tigers and head coach Amy Calonder! And now your 2018 Class 3A champion coach Keith Stickrod and the Knights of Kuemper Catholic!>>Eric: Number one ranking all season. Barb, that’s not easy.>>Barbara: No. They proved it here today. Kuemper won that match. They went out and they took it.>>Eric: Last year reached the 3A semifinals. They were up 2-0. They win one more match and they’re playing on championship Friday. They couldn’t get it done. Waterloo, Columbus, wins the semifinal and the championship. That’s something that Kuemper Catholic has had to live with each and every day and they weren’t going to let it happen again this trip to Cedar Rapids and it didn’t.>>Barbara: They just erased it.>>Eric: Tipton a great season. Record-breaking year. They are your runner-ups at Class 3A. Well, we have handed out a number of trophies. The fun ain’t over yet. Stay tuned to Iowa Public Television for Class 2A and 1A championship. We will be back with plenty more exciting coverage live from downtown Cedar Rapids here only on Iowa Public Television. Funding for the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union Iowa Farm Bureau Girls State Volleyball Championships is provided by — The path to greatness starts early. The Iowa Farm Bureau believes in Iowa’s youth and their pursuit of greatness. That’s why we’re proud to be the title sponsor of the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union. Each student’s effort is important and when one rises we all rise to a better Iowa. Fareway, along with Nabisco, Frito Lay and Sara Lee is a proud sponsor of the Iowa Girls Sports Championships. We congratulate all the schools and student athletes participating in this year’s Girls High School State Volleyball Championships. Fareway, proud to care for the places we work and live. By Musco Lighting, the sports lighting specialists, providing lighting systems for you, your project and your community.

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