$340 Prada Baseball Hat Unboxing

– Okay, another unboxing video. You may be wondering… Where’s Jenny? Well, Jenny said basically
unless I’m buying her stuff, it is her things, she’s not gonna be in the camera. Whatever I’m buying for her is
gonna be her appearance fee. When there’s no appearance fee, so it’s only me. Cause this is what I
just bought for myself. A Prada item. Actually a Prada baseball hat. Now I don’t think you see me on camera wearing a baseball hat a lot. Usually, it’s… I wear a hat when I go out, When I want a little bit more privacy. When I don’t want to
be recognized as much. I find that I will put on a baseball hat, may be sunglasses, then people don’t come to me… Don’t come up to me and take
photo and stuff as much. Sometimes I wanna leave
it at that space as well. Because sometimes when
you are your video… Like my videos are seen by
millions and millions of people every single month… Yeah, you do get people… And I wanna be, you know, friendly and nice to
everybody else, right? Sometimes… But when I’m having dinner, or I’m having just a lunch, there are people come
over like two three times during that time, it’s… Sometimes it’s a bit too much. So, if I don’t want to to be recognized, I wear a little baseball hat. I’ll probably get different baseball hat. So, this item I just
bought a few days ago. Now, I want to talk a
little bit about Prada. And this signature Saffiano print. You notice, first of all, the bag itself; which you can see is the same texture, the very well-known Saffiano leather print on the bag itself. If you know anything about Prada, you know this is their… What they’re known for. Also, on the bag itself, you see a little pattern which is like an embossed pattern there, the packaging, and also since 1913. If you have a business, let’s say you have a family business. Let’s say you have a business
that’s got long history, you could think about how you can use that in your marketing
materials on your website. Hey, may be it’s since
certain amount of time, telling people you’ve been in business more than 20, 30, 40, 50 years. It’s a very powerful
psychological strategy, because hey, you know what, if you’ve been in business that long, hmm, you must be more credible. You must have some kind of track record. So if you have history, I highly recommend that you use it. Because most people, they do
like to buy from businesses that’ve been around a longer time. Especially if your business… Such as you’re in the business that’s like let’s say home security, or something, of course, fashion brand. Long long history. Also that represents quality, right? History, you’re buying a piece of that. So if you have that in your
business, use it everywhere. Now if you don’t have that, the second thing that you could do which I recommend all
my students to use is you use third party
testimonials or endorsements. Meaning stories, or testimonials
from your existing clients, from your existing customers who have done business with you, who have bought from you, who are happy. You wanna use that. And you wanna use that everywhere. You can use that on your website. You can use it in your social media. You want to use it even if
you have a physical location. I’ve seen even restaurants, they go in there, you see a big wall of happy people and you can see their little signature, their little photo on the wall. It shows people… Hey, you know what, a lot of happy customers who
we’ve had over the years. So that’s another way to do it. So let’s talk about the product itself. Now the box. It’s the same idea. So with the box itself,
it’s the same print. You can see, Saffiao print. I have a few Prada shoes myself. The Saffiano leather is awesome, because it’s a shoes… They are not easy to
scratch, very very simple, very easy to maintain. This is not… It’s not the same. The hat, you’ll see, is
a little bit different. But you can see the box. Very consistent. From the paper bag, to the box itself. Right? And they give you a pretty good big box. You look at this, you might
think it’s a pair of shoes. But actually, it is a hat. So also inside, you can
see the pattern, right? Very well. Very nicely done. You can see the pattern there. Same thing. Paper. Now, Prada could have just
given me a little plastic bag, stuff the baseball hat in
and then give it to me. But then again, that’s not luxury, right? A lot of time, when you’re spending 300
bucks on a baseball hat, it’s the all entire experience, right? So there you go. Da da That’s the hat itself, right there. So, the logo. I like it. It’s little bit hidden, it’s not too screaming at you like… Oh, I’m wearing a Prada. It’s little bit more hidden, almost plain. That’s kind of the way I
like this particular design. And there’re many many
many types of baseball hats speaking of which you can also
have a little something here. And you can see, all right? I could only wear this kinda shape myself. So I cannot wear baseball
hat that is like flat. Doesn’t work for me. I cannot wear baseball
hat that’s kinda like a hip hop style with the front part is
very very thick, very tall. Doesn’t look good on me either. So this is the only
shape that I could wear, which is you can slightly curve. All my hat looks like that. Every single one of my hat. Just different brand, different design, but it all looks like that. So.. You look at it, very simple hat. What’s the difference between
a $30 hat versus a $300 hat? Well, material, yes. Packaging, yes. The logo, yes. Material, yeah, but all of that… But a lot of that is brand. Understand the power of a
brand by having a brand, by having a logo. But not just logo, but having
that brand that people trust, people would buy. You can charge more money. And at the end of the day, brand… What’s it all about? Brand is about reputation. That’s what all it is. Brand is reputation. By having a strong reputation, in the market place, you could essentially offer
the same product and service, but you can charge more money. Doesn’t matter if you’re
a service provider, doesn’t matter if you’re
selling a product. But by having a good brand,
you could charge more money. And that’s why branding
shouldn’t be an after thought. It shouldn’t be… Well, I guess I have a
fancy logo, that’s branding. That’s not it. Brand is built by each one transaction, one customer at a time. Every single time you
have a happy customer, every single time you get
a little more exposure, it builds your brand equity. We call that a brand equity. Just one bit at a time. So you gotta think about in the beginning, may be as an entrepreneur,
you’re starting out. You’re selling a product and services, you’re just focused on sales. But very soon, you gotta
think about shifting from not just focused on getting sales, getting sales right now money, but you gotta also think about… Okay, what’s my… How am I building my brand? By longterm brand equity. So you have a short term sales, but also the long term brand equity. And that takes time. A lot of brand, you notice, it sometimes takes years. Years. Sometimes decades, to build a strong… And may be a personal brand. May be it’s company brand. But it takes time. And that’s why it’s such a valuable thing because no people know that brand is… Doesn’t… You don’t create a brand over night. It takes time to do that, that’s why. Now I know you are also asking
me to do some unboxing for… My watch. So, we’ll be making some of those videos. So make sure you stay tuned. Comment below, and subscribe. Hit the subscribe button and
turn on the notification. So we’ll be uploading some
new unbox videos very soon. And I’ll bring Jenny back. I gotta buy her some
stuff to bring her back. Until next time. I’ll see you in my next video.

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