300€ Free Giveaway (Blade & Rubber) in Table Tennis

Welcome back to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Do you want a
free table tennis blade and rubber? If yes, stay with me! We will do a give-away! 1 year ago, in summer 2016, I published my
first table tennis video. It took me only
10 minutes to make it because I think that no one will watch it. The quality is terrible. And then, there are many many of you have
encouraged me. Since then, our
channel has changed a lot. It’s so fun to communicate with you. I’ve learned a lot,
and the video quality is also improved with your helps. Our channel “EmRatThich” is considered one
of the most fun and concise channel in table tennis community. The supporters are from all over the world. So today, I’m proudly to announce with you
that: We achieve a great milestone. 20k fan! Yes! It’s not big, but neither small. We have our own voice in the table
tennis community! As my thank to you, I celebrate this event
with a 300Euro gift. You can choose any blade and rubber as you
like. I will explain it later in this video. And this give=away is free! Everyone can join and get the prize! So, how big we are? The biggest channel in table tennis is ITTF
channel with 200k fans. And then PingSkills with more than 100k. We are new! We have 20k fans. Compared to the Official channel of ITTF,
you can see that! We are very new in
table tennis! We started 1 year ago! While they started nearly 10 years ago. But if we compare with another famous channel,
you can see that, we are new but we grow up very fast! 🙂 We will catch up janus soon. Our channel versus ttlondon. We will catch up ttlondon very soon. Even his channel started 9 years before us. I still remember in my first videos, my English
is like a shit. But then you have helped
my pronunciation a lot. Your table tennis skills improve, and my English
goes up! Wow! Now I can’t stop making videos! It takes a lot of time but really fun! We have 91% Like! That means in 10 viewers, 9 will Like, and
1 will Dislike our videos. The most liked video is “Top 5 tips to improve
in table tennis”. The most commented video is “Table Tennis
Equipment”. For me, the most impressive message is this
one. And the most hateful comment is maybe this
one. I also won’t forget the support of the some
“Little Fox” who has offered me some coffee. These coffee do motivate me to finish the
video in the late night. I profit
these free time when the kids sleep to make the video. I have asked many table tennis brands: “I
have 20k fans. I want to have a sponsor. Can you offer my fans some rubbers? It’s also a chance to promote your brand”. I asked MisterPing, Cornilleau, Silver Equipment,
Wack Sport, Ping-Passion, etc. But I didn’t get their answer. You know, it’s very hard to get the sponsor
and convince people. But I really want to celebrate this event,
so I continue asking people. And, finally, at the last moment, we got a
sponsor! They are “tabletennis11”. They have accepted to sponsor our event with
total prize around 300Euros. Thank you, Tabletennis11. Thank you for your kindness, and
professional team. With total prize of 300 Euros, we will have
2 table tennis blades, and 5 table tennis rubbers. For each player, you can choose 1 blade, and
1 rubber from any manufacturer available on table tennis 11. This give-away is free. Everybody can join and take these prizes. We have 7 prizes, so you have a high chance
to win. 3 STEPS TO JOIN Next Sunday (16 July), we will make a draw
to determine the winner. The winner is
selected randomly by searching the shared videos. So you need to share this video
on Facebook or on Twitter. Second step: After sharing this video. You need to comment in this video
(YouTube) the name of one table tennis blade and one rubber that you want to get. This is also the prize that I will send you,
if you are selected as the winner. To choose your blade. Go to tabletenni11. Select any blade of any brand (Andro,
Darker, Stiga, Nittaku, …) (less than 100 Euros). Don’t choose the blade of 2k Euros. (I can’t manage to pay, lol). To choose your rubber. The same. Choose any rubber from any brand
(around 50Euro). And then type the name of the blade, and the
rubber in your comment on YouTube. You can also comment on this video on my Facebook
page. I communicate a lot
with you on my Facebook page (Facebook.com/EmRatThichVo). This step is not
necessary. But the aditional prize (one blade) is reserved
for Facebook comment. So if you join and comment on the video of
Facebook, you will get an aditional chance to get another table tennis blade. Just comment and wait for the draw next
Sunday! Easy! Next Sunday (16 July) at 14 pm European Time
(GMT+2), the winner-draw is made LIVE! 7 Prizes for 7 players! (2 blades and 5 rubbers). I know many Gaming Channels on YouTube have
made the “Fake Giveaway”. Like this one, he made fake give-away in all
of his videos. This is cheap! And I hate Fake Give-away. Don’t worry, our Give-away is not fake! This is the support from table tennis 11 staff. Thank you again for your support. I’m happy right now. Now just share and comment what you want to
get. See you next Sunday, EmRatThich.

100 thoughts on “300€ Free Giveaway (Blade & Rubber) in Table Tennis

  1. Thank you, everybody. To enter this contest:
    1) Share this video (let your friend know about this event)
    2) Type the blade and rubber that you want by commenting below: For example: Stiga Emerald + DHS Hurricane 3 Neo
    3) Comment on Facebook (facebook.com/EmRatThichVo) to increase your chance

    That's it. The draw for the winner will be made next Sunday (16 July).

  2. Hi I have been playing tables tennis from past 6 months. Rubbers and blades are very expensive here in India. I'm watching your videos everyday and has improved my game a lot.

    I would need a butter fly carbon ply blade and tenergy 05 rubber

  3. Wow, so great to see your growth! I'd like Stiga Infinity VPS V as the blade and DHS Hurricane 3 Neo if I win, keep making good content!

  4. DHS Fang Bo Carbon + DHS hurricane 3 neo. Thankyou sir for this giveaway and congrats for 20k subscribers I am your student from india.

  5. DHS Hurricane Long 5 + DHS Hurricane 3 Neo . Congrats coach for 20k subscriber your videos are really helpful to me . This gift help me alot to improve .

  6. greetings.
    I want darker hinoki 7p-2a 7t with stiga mantra soft.
    but in your judgement if you think I will have better control of sensitivity and speed, i will go with dhs hurricane.
    xei xei.

  7. Hello coach! I like your videos very much! You give a lot of high quality information which I was looking for. I am an amateur player, but I want to improve and play TT for as long as I can. If you give me a chance to win a blade or rubber, I will take it of course 🙂 Now I play on cheapest chinese rubber I could get. I wish you the best luck and I hope that your channel will grow very big 🙂
    My choice is:
    – (BLADE) Donic World Champion 89 Appelgren All+
    – (RUBBER) DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial (40 Degrees)

  8. Good day ERT!
    I have watched every single video you have posted!
    I cannot afford professional training, so you are my personal coach!
    Your videos are funny, informative and I appreciate the hours and hours of hard work you put in to show your passion for the sport!
    Please don't stop what you are doing! You are amazing!

    It would be life changing miracle if you would select me to win the prize.
    Blade: DHS Hurricane Long 5 (shakehand)
    Rubber: DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial 40degree (black FH)
    Rubber: DHS hurricane 8 Mid-Hard (red BH)

    Thank you so much! You are the best teacher

  9. This is a great step forward on the part of coach EmRatThick and tabletennis11.com. I like the very fundamental lessons that are shared by the coach. Such concepts should be explained first, every time when something is to be taught. I particularly like the following:
    1) How to Choose Best Setup in Table Tennis
    2) Table Tennis Footwork
    3) Shadow Practice Table Tennis
    4) Best Angle to Watch Table Tennis
    5) Table Tennis Exercises to Improve Footwork
    6) Third Ball Attack In Table Tennis | Chinese training
    7) table tennis timing | Perfect your stroke
    8) How to Spin Like a Pro: Table Tennis Techniques
    9) Secret of Table Tennis in China and Tacky Rubber. 

    These and other videos share the missing links (not generally shared) that are absolutely required for learning good table tennis. Thanks to coach for sharing his knowledge. I find that such sharing is rare. I worked for a couple of years and now I am pursuing higher studies, so I really cannot afford the time required to be spent and travel to some limited no. of places where people play table tennis. But coach EmRatThick gives me hope to be able to learn properly and apply things at my convenient time.

    If the giveaway turns out to be in my favor I would like to have STIGA Celero Wood blade (handle flared) and STIGA Calibra LT (2mm) Rubber.

  10. My choice is:
    – (BLADE) Donic World Champion 89 Appelgren All+
    – (RUBBER) DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial (40 Degrees)

  11. Hellooo. For my entry, I would prefer:
    Blade: Stiga Infinity VPS V Penhold (Lacquered)
    Rubber: Victas V > 01 Stiff 1.8mm

    Thanks for the opportunity ^o^

  12. Blade: DHS power g7 off+
    Rubber: DHS tinarc 5
    and thank u for this giveaway my coach! hope u will get more succesfull in your future.

  13. I would like dhs fang bo carbon blade ,Tenergy 64 sponge orange or dhs skyline 3 60mid-hard sponge orange( red) backhand
    ,hurricane 3 neo provincial 40 sponge blue (black) forehand ps:comgratulations for 20000fans.

  14. Hey emrathich GREAT CONGRATULATIONS FOR 20000FANS 🙂 For this GREAT evenement I would like (blade) :Ma long DHS W968 or HURRICANE LONG 3 (forehand Black)MA LONG DHS HURRICANE 3 Neo (sponge blue) and backhand red :tenergy 64 or DHS skyline 3-60 mid-hard (sponge orange) HAHA thank 🙂

  15. what an amazing job what you do, I really hope that your chanel will be the best table tennis chanel on Yooutube in the future. I hope to win the prize.. I never won anything in my life 🙁 haha

  16. Hi coach. This channel helps me a lot to learn more about table tennis. I really appreciate it. I am now planning to open a table tennis school for kids and teenagers in my home town, Subang District, West Java, Indonesia, and EmRatThich is great to be one of the sources we use for the learning process. I would love to get a blade: Xiom Zetro Quad, and a rubber: DHS Hurricane 3 National Edition 39'

  17. blade: Butterfly Viscaria Faire Blade.

    Rubber: black, DHS Neo Hurricane 3 National Version (Blue sponge). Red, Butterfly Tenergy 64

    Thanks so much for making this giveaway, i hope i win and keep doing videos they are really interesting.

  18. hi EmRatThich, congratulation for the 20k milestone.
    My choice is as below
    + Stiga Infinity VPS V (Master 85g)
    + Yasaka Rakza 7 (2.0mm red)

  19. Donic Waldner Senso Carbon (Flared handle) , BH Rubber: DHS Hurricane 8 Hard(red 2.15), FH Rubber:
    Tibhar Evolution MX-P(2.1-2.2 black)

  20. Blade: DHS Fang Bo Carbon shakehand (remember: below 100 euros)
    Rubber:Nittaku Hurricane Pro Black 2.0

    Regarding the blade, please contact me. I do have some questions regarding Chinese phylosophy on blades

  21. Hi coach ERT,
    I would like to win

    Rubber: DHS GOLDARC 8 47.5 deg

    I see u doing well?. I hope you can provide rubber or blade review after this. Looking forward to it.




  23. Hey coach! I'm really happy for this, I'm just starting to play table tennis but I love it, i I really got in love with it. I want to be successful and I'm working hard for obtaining it. Unfortunately a good rack is very expensive and I don't have the enough money to buy it. So I really appreciate what you do for us, I wish your channel continue growing and I'm waiting for more content. I'd be very glad if I could win this. I would like to get:
    DHS Hurricane Hao II Ch.pen, Joola Samba Tech. Thank you coach!

  24. Hi coach I've been watching you for a long time already and I have seen it evolved in this past years so great job

  25. Blade:Stiga Hybrid Wood NCT
    Rubber:Stiga Mantra H
    Thanks Coach you did a good job teaching me how to play table tennis and so do the other viewers that's why you should keep up the great work of teaching others how to be great at table tennis

  26. Hi coach ,
    actually I live in India and here I have played in state and national level matches and even without personal coaching because it is very costly and I can't afford to have personal coaching and good equipment and hence I am not able to perform to my fullest but because of you my table tennis skills have improved almost 30% so I want to thank you and I want to congratulate you for completing 20k subscribers and I am requesting you to make me get a free blade and rubber so that I can perform well in national level and I can get a chance of representing India and after that I will get free coaching . so it will be great if you give me a free blade and a rubber .
    blade :- hurricane long 5
    rubber :butterfly tenergy 64-FX for both FH and BH.
    please help me giving a that blade and rubber for free as it would help me a lot .
    and last but not the least you deserve more than 20k subscribers

  27. Coongratulations ERT, Soy de #Chile y te sigo todos los días, gracias por todo.
    I'm from #Chile and follow you every day. thaks a lot!!
    I'm penholder player, thanx for your videos. Please i need videos with short pips players (penholder)

    * Blade: TSP Black Balsa 7.0
    * Rubbers: Xiom Zava 1 & Nittaku Fastarc P-1

  28. Congrats Coach Emratthich Table Tennis Coach on your achievement~!!!
    My choice of equipment
    Blade :
    DHS Hurricane Long 5
    DHS Hurricane 3 NEO National (FH, Black)
    DHS Hurricane 3 NEO National (BH, Red)


  29. wow Emrat Thich: you are inspiring. I would like Tibhar Evolution FX-P rubber and Donic Persson Power Carbon Senso V1 with a flared handle

  30. ERT, this channel is amazing! I am not that good of a player yet but I love your videos and they have helped me improved a lot. I someday want to play at a higher level and compete. Keep up the good work and the quality videos. Thank you so much for this giveaway and good luck to the future.
    Stiga Hybrid Wood NTC+Stiga Mantra M

  31. Xiom Omega V Pro and Stiga Infinity VPS V please! Thank you and congratulations! Wishing your channel all the best and with many more videos to come!

  32. hi coach ERT…

    I am beginner here…. Initially, I play table tennis because of my friends (he ask me be the partner)… After a few months, i follow him, then addicted with table tennis… Right now, table tennis is my main activity at evening and night … I learns a lot of table tennis from my friends and videos… In my opinion, every single video you post is very useful for me… However, to develop my skill, l need appropriate equipment.. However, its expensive for me as a student…. Therefore, I hope i can win this giveaway…

    Following blade and rubber that i need (based on top reviewers)…

    Rubber – Rakza Yasaka 7 (soft)
    Blade – Stiga Hybrid Wood Nct

    TQVM EmRatThich Table Tennis Coach

  33. Congratulations Coach!! This is such a great achievement. Im big fan of you.
    I would like to have
    Blade: Eastfield Allwood
    Rubber: DHS Hurricane 3 Neo

    Thanks a lot for all videos!!

  34. blade: Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon + rubber (the black side): Donic Bluestorm z3

    thanks for this giveaway!

  35. hello coach emrat. I'm a german tabletennis player. I think that i havent a great chance to win something but i try it. I love your videos

  36. hello coach emrat. I'm a german tt player and love your videos. I think I havent a great chance to win something but i try it.

    dhs hurricane 8
    stiga infinity vps v

  37. I'd like a Stiga Carbonado 90 Flared Blade and DHS Tinarc 5 Mid Hard Rubber pls
    I hope I'm not too late

  38. I watch ypur channel since the first video and allways learnd new things, thank you Tich. Good luck!!!
    blade: stiga infinity vps v;
    rubber: tibhar evolution el-p;

  39. thanks for the giveaway.
    I would like:
    Xiom Zetro Quad Ch.pen
    DHS Neo H3 provincial Black Max 40
    Gewo Thunderball 2 Red 1.5mm

  40. You are truly setting a great example to transform and improve the game of table tennis. Keep up this enthusiasm and optimism. You can, when you believe you can!
    When I am chosen to receive the gifts, I would prefer to have the Stiga Rosewood XO blade and the Dr.Neubauer Killer Pro rubber.

  41. Congrats for passing the 20k subscriber! Thank you for sharing your wonderful video tutorials! Keep it coming! Stiga infinity vps v + dhs hurricane 3 provincial on forehand + Tibhar EL-S on the backhand. Thank you very much!

  42. I would like butterfly primorac carbon blade and omega v Europe rubber thx emrathich you have become one of the greatest youtubers

  43. Hi i am more kind of defensive player but i do attack sometimes. What type of racket should i use, any idea please ???

  44. Saya senang sekali menonton tehnik bermain tenish meja yang benar dari berbagai legenda tenis meja dunia saya masih amatir namun saya senang bermain tenish meja hampir setiap hari dan saya selalu on di yutube. karena bermain tenis meja banyak manfaatnya. saya usulkan agar diperbanyak lagi video2nya. dan jika memang ada free give saya mau coba untuk mendapatkan blade dari Jang JIKE SPER BUATAN BUTERFLAY DAN RUBERNYA DARI TENAGERGY TKS

  45. I am proud of TV chanel because help alot of many people for learn how to playing table tenish to teach the people around the world. I am very happy if you send me a new ruber like tinergy 80 and the blade

  46. i like this video and am very happy with your achievement but don't stop sending this video because many people will benefit from it give me anything from bottom of your heart.thank you very much

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