3 Tips to Lower Your Golf Scores – 9 Hole Goals ep 2

all right got another episode
nine hole goals coming at you this is gonna be a good one let’s hit it all right thanks for tuning in be sure
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that puts the pressure on me here we go let me tell you the goals okay so here is uh what you want to do
when you do it so i never want to do a goal that’s like
don’t do anything like don’t three putt no three putts
that’s not a good goal because now i’m like trying to not do something that’s
not what we want to do so i’m gonna do kind of the equivalent
but in a positive spin so one of my goals is
putts i need to have so i’m just going to write pots
i need seven pots out of the nine holes cannot be more than three feet short or
three feet long or three feet to the side they have to be within a three
foot circle seven of them okay because if you
goose it way by you run the risk of three putting i don’t really care about
three putting right now because i don’t want that
in my head but i want to make sure my first putt is
in that three foot circle seven out of the nine times okay
so that’s one goal also i still want to stay aggressive
and have aggressive goals where i’m attacking the golf course
so i’m going to have to get two birdies in these nine holes for me that’s pretty
good because if you have two per nine that’s four around that’s
that’s solid i mean that’s a good day so two
birdies out of nine holes is goal number two
that will force me to stay aggressive as i said and the final goal is this
and i do this occasionally now on the range when i was warming up i was like
hitting too big of draws so then i came up with this idea and it’s something i
used to do a lot of kind of went away from it i’m going to do it today
nine holes in these nine holes from my tee shots i have to hit
seven fades boss to seven out of nine times
because i want to get away from that draw let’s call it a fade day
so that’s goal number three seven out of nine
we’re at braemar country club in los angeles there’s two in this country
so i’m here and i’m practicing some uh social distancing today
it’s like a ghost town out here so i’m alone
i think there’s one other twosome on this whole golf course which has 27
holes so link in the description below if you
want to check this place out here we go number one we’re playing their u.s
open course say uh 280 yard par four a lot of danger though so let’s
give it a fade a fade drive let’s go pretty bad but it did fade so that’s good all right i got my fade goals for the
first two holes and my putting go for hole one that’s awesome
209 left to this par five four iron callaway apex pro i’m using all right got a slippery downhiller make it or uh it’s going it’s going away
here we go that would have went like 10 feet by but
uh sometimes you just gotta gotta do it let’s go
playing 160 par three i gotta fade it in there i’m gonna hit a seven
cut seven just on the left side good news is the ball faded
that’s all the good news there is bad news i lost my focus back there and
i didn’t achieve my putting goal although i only had 10 feet i just
you know because par’s not doesn’t matter
i just didn’t think and uh did not achieve an easy
putting goal it went like three feet one inch by the hole so
didn’t make it oh well uh just laying up this par 5. okay hold out the gopro it’s raining
we’re not stopping nine hole gold 102 54 to be wet let’s do it dude i almost can that thing all right i’ve got my two birdies so
that’s good still got more goals to get feeling good feeling good just kind of
be careful about the putting situation don’t lose your focus just cause things
are going well got to keep it together my best fate of the day today should have been how to play in
the rain video whatever uh this is totally a draw hole
i gotta fade it i hate it uh some things i like to do in
the rain uh get my rain glove i put it on i don’t
take it off um i usually have rain gear didn’t bring it
and i normally don’t shoot in the rain just makes life difficult plus i don’t
like to ride in a cart in the rain but i got all my camera gear and stuff so i’m
not walking i prefer to walk in the rain i don’t
mind playing in the rain i just prefer to walk
it’s easier and i typically don’t use an umbrella when it
rains it’s too much stuff to manage slippery one i thought that would break a little bit
all right so far i think i have six fades faded everyone
that’s good uh two birdies got that the only other
one i have i need to keep i did i got my putting here so i think i
just didn’t get it one time of the six holes i got five i think need
two more i’m not gonna lie that did not fade i kind of want to quit and just promote
a channel i can’t even feel my hand i’m not going
to do that i got one more fade to get that’s a fade all right well we just
can’t get this on the green and get out of here
that’s all we need our putts i’m on i got a long putt though all right i achieved my goals in eight
holes can’t even talk i’m freezing my hands are numb uh my clubs are wet
i’m soaking wet uh good thing i got those birdies before all the rain came
i can’t even talk be honest with you um anyways
the key is set goals make sure you can uh they’re achievable
push yourself stretch yourself don’t quit even in the
miserable witness keep it grinding out love you
guys thanks for watching we’re going to keep
cranking content for you i know times are
strange right now it’s all right hang tough
i love you we’re in this together don’t buy all the water see you next
time you

54 thoughts on “3 Tips to Lower Your Golf Scores – 9 Hole Goals ep 2

  1. Damn Man, What state you in ? I didn't think that it rained in southern California. Ain't that what the song says ??

  2. You use Callaway Apex Pro Irons??? I had thought that after your last review of the Ben Hogan PTx Pro Irons you would have switched????? Can you Do a compare review of these Callway Apex Pro vs the Hogan PTx Pro irons…PLEASE….

  3. Are you done with the podcasts? Haven't seen one in a while. Might be a good idea with all that is going on.

  4. In this flu and virus weather you need to take better care of yourself or else we will not be getting any more videos from you Bud…….Keep safe and Warm….

  5. Mr. Short Game love your videos but gonna give you a PSA with the COVID-19 virus. They say don't touch the flag stick. Just want to keep you healthy. May you hit nothing but fairways and greens.

  6. Oklahoma has gone to no touch golf. With raised cups. Putt the ball if it touch the cup at all. It counts as IN. go to the next hole. Good practice for time being. We were told that USGA came out with that new rule

  7. Yes Matt things getting desperate in Uk/Scotland. Certainly no buggies, no rakes, no touching pins. Pins left in and encouraged to give gimees. You are very fortunate where you live. Basically locked down in the house.

  8. We've got snow on the ground, again. I thought it was spring!!

    I don't know if our local course would be open if it wasn't snowy, it's owned by the YMCA and they are closed rite now.

  9. Love the videos and humor. However, this one encourages poor golf etiquette with the flag dropping onto the green. Some of us do not hit approach shots as close as others and do not enjoy putting through the flag stick indentations on every green. Please walk the flag to the fringe and put it down softly. This is a problem at most every course and has an easy solution. Please do a video on golf etiquette as a follow. Example, walking next to the hole, repairing your ball mark correctly and one other at a minimum on each green, raking bunkers and knocking the sand off the bottom prior to walking on the green, how to properly remove the ball from the cup (not by shoving your putterhead into the cup or ripping out the pin to remove the ball) etc..my favorite vidoe is the "don't be this guy", follow with etiquette in the same manner. It would be hilarious while getting the point across.

  10. Please stay safe. In Ohio they are telling us to leave the flagstick in to avoid possible contact with the virus

  11. Another good video. Love watching your stuff. I don't like using umbrellas either. You're right. Too much stuff to manage.

  12. In Germany they closed all the golf course due to the Corona virus. But it has got cold here again the last couple of days. Playing in a light rain is not too bad. Stay healthy Matt!!

  13. You need to clean up the sloppyness at the top of your backswing. Most notably with driver and longer clubs. Your basically just trying to get lucky with your timing with that messyness.

  14. Great, video Matt! Going to set some goals for every round this summer, and certainly not as tough as yours, I'm thinking like 3 pars this nine holes, make sure I'm putting for par on every hole, etc. Looking forward to Golf youtube March Madness challenge update tomorrow!!!

  15. thanks for a great 8 hole wish I was there! whoops !! I was, looking forward to our round !!!!! i'am a Fan

  16. You’re swing looks great. Keep the vids coming. Not liking the full bag of callaway though. They paying you? Get those Ben Hogan ptx pros and the titleist woods back in the bag bro. Stay safe

  17. One of the few golf courses still open in the next town is putting something in the cups so you cannot remove the flags. Also the ball only goes down maybe an inch so we did see lip outs. No rakes in bunkers, use your feet, no ball washers, only 1 per cart unless a family member, one 1 person at a time in the pro shop to check in. Also ranges are using codes and no tokens. No beverage person or water on course as well.

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