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Hello viewers , Welcome to nothing but cricket !! In this video am gonna say about how a batsman can get into form after being out of form for a while Even in the International levels players are chucked out of team when they loose their form and they are not able to find their place again.. so am going to about the remedies of these problems It is dominantly related with the mental strength.. so the recovery rate is completely depending on the mental strength of the individual so before going into the video please do subscribe and also press that bell symbol so that you can watch all my videos without missing.. lets go into the video 3 simple tricks if you follow those tricks, you can easily recover from bad form first one is gonna be… 1. Staying in the wickets you should be very stubborn to loose your wicket in the match when we are out of form we wont have confidence to score runs we wont go for shots.. we will avoid getting in strike so to overcome this we should master our defending method you have to keep in mind that you are not going to loose your wicket at all we should balance the team score and our score we have to play for the team as well as for our form sake we should not loose our wicket and also we should not put our team in trouble by spoiling runrate we should have balance between team performance and individual performance but the main motive is to stay in wickets.. we have to build our confidence through this grit. When you meet more number of balls , you will slowly regain your confidence.. this is the first trick Moving on to next one.. Always think of some successful performance of you in the past before sleep and after getting up just sit and think .. that I have done well in matches before.. I have performed well before Everyone greeted me when I done well before… Like this you have to trigger your past pleasant memories When we are confident and think about this It’ll lead to over confidence.. but when you are depressed this will help you .. If you maintain a dairy or vlog it will be useful.. or else you just have to call upon your pleasant past before getting into match by this way we should build the self confidence within ourselves So this is the second trick think about good moments and regain the confidence Now the last and final important trick is this trick has helped me in the past for many times focus on other departments rigorously.. give your full effort on fielding.. as a bowler am speaking I used to focus lot in my fielding and batting when I am low in confidence about bowling And contribute something to the team via other departments This might give some self confidence in your department.. even if you fail in batting put maximum effort in fielding and stand apart from the others definitely the confidence you get through fielding well will help you in batting All you need is a positive vibe.. that is the ultimate motive.. so if you follow this you can transform the confidence from other departments into runs these are the three important and simple tricks to get yourself into good form so easily you can start performing well after getting into form if you follow this But never the less your mental strength is really important because you can’t do anything without that so trust in yourselves and recover quickly.. All the best thanks for watching my video.. please do subscribe and also press that bell symbol so that you can watch all my videos immediately after getting posted.. thanks for watching !!

100 thoughts on “3 Simple Tricks to get into good batting form | Cricket Batting Tips | Nothing But Cricket

  1. Bro video is awesome, I've already used 1st and 3rd point by thinking own, still feeling happy that you helped me to know that I did right. Till which level you played bro?

  2. அண்ணா ஆன்லைன் ல எப்படி rubbur ball cricket bat choose பண்றது கொஞ்சம் சொல்லுங்க அண்ணா

  3. I don't know where you are in your carrier however, you know many things and you can be better coach then Ravi shastri

  4. Super but I want a very out of form I always a water giver only 7 down but I am a keeper . I am in form that time 3 down what please put hard hit video and power hit in off side ,leg side , straight please put video for me please bro


  6. அண்ணா கடைசி வரை ball la பார்ப்பது எப்படி சொல்லுங்க plz

  7. Thanks nanba…but 10 over match la eppide out agama.. defence panni ninu play panna mudium..? Run edithu than aganum

  8. Nan vándu street la dan cricket velaiyaduvadal pakathula yellam vedu dan only please sollithangal bro ganesh

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