3 Reasons Why the BRAND NEW Gray-Nicolls Atomic is Incredible – Cricket Bat Reviews

Stuart. Hamish. This is what we’ve been waiting for, mate. New stock from Gray-Nicolls. Have a look at it. It’s the Gray-Nicolls Atomic, and a magnificent bat as you can see, the grain on it is top notch. That doesn’t necessarily make a bat, but you can always guarantee that you’re getting a high quality stick when the grain looks like that. Stu, why would people buy this bat? Why is this gonna be the standout bat of the Australian summer? So, this is the Atomic 1000 model. I think probably the three key points for
this one are: the profile, the pickup, and its value. So, great profile. As you can see, the maximum size edge you can get. Flatter spine, but nice and full. So that obviously allows you to get as much wood into the bat without making it too heavy. Weight range from 2 lbs. 7 oz. to 2 lbs. 9 oz. but with that mid profile, very well-balanced bat. Gives you that nice, light pickup. Excellent value, under $500. All our bats are hand-selected at factory level by Gray-Nicolls. So this is definitely going to be a winner this season. Yeah, to me, it’s got a very thin handle — and you can always change that by throwing another grip — I’ve always been someone that’s preferred a thick grip. But, unbelievably, this picks up just amazing — Yeah, really, really light. — considering there’s so much willow there. The shape’s beautiful. We can see how much the shape of a cricket bat has changed over a 40- to 50-year period by looking at the old Gray-Nicolls that we have here. And that weight is about the same, amazingly. Have a look at this one here, the profiles there. And that’s basically how bats have evolved over the last 40 years. Let’s give it a bit of a ping and see what it’s like in the middle. Nice, low middle there, too. Yep. Which, you’re just getting that little bit of extra value with this. Beautiful! What you’d come to expect from Gray-Nicolls and a top-line bat — 100%. — from Gray-Nicolls. Really nice bat, that one. We’re coming to you, live as you can see, from the Kingsgrove Sports Centre Museum, one of the reasons why Kingsgrove Sports Centre is a destination store. So feel free to come and see us, our amazing range, and also the great museum that we have here.

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