In this video we’re gonna talk about the
three pitches that you need to be successful but first we gotta fly to New
Jersey let’s go so we made it to New Jersey and I’m here
with Justin and Robert and in this video we’re going to talk about the three
pitches that you need to get to the next level for your head coach Tony Hawk first of all I want to say thank you to
everybody that came out and supported in New Jersey man I felt so much love out
there you know for the team that was playing that said what’s up in between
innings I hope you guys came back in one so all the kids out there that came out
for the you triple sail American games and showcase what you got put it out
there all on the table left it out on the line I appreciate all you guys who
came for me the you go pro family it was great to see all you guys and take
pictures and I had a lot of fun meeting all you and hearing all your stories so
thank you very much but let’s talk about these three pictures actually it’s gonna
be a lot more than three pitches three types of pitches that I want to talk
about today one being the fastball to being a changeup and three being a
breaking ball we’re going to talk about different variations of those three
types of pitches as we go along so first of all we’re gonna talk about the
fastball because the fastball is obviously the most important that’s your
typical pitch right and I’m gonna talk about the four-seam the two-seam and the
sinker right in this part I’m not gonna touch too much on the four seam and the
two seam because most of you guys have a good understanding of how to throw that
you’ve probably thrown it before but well touch on it just a little bit maybe
you’ll learn something new I don’t know so for the four seam obviously you want
to grip the ball right here across the laces some guys like to have the
horseshoe on this side or some guys like to have the horseshoe on the other side
just play with it you might get a little extra cut or a little bit of arm side
movement depending on the side of the ball that you grip the ball just pay
attention on all of these pictures that we’re gonna talk about pay attention to
a couple of things the the grip pressure that you have like how deep you are in
your grip your thumb placement and obviously your finger placement your
grip on the ball but really pay attention to that because you can make
the same grip on the ball differently depending on you know how deep you are
how loose you are depending on where you’re gripping the ball and thumb
placement is huge when you’re throwing pitches right so
mess around with your thumb placement on different pictures to see what happens
to the ball when you grip it like that so obviously that’s your four seam to
seam right here across the laces some guys like to be you know on top of the
lace some guys like to be together whatever it is whatever feels
comfortable to you again thumb placement is pretty important when throwing any
type of pitch so play around with that and the depth or the grip pressure I
would say on how you’re holding that ball for the two seam all you’re really
trying to do is turn your hand in at release a little bit pronate a little
bit earlier and turn it in at release so then the ball is gonna move arm side
okay now the sinker the sinker is my favorite I know if you’ve been watching
my channel for any time you know that I’m a sinker ball guy and I believe that
sinker is what changed my career is what got me into pro baseball when I learned
the sinker I became a new pitcher and I think the sinker is a great pitch I’ve
made many videos on the sinker but I think anybody should try it everybody
should try it because it’s safe on your arm no matter how old you are
or if you got a young pitcher if you’re watching the video you’re gonna share it
with him no matter how old you are it’s a safe pitch in my opinion it’s safer
than the typical fastball because you’re pronating more basically for the sinker
all you’re do and by the way pronating just helps promote proper deceleration
so you’re actually taking more stress in your arm guys who get around the ball
release point those are the guys who usually have elbow issues sometimes
shoulder issues so if you’re good at pronating or pronation threw the ball
you’re gonna have less you have less of a chance of having those injuries so
it’s a fastball it’s a version of a fastball you’re not trying to throw it
slower I threw it at max effort I was able to throw a sinker at 96 miles an
hour at my fastest I used to go totally together with my fingers right here and
I’m on this lace you know I’ve got fat fingers so it looks like I’m I’m on both
laces but I’m trying to hook on my pointer finger right here boom middle
finger right next to it thumb underneath my pointer finger so I’m not on this
side of the ball I’m underneath here as far as grip pressure goes I’m pretty
deep right there’s not you know see a whole lot of space in between
there you know here’s some code to say hold it like an egg hold it real loose
that never worked for me I wanted to get a good grip I wasn’t choking it I wasn’t
like but but I did have a very firm grip on there okay and then all you want to
do is very similar to the two-seam so if you throw a two seam already you might
want to play around with a singer because it’s a very great pitch the only
difference in this to semen the sinker is the sinker you want to try to get
more downward movement the two-seam you’re typically getting more arm side
movement it’s really the same pitch you know you grip it the same way again
some guys will grip it here I gripped it together just like the two seem right
the only difference is you’re trying to get more on top of the ball so you get
that downward movement versus that side-to-side movement okay so when I
came over I was a little bit lower arm saw when I came over I would try to rip
right over top of the laces as I released the ball right here kind of
ripped over top of it and then on a good one what I would see sometimes is like
it almost looked like one lace spinning like when the ball was spinning
you would see like one diagonal lace spinning and when I got that spin on the
ball that’s when it just caught it went real late now that’s another thing you
want to work on when you’re trying to throw the singers downward movement but
also late downward movement right the later you can get that movement the
better because you want the hitter to make it seem like a fastball is like a
four flat four seams coming and then change the plane right you’re trying to
change the plane that’s why depth is in my opinion better than side to side
movement because if a batter is swinging on one plane and then the ball changes
planes it’s a lot harder for him to adjust mid swing and try to hit that
ball that’s why a lot of sinker ball guys get ground balls because it moves
planes and they the batter hits on top of the ball or they swing and miss when
I first started throwing this pitch I was surprised at how much guys would
swing and miss I would see them swing and there would be nowhere near the ball
and I was just like what like it was like a trick I almost felt like I was
cheating I was like wow this is crazy so once I saw that a couple times after
throwing it obviously became my pitch and I threw that pitch I learned in my
junior year of college at Auburn University and I struggled with accuracy
with it that year I’m also had an issue with my eye I don’t really talk about
too much on the channel but I couldn’t see I had it I scratched my cornea when
I was sleeping I couldn’t see out of it so my vision
was messed up I think that’s probably what played a big part in in why I was
bad with my accuracy my first year but my second year my senior year when I got
feeling better with my eye and everything else and I found the control
found the command found the consistency with the sinker I dominated I led the
nation in ER AI led the nation in holes I think I still have the record for hold
or excuse me um appearances in college baseball
I pretty much pitched every single game in the regular season and the playoffs I
think we I don’t know is something crazy I think this record still stands had all
kinds of set all kinds of records that year and I only threw a sinker I started
throwing a slider the last two weeks of the season because one of the scouts
came up to me and said hey we want to draft you but you only throw one pitch
how come you don’t throw you know another pitch I said well they can’t hit
my sinker he was like that’s a great point but how about you throw a slider
or something so that you know I can when we’re talking about drafting you we can
get you you know I can say hey he’s got a good slider to or whatever so I
started throwing a slider the last two weeks of the season and it ended up
being a great pitch for me actually it was I had the number one ranked slider
in the whole San Diego Padres organization that next year or two years
after that so it ended up being a great pitch for me which we’re going to talk
about the slider next but the sinker is just a great great pitch again I
recommend anyone to try it out because it could be such a useful tool and
helping you get batters out whether it would be with ground balls or has a
swing and miss pitch but it is a great great pitch to add to your pitching
arsenal with that being said let’s talk about change ups now we’ll get into the
slider in the breaking ball calorie category but the change-up is a very
important pitch because as a pitcher our whole job is to disrupt batters timing
and balance how do we disrupt their timing we throw fast pitches and we
throw slow pitches right so if we have a fastball and a slow ball or changeup
then we’re able to do our job right because if we get throw a fastball and
then change their speed mess up their timing change the speed of the pitch
mess up their timing they’re gonna be off timing hitting has a lot to do
with timing if you have good timing you’re gonna be a decent hitter right if
you don’t have good timing it’s very hard to hit the ball you could have the
prettiest swing in the world but if you don’t have good timing you can’t time
the pitches up good luck right as a pitcher
we’re trying to disrupt that timing right and if we have a changeup off of
our fastball especially if it looks deceptive if it looks like a fastball is
coming and then it is slower then we’re gonna you know that’s half of the job of
pitching that’s disrupting the timing right balance to disrupt balance we’ve
got to throw in we got to throw out we got to throw up we got to throw down
that’s how we disrupt balance right so now think about this you could throw a
fastball up and in and then a changeup low and away right
so now you’ve messed up the timing because you threw a fastball and then
the change-up but you also mess up their balance because you threw a fastball up
and in do you think that guy’s really gonna dig in that next pitch and be
ready to get that low an outside pitch heck no he you just almost hit him right
he’s like oh man I hope he doesn’t hit me again he’s not gonna be digging him
ready balanced under control to hit that low an outside pitch so that is why
that’s so important disrupting the balance right timing imbalance when you
could do that as a pitcher man you are gonna be successful so we need to change
up to that so one of the change-up set you can throw is a circle change up
right so I like to grip the ball right here on this lace with my middle finger
ring finger right here on this lace pinky comfortable pointer finger tucked
down a little bit comfortable thumb right underneath the middle finger you
can see I’ve got a little more space in here on this one so for me on the
change-up I was a little bit looser it was more fingertips like I could take my
thumb off and you can see it’s sitting in my fingers not in my palm right so
all I would want to do on this is make it very similar to my fastball so my
fastball was a sinker for the most part I did throw a four-seam I used to throw
a four-seam up and in to lefties early to get him off the plate just like we
talked about to mess up their their balance because I struggled with Lefty
so but for the most part I say I only threw the forcing maybe two percent of
the time three percent maybe of the time but the other percent of the time I was
throwing sinkers sliders later in my career I added a fork ball so when I
threw the change-up the circle change up and I didn’t throw it often in impro
ball at all I threw it a little bit in college but when I threw it I wanted to
make it look like my sinker so I wanted to come here and rip overtop of it just
the same the only difference was the grip and then I try to get over top a
little bit more off of the fingers that would take the speed off it would look
like my sinker and then be you know I’d try to get it to ten mile an hour 30
mile an hour difference but still look deceptive still look like the sinker was
coming so that’s the circle change up I did play around with the Vulcan changeup
and pro ball so the Vulcan is like a split finger except you’re splitting it
with your middle and your ring finger right here and then I would just try to
come through that ball sometimes I would pull it to the middle finger side
sometimes I’ll pull it to the ring finger side if I pulled it to the middle
finger side it would have a little wobble and an arm side down depth
movement down and down in the way movement if I pulled to the ring ring
finger a little bit I would have a little wobble and like a cut action
downward movement so you play with this I would turn it in over-exaggerated the
pronation sometimes and get a little bit of spin to it so this this was a good
changeup to me I use this for a year in professional baseball was it super
successful with it but definitely better than the circle change up for me the
circle changeup was just a hard pitch to grip and that’s another thing to take
into account when you’re when you’re messing around with different pictures
you’re not going to throw every single pitch that I’m telling you right now
right some guys are gonna get some pitches some guys are not gonna be able
to find the other pitches it’s all about feel play around with them mess around
with them see what feels good and then stick with one if you find one that’s
working and it feels like it’s good keep practicing it so then it became you know
then it can stick into your arsenal I went through many different pitches in
my career but I finished my professional career as a four-seam very rarely
through the 4cm except up and in the lefties sinker through it a lot
slider through it a lot and that fork ball through it every once at all so I
added in my career with those four pitches so just play around with it you
know every guy is different right every pitcher has different pitches so so
that’s the Vulcan the fork ball that I was throwing I would just split right
here and you could kind of classify this as a as a changeup because it’s changing
speed now I don’t recommend everybody throw this
but but you know for me late in my career as a professional baseball player
it was something that I needed to add in to help me get the lefties out because I
could dominate the righties when my sinker and slider I had troubles with
the lefties that’s why I got that four seam up and in and then this helped me
later in the in the count to strike them out as a swing and miss pitch so I would
just come straight through with this and try to get like a knuckle effect
sometimes you could pull down with the pointer finger pull down with the middle
finger and get different movement on it so play with that thumb thumb pressure
was very light sometimes I would even take the thumb off it’s a slip pitch so
you’re throwing it and it’s slipping out a lot of times it’ll knuckle all right
now let’s get to the breaking ball category so now you’ve got a fast pitch
and a slow pitch right now your slow pitch typically is gonna move you
typically want it to move down an arm side right for me that’s what I wanted
to do them I might change that pitch so when I was throwing my fork ball most of
the time I was trying to or the Vulcan I was trying to get it to go down an arm
side so I’ve got the fastball down alarm side I’ve got the fastball straight and
then I’ve got the change-up the Vulcan or the fork ball down and harm side as
well looking like the fastball that I throw most often which was my singer
because we want it to be deceptive right wanted to be deceptive and have depth
remember those two DS deceptiveness and depth so when you have that now if you
can add in another pitch that comes out of the same slot out of that same tunnel
right coming out of that same tunnel but now moves the opposite way so now you’ve
got the fastball fastball changeup and slider four for me will slide or we’ll
talk about a couple different pitches but you can’t got them coming out of the
same tunnel and then go in opposite ways now you’re becoming a lot tougher to hit
right because if you’re coming out of that same tunnel and it’s looking like
the same pitch is coming and now you have three different bare or four
different variables from there you become unpredictable to the hitter and
you can mess up their timing and balance and then you become a very successful
hitter they’re a pitcher scooping pictures the good hitters too if you
didn’t know pitchers are the best athletes on the field if you agree with
that give me a thumbs up if you disagree with that your problem
a position player go ahead and hit the thumbs down let’s see how many guys we
got watching this video right here thumbs up if you believe pitchers are
the best athletes on the field thumbs down if I am lying let me know alright
so for the breaking balls I threw a slider okay for my slider I
was right here middle finger up in the horseshoe okay
pointer finger right next to it thumb kind of slanted in line with that lace
and the middle finger okay pretty deep on the grip and I will come through and
I went through I actually threw technically it was more of a slurve you
can call them whatever you want it’s your pitch right but I threw technically
more of a slurve and I will kind of rip through on the angle that I wanted it to
break so again I’m trying to get more downward angle for me it was an exact
mirror pitch of my my sinker or my fork ball or changeup there excuse me my
Vulcan right so I just wanted it to go the opposite way so I would rip right on
that on that angle in which I wanted it to break okay now you could throw the
same pitch coming through fastball fastball fastball or turn it like a
doorknob at the end some guys have success with that I never did I threw
more of a slurve ball now another variation of the breaking ball is a
traditional curveball you could be a 12-6 guy you could be just a traditional
curve you can be a slurve guy like me again you could be that that that late
slider guy or that doorknob slider guy I wouldn’t put cutter in the in the
breaking ball category I put cutter in the fastball category because you’re
throwing it like a fastball and it’s cutting across right but still similar
and you can kind of go around the clock as far as that is concerned you know
twelve six then you got the traditional then you got the slur then you got the
slider and you got the doorknob slider and the cutter right so that’s the kind
of way I progress the breaking balls even though the cutter is not
technically a breaking ball but those are different breaking balls for me I
was always right here some guys hold the curveball on the other side of the
horseshoe right some guys do like a spike they’ll spike this finger and
throw the horseshoe even if it’s on the on the other side of the horseshoe will
spike this finger you know some guys are just one one finger
curveball guys you know is the grip really doesn’t matter a whole lot it’s a
matter of how you’re throwing that ball your wrist angle at release point and
how you’re getting through that ball to spin that you’re putting on through the
ball the grip can help you with that but more importantly it’s the the wrist
angle and the spin that you’re getting on the ball because you spin that you’re
getting on the ball is what’s gonna make it move the certain way right so that’s
the most important thing so I hope that helps if you got any questions about any
different pitches let me know just remember your whole job is the pitchers
to disrupt the batter’s timing and balance and if you have a couple
different pitches that you can control you’re gonna be able to do that
typically we need a fast one a slow one and then if you get to the point you
need one that’s gonna move the opposite way so those are those are some grips
that you can mess around with again mess around with them see what works for you
because not every pitch is gonna work for you some guys you know typically
guys who have a good arm side movement pitch or struggle with like a cutter
guys who have a great cutter typically struggle with like a singer so depending
on will you know what works for you naturally stick with that practice them
get better with them and add them to your pitching arsenal guys I hope you
guys liked this video please you know subscribe if you have
not subscribed because it got bunch more stuff coming and let me know in the
comments below what do you want to see next and I’ll make a video about it so
I’ll talk to you guys in the next video thank you so much and I’ll see you soon

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