3 Mechanics for Your Front Leg to Add Power and Bat Speed

Hey I’m Connor Powers from deadredhitting.com. In this video I’m going to talk to you about three things you
need to pay attention to with the front leg in your swing. Now I’m right-handed
so my front leg is it’s my left foot obviously here, so when I go to stride
and separate one of the things I can’t stress enough is to really just make
sure that you’re gonna be landing on the inside part of that foot. So whether if
you’ve let, whether you really focus on your a front foot down early
hitter and you land with your heel off the ground, or even if you land more
flat-footed whichever one works the best for you go with that, but extremely
important to make sure that you’re landing on the inside part of that foot.
Now a lot of you guys might be saying, hey you know this is something that’s
relatively Elementary, if you’re a parent if you’re a coach, check every single one
of your hitters I guarantee one of them is probably making this mistake where
they’re landing a little bit more on the middle part of their foot or even on the
outside part of that foot, and if you land on the middle part or even the
outside part it’s going to really hurt the efficiency of the swing, it can
contribute to casting bad dragon, many other things we don’t want in that swing.
OK, so first off really important to make sure landing on inside part of that
front foot, second is really to make sure that once we do land and we do plant
that heel we maintain, we basically stay on the inside part of
that front foot as we turn throughout the entire swing. I see plenty of players
who will do a good job landing on the inside part of that foot, but then as they go to
swing, now you’re watching this foot and I can always see it with their front
knee where their knee will start to go this way you can see how my front foot
is picking up off and round right here, alright and when that happens
again they’re gonna be falling backwards it’s gonna contribute to that bad drag
that cast and most importantly they’re losing tons of power just because
they’re not using their lower half the way that that needs to happen. OK,
which leads it leads me to my third point, which is gonna be really making
sure that we’re using the ground for leverage during this process with our
front leg. So again load strides separate, plant and now as you turn you stay on
the inside part of this front foot and you want to make sure that you’re
pushing that foot through the floor, not this way but almost up at like an angle
almost like a 45 it’s gonna feel like where you’re pushing your foot through
the ground this way, which will then help you rotate get that bad a plane and
deliver the barrel consistently to the zone with power. So those are three
things you need to check in your swing of your hitter, you need to check in your
sons or their daughters swing if you’re a parent, or in your hitter swings if
you’re a coach. OK, so three really important things, you’d be shocked at how
many hitters make this mistake or make one of three of these mistakes if not
all of them, and when you do make this adjustment and you do clean this part of
the swing up it definitely makes a more consistent swing that’s compact and has
more power. If you haven’t yet make sure you head over to deadredhitting.com,
there you’re gonna find a Free Bat Speed workout that’s going to show you
step-by-step how to increase your bat speed in that really simple 5-minute
video, and just a little background on me I ranked fourth in Mississippi State
behind Rafael Palmeiro and will Clark in home runs so bad speed was critical
to my success in my career, after I got done playing baseball I started doing
long drive in golf, you guys might see some of that stuff on the Golf Channel, but I set a club speed record of 156 miles an hour. So speeds my deal, nothing I enjoy
more than watching a round object, or feeling that round object just get
crushed off my bat or my golf club if you will. Again head over to deadredhitting.com, it’s completely free it’s really gonna help you out, make sure you go do that
right now.

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  1. Wow I guess Barry Bonds was doing it wrong, his front foot rolled on his heel pretty bad? As do alot of big leaguers. See Donaldson below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbktBWo6vg4

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