(2A) 2018 IGHSAU Iowa Farm Bureau Girls State Volleyball Championships

2A >>Funding for the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union Iowa Farm Bureau Girls State Volleyball Championships is provided by– >>The path to greatness starts early. The Iowa Farm Bureau believes in Iowa’s youth and their pursuit of greatness. That’s why we’re proud to be the title sponsor of the Iowa Girls High School You Athletic Union. Each student’s effort is important and when one rises we all rise to a better Iowa. >>Fareway, along with Nabisco, Frito Lay and Sara Lee is a proud sponsor of the Iowa Girls Sports Championships. We congratulate all the schools and student athletes participating in this year’s Girls High School State Volleyball Championships. Fareway, proud to care for the places we work and live. By Musco Lighting, the sports lighting specialists, providing lighting systems for you, your project and your community.>>It’s time state championship volleyball. Here in the US Cellular Center in downtown Cedar Rapids, it’s final for the class 2A state title game here on Iowa Public Television. As it’s a matchup of familiar foes. Western Christian will take on Unity Christian for the 2A title. Hi again, everyone, with Sandy Stewart, this is BJ Schaben. Sandy, interesting matchup, these two have played three times already in the season, with Western winning all three, my how have things changed for Unity down the stretch. >>Their outside track has been spot on. Western Christian rewriting the record books. >>For Unity Christian, this is their fifth straight trip to state. Well, Timmermans is a stud. >>Timmermans will carry them into the final stretch, playing for her mom who also played in the state tournament. A strong team, they have been here since 2000 and right for another title. >>For Western Christian, coming into the state tournament playing extremely well, they played in the championship game 16 of the last 17 games, won 10 championships. That Madison Hofman is a great player. >>A real outstanding attack, balanced approach. The 6’2″ player in Christian. >>With the information let’s listen in about the distinguished coach award.>>This award is given to an Iowa coach who has made a contribution toward school, community and coaching profession. Presenting is Jean Burger and Lisa Brinkmeyer. The winner is Diane Harms of Hartford. She began teaching and coaching in Charles City. She had the chance to have a runner-up finish before taking over the reigns in 2003. She’s added to their dynasty. And they’ve qualified for the championship the 12th consecutive year. She had her win this year, and she’s ranked in the top all-time. At her side for her matches has been her husband Lawrence an assistant coach for the Wolverines. Presenting the Golden Plaque of distinction, from Dike-New Hartford, Diane Harms.>>Since 1998, the Iowa Girls Athletic Union has honored the state’s greatest volleyball players with induction into the Iowa Hall of Fame. Tonight we honor the 20th class of inductees. We have the regional manager for the Iowa Farm Bureau the proud sponsor of the athletic union. We have DeLisa DeBolt. She started for 1982 to 1985 and led the Mustangs to the 1984 state tournament. She was the class 2A player of the year in 1985 when she averaged five kills per set for the Mustangs, twice named all-state. She went on to play volleyball at University of Nebraska and helped the Cornhuskers reach the championship match along with an elite eight appearance. Since graduation she’s become a registered nurse. She and her husband are moving to Hawaii next month, with plans on helping the community with regenerative medicine and stem cell treatment. Welcome to the High School Volleyball Hall of Fame, DeLisa DeBolt Rogers. Walking with her today is her granddaughter, Charlie Bell.>>Next up is Laura Rodham, an outstanding athlete, she went to Creighton University and played softball and volleyball for the Lady Jays. She’s stayed in the Omaha area. She’s been teaching for 35 years and working as an official at the Nebraska state track and field meet. She and her husband are parents to Nolan, Nathan Gretchen and Greta. Let’s welcome one of the pioneers of IGHSAU High School Volleyball Hall of Fame, Laura Rodham. Today’s final inductee went to Western Christian. Was twice named an all-tournament team selection. 17 kills, 17 digs, six service aces, named the captain of the 2004 all-tournament team. Three time all-state selection. She was named the class 2A player of the year. Went on to play college volleyball at Wayne State. And starter. She qualified for the division 2 and 2008 named the team captain and named the Wayne State player of the year. She attended medical school in Denver and completed her residency at Baylor University. She and her husband Scott reside in Akron, Ohio where she’s an Ob-Gyn doctor. Welcome back Western Christian Brittany Van Beek. Once again, presenting this year’s Hall of Fame volleyball class, DeLisa DeBolt of Debuque Hempstead, Laura Rodham of Dubuque Wahlert, and Western Christian’s, Brittany Van Beek. Congratulations to all.>>What a great group of hall-of-famers to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. >>This is an emotional night, I am choked up because they put a stamp on the sport of Iowa high school volleyball. They get recognition. Kudos to the athletic union for this honor. >>For today’s 2018 IGHSAU class 2A championship match. [Cheers] >>Fans, please welcome to the floor, the Wolfpack from Western Christian.>>Wolfpack, come marching back in, the second seed here in the tournament and coach Tammi Veerbeek has her team playing well as they’ve won 18 straight games. >>Please welcome the Unity Christian Knights. >>They with their coach, Patty Timmermans, beat top-seeded Backman Catholic in the semifinals to get here. >>It is time to introduce the players and coaches. This afternoon’s championship match. First, for the wolfpack. The nonstarters. Number 0, Makenna Kooima. Number 5, Kayla, Zevenbergen. Number 6, Emma Bousema. Number 8, Courtney Kollis. Number 9, Abby Postma. Number 11, Madison Vis. Number 13, Cassie Van Otterloo. And number 14, Hanna Kollis. The assistant coach is Mindy De Jager. And the staters, number 2, Olivia Granstra. Number 3, Tori Wynja. Number 4 Ally Postma. Number 7, Chandler Schemper. Number 10, Macay Van’t Hul. Number 12, Sienna Moss. And the libero is number 1, Madison Hofman. And the coach for the Wolfpack is Tammi Veerbeek. Let’s meet the Knights from Unity Christian. Beginning with the nonstarters. Number 2, Sofia Sandbulte. Number 4, Micah Byl. Number 5, Erica Feikema. Number 7, Shelby Riebeling. Number 8, Emma Byker. Number 14, Lucy Zylstra, number 15, Jenna Bouma. The assistant catches are Jana van Donge, Dennis Benson and Vanessa van Kempen. The starters for the Knights, number 3, Corrina Timmermans. Number 6, Erin Wieringa. Number 9, Danielle Kroeze. Number 10, Brooke Zevenbergen. Number 11, Jori Bronner. Number 13, Janie Schoonhoven. And the libero is number 18, Mali Krosschell. The head coach is Patty Timmermans. The officials are Vince Werkman, Marty Smith. Line judges are Jay Grassley and Megan Timmons. Let’s play championship volleyball!>>Well, here we go. Look at the keys to this one. First up for Unity Christian. >>One key to this match here is their offense runs through the outside attack. The passing has to be on. That is the number one thing. Passing against a tough offense. And serve from Western Christian. Second an efficient outside attack. Their offense has to run through Timmermans and Bronner on the outside. They’re the go-to, pick-up passing to run the outside attack efficiently. >>On the other side for Western Christian. >>Again, as I mentioned in the opening, they have no real big start. They have a balanced attack. They need to mix up the offense, all four of the strong hitters need to be on tonight. Also the outside block. Timmermans has been so dominant on the outside, they have to find a way to slow her down. Hopefully the outside blockers have a good night tonight for Western Christian for them to get that championship. >>The Wolfpack, wearing their black uniforms with maroon numbers trimmed in white. Western Christian in their baby blue with navy numbers, trimmed in white. They’re very familiar with one another. We mentioned throw matches this year, all won by Western Christian, but in the sets when you look at it circumstances it is more dominant for Western Christian as they have won six of the 7 sets they played against one another. They do it with balance, as you mentioned, sandy, it is tough to break that out. They had an unbelievable game in the semifinals beating top-seeded jettison Catholic. >>They were down in the regional finals and came back and won over Syracuse. They have been overcomers this year. Western Christian they’re not taking it for granted not too overconfident. They’re sister schools. They know each other. A lot of moms played on these teams and are former teammates. It is a family reunion. >>The head coaches, Veerbeek and Timmermans played with each other. >>In the day, in the early ’90s, Western Christian. Several of the moms played for Unity Christian and Western Christian. A rebirth of old teammates here. >>Earlier today, had the Golden Eagles winning another state championship. For Western Christian it has been an equally impressive run at the state tournament, now playing in the state championship game. 17 of 18 years in an opening ace.>>Right off the back, the number one key on this for Unity is passing.>>To Hofman, that is back, Bousema making herself known. >>The point will go to Unity. A big side out. Challenged it at the net with Wynja.>>Pushed it off the block with the point. >>The serve is –>>Played up by Zevenbergen. Back row attack.>>And what a kill on the outside for Western Christian. And Wynja will connect with it 3-1, Western Christian.>>Wynja is one of the 6’2″ setters. An all-around great player. >>Now to the fourth. That is deadly. We have seen that all tournament long. They’re able to come up with the blaster in the middle in Bronner. Got to get her going. With her height and power on the stroke. Got to be a factor today. >>One of the three-year starters her for Unity Christian, a lot of experience on the floor for both teams. Nice transition, defense to offense there.>>That will get over for Bousema. And Bousema will be serving here, started in the 2A title game. What a day so far here in Cedar Rapids.>>They are going to the outside for Unity Christian.>>And it is in the back. >>That sophomore is a hitter. A 6-foot middle hitter. A little tender and nice block to put it on the other side. >>Timmermans put it back down, Wieringa, serve.>>Beautiful pass. >>Each team trying to be crafty in the middle. Hofman, she’ll get it over. >>It is with Timmermans. >>Finding her lines. Will set it up. Oh, the trick. Erin Wieringa with the crafty move to tie it up. >>Beautiful. Another three-year starter for the Knights, jumps it over for the win. >>48 assists in the semifinals yesterday. >>Beautiful passing from Western Christian. >>Almost able to get the trifecta. >>So far, the tough serving from Unity is not affecting Western Christian. They’ve been spot-on, great passing. Kemper to direct traffic for the side out. Kooima.>>Free ball, see what they do with the offense here.>>Wieringa to the outside. The blast by Timmermans will get down. >>Timmermans 24 kills. Just really nice big arm swings. Catch it inside the block. Playing for her mom, coach Patty Timmermans that also played here in the state tournament opinion Kroeze on the serve, Unity Christian going for the first lead. >>Timmermans blocked that, but blocked out. >>Western Christian is up there, but they have to be strong in this tournament. It is a heavy, heavy ball. You can see they’re there, she’s used to it. Nice set by Wieringa, I think her touch on the ball, floats it perfect. >>Going on to play at Dorset.>>What a dig there by Hofman. >>You can see why she’s the number one offensive player in the state, leads the state in digs. >>Little something to be desired by Schemper’s opportunity. >>When you change your mind midstream, that usually ends up in an error. Tried to pull up there. Is this is blocked away. How about the shot by Granstra. >>Being a lefty helps her run the offense in the front row. A lot of multitasking for Western Christian. >>Free ball here for the Wolfpack. >>Going through that. >>A quick jump and it pays off. >>Defense is ready, they’re overaggressive, two people going for the ball, little mishandle. >>So far, Unity Christian is holding their own with a balanced attack for Western Christian.>>Side out for Unity Christian. Three ties. >>There is a ball coming up, setter takes the first hit, like OK who will get that one? They have to have someone step up and take that when the setter takes the first ball.>>That’s too strong. 9-7, Unity Christian. >>Nice attack by Schoonhoven. She’s one of the sophomores too at Unity Christian. >>That one in on the — hit the antenna. So it will be ruled out. Side out to the Woflpack.>>Coach giving encouragement there.>>Ace.>>They average 2.5 aces per shift. Passing is critical for Unity Christian. They have to get the pass outside play. Both teams with an outside attack. Great hit coverage.>>Dig out of the back by Timmermans. >>Nice spot, nice recovery. >>Wieringa to the middle. >>Hammered down for beautiful placement on the pass. Coming up for the kill is Jori Bronner. >>Nice adjustment during the rally, covering the Court with that last — Bronner with the power hit.>>That was Zevenbergen. With the dig. Wieringa to the outside. >>Nice try to keep them honest. Push it deep in the Court. >>This one, it will be ruled in. Side out.>>You need the final [indiscernible]. Third leading hitter on this team with 30 kills. Four hitters is almost 200 kills each. >>Five ties and a lead change here. [Cheers] >>And Unity Christian still holds the lead here at 11-10. >>Bronner one of the three-year leaders here at Unity Christian, she’s effective on the outside as well. Second leader hitter behind Timmermans for the Knights. >>How about the blast, libero coming up, Madison Hofman.>>Give me a chance to swing at the ball. Not too many opportunities. That was fantastic for Madison Hofman there.>>In the serve. >>That serve we talked about. Bronner has her shot blocked. Another lead change. What a battle we have got going. >>One of the keys is strong outside blocking. They had it that time. Nice reach and turn back into the Court. All right. Nice coverage here.>>A dig out by Wieringa. >>A double hit or mis-hit from the third attack there. A little indecision on what to do with the ball. Wieringa looking concerned. No time-outs yet for either team.>>The largest lead of the set for Western Christian. >>At sophomore, 6’3″, with the height, can really crank on the ball. Nice power. They are ready for it. >>Very close to holding on to that. Western Christian bailed out there. Good for young players to look at that. You don’t always watch the ball, take your eyes off to know where the opening is. That is what she did to put it in that position. >>The service error to Bronner. This is back to the three-point advantage for Western Christian.>>Another aggressive serving team, averages 2.5 service aces per set. >>Timmermans shot handled by Hofman. Hofman to the front to Wynja. They cash it in with Van’t Hul. >>A nice transition to the hitter’s game off the net. The 3-2. A little lower upon get to the block to get there.>>Side out on the service error. Unity Christian with some work to do here. >>And the 5-1 with the setter in the back to run more of an offense. With the three attackers up there. >>And they’ve got too hard to handle, Van’t Hul powered that through. >>Moss, upset a little high and early. She still got to powered over the net. Nice job by the sophomore, Moss. >>Timmermans, blast — she found her line. She likes that spot. >>She likes that spot. >>Hofman is doing a good job of digging it. She wasn’t in the lineup that time. She’s tough to dig. Kroeze will be in to serve.>>Great shot down the line by Schemper. >>That hole is number one, 73. Three hitters over 300. You can see the balanced attack coming into play. >>Timmermans takes some off of that, but it is covered as well.>>Nice bump set. >>Played over.>>Western Christian, their offense makes you scramble quite a bit. Not so much power, sandy, but a lot of creativeness. A time-out here to Unity Christian. >>Yeah, very strong in the fundamentals. They moved well when the Paul was on the other side. They’re getting off the net, getting in good position. >>So hear what head coach Tammi Veerbeek has to say. >>Everybody that can play will beat this team. Get touches, grab the balls, get around the block, dig like crazy. OK? We said if we win a championship, defense will win it! OK? Keep attacking them, let’s go N team, one, two, three, team.>>Her motto is grind it out, play with grit and play tough. They have a good lead here in the first set.>>19-14, the match, the largest lead it. Early going, quite a tussle. Six ties, two lead changes to this point. Again, Western, it is knotted up at 11 is really taking control of the set. A rotation by Timmermans. >>They brought her out of a different position. It was a quick attack to the middle. Very official. >>5’10” senior, ready to serve it up.>>That passing from Western Christian is beautiful, on the money.>>Opportunity here for Western Christian.>>Playing some good defense back there, too.>>As is Hofman. Which jump-starts the offense. Timmermans, now, over.>>Great coverage on both side.>>And a blast in the middle. Right out of Bronner. >>Nice job by Bronner there. Both teams doing great defensive transition to offense. Block was there, but not strong enough. Great power factor from Bronner for the kill.>>Wieringa did everything she could to get that over. Now Timmermans to the outside. That one just didn’t get in by Wynja. >>Quite a player. Running from the block row. Left-hand swing. The block is on the left side. She takes advantage of the line kill. That is in. The block did get in. >>That was kind of a telegraphed set and attack. You can see the run-up slide. The block is waiting for her. Nice to take the ball to the back attacker. Or the jump. They were ready for that one.>>Dug up by Timmermans.>>Graph by Hofman to let that go to the back row. >>Communication an issue here for Unity Christian.>>This is how their offense upon set is all behind the 10-foot line. >>Blocked out. The strong shot by Wynja. The longest set here, Unity Christian to burn the final time-out for the set. Go to their head coach Timmermans in the huddle. >>Send it out to Jamie, keep them guessing. Brook, you got to be ready too, too find a spot. If they’re covering over here, you have that side of the Court. Blockers, get up, penetrate, turn her in. >>The coach was saying the last play, it was a telegraphed middle attack. They knew it was coming. The setter has to be aware of that, make a better choice. It is like throwing in the coverage if you’re a quarterback. You want to make a better choice. To slow the momentum down from Western Christian.>>Western Christian has opened up the lead here to 6, their largest, Schemper will serve. >>Nice pass.>>And the block did get in! Oh, they’re tough on that side. >>We talked about the keys. The strong outside block. They’re doing it. The middle blocker is closing. They have to pocket their hitters. The hitters need to adjust, if they have a big block, kill it or roll over deep. >>Back row attack. And this block is deflected out. Zevenbergen. >>Almost there, but not square to the net. With your hands facing out. It will deflect out of bounds. You have to square up, turn in. Like their coach said. >>Set point.>>Great front coverage by Western Christian. >>And there it is, Western Christian will take the opening set. What a run, scoring the last five points. And also, this one was tied up at 11, outscoring Unity Christian 14-5, down the stretch. As the Wolfpack, strong at the net with their blockers, forcing the issue.>>Second set coming up here on IPTV. >>Experience world-renowned performances. Improve your life with lifestyle programming and discover entertainers that shape American culture. Join Iowa Public Television for Festival, November 17-18 and 20-24.>>Many are going extinct. Join IPTV in viewing and discussing this issue and learn how seed-keepers are protecting them. 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The passing is crossed led by Granstra and Wynja from Western Christian on the assists. They have all of them. >>They have a well-balanced team, they play a rotation with the libero and six-2 offense. It is a balanced, strong players, great ball handling skills, great forwards. Good all-around team at Western Christian.>>We’ll see what happens here in the second set. Timmermans off to a decent start, too, as well, if Unity Christian. Four kills on 18 attempts. But she also has nine digs.>>She’s been playing all around and get the kills in the last half. See if they can get momentum back here. >>Wide shot. Unity Christian starts out in front. >>That is a good sign when you lost the first set and come out with the first point under your belt and get started. >>We need to try to take a different angle on that attempt. This time, she goes back to her more natural fitting into the deep corner. Unity Christian unable to catch up to it. Tied at 1.>>Defense good there, couldn’t quite control that dig, get it up to the setters. >>5A championship earlier. Ankeny Centennial won and 4A to Wahlert. We have the 1A title game, coming up at the conclusion of this one.>>Perfect. They’re going to have to serve tougher. They’re running free balls all the time on the services. They’re going to have to serve much more aggressively. The perfect pass and quick attack to the middle. That is a nice handle by Timmermans.>>Wynja puts it up, the smash wide from Van’t Hul. >>Not typical of them, they’re usually off the net situation. Didn’t have time to get a full approach. You know, get up and get on top of the ball or you will hit it out. That is a little bit better serve there. >>Timmermans shot blocked, but it did get in. How about that by Van’t Hul. >>Unity Christian’s block coverage has not been the best. You can see they’re standing straight up. You have to be done and ready for that. Especially right behind the block. They have to improve the block, hitter coverage for Unity Christian. That is a tough one.>>And Western Christian takes the lead for the first time.>>Straight to the pass. Errant pass, hard to handle second attack there, second set. They get that pass going.>>There is Timmermans in the middle. She’s been tough to stop, when they rotate her around and she attacks straight on. >>Exactly. She’s got a big jump, good big approach. Really tough — even when they have a block, she’s powering through the block. Another beautiful pass. Now, the setter — I know you want to go for the ball. You have to be ready for the second ball. The back row attack. The back row defensive player has to be yelling. That is the communication part. They protect the ball so the setter is ready for the second one. >>And to go right. Timmermans, Wieringa and back to Timmermans. >>Wonderful. She is rewarded by the good pass and gets the set for the kill.>>Western Christian has been tough to score on when you’re on the outside. But in the middle, they have shown vulnerability. And service error here by Unity Christian. >>Tough one. Maybe a little out of breath. Working hard with the pass, set, kill. Unfortunate error there. >>Granstra. >>Another lefty. Some good core coverage on both sides there.>>And this will be a point for Unity Christian.>>Nice kill there by –>>Nobody is running away, yet, in this second set.>>Back and forth, back and forth here. That was Schoonhoven, the only starting sophomore on the team for Unity Christian. Double hit call. Again, that is — she’s wondering about that. It is a tough call, but I believe the player should have a mishandle on the third ball over. Lead change, second of the set. And the block will be out. And Western Christian will tie it. We have been tied at every point along the way.>>Exactly. Again, coach stressed that, the shoulders and hands turned into the Court. They’re there, they have to turn the shoulders and hands back into the Court. >>The obvious right now is for Unity Christian, have lost 7-8 sets they played against Western Christian. They need this one right now. A big hit there by Bronner. >>Yes, off the net. A quick jump and swing. Nice big corner shot away from the block. The pass from Hofman. >>That one just got in! >>It is a good way to burn the defense. Western Christian out of position there. And didn’t struggle to get deep in the Court. You see they left the end of the Court wide open. Just a mistake. As a defensive player you have to get back on the Court after the middle of the transition. >>And block back by Bronner.>>Things are rolling for Unity Christian the largest lead here in the championship match, 3.>>Oh!>>Just got out. Ashley. >>That was a close one. >>One of those looked like it was going out.>>You be the judge. >>Ooh. Can’t really see from that angle. No replay and no challenge in high school volleyball, like they do in college. Neither team getting in rhythm, needing time to transition and get into offense. >>What a hit. >>Wynja on the kill. Leading the team in kills right now. Again, when they have time for transition, Western Christian gets their hitters off the net, so they’re ready for the 6-2 offense attack.>>Now the officials conferring here.>>Not sure what that is about.>>They’re going to change their minds. >>They’re going to call a back row attack?>>Yeah. >>Correct call. >>She set her. >>[Indiscernible] >>But not to the hitter.>>Trying to understand this, too. >>The play before that –>>Take a look at this.>>The play before, how many points?>>I think he’s talking about the play before this. So they had the set, the front-row attacker. So I think the question was the play before. But maybe that is a high school rule? Can they go back a play and call it? Not sure. We’ll get clarification on that. The service error puts the score 11-9. I have a tough time remembering what happened yesterday. >>Not sure what that was all about. But anyway.>>The big shot, coming in from the outside by Timmermans.>>With a vengeance, nice big approach, in this approach, almost back, way back. Nice inside cut back. Really enjoy watching her play at the state tournament. Very fun. Forceful player to watch, Corrina Timmermans. It is deflected. Western Christian gets the point. >>Not a big hit, just enough to block. Smart hitter with Western Christian.>>Western Christian coming in at 41-5. Unity Christian at 32-6 on the season. And coming up with the point there. It is Timmermans again, 13-10. Timmermans now with eight kills. >>That was a tough set to handle. Her athletic ability she was able to get there, wipe off the block. Push off the block at that point. >>Back row attack by Madison Hofman, the libero. >>Amazing, little 5’8″ libero. She’s taken off behind the attack line and that is a couple that she’s got.>>With the system saying yeah, I can do that. Now serving Kooima. >>Nice pass, beautiful. That is going to be ruled long.>>That was a little off the net, even though she was out there, see where she was at. Trying to come in, keep that ball in front. So Western Christian is really sneaking up. Playing Timmermans for straight-down attack. If she can get that deep shot to work, she’s got open court.>>Give it to up Timmermans.>>Great defense. Their ball here. >>What will Western Christian do here? What a great point here. >>A great dig by Bronner. Going to see who will get it. Battle here. And Timmermans gets the handle. >>I tell you, that is a great, great point there. Both teams fighting for it. Unity Christian showing some real grit here with that long rally and point. >>Wieringa, fists it over to Schoonhoven. Long point here. And Bronner. >>They have Timmermans in the back, Bronner up to the front. A real strong player in the middle for them. Perfect connect from Wieringa with that quick set. >>Veerbeek wants a time-out. Unity Christian matching their largest lead here on the set, it is three, 15-12 here. Let’s go to the Unity Christian huddle and hear what coach Timmermans is talking about. >>You tell them a minute. I want — there is somebody I was going to talk to. Girls listen up. Come on in. Listen to Benson.>>A better approach and better job, you can get on top of it. Right now, you are a little under. Reach into the corner. I think you can get on top.>>Coach Timmermans turning it over to Dennis Benson, one of the long-time assistants at Unity Christian. Talking to the outside hitter, Schoonhoven. One of the key things for an offensive attack is the transition. Coaching there to get out to have a good approach. She’s a little slow getting out. With the coaching from the coach there, see if she will make the coaching work for her on her transition game. Keep it off the net.>>And an ace.>>Come to the top serving. As far as aces in class 2A, averaging two aces per set. Showing their serving game in this set, for sure.>>The change-up on the serve. It pays off.>>That setter had a hard time handling it. She’s a back row setter. Wynja is a back row player, can’t take it over. Had to do something with it to keep it in place. >>Western Christian has won five straight sets against Unity Christian. And this is the fourth match against one another this season. >>Nice recovery on the block. Schoonhoven outside, keeping the ball in front. Better play that, and it will be in. >>Unity Christian still gets the point.>>She gets there, and Schoonhoven got out there. They went to the big hitter in the middle. Bronner put it away. Kind of a kill that was successful, though.>>And an error. Big side out for Western Christian.>>It is tough. Little overaggressive on that one.>>And the block in the middle. Too much strength with Wieringa. >>Wieringa and Bronner up there, almost have the coverage, but Unity Christian with it tonight.>>Wynja, new serve. >>The aggressive serving coming into play. And Western Christian will burn another time-out here. Down by seven, they’re out of time-outs for the set.>>Right now, OK, let’s not forget who is ahead in this match. We’re up 1-0. This is volleyball, right now, we have to change that wave back to our side. It will take a big defensive play or big block or big kill to grab the momentum and get it back on our side. We’re standing watching the game a little bit right now. OK. We played so good defensively, we need to get back to the defense. Defense starts with the block, make a momentum play for the team, get this thing back. Let’s go. Team! >>So playing to get back to their game of aggressive play, playing timid. Making errors. Needs a big play. Volleyball is a game of momentum and runs. Even at the end of this second set, if they don’t win, they have to get momentum back. Right now, Unity Christian is all over it.>>Seven-point lead for Unity Christian.>>A good pass and set there for the side out here. >>A big dig out of the back by Timmermans. Opportunity here for Western Christian. And a block. Oh, handles. Perfect bailout. >>Good coverage by the Western Christian team. >>And good security there by Moss. >>Right. We were talking about with both of the teams having good blocking teams you have to really cover your hitters. That cover really paid off for Western Christian, they got the rally on the overpass. >>That was Granstra with that put-in. A good time out to slow the momentum a little bit here. >>This one down the line.>>Little bit of overrotation. Goes a little behind her. Bronner, you want to crank it, overrotated. The set was even farther out.>>Nice cover there by Hofman. Good control stop by Schoonhoven. That was a little slow on the communication of what set she was getting. >>And the block back, again by Moss, straight in the double. >>Little bit of bullet there on the block back to Schoonhoven. She tried to do a win there in the elbow. And at the arm, cannot have the ball roll up your arm. That is an error there. >>Western Christian has it, within 4. Make it 3. Here comes the Wolfpack. >>Tight pass. Hard one to handle. Time-out here by Timmermans to break this.>>We have had seven ties in this one. Three lead changes. And right now, Unity Christian is still up by three. They were up by 7 go to the Unity Christian huddle. >>Almost want to have her off a little bit, come here, but right now, putting her tight. Relax on the passes. We’re going to side out and pass the ball and take it two down. All right? Hitters make sure you are not jumping too tight to the net. You want to be here with the ball, come on top, bury it. Let’s go! Team! >>This is a fundamental point there as far as passing to the setter. They’re rolled too tight. Give her room to work with it. The hitters are jumping in too early. Got to wait and keep the ball in front to really get a full swing. >>On the hot serve on the point streak. Not this time, as it is an error, trying to hit the back line.>>Good point from Unity Christian to let that one go out.>>Schoonhoven will now serve. >>And broke the momentum without a service error. >>That one got in from Wynja. >>Unity Christian got a little confused on the play, overrotated thinking the ball was going to go down the line. >>Another service error. Unity Christian getting closer to taking the second set, tying it up in a set they needed to win. >>Oh!>>That’s an ace.>>Yeah, Western Christian is playing tentative. They’re usually spot-on with the service. They’ve had some trouble here in this set with the score.>>Hofman again, that one got in, three kills here in the set. >>When all fails, get to the libero in the back row. She’s one to keep an eye on. Good for her. Great spin on the ball to get it to drop. >>Did just make the date. >>The set way too tight. Good scramble.>>And a hard-earned point by Unity Christian, now we’re at set point. >>You have a great block out there. They didn’t telegraph, knew it was coming. Perfect, perfect reach over the net.>>And that one will float out. Western Christian needs a run her at serve. And Emma Bousema will come in to do that. >>You see the serving position. Position one is the right back position. She hit it perfectly. The coaches will try to see where they should serve. If they have a strategy or in the angle of the ball. Unity Christian is wanting four hits. I think there was a touch. >>Hofman with the dig. They’re going to Timmermans. And to the block, by Van’t Hul. >>A nice job of getting that back. That is the block. Really getting up and over. You have to work more of the line shot so when the block is there. >>Not over. Still at set point. And Unity Christian will get it.>>It is a kill. Nice way to mix it up there for the set point. >>Big set for Unity Christian. We’re tied at a set apiece in the last 2A state championship match, here on Iowa Public Television.>>Enjoy some of Broadway’s best music, Rodgers & Hammerstein music. And the fresh take on the true story of Maria and the Von Trapp family singers. Don’t miss the sound of music on great performances.>>Tune in to Iowa Public Television later tonight at 9:00.>>Music, drama, lifestyle, biography. Iowa Public Television Festival has it all. Join us November 17-18 and 24-28. Explore your community with member card as your guide. When you make a qualifying gift to this PBS station you receive our member card which entitles you to savings, restaurants, cultural attractions, wineries, sports, golfing, lodging in your area. Use the card a few times and it pays for itself. The member card app helps you explore all the benefits wherever you are. Learn more at IPTV.org or call 800-779-7000 and let the phone and savings begin. ♪ ♪ >>Do you Snapchat? So does IPTV. Add IPTV or snap our code. Get live peeks at products as they happen and exclusive behind the scenes content. Connect with all the social networks by going to IPTV.org/social.>>So we’re tied at a set apiece. 25-16 goes to Western Christian in the first, second to Unity Christian, 25-21. Look at the second set, Unity Christian was finally able to control the net.>>Starting with a really much better passing game in the second set. Able to get the ball to the big hitters on the outside. Timmermans with the middle attack, strong. Surveys, great blocking. Stepped up their game during the second set.>>A look at the statistics through the second set. The kill number is about even. The digs, and then the blocks. Western has been strong there. Three aces so far by Unity Christian. >>Right. A lot of points with Unity Christian, they hung in there and grit out the long rallies. They won the match. >>Wynja, the second set, a nonfactor. Only had two kills, no assists. Much different from what we saw in the first set where she had nine kill it is and seven assists. They go away from Wynja this time it is town by Bousema. >>She has 230 kills on the season coming in. One of the balanced attacks. Front row players there.>>Side out on the Knights. >>Coming in strong here. On that side.>>Going to miss it. >>Those are hard to get your hands up in time to react to those got to stay deeper. Especially on shorter player. They will take it deep. You have to get deep on the Court on defense. >>And here, we’re going to see a double hit. >>That is tough, you will start with tight, trying to get it over her shoulder, double hit.>>Bronner will now serve. And that one did hit the antenna, so ruled out. Unity Christian will get the point. They’ve got the first lead here in the third set. >>A good call there by the official, on top of things. The antenna and any extension of the antenna is out there.>>Unity Christian, owning it, Byl making the play. >>Bronner, the top of the second set, there, that is a result of the tough serve. She’s really nailing it. There it is. >>An ace.>>When you get that rhythm going, don’t change anything. It is like when you have that stretch, you keep the same rhythm. Beautiful toss, big jump, hard serve to receive. See if she can get a third one in a row here.>>And that one a little too strong.>>I jinxed her. >>Unity Christian it appears has completely relaxed. >>Definitely. >>They’re playing much more loose, passing better. Playing a little smarter. I think Wynja picked up her game, mixed up the offense more for her hitter.>>It is up there for Timmermans. >>Where can Western Christian get back on track here?>>The biggest thing for them is to get into the offense. Not passing the ball. They have been off balance here. Things like that, where they can’t get a pass up. And Unity Christian is passing, doing the transition, see if they can get into an offensive rhythm here.>>Nice scramble.>>Great set. >>And Timmermans is able to pound that. Outstanding in this match overall. Unity Christian is starting to win the long points. >>Exactly. They’re hanging in tough, not making mistakes. Letting Western Christian make mistakes. That was a beautiful set. From a really tight position. And we can see the hitter, give kudos after a set like that. >>Ends a long run. >>Oh, work all that hard to get a point and then service error. Darn! Coach Veerbeek encouraging her team. Ooh. And an ace for the wolf back. >>Both of the teams really strong serving teams. So they have to be bound in on service. No time out. You have to know who is passing it, want the ball. In the recovery. >>Timmermans blocks that. For the Wolfpack.>>That is what is talking about. We need a big play. Need moment up. We need a spark. And Unity Christian has been winning the long rallies and Western Christian got that one. >>Van’t Hul is the holding the spot right now.>>They’re going to be the ones blocking Timmermans. We talked about that as the key to block Timmermans. >>The service error. Western fighting back from a four-point deficit to tie it. >>May see a few more service errors that way. >>Here’s Kroeze.>>Nice pass. >>Unity Christian will keep it going at the net. >>Coming in a little too quick. That needs to be a little higher. Unless they’re going in quick. Miscommunication there. Tough pass. >>Unity Christian has a three-point run on a lead like that. >>Granstra, a six-2 hitter, it was an antenna hit on the attack.>>Unity Christian has taken full advantage in the middle. A time-out for coach Veerbeek. 11-7 Knights. Let’s go to the Western Christian huddle.>>Go up high, flying. Take that big swing. Involve everybody. Keep swinging. We’re fine. We’re passing well. Got to get the side out, battle back. Keep defending, let’s go. There is a lot of game in front of us yet. We’re not even in the halfway point to the whole match. Relax, call the game, smiles and communication. One, two, three, team! Let’s go. >>Some good comments there to get the team more relaxed. Little uptight. Made errors. Fly and sky. The outside attackers are tentative, not going in hard. She said fly and sky. She what they do on the outside. See if they respond to the coaching staff. She’s been here 20 years with the school. Going through their ninth straight championship. She knows what she’s talking about. Beautiful pass. Good coverage.>>Good transition, having a hard time with the full approach. See if they can get off the net and go swing. >>Lot of miscommunication with Western Christian. >>A nonset –>>Western Christian gets the side out after the time-out.>>Covering the Court well. >>This will be blocked out, Western Christian with the point. >>Much better attack for Schemper, nice attack there by Schemper, following coach’s instructions. Telling her to fly and sky and get a big swing and she did.>>And Western Christian able to get the hard-earned point. >>Schemper, one of the two three hitters, 230 kills on the year. Nice set by Wynja, the top hitter, going to her. >>Western Christian trying to stem the tide and tie this one up again. Seen long point runs by Poth of the teams. This one does — by both of the teams, this one does get in. >>This is the inside, the back row attack. Offset, roll shot. Going their way for Unity Christian this set.>>Wieringa to the middle. Bronner. Did not time that one perfectly. >>Wasn’t quite ready for that attack. I think it would have been a better option to go to the outside. Middle hitter wasn’t quite ready for that set. With communications, liberos have to talk to the setter, let them know where you are at, that you are ready.>>Good coverage there, from Unity Christian. Ooh. Tight set. Out.>>And that one did get in! We’re tied at 12.>>Both teams battling. Really nice to get that ball to drop.>>Now Schemper. Bronner, straight set from Wynja. Unity Christian still holds the lead. >>They have run that all tournament. It works well. They keep the ball off the net. Even around the triple block, was able to reach and get over the net, over the top of the block for the kill.>>This is starting to pay off. This is going to be ruled long. >>And to work on the deep part of the Court.>>Western has fought so hard to get back in after being down by four. Unity Christian goes on a big run. That will hit the antenna, it is a service error. >>Some of this is concentration. Especially in free throw. You have to really focus. A lot of it is mental when you are serving. That big approach and swing. They’re playing good defense. >>That one did get in.>>Again, following coach’s advice. Stay back, keep the ball in front, swing through. And success. Nice deep, kill shot.>>And it’s blocked out.>>They’re there again. Have to turn that block in. Really have to concentrate between the shoulders and hands back in the Court. Game three is so critical. It is like getting one over the hump. This is the big match that sometimes that third game really tells who is going to win the match. >>Timmermans shot. Back row attack. Pays off, again. Western Christian gets a little close and Unity Christian will start to pull away. >>Nice bump set. Timmermans ready in the back row, and now back up in the front court where she wants to do damage up there.>>And how about that.>>The six footer, the Wolfpack team. Beautiful swing, good connection there from the setter. >>Led the team yesterday with 12 kills in the semi’s against Sidney. And now a service error. Coach’s nightmare. Work hard for the point and get a service error. >>Controlling the middle with the big. The side advantage is helping. Right there, we see it.>>They’re really adjusting to Western Christian’s attack. Following that middle hitter to the outside a little bit. Then usually. Missed the coverage by Western Christian. The camp fire defense. Sitting around, watching it drop.>>Got to be aggressive. And a little too aggressive there for Timmermans. >>He thought she got it in. >>That set was a little low and tight. She was hoping to try and tool the block, hit it off the block. She missed it. >>The lead is two, doesn’t feel like two.>>Both are lulling themselves to sleep, not putting it away. Back and forth.>>Timmermans is going to be blocked. That is Moss.>>There we go! A little fired up there.>>Gives the Wolfpack energy. >>We talk about stealing the block. You know, when the spike comes hard, you have to be just as strong up there. That is what happened. A roof and a rebound for a blocked down point. Nice recovery. >>Timmermans with the task. Timmermans will keep it in. Wieringa with the back row. >>Nice scramble. >>It gets in! We’re tied! >>Ha-ha-ha. Ha-ha-ha. That was good ball control. The set was way outside and deep. She just controlled it. Beautiful left arm, left hand roll shot. >>Granstra able to put it down. The Wolfpack for the first lead since they led it 2-1. >>Schoonhoven a little early on the step. >>Timmermans able to power that through. Unity Christian still has the advantage. >>Really nice. Stopped the last half. Little hesitant. She thought I will do a nice drop shot. Beautiful touch on the ball.>>Kroeze’s serve.>>They have the nonsetter setting.>>And Timmermans block back by Moss.>>I tell you, Moss up there and Van’t Hul with the block. There is nobody behind for coverage. Again, just a last defensive coverage for Unity Christian. >>Unity Christian has led it two times boy as many as four. Western has battled back to tie it up on five separate occasions here in this set. >>Oh, that’s tight.>>Did not have the lead since 2-1 early on.>>Great use of the block here.>>A change in momentum. >>Timmermans taking a time-out for Unity Christian. 20-19, the Wolfpack. This is the [indiscernible] of the night for Unity Christian. >>We need to sit on the attack. The open spot is not here, it is to the right from the four spot. Especially to the outside. You need to get square on your sets. Passing, blockers, up and over, turn it in. You can’t face your hitter. Can’t face your hitter. Great job in the back row but stay low at all times. We could have had it, we reacted too late. Don’t go to the middle of the Court, it is not there. Team! >>Good practical pointers. The open spot is the four spot that is part of it. Wynja, see if they make an adjustment. They have to stay low until the ball hits the floor. Outside shoot by Schoonhoven handled by Western Christian. A double hit. The Wolfpack open up a two-point lead. What a turn of events. >>This third game is really critical part of the match here. You win with the championship and you want the third set to have the edge going into the fourth. Nice camera angle.>>And this one, Western is stealing it down. Unity Christian will need to rally the troops here. >>They’re standing up, not going for the ball. They’re just a little hesitant here. Quick time-out. >>Taken by Unity Christian, go to the Western Christian huddle. >>Like I said, we’re in a good rotation right now. Three of our best defenders in the back. One good blocker, going pen to pen with the hit. Stop them now, know where they’re coming up. Don’t get caught standing watching. Always talking, pace it out. Team! >>Head coach Tammi Veerbeek has her team in position to take this third set. She’s very superstitious. Last couple of years she’s had pumpkin pie prior to the state championship. Last year it didn’t work out. Coach Veerbeek going with the Heath pie and see if it will pay off. >>If it will pay off. Exactly. Always talking to the team to play with grit. They showed it in the third set. Timmermans oh, in the middle. >>This is what you can do with a good set. With the Wolfpack, they’re complacent and late on the block, boom! It’s down. She really connects, she connects.>>Going on to play at Dort college. I’m sure the play-by-play caller will enjoy watching her. >>She what they do with the three ball here. Good coverage. A nice try there. >>This got put down. The hammer by Western. >>Schemper has a good set. Had? Nice kills out there. Not quite able to reach it there for Timmermans. Critical part of the set here. Got to execute. >>Big point. >>Back there. >>Wieringa, on that side. >>Little hesitant. At least when it comes to the block.>>Unity Christian still in this one.>>To go to Bronner here. I haven’t seen a lot of back, right side slide attacks. That might take Western offside. She’s going in front.>>And we’re going to see a lift. Our double hit, I beg your pardon. >>Little bit of mis-hit there.>>Things tighten up even more. Time-out. Tammi Veerbeek will take the last time-out. 23-22. Let’s go to the Unity Christian huddle.>>Up and big. Slide the thumbs up to the ceiling. Get the hand over the net. OK? Keep it in the Court! Let’s go. >>Good tips there. Really needed to improve their blocks. One of the tips you give the I don’t think player, in blocking position, you make your hands as big as possible with the thumbs in the air. And push. Hopefully they can follow coach’s orders there and get a strong block on the attack. >>Here’s Brooke Zevenbergen again. Hofman out of the back row.>>She’s upswing. Good coverage.>>Bronner blasts that one through to tie it up at 23. >>Bronner has come through at critical times. I would keep going to her. The block is camping on her. So they can maybe try a back slide with her to get her in a more open position. >>Six ties.>>Beautiful serve. >>>>Another three ball. There we go. There it is.>>Handled by Western.>>Oh, they could not get it over. >>Little hesitant. Make it higher there. The nice idea. >>Tough when you have a set point here. >>Wolfpack for it. Madison Hofman, the 5’8″ junior. See if she can control it. >>She’s amazing back there. >>And Western Christian comes from four down twice to take the third set 25-23. What a set. What a finish between Western Christian and Unity Christian, the fourth set will be coming your way here in mere moments on Iowa Public Television.>>Experience world-renowned musical performances during Festival. Perry Como is a warm and welcome presence. Fleetwood Mac with some of the best performances in history. Enjoy 18 never before released performances from Peter, Paul and Mary. More, support Festival November 17-18 and 20-24. >>I’m Charity Nebbe, season of food is upon us. It is time to experiment with new flavors and share with family and friends. Catch us on social media with new recipes, and how-to videos and be sure to watch our weekly episodes to taste your way through the holidays. It is the season of food. 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Let’s see who — if Unity Christian can push it for this set. >>28 assists by Wieringa, 23 from Granstra. They have been going at it from the passing perspective. You see the kill numbers and digs, outstanding by Western Christian. 78. Which turned the tide after the lead from Unity Christian. >>The Unity Christian block made its presence. All around good play. Hanging in there. Playing hard, kept talking to each other. It was close set could have gone either way. One of those where you have a mis-set, mis-serve and every point counts. >>With Sandy Stewart I’m BJ Schaben, this is the class 2A game here at US Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids. Thank you for joining us statewide for the finals here today.>>You were talking about the block, I think Unity Christian has to mix up the attack. You can slide. Push that out to a three position. Do something different to throw off the blockers. >>Madison Hofman, mental low for Unity Christian, how do you turn it around against this team? You have had a tough time winning sets against. >>Knowing you were so close in the third one and taken one. You are not that far off. Little extra effort, one extra made serve and one extra made block. Focus on every point, executing every set.>>A double hit. 3-0, Western Christian, getting what they needed out of the gate here in the fourth set. >>All right. A good start. Unity Christian needs to turn the tide here. A good pass to get the offense going.>>Probably not the best set selection. Not quite ready. Late getting there. Hits the ball out of bounds. >>And now Bronner back to serve for Unity Christian.>>She’s got them going in the third set with an ace, serve, see if she can do it again. Great dig.>>And a block out. Western holding strong, Tori Wynja.>>Eight kills in the opening set, dominant, since then, very quiet. This one does get in for Western.>>Western Christian has to balance the attack. They have outside, middle, you never know what is going. It is keeping Unity Christian on their heels.>>Four-point lead, the block will get down. Timmermans with the hammer. >>They have to keep going with her. She’s carried them all wait here. 14, that is 15 kills here on the night. Trying to keep the ball to her. She will be the strong point and Bronner. Nice pass. Really good reactions from both teams in setting up that play. >>Block down. >>Much better coverage that time. >>Finding the opening, it is Van’t Hul. >>They covered the set well, attack well. Keep the ball up on your side. Option with the kill there with that hole. >>Bousema back to serve. A lot of underclassmen on the Western Christian team. >>Outside, it was a little too far, too high on the antenna. Boy, that was quick, 7-2. >>7-2. Western Christian with the lead on Unity Christian. See what the Knights are talking about. >>We have to know where we’re at on our lines when we’re covering and stuff, because I think we played — one was going out, the other was close. Not sure if it would have been out. Talk to each other. You have to let them know if it is in or out off the block. It could be an easy point. We need to use that block now. Right now the block is on one-third of the Court. They can stay there. We have to run more and split them up. Let’s go. Team! >>Couple of good points she’s making. As far as communication on balls in and out. Because they played a couple of balls after the coverage that were out. Also mixing up the attack from the right side of the Court. Setting too much of the strong set. They need to go quick middle, back slide. They’re jumping out right now. Ooh, tight pass. >>And a lot of points are easy points on this set. >>Unforced errors, tough passing. Missed calls for Unity Christian. That is what we want. That set.>>A great touch on the ball. Beautiful inside touch shot there for the kill. Wieringa trying to mix things up and spread the ball out for Unity Christian. >>Come back here inside to Granstra. >>That was a beautiful back set. She kind of almost let the other two know she would press up. Threw it behind. The block never got there. The beautiful back set there by Granstra. Western Christian can pass, seeing the effects of that here. Everybody can do it.>>Good transition here. >>Wieringa back here to the near side. Timmermans. Just a bubble. >>Those are so hard to get. Right in the net. We used to do net drills to dig those out of the net. Definitely an art to that. Nice kill by Timmermans, chasing the block. Ball control. >>The Wolfpack takes a 10-4 lead. >>Uncommon ball handling errors for Unity Christian. Get focused and they can bring up their game. Starts with a good pass here to Wieringa. >>Granstra serve. That will be ruled out. Western Christian is just rolling here in the fourth set. >>Schoonhoven trying to be aggressive, going down the line. Too much on the rotation. >>15 state titles, trying to win 16th is Western Christian. They’re on their way with a 12-4 lead. >>Bronner trying to slide. Got part of the block. Just too high. Maybe try it. Second ball over might take another position there. What a shot down the line by Schemper. >>They have so many players in the arsenal, they can go outside, middle, backside, well balanced attack. >>And time-out taken by the Knights here. Down by nine, 13-4, go to the Western Christian huddle. >>They have no more time-outs, we’re go in a good situation. Keep swinging. When they get a good kill, it is about us and the side out efficiency. We work on this every day, hours, hours, hours. If we side out and allow no runs we will be state champs in about 10 minutes. Let’s go. Team! One, two, three, team. >>She has it down to a team time. >>We do it every day in practice. Exactly. Side out and score. 10 minutes, we’ll be state champs. Side out efficiency. >>Coach Tammi Veerbeek was the Golden Plaque of distinction award winner last year. Of course, with over 860 wins. >>This year, passed the 800 mark. Quite an amazing run there at Western Christian. >>That one is in safe. Unity Christian can’t quite get to it. An ace. Thinking this is the first year in four years she hasn’t been coaching her daughter who is at Nebraska playing basketball at a Nebraska volleyball scholarship. Missing her daughter this year, but she’s probably watching from Nebraska somewhere. >>And the shot, put down by Schemper. >>It is tough time. Unity Christian has to find some composure to get back in the match, either from offhanded play. Western Christian really in control.>>On the 7-point run is Western. >>Nice try on the slide. They’re trying to mix things up.>>This is impressive what Western Christian is doing. Against a really good Unity Christian team. They block has to adjust to the outside. >>I think the straw might have been broken in the end of the third set. >>Yeah, yeah. >>And we’re seeing the effects of that as Unity Christian is able to use some grit and come up with a point here. >>I think the ball was wide and hit it into the antenna. The official over here called it out. They’re trying different things, not able to execute. Such a roll of momentum, hard to get it back when down like this. >>When they thought they had a point. Not going their way. Now they get one with the back row attempt from Timmermans. >>She was in no position. Just jumped — stop-jump attack. She wanted to block that herself, that one. Trying to get some momentum back to claw the way back in. >>Van’t Hul. This one will get in.>>Yeah. A people out position, lot of hesitation at Unity Christian. Just go to really bear down, fight hard. They’re out of time-outs so they can’t take any more time-outs.>>The block, the dig. >>Nice coverage. >>And Western will get the point on the list. >>It was a nice idea Erin had, to push it over, definitely a carry. Have to be nice and clean when you set the ball.>>Look at that hustle. >>Oh, what an opportunity, Western, keeping it alive. And that does get in. Got them all. >>Nice kill by Bronner. Nice set, still hanging in there. It is tough to play side out. Have to get a side out.>>And a service error. Now five points away. >>Little tough when you are down. >>Number one. >>Going for title number 16. 20 awarded to Dubuque Wahlert. And 2A and 4A a lot of history at the top. >>The crown jewels of Iowa Public Television — Iowa girls volleyball, Western Christian right up there. Tough overpass.>>And Wynja. >>Had a good match tonight. Only a junior. Will be back with Granstra and Van’t Hul, those three key players will be back next year.>>What a kill. >>They can’t — Postma. >>They have a lot of firepower coming back next year. Posting that big swing up there. >>The third set. The difference in this one is that hit goes long. And we were at championship point. >>Amazing. >>Yeah, Unity Christian just kind of fell apart in this fourth set, unfortunately. Give credit Wolfpack is doing great.>>The junior Hofman, not yet. >>Championship delayed, maybe not denied. See if Unity Christian can finish this in strong rally here. They’re a really good team.>>And that will be it. Western Christian your class 2A state champion. [Cheers] >>Always a nice handshake under the net. I’m sure the girls know each other. Their moms played volleyball together 20 years ago. >>And so the 16th state championship will be headed back to Western Christian. The Wolfpack getting it done here today, go four sets, outlast Unity Christian in the fourth set, 25-27. The difference maker is the third in which they outlasted the Knights 25-23. >>And for Unity Christian, the first time back in the finals since 2000. So they had a phenomenal run. The two coaches who are friends, shaking hands there. Western Christian is too many weapons that Unity Christian couldn’t handle tonight.>>And the bench oh, yeah. >>That’s great. Awesome. Fantastic team effort.>>Presenting awards are members of the Iowa girls high school athletic union and Board of Education Jim Beamer. Presenting the award is John Sanboothe, the regional director for Farm Bureau. The class 2A all-tournament team. Western Christian, Madison Hofman. From Unity Christian, Jori Bronner. From Beckland Catholic, Sydney Stephan. From Sidney, Kelsey hobby. From one utrition, Ally post — from Western Christian Ally Postma, and Macay Van’t Hul and the captain from Unity Christian, Corrina Timmermans.>>A great group there, for the all-tournament team. Hofman from Western Christian, Bronner from Unity Christian, Sydney Stefman from Backman and Postma, Van’t Hul and Timmermans. >>Great group of players. Had great tournaments. Western Christian, three on that team there. Fantastic showing. >>Always have the smiles, too. Think about how difficult that is. That is the picture that has to be posted for the all-tournament team. >>The class 2A runner-up, the Unity Christian Knights and head coach, Patty Timmermans. [Cheers]. >>And now for the 2018 class 2A champions, coach Tammi Veerbeek and the Wolfpack from Western Christian! [Cheers] >>The Western Christian Wolfpack, getting their 16th state volleyball championship congratulations to head coach Tammi Veerbeek and her team. Job well done. They had to earn it. They did today against Unity Christian. >>Yeah, in dramatic fashion there, played around a little bit the first three sets, put the mettle to it, and congratulations, fantastic final for Western Christian. >>Fly the flag if you are Western. You are getting it done here today. They win it in four sets as they douse Unity Christian, 25-16. 25-7, in the fourth. What a state volleyball tourn it has been. One more game, Holy Trinity, taking Janesville. I’m BJ Schaben with Sandy Stewart thank you for watching and the 1A championship is coming up next here on Iowa Public Television.>>Funding for the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union Iowa Farm Bureau Girls State Volleyball Championships is provided by– >>The path to greatness starts early. The Iowa Farm Bureau believes in Iowa’s youth and their pursuit of greatness. That’s why we’re proud to be the title sponsor of the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union. Each student’s effort is important and when one rises we all rise to a better Iowa. >>Fareway, along with Nabisco, Frito Lay and Sara Lee is a proud sponsor of the Iowa Girls Sports Championships. We congratulate all the schools and student athletes participating in this year’s Girls High School State Volleyball Championships. Fareway, proud to care for the places we work and live. By Musco Lighting, the sports lighting specialists, providing lighting systems for you, your project and your community.

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