33 thoughts on “$28 million LSU football locker room renovation spurs debate

  1. Psychologically they angled the lockers to create more space but it'll take away the camaraderie a locker room.

  2. Who gives a damn what Eric Reid thinks. Good for them. The revenue the team brings in is like 150 million a year, be mad at the faculty that disburses the money that leaves the library like that. Screw ppl that support kneeling for the anthem. Your opinion is forfeit

  3. Awesome millions of kids in usa starving in the streets but they get a 28 million dollar locker room great way to go LSU

  4. Hey I'm good with the upgrades. The kids don't get paid, so a little blink don't hurt nobody. Ask lsu how much they make per game during football season? Case closed. Lighten up. It's ok. NFL is worst than this and they get paid MILLION$. Congrats LSU showing Love to the PLAYERS????????????????????
    102 thousand plus, pretty nice take home????

  5. Who is behind these funds,we have so much corruption in this country,what was traded for this,morales,teaching socialism in the classroom, allowing behaviors on campus that shouldn't be there? Remember nothing is free ,there is always a hidden cost !

  6. Wake up America,this is not an innocent donation,there is always a tradeoff for money,look deep,we are in an age of America and her institutions being sold of to foreign investors ! Never put material gains over values and integrity !

  7. Whoever decided to decorate the locker room like that should have spent the money on something that will help education.

  8. Their building this while freshman suffer in the dorms. Shows how much this school cares about football.

  9. The ppl making sarcastic about not having $ to pay players, you realize LSU CAN’T pay them even if they wanted to.

  10. Bilas and Vitale crying like babies once more. Wahhhhhhh. ??????? They are scared of LSU Taking off in Football & Basketball and their Favorite Schools ( DUKE and KENTUCKY ) don't have anything like what LSU has. Total Jealousy.

  11. If LSU locker room looks that amazing I wonder what the best school in the SEC locker room look like!!!!!!

  12. It's funny how the team is mostly Black man out there running the ball for master so he can make all the money. But it's ok my Israelites this just goes to show other Nations that we are better than the other nations and that we are above all other and that we are a special people to the most high.

  13. ???Hey Sexy smart person who's scrolling through the Comments section. "Can I Be Your Naughty lil Cheerleader ?"?? Tonite.. I promise I'll play fair.????

  14. Under cover racism! 90% African American players, is the main reason your complaining. LSU football brought in $150 million in 2018 and over $300 million the last 3 years and they dont deserve a one time $28 million upgrade??? LSU football supports all the other athletic programs except baseball n basketball (all the other white majority programs except for women's basketball).

  15. U argue about Library upgrade (which is needed) that is estimated at around $4 million but nobody is complaining about the baseball facility $2 million upgrade???….must be because the team is majority white???

  16. The sad part is by next year this locker room is going to seem old and then LSU will be requesting funds for a new locker room. So my question is when will it stop?

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