100 thoughts on “#26 FREESTYLE FOOTBALL TUTORIAL – “The Spinning” be a champion with SEAN GARNIER

  1. The serie of tutorial will change soon, so tell me in the comment what do you want to see.
    Also dont forget to put a like.

  2. I did it all Séan…. See it in my twitter I send it to you @chachofreestyle… Hope you like it ⚽️ ??

  3. Sean in how many days an amateur can master crossover and spinning trick and for how many hours we have to practise both of this trick

  4. sean this friday plz teach us how to juggle a ball with a knee ( means knee bounce) …

    the one u have used in the video
    … rio ferdinand vs sean garnier .. plzzzz sean

  5. reviens a gaillard comme quand le cd comball est sortit tu avais signer un autographe a mon frere et il avait pleurer

  6. Sean do some video having trick shots in baskets or any other things I would love to see it the most insane trick shots

  7. Salut coach Séan (non je n'ai pas oublié l'accent) tu t'es trompé dans la traduction tu as mis il a 1 an alors qu'il a 11 ans

  8. Would you make a video of how to put pipes in a 1vs1 with your tricks? I struggle to understand when to do each trick

  9. I learn within 2 hours that time my age was 14
    Sean can u try in all five fingers and make a video including thumb

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