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Close…! Given!! there are no reviews and Bangladesh has won this second test match A famous victory in Dhaka to level the series Carlos Braithwaite!!! Remember the name history for the West Indies The great world of international cricket all the focus is here in Australia and on Adelaide where today the first Day Night test match gets underway Pink ball and excited cricketers and spectators – Massive crowd the way that the whole competition took of in that first summer, I think, really blew away everyone and really Exceeded everyone’s expectations There was just no kind of grammar for it there was just no way to put it into words.. Certainly been by far the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to write about Australia 2013-14, I don’t think any one player has had such an effect on an ashes series since Ian Botham His form in that Ashes series was as good as I’ve seen from a left arm quick Dhoni – Finishes off in style! A magnificent strike into the crowd India lift the world cup after 28 years! Time has flown by rather quickly but the memories that u’ve left with me will always be with me for ever and ever Especially – “Sachin! Sachin!” that will reverberate in my ears till I stop breathing Into the leg side, this is it! This is it..this is it!! Take a bow Ireland what a game of cricket! England cannot believe it, I cant believe it, the sane cant believe it Edge! ..has he got it? yes he has there it is, there’s the celebration take a look at this they’re going bazuka in the middle 800 it is for Muttaih Muralitharan This doesn’t look good I know and even – oh by a distance Oh It was not a small no ball and we haven’t seen that from him before! but it’s it is so sad David an 18 year old with that sorta talent and then for him to be getting involved in this I’m absolutely sure he didn’t go looking for anyone Someone has dragged him into this Helicopters were forced to airlift the Sri Lankan cricket team from the stadium @ eastern Pakistan following an attack on the team tour bus the assault happened early Tuesday when a dozen masked gunmen armed with rifles and rocket launchers attacked the team as they traveled to a test match in Pakistan The defining aspect of DRS story is India’s long-term resistance to it DRS has been..uh… One of the most divisive issues in cricket over the last 15 years And in some respects, I think still the debate isn’t entirely..umm.. resolved The first 100 of the Indian Premier League Gets it!! a 150 for Brendon Mccullum This will take some beating in this tournament and its been a magnificent innings by the Kiwi – 158* In the air..! Sreesanth takes it! India win! unbelievable scenes here at the Bullring Jeff Lawson cant believe it, the Pakistan players stunned! The Pakistan team are not coming out in protest against what they perceive as an Insult, they were accused effectively they say of cheating which is not what they’ve done they’re therefore making a protest if the batsman are out there and the umpires out there because Pakistan refused to play the umpires take the bails of and by the laws of the game have to award the match to England Ponting cannot believe this has happened to his team the South Africans at the Bullring today have saved the best one day int’l ever played! He’s hit it! and is caught! what a victory! England have pulled it off! …goes ballistic! Michael Kasprowicz cannot believe it! England have won by 2 runs what a test match! It was a brilliant and really exciting time for everyone because it’s the first game that we’re ever gonna play it was all new and then in the run up to the game big crowd! fielding in this really lovely warm day Rosebowl’s in great shape Well here come the Sussex Sharks on their way out for this first game of 20-20 oh!! he’s given him, he’s given him!! umpire Bansal’s given him that’s the end of the test match India have won India have won in dramatic style the whole of Bengal are on their feet well! what a victory! the third team in 1535 test matches to win a test after following on! I was not honest and I apologize unreservedly I have also decided to sever my connections with the game and I will not again play cricket at representative level. Fleming.. 3 balls remaining, Klusener on strike there it is..they go..! this will be out surely! Oahwh! its out, its gonna be run out ohhh! that’s it, SA are out! Donald didn’t run! I cannot believe it! Australia go into the world cup final Ridiculous running with 2 balls to go Gillespie.. Brian Lara has won the match for the west Indies West Indies team run on to the Oval and one of the great results in test match history has just been witnessed here and what a moment! Sri Lanka – World cricket champions It is a moment that they have been waiting for, for years Ever since they got test status this is the moment they have been waiting for. First ball in test cricket in England for Shane Warne and he’s done it He started of with the most beautiful delivery! Gatting has absolutely no idea what has happened to it! still doesn’t know It drifted..about 9 inches each way and it just clipped the top of the bail It was absolutely magnificent!

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