24/7 College Football (2019): Official Trailer | HBO

♪ (TENSE MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ -COACH: The work we’ve done!
Family on three. 1, 2, 3!
Stay humble and hungry! That’s our house. PLAYER 2: We don’t miss!
Repeat on 3! One, two, three… (PLAYERS CHANT) HERM EDWARDS:
When you’re a coach, I think the team takes on
your personality. Get out there! Don’t be afraid
of these guys, man. Our quest here is very simple. Put them in position to be better men when
they leave this institution. Bang, boom!
That’s the way to compete. Here we go! DAN MULLEN:
Florida football is about being the absolute best
you can be. Being a champion’s not
a sometimes thing, it’s a way of life. We had our best practice
of the week. If you’re the best you can be
today, you can find a way to be
a little bit better tomorrow. JAMES FRANKLIN: Are you willing
to sacrifice things that the common man
won’t sacrifice to be special? Great week of preparation,
no doubt about it. Preparation is a huge deal. Saturdays, it’s too late
to be nervous. MIKE LEACH: Everything we do
around here is competitive. If you don’t know where to go,
you make sure you ask. We have a sign in all
of the offices and it says, “You’re either coaching it,
or allowing it to happen.” Mine’s five times bigger
than everybody else’s, so I don’t forget it. Here we go, scramble drill. Play the ball, play the ball.
(SIGHS) Pick up, let’s go,
pick up the tempo, let’s go. Let’s go play the football game,
everybody got me? ♪ (MUSIC CONCLUDES) ♪

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