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Welcome to autotester.de
– your car tester of trust Today we are secretly in Munich
a studio and next to me is a model that you may know that already
on the iaa in frankfurt this year The eighth have expected that
generation of golf yes and I am one I have to say a little bit nervously
Why, well, my mother had one my grandma had a sister there
one as a convertible and that’s it most successful car in europe 35
The golf is built millions of times and I have the honor for you today
maybe shortly we have a different look and feel
new infotainment in we have new ones electrified partial motors here
So what are we going to do? look at us outside
we put ourselves in the forefront of this concern infotainment backseat trunk
I’ll give you the engines exactly to explain a diagram we will just
do everything including the classification in his competitive market launch over
Price talk a little bit about this car what in my opinion belongs to it
We are allowed to drive except for driving not yet if the boxer at all
Stay tuned for the way over see my wolfsburger washboard belly
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At best everything will not be your girlfriend is it going on with me now I’m the am
prologue and the new golf eight have fun the review I stand in the profile of
our golf 8 and that for me the opportunity to explain where to come
the golf her where the wolfsburger wants and how can you do it in his
to enter the competitive field yes and now I’ll just start with my
vw’s favorite commercial can almost but by heart again
written down only when a car has one era has shaped when it comes to one
Lifestyle became a whole generation gave her name
only when a car is not just big but bigger if it has a whole
family is a home and everyone if he lets his innovations participate
it does not settle for a record and ways allows the new
Technologies only create when a car Tomorrow, then, thinks then tomorrow
is that my car why i tell you that you could say completely now
pathetic advertising of volkswagen but this car is in here right now
eighth generation 5 40 years and that has 35 million
sold to the platform that gets up the mqb platform from polo to passat
tiguan is almost everything here on it is now newly developed yes
and of course there is the golf now look for the motors we have
we get a lot of drive have plug-in hybrids we have 48 volts
On-board network with milk hybridization Partly I will come later what I am
you can say is well the golf of has invented a whole class namely
the golf class and that’s why it is ok to make such a publicity even if
she is very funny why is that so
Of course there is the lonely one like that audi a3 we have a hyundai i30
ford focus has every manufacturer meanwhile something in the segment
interesting is here so there are the tiguan is now selling
almost as good as the golf yeah and what Let’s do it today
deal with it as ours Golf has changed eight compared to
seventh generation the 2012 on the market came
yes and that’s why we look Now let’s talk about rom before we
then go in because the engines are talking and conclusion make a lot of fun talking
we talk about the design of our golf 8 and you know cars and a golf
they sell mainly over the design i think it’s a round one
he is nice to buy golf though at the same time not too noticeable too
pretentious and what have the wolfsburger really great that even at the
golf 8 continues to stand here there in the trim level style
so there are golf life & style highest preliminary to the airline and it
here in lemons yellow and depending on degree of maturity, the people here already say
it looks a bit light then each different I am here for you now
to explain the optics exactly and what first falls on her
the logo clearly changed completely not three-dimensional anymore
two-dimensional I see light but did not differentiate such a big one
than that i will say this The woman neither in the huge investment
has taken a hand and is worthwhile take a look at the front and here
black then disconnect logo with the lights
with chrome in the middle that fits already very good and here I bow
let’s down to you, we have the highest the three light version namely the ait
july with great day diligent nature stands still you in there outside always synonymous
there are two elements here already really nice light that it is so
what like what audi matrix led light So we call the highest variation
still have a rigid led light that always series led and we still have one
easily flexible led light and that if I understood it correctly and so
Now let’s take a look here Below with an element that you
maybe new and that is really nice we have here in
car paint such team die come out and a chrome clasp down
I can not say anything to airline yet which will be another short here in front
but get that very nice and if you look down here then
Air intakes here are very reduced very clear to me down again one
lip just in car paint what nice here it says golf yes then
we have a nice look up here shaped bonnet and what i want me
tell you from the front is this car reduced and simply chic and if
you ask me a real designer piece but of course I have with me
entertain the designer of the car and they explained what they did to me
thought what they did first Let’s make this whole element here
below yes and at the same time we have the biggest
change in the car what i think of the in comparison to the golf 7 hardly
changed yes here in the profile first style stands on it 18-inch gloss
turned two colored were always 17-inch standard 18-inch model
are optional depending on the equipment variant and if
one looks now we have one here shoulder straps i just go here
deal with the image of cameraman and this line is in comparison to
predecessor golf just a piece down slipped
that then ensures that we are here This car is a miracle that one more
have rounder design because this line can be found here in the front of the lamp
go around here once and then end here in the back of the light
and if we look at it now profile with this shadow knew here
down with this black window Outline down below a chrome line
then it is very bad very much restrained that cars always one
by the way, we have the five-door here panorama roof on it is not only great
inside as bright but is too nice black which I am not so good
like this is the fin above this was also black and beautifully designed by
always here style I have you So no fucking told yes and now
Let’s take a look with the rear of this car and what
falls first to the monster america taillights with led the flow here so
have a bit of a great outing Signature must honestly say that is
Not that I would definitely also want to wipe the blinker
what nice behind darkened slightly roof edge spoiler on it but everything
reserved here is golf in it big letters as well as vw that too
in the other models makes the new logo how it works immediately of course
but now I want and have to bend down a bit first
you see that all this light element here is a kind of cube shape that
So it’s just a clear design have here indicated exhaust tailpipes
but nothing comes out of vw here no gassing me here is a big one
span now I get up again and talk about a trunk I
Just go for it now Of course, golfing is special
important, there is still the body variant as a combination
here is further 380 liters and above all When golf is important how much pasta
purely because this car must be synonymous one to give a trunk to the whole generation
and take things with you we have space for a spare tire here
otherwise it is relative here at the back simply 380 liters I’ll do it again
if I am generally of the design of then wants to speak new wolfach then it is
so that’s an evolution of this cars much nicer clearly rounder
as the predecessor Chic at the same time reserved and
that’s exactly what I want a golf from what we do now is on the
back seat and then jump forward what are we talking about the
back bank I am a pro here because I’m already pretty much involuntary
many disco home trips here behind spent in other golf models
of course when getting in is me the door handles attract attention
lit and interested Of course, the thick guy has come from behind
place put me straight am with 88 big and have two hand widths between
me and the roof of the golf 8 and that is big and if you just go
talk about what vw does well then it is of course a quality standard
it’s at least as big in here like me he is much taller
Look at this sitting here with the nice soft leather with the fabric here
this combination is good and me I also continue on the new one here
I have a lot of space have optionally two usb down here
plug I have a seat heater here in the back have a little digital
instrument where I make heat and cold Can we have nice fabric here in front
I can continue my arm here also hang up well here too
An armrest in the middle with exactly thereby rich for the ski has also there
vw thought about this kids can somehow cola mug i pinch
have head restraints on the back very nicely processed everything and then yes
then you can not wolfsburgern to accuse innovation carriers for the
have come up with something really brutal let up here quite suitable for the
new time here here we have one smartphone or an ipad or whatever
always fold and down here we can maybe make something again then maybe
still magazines if that really someone else reads in here otherwise
I do not like it that much here now a bright sky many
like bright sky because black always so press a bit out of their
I do not think I would have liked it I like black because of design
Here we have the glass roof in front in there but what we now of course times
not only want to do it with us employed at the back
then sometimes with the interior front and the infotainment we do
Now we talk about the interior what I want to show you first is
the key is watching this one send keys to the power
Volkswagen really well I complain the key always a bit
look shabby and cheap too expensive cars amazes me this is here
Well, yes, and then we’ll talk first maybe the most boring though
maybe the most important and cars namely the seats are very comfortable here
and a golf phenomenon that means for me always i sit down and ask me
not like the wolfsburger I do that I do not want to advertise, either
ingolf in and even if I do not have much
Just imagine that fits and that is for me crass and that is high
Engineer art fits comfortably good page hold great materials here in the
surface to when fabric such a triple fabric combinations that is
relatively big in now tomorrow we here talk about the new architecture here
everything arranged very horizontally in it vertical very very clear here
of course, that is new and new infotainment reminds me a bit
what the touareg have him small something really inclined to the driver
nice it here is the glass roof in what it makes it bright in here but now
Let’s get to the details here In front we have such a chrome clip over
the whole dashboard and underneath are two very narrow air vents
elements that are no longer so high also makes sense because they have to
a year not to blow face but below and that is really very
nice and if i am here then look around this car comes almost to
no buttons out of what good that clear us also have a bit of plastic here
inside that’s soft plastic here Brushed chrome in the middle
the hand finds a good place but that is of course here so we can not either
leather upholstery is always there now It’s still golf and it’s in here
very valuable before I get too much repeated cupholder here three
we even have each other next to each other Here is a armrest with space in the
middle we have space here in the doors of course we have a shove oh what
nice one then you talk about that light I did not even have to press it
but it is enough if I get closer then that’s it
is enough even if I get closer otherwise I can easily
Press quickly and off which with two fingers can then press
I do it really well on both sides Of course that’s an expensive one
element but also really chic here in there yes I can here about such a
wiping the roof open and close I do not hang up there now
namely the second camera to you interested then a bit more
here you have then handy on it how does it work down here is in the
center console optional an inductive but it is not yet possible to load it
with the iphone from 10 then i believe If there is a glass back there I can
because optionally inductively load can yes over the two usb plug down here with
apple cable android car connect here connectivity top is not just about
cable but also over it So, because it’s like that if you do it now
talking about this new system here it is impressive that we will be the
modular infotainment building set three that looks different is a new one
the passat is still date of the art and Overall here is that then
Innovation cockpit is standard Here you go with 8.25 you should see it too
already that is so that it moves if I’m even closer and not on it
has and we have 10.25 in here digital cockpit right here right
good that is also standard innovation means then with the
10.25 inch infotainment screen You can then also variant without navi
next to navi you could later also about which he updates really well here
in it and now it will be a bit
exhausting for me but at the same time for you probably also right
interesting because I explain now let’s see how the year works
times steering wheel vw typical is great in the hand and that is always one
multifunction steering wheel in here from the airline is likely to
look a little different in here here in the front left there is light in the door
we still have the elements around the slice up and down
yes and let’s start now here on the right is quasi
all inclusive steering wheel heating button for the voice control around this digital one
cockpit and there we have the you taste
similar to what we know from audi we can then in the middle of us the
Security Assistant the card let show or the driven
speed and then we have either tube right left right
in any case, the speed of the left the speed and now it will be
interesting if I’m on it for a long time then press in the navi area then
is it coming or going all the way? quite interesting is a trick something new
in here now if I press on it i can singles in the pages here
prove what I choose acceleration compass destination info consumption
average consumption average speed gear indicator
Fuel gauge assistant operating temperature navigation single phone
speed acceleration that is So much, and I can do that
make both sides very flexible now sometimes left acceleration and likes
on the right time what are you probably interested in
Consumption that looks very good flexible system in here
yes and then we have on the left everything for the security systems
here track maintenance assistant Adaptive cruise control knows that
Tempomat on from louder quieter yes that’s it but what else
more interesting than this is just here here the infotainment here and there
we have something completely new impressed I press the home button and see
First of all what would be radio media game times thrown back by radio the home
Taste sound you have here so one equalizer app connect also apple kable
android car navigation looks like this then here the map from the vehicle here
So everything to the vehicle and display to let
the ambient lighting can then be different colors brightness
adjust that there are really cool there it also preconfigured that makes one
Help the phone is on it then have Here we have setup the wizards
here’s the legal not the shop yet works and user data that is
here is the user to come example user
that seemed very complex at first what can be done then is here
our little home screen configure now we have on it
for example the navigator left radio vehicle data app connect if I long
I can press on it then I come Of course, on the one hand, but I still
I can push it longer here Change below that means instead of vehicle
I can indeed the phone for example make it clean again or sound pure
make that is pretty handy and yes then we have another page here
is then for example the navi on it and if I end up here then I have
the possibility also other layout to choose something very nice yes and that
is a very very flexible system very great works from my point of view
and really good for such a modern one car in the modern times fits what also
new down here we have just like that a handle you see that
also works with swiping and then we can louder quieter here
we can do the klimasteuer here if you press with both fingers on it
we make the seat heating to the we now again because it is already
warm enough in here that’s pretty handy if I am
then, for example, on the navi map here then go on it then
that counts, I can go in here search raussuchen what really good yes
and then we have four down here buttons assistant climate menu mode
first we leave the assistant show nice picture what you different
and then you see lane assistant doctor she is that is so one
lane change assistant what i was first notice the fatigue detection is front
for then and the merchants exist Now we have climate control here
clear sight feet become cool you can really get fresh air
make classic or explained and at the I want to tell you something now
cool show with the voice control the moderately so a bit mercedes mbx
works as I say now so hello volkswagen
How can I help me is warm it becomes clear in front left
then he automatically does a degree cooler
and then there is a funny one hi volkswagen, how can i
help stinks it’s ok being circulated turned on and then he does
automatically for air in here what really good because I still have the park
menu with parking assistance park assistants and the driving mode switch here in front
from eco to comfort to sport individual- and here we see something nice
we can change we can do the dcc adjust in many stages of
comfort sport steering over sport to add comfort to the drive comfort sport
etc we can adjust then we can not do that
adjust air conditioning and that is really good here it is always
back then over the switch we come back in our main menu purely what
really good year now I could you of course a lot of shows, for example
that you can pull down here and here then different
privacy settings had the Detective here is nothing more out
nothing more I can also go here in the menu
adjust what wants to show which is really nice and that’s just what
like the iphone, of course, here too beautiful
flexible beautiful connect smaller the point of criticism is that they sometimes do it that way
a bit of a pecker down here with the things you have to do a bit
but I am sure I am Grandma can someday too and it is
Keep this system good when driving operable we also have one here
Head-up display in the front is also possible really in the washer with the
main data navi data wizard at the speed driven
is really big so back to the hardware quickshift switch here is always
connected with dsg that’s right here now as small as the elf has stopped
the advantage that it is with the assistants better compatible means erratic
I can move forward at the same time forward of frog and those
reverse gear or vice versa start stop button here is also nice
electric parking brake here is too that’s really good, and now I can handle it
Let’s get together we have an incredible always work well with good
materials very modern very much collective great new infotainment
system where you at least people in my age really much fun with prepare
Elderly people can do that if ever I do not know how to use it
makes sense now cars for old people i assemble with giant buttons
Do not know yes and then of course we have one here
infotainment platform the big one is us also have a harman cardon here
plant optional in it and of course say what volkswagen here in the class in the
Golf class on the legs in the interior is benchmark and that’s saying
I seldom that impresses me what we do of course now want to do it
go out with the motors you can and you like me
your opinion on the interior and ask Let’s talk about the drives in
for all our golfing years of course the question is what happened to me
can not say so much it has and 48 volt on-board with belt starter
generator youtube specification indent found there are two plug in hybrid
variant it happily continues to exist diesel there are still petrol but that
Of course, it looks nice what we do want to make vw had look make up with
the engines built there we go now take a look and see what really
now everything is in the gulf Let’s talk about the drives in
our golf 8 are a total of nine and volkswagen has a lot of trouble
given that here very transparent That’s why I thought that is
a good opportunity to join you demonstrate
Overall, we have new ones in here expansion stages of the engine yes a whole
new 1 liter tsi engine that is one three-cylinder engine and brand new is too
that we have in 48 volt onboard with milte clarifications starter generator
small battery can then charged will recuperate during braking
the high school graduate and blows when starting So support that ensures just for
less consumption then at least something gasoline yes and this engine can
also sailing the one liter tsi engine that comes with it
66 and 81 kw ps have to pay now once even convert the larger one
There is a variant with dsg and then just Then with the milk specification
a four-cylinder engine 1.5 liter engine with 96 kw or 110 kw the larger one
variant then has the dsg and the milk Precision is a four-cylinder engine
then the acc has the active one Cylinder shutdown two of the four
Cylinders go out when you take them not needed with less load but
Here is something nice then because we have fortunately still a diesel engine in
two extension levels 2 liter with 85 110 kw vw has been pretty exciting
come up with a double scr kat i already wondered
that something like that does not exist for some time already Ensures even fewer emissions and
is a relatively ecological and economical thing if you ask me
you can currently not ecological be on the road and especially not
economic maybe with a thing namely with the natural gas engine hardly
one of you does not want me that way really understand in this car but so
it’s just not that Natural gas engine that is the plug in hybrid
Variant earlier there was the gti and now there is still going on with 180 kw but also
even a smaller version with 150 kw plug-in hybrid beautiful that means you can
connect this car to the power outlet and you have a little purely electric
reach this is the main advantage compared to a plug-in hybrid
then have a normal hybrid then we here the siebengang dsg you beautiful
sees and we have redeveloped here six-speed manual transmission I’m curious
how these cars drive me looking forward to the emissions
consumption values I guess very strongly with the
All the technology in here is in the compact class it is only where it needs to be
To be honest with the drives of the vw here he knows very modern way
what conversation I’m curious how to these cars drive like it really does
In reality, we come to a conclusion comes to the conclusion and our golf has now
not just a new logo get that was hardly a predecessor
can distinguish but actually shoulder
a class c should and therefore is optical the golf eight a beautiful
evolutionary stage into the future that is very German very discreet by design
restrained and thus typical Volkswagen
the interior yes the market very much modern very innovative very collective
great digital units in it very much Valuable materials the engines in it
plug-in hybrid milk hybridization Everything is very efficient and there we are
then at the crack point in this car at the same time to the golf 8 will yes
So the id 3 also develops the pure electric golf variant of the golf 8
does not get a pure electric drive dies our golf from 2040 wants vw
only produce electric drives and then it is very exciting what sets
then by hydrogen electro are then maybe they will stay burned
I do not want our golf eighth I’m looking forward to the
other variations in here and you I’m sure you’re interested in that
price in this car, I just know not yet but will be very strong
on the predecessor oriented volkswagen has promised this car what yes on the
modular cross-body is yes will not be much more expensive
I am curious, thank you Sincerely for watching him
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By the way, not only by Volkswagen or vw are and by almost one or all
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