2019 Women’s Volleyball Preview

I’m looking forward to this year. I think during my four years here, you see a massive culture shift. The dedication and
hard work and amount effort we put outside of the season and effort we’re putting on the court. We’re pushing each other, demanding better from each other. So I really look forward to this year. Really see that all coming on the court.
We put in a lot of work in the offseason and preseason on video and film studying. I
really think that I’m looking for really big things this year. I think
we’ve been working for it the past couple years. And I think we can do some really great things. So coming in as a freshman I
had a group of great upperclassmen who are great leaders for our team and they
helped me build more confidence on the court. And it was really nice to have
them be that leader for me so that I could learn from them and then this year
hopefully step into their shoes, fill some bigger roles and set an example for
our upcoming freshmen and be like that role model for our team. I think it’s
honestly fantastic having such a big senior class. It brings so much stability and knowledge about details from game setups like how we really want our program to
look. In the past four years I’ve seen a really big change throughout my time here, so having
these seniors or our class seniors really be on the same page and really have this team culture of hard work and dedication. I would love
to make playoffs we were so close last year and I think this year we just have
an amazing shot we know what it’s gonna take to get there and everyone’s
grinding hard in the court and lifting well. So we will hope to make playoffs.
I think it’s fascinating because like my first year I did not really know what it meant to get to the SCIAC Tournament and like now going the past years without being in the
tournament like we wanted. That’s why I’m saying to this class “we’ve been there in
first year, we want to go back, we want to win it this year.” And so I think we’re
all doing is working to come out, surprise the SCIAC. Pomona-Pitzer volleyball
is really a team that competes and to look out for this year.

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