2019 Tribe Football: Week 9 Press Conference – Coach London

From the Laycock Center in Williamsburg,
welcome to football media day and Tribe Athletics TV. Hello again, everyone, this
is Jay Colley, with us the head football coach at William & Mary Mike London.
Coach this past weekend the Tribe went on the road a tough place to play
in Orono, Maine, and the Black Bears came out on top. They did they did a
great job of executing down the end. I thought our guys stayed competitive,
keep using the word about being resilient over the course of the season,
and the opportunities that they made the most of fourth quarter,
last few possessions. Again a chance to do something, and we couldn’t quite
execute, but again, the effort and the things that we do, and the guys
that are their mindset, and what’s going on with the team right now has been very
positive. Obviously be in situations where things go south and throughout
the game, it was some great individual efforts and units that
played well, and so trying to take those learning experiences put them together
and then move on to the next opponent. And now that’s we’re concentrating on
now as we get ready for Elon this week. It is Elon, the Phoenix, this week again
on the road. Coach, your special teams coach Josh Zidenberg, a great game plan
this past weekend. You had a really a lot of big plays from that special teams
unit. There are a lot of positive things from that, Jay. Obviously we talked about
winning the net return or net coverage averages with the big four, let’s kick
off, kickoff return, punt, punt return and we want all four phases of that. It helps
to have a true freshman and guy like Bronson Yoder that can return
kickoffs back, and now he returns punts as well. It helps to have a true freshman
punter like George Eberle that can provide hang time and get us downfield
and cover. It helps to have a true freshman snapper like Sam Katz that
gets the snaps back there and allows us to operate in an efficient amount of
time. So it’s one of those things that the four phases of special teams is
critical. Josh does a great job of coming up with schemes and ways that
we can try to affect how we cover or how we cover them, and you know there were
some critical moments in the game. Obviously the blocked punt
that kind of set a lot of things, Corey Parker
The return game was was good for us, you know they got a block on us over
one of our other players in terms of a extra point field goal attempt, but you
know overall you looked at a lot of the production of what’s going on it’s been
the ability of having some guys make big plays. Talk about one play opportunities to
make a lot of one play opportunities and so you know we’ll continue to keep
getting better there and keep trying to put players and schemes in position to
help us. They got away with getting a fake – that also extended a
drive for them. We’re looking to get the ball back, so there are a lot of good
things that happen. But also we got to be aware and alert to some of the
situations that cause issues. It’s the Phoenix this weekend down at
Elon North Carolina. Coach, the Phoenix have been up and down this year ,but they
are coming off a great up for their program in a victory of this past
weekend over Rhode Island. Now obviously they’re a very good football
team. The quarterback does a great job of handling the the things that
they do offensively. They had three great running backs and the quarterback can
facilitate the ball to to them. But also to their receivers, they got one that’s over 6’5″ and so he’s a possession guy but can also go up and get it. So we’ll
have challenges there defensively. They have cover corners that
are guys that get up in your face and require you to
throw the ball behind them. So we’re going to have to take advantage of some
things like that, and then they’re kicking game is solid, as well, so it’s a
good football team. They’re well coached, it’s their homecoming,
so we’re traveling down there to get ourselves the opportunity.
Those close games that come about again, those four or five plays that
separate the game to be on the upper end of that and then come out with a victory.
Good luck this weekend. Thank you.

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