2019 Tribe Football: Week 7 Press Conference – Corey Parker

From the Laycock Center in
Williamsburg, welcome to football media day this is Jay Colley. With us is
starting cornerback for the Tribe, Corey Parker. First of all, Corey, welcome once
again. We’ve talked many times over the years, but big game coming up this
weekend with James Madison. A bye last week, kind of interested to know
what players do. I know you had a little practice and
there were some things going on. So we practiced a few days during in the week,
but mainly just resting a lot of injuries.
We’ve played six games so far, so a lot of guys just taking care of those little
nagging injuries and making sure that we’re ready to go for this week.
This is all about the the Corey Parker family interview, so first of all I want
to talk to you a little bit about your brother Collin. I don’t want to
necessarily say exactly what you said, but you room with him here? I’m roommates with him and Isaiah Laster. So how does that go? You’ve
been around your brother a long time. Yeah I’ve been around him almost too
much – that’s been my roommate for life. Unfortunately, sometimes he’s
not the cleanest all the time, but we’ve been working on that. He’s been better
lately. Who should cook between you two?
I guess I’ll get that too. So your brother Christian was a
coach at William & Mary for a time and now he’s with the Green Bay Packers, so
tell us about how that happened. He went from William & Mary on to Notre Dame,
and then he went on to Texas A&M. And now he’s with the Green Bay Packers as a
defensive quality control coach. My parents actually went up to the game
last night to go visit him at Lambeau Field. They loved that. They said
the atmosphere was great. It was good seeing him, so he’s excited about this
start and that big Packer win. Huge Packer win. Did you watch the
game? I did, I watched it. So it’s James Madison coming up this
weekend. Your team has a chance to really make headlines.
It’s Homecoming, tell us about the attitude going into a week’s worth of
preparation. We’re really excited for the challenge. We’re excited to get
after this. We can practice. Guys really got after it last week with the
bye week, which was big just getting an early start on preparation for them.
They’re a good team. They have some talented players, but I believe in us and
I think the rest of team believes in us too. So we’re ready to make
a statement this weekend. As a broadcaster I’m always trying to follow
the football, and when when you’re on the field I just have to follow Corey Parker.
You’re always around that ball. You have that knack for it. My coaches
have done a great job of just preparing me to be in positions to make plays for
the defense, so I’m looking forward to this weekend, I really am. To make some
plays early on and often, limit the explosive plays for them and get off the
field on third down. How important is it to have a really good crowd out there on
Saturday for you and your teammates for Homecoming this week? It’s awesome.
Anyone that comes out, we really appreciate your support. A big crowd
would be awesome and Go Tribe.

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