2019 Army Football Entrance Video

I will always place the mission first I will never accept defeat I will never quit I will never leave a fallen comrade You chose the walk that other people didn’t
wanna walk You chose to fight the fights that other people
don’t wanna fight You have chosen the path traveled only by
a few A path that is challenging A path that is demanding A path that is rewarding The team that’s gonna play together and fight, that team is gonna win You’ve gotta give them everything you’ve got all the way through Each of you chose to come here Committed to becoming that 21st Century warrior Committed to serving your country Committed to defending freedom and our values Committed to living above the common level of life To lead To fight and to WIN

46 thoughts on “2019 Army Football Entrance Video

  1. Go ARMY help drain the Swamp! So many domestic enemies reside part time in the Swamp!! Protect POTUS from the Deep State traders.

  2. Last year they were suppose to give us the day off after army won. But then the army fucked us and we did layouts instead. Thanks active duty.

  3. When your highlight video has you in a gunners nest and shooting a mortar in-between you scoring touchdowns, that is the unbeatable haha

  4. This is gonna sound ignorant, but do these players plan on serving after they leave college? Like I don’t get how the army and navy football teams work exactly

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