2018 IGHSAU Iowa Farm Bureau Girls State Volleyball Championships

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lighting systems for you, your project and your community. It’s championship Friday live from Cedar Rapids, Iowa as we
hand out five championship tree fees. 5A, are 4A, 3A and 2A and 1A. The Cedar Falls and Centennial from Ankeny.>>Inter-Randall.Well this
matchup has some of the best players in the state. They have awesome middles Oz
both sides. Expect a lot of exciting kills
here. Let’s look at Ankeny Centennial.
The school has been open six years.Six times they have made
it to the state finals.They have three state championships. 2014, 2015, 2016, and they have four players that have committed
to play division 1 volleyball.>>Pretty impressive.>>They get a
chance to take on the Cedar Falls. The tigers have not lost this
year. They swept Lindmar yesterday.The
last time they lost in the state tournament was in the 2016
tournament against who? Ankeny Centennial.>>Ladies and
gentlemen, welcome to the US Cellular Center in
Cedar Rapids, Iowa for today’s 2018 IGHSAU state volleyball 5A
championship matchup featuring the Ankeny Centennial jaguars and the Cedar Falls tigers. Fans, please welcome the Centennial jaguars. (Applause)>>And now please welcome the
Cedar Falls tigers. (Applause)>>STPANS, it’s now time to
introduce the players and the coaches in today’s 5A matchup. First of all, the Centennial
jaguars. Number 2 2 Kenedy Balentine.5 Chloe Peck. 7, Taryn Lindaman.8.Aby Wood.
Rachel Schon. Your assistant coaches Annie
spatial.Sara Alberts.Paul Gillmor.Molly Norton and
Courtney Kenedy.And now here are your starters for the Centennial jaguars. Riley Morgan. Kenna Sauer.Calea Jones. Our aWinters, and Megan Lively. Your libero 16 Magner.The coach
for the jaguars Jessica Rinehart. And the now let’s 3 Lexi Godfrey. 5 Jada Golden-Smith. 8 Makenna Boerhave. 9 Ashley Shildroth. 15, McKensey GAETION.16, Grace
Frost. Your assistant, Adam Timmons.Aby
Perez, and Morgan Rutherford. Here are the star furs for the
Cedar Falls tigers. 4 Emerson Green. 12 Emily Hayes. 17 Alayna Yates. And 21 Akacia Brown. And coach for the tigers Matthew
Johnson.Now ladies and gentlemen, here are your
officials for this 5A championship match.First referee
bob Fessler. Second referee Kent Prescott. Line judges Greg Vraspier and
Ted Mosier.And now ladies and gentlemen, atthis time we ask
you to please stand and join us direct your attention to the flag as we
honor America and those who protect our freedom performed by
the Williamsburg singers under the direction of Steven manning and. ♪ O say, can you see, by the
dawn’s early light,♪ ♪ What so proudly we hailed at the
twilight’s last gleaming♪ ♪ Whose broad stripes and bright
stars♪ ♪ Through the perilous fight♪ ♪ Over the ramparts we
watched♪ ♪ Were so gallantly streaming ♪ ♪ And the rockets
red glare♪ ♪ The bombs bursting in air♪ ♪ Gave proof through the night
that our flag was still there♪ ♪ O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave♪ ♪ Over the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪>>Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. anthem.>>Beautiful singing of
nationalBoth starters and the entire team announced to
everyone in attendance. Barb, what are the Ankeny keys. The reason they won the
semifinal match.Was the strong middle attack.It dominated at
the end of the match in the semis.Then they need to block
for points.Cedar Falls is a great defensiveteam. If they could not get Cedar
Falls get the ball it will be good for Centennial. The tigers they’re undefeated.
What do they need to do to finish it and win a state title.
They play really, really good defense. They’re going to see some amazing offense.Anytime
they can get any touchesthat would be better and send the ball back to to Ankeny
Centennial. And they can kind of guide where they want the offense to come
from.>>They ended up sweeping their two opponents. We’ll see how they start. A full-day of coverage here on
Iowa public television, and the Iowa high school volleyball
championships is officially under way.>>She knew she had an ace right
away.She served that ball and she knew it was going to be an ace.
Kenna Sauer.Going to Missouri next year. And tigers are in the net. 2 costly errors for the tigers
of Cedar Falls. Now it’s 2-0 in favor of Ankeny
Centennial.Close start yesterday for Cedar Falls against number 5 Lindmar.
Slow start here in the championship match. Here’s the set to the outside. Brown had to adjust.3-0
Centennial.>>Well, again this isn’t a timefor Cedar Falls to
worry too much.They’ve been in this situation.It’s only three
points. They need to fight out here.>>A
side out would be big.A block at the net.Tigers get it back. Now a whistle under the net was
Brown and Centennial looking real confident up 4-0 and Sauer
serving bullets over the net.>> They absolutely should feel
confident because they beat last year’s runner-up in the
semifinals.>>Tigers are on the board.You knew it would happen
sooner or later. Now they have a little bit of
deficit, a little bit of a hole to dig out. Now it’s time for Cedar Falls to
get serving offensively. Tigers in red.Ankeny Centennial
in the white tops on the right side of your TV screen.The
tigers handle it defensively. Yates has been huge for Cedar
Falls this year.>>So in the open we talked a
little bit about Ankeny Centennial’s middle but Yates
does a really nice job for Cedar Falls, and when Yates is off. Hulstein is in.>>Another nice serve by for
Cedar Falls.Wedgbury a sophomore specialist In the net again.
That’s the third time. So three of the five Centennial
points have been in the net.We should let everybody Cedar Falls
has been in the championship match.However these players
haven’t been.So even though the team has beenthere and they’ve
been sitting on the bench.This is the first time these players,
even though it’s the same team, shall are in the
match. It’s a big time.>>Last year Centennial
graduated six seniors off of this team.Right now it’s 5-3.
More serves. This time it’s Emerson Green. It’s Robinson with the best 50
volleyball players in the state of Iowa.Robinson made that list.
>>She’s going to the University of Wisconsin for college.That
hit was against a triple block. Pretty impressive. You don’t put four players
against the block.>>You can’t.>>Brown again with the kill. She has three of the four tigers
points. Now she goes back behind the
service line.It is an ace.Brown with three kills and an ace
trying to carry the tigers to their first lead here in the
opening set.>>You can see everybody thoughtsomeone else
was going to take it. It was a little bit of miscommunication.Centennial,
good pass.The set was off. It’s out-of-bounds.Not many
options there.We’re all tied up. Volleyball is a game of
momentum.Right now Cedar Falls has the momentum.All of these
players there are going to be runs.Sometimes you give a few
runs, and sometimes you make a few runs.It goes back and forth.>>7-6 Ankeny Centennial with
the point. And here’s Ari Winters, a senior
going to the University of Denver to play volleyball next
year.>>I remember when she was a young freshman playing.>>And
she’s got athletics in her background.Her dad played
basketball at theUniversity of Iowa.Her sister is now playing
at Creighton is and blowing things
open at Creighton.They have a great program and she’s why.>>7-7. That was a dangerous serve. And now quick battle above the
net. Some how, some way it got
through.Let’s see how the ball squeaked through that.Well the
ball is there but the hands aren’t strong.You need to
tighten from your shoulders to the wrist so they’re like a stiff board.>>
That time the block was there. It wasn’t tall enough for 6’1″ senior outside Kenna Sauer soared above the block.Here’s
Devyn Robinson.Nice pass.Quick set middle.It’s textbook.Why
don’t they do that every time.>>Oh, I wish they would.>>However, for middles to run
that quick you have to have a quick pass and hitter has been
in good position and the setter has to get her in position.It’s
easier than it looks.>>Two contacts charged against
Centennial.>>Harder than it looks.It looks
easy.It’s not that easy.>> Nothing looks easy out here
today.>>Can’t do anything what these student athletes are doing on
the court.>>10-8.And they have successfully climbed out of it.
To the outside, little tip.And Centennial has the option.It’s
on the line.We play on.>>That’s the scrappy defense we
were talking about earlier.>>Megan Lively.6’3″ middle
blocker.She’s going to central Florida next year.She’s 6’3″.
When you add the arms she can get up.A double block was set
up. She cutback to completely miss
where the block was set. Centennial has it. And they get the point.They’re
defensive Hulstein for Cedar Falls. It was coming just a bit too hot off the hands and ricochets
out-of-bounds.>>So we can talk about
Hulstein’s arms.They need to be pushed over the net.Your hands
need to be on the other team’s side of the net in order for it to be a great
block.there.>>Hulstein textbook block And down the line for Graves.>>That’s a really
tough ball todig.When it’s coming straight at theline at
you, it’s super fast. You have to react quickly.At
least she got a touch on it.Back set. Ruled out-of-bounds off the
slide.We’re seeing some pretty volleyball here in this 5A
matchup.The Green did a nice job of getting the middle blocker to
jump with her. So Hulstein was able to get a
single block. Knotted up at 11-11.>>The power that Centennial
brings on each and every attack, it’s relentness.It needs to be
in the state finals. You can’t win with tips.You need
to keep swinging and play your game.>>Brown with kill number 4 and
I have a feeling this is going to go down to the wire in the
first set.They’re just trading points. I like Brown’s reaction.>>It
looks like it hurt her feet.>> Having fun. A champion have been crowned
some time in the next two hours.>>Back set.Another beautiful
piece of hitting.Got to give credit to the setteras well.
There’s been good passes. Nice sets and strong attacks on both sides of the net for Cedar
Falls and Centennial.>>So when you’re against a single blocker
you’re going to win the point more times than
you don’t.>>Morgan the setter for Ankeny
Centennial.Brown again celebrates.>>Brown has come to play this
morning.>>The interesting thing she didhave constantly mistakes
early on with being in the net.She has
definitely dropped the energy and performance since then.>>
The other thing the two matches earlier this week she wasn’t the
impact player for thetigers and she’s turning into that today.>>Ashley Shildroth she’s a nice piece of this tiger puzzle.>>
You know I love a lefty on the right side. In the semifinal match they were
able to get her against the single block several times.>>That time the tip worked to
perfection.Everyone was ready for Robinson to lay the hammer
down.>>I’d be afraid of her hitting at me too.She’s a gun.
That ball she can bounce it in front of 10-foot line and it’s
with authority.She is amazing.>>Championship there. Brown has more than one option.
That’s what you want.You want to be well-rounded.You want the
team to think you’re going to hammer, hammer, hammer, and then you tip it and
then they’re back on their heels. Another service ace for Brown.
The M.V.P. for the first set it’s got to be Brown.She’s
definitely made the most impact. We’re past the halfway point of
this first set. It’s been about as tight as it
set.could possibly be in the openingHere’s a look at the
replay.Nice swing by Winters. You can see the middle blocker
didn’t make it.Winters was able to swing through the middle of
the block. A one-handed save for
Centennial.Outside the lefty. Was there a touch?No, there was
not.Point Ankeny Centennial. With Green getting a single
block from Shildroth.And Shildroth needs to put that ball
away.>>She disguises it so well. Emerson Green.>>And that’s
exactly why middleblockers go late. So Robinson is late here but she
still goes.She’s high enough.She shoves it back on the tiger
side. It’s number 1 Cedar Falls
against number 2 KOOERGES here in the class 5A opening set. Lesson couple of thing.in the
class 5A opening set.A, we’re going to leave our right back up
for tip.They’re tipping. You take away that hard line
shot. Both and Calea.There’s nothing
over there we cannot stop.We play our game and we win this. important.>>Having she said
that’s very There’s nothing on that side of the net we can’t
stop.When you know you’re going up against the champion.You know
you’re up against a team that’s 46 and 0.I think
Ankeny Centennial knows they can beat Cedar Falls here today.They
absolutely know that.Even they lost to them early in the
season.Ankeny Centennial has loads of confidence after the
tournament they’ve had here this week. Centennial.The run continues for
Ankeny>>They are on a run of five. This would be six. That is Yates shutting the door on that one.Trailing by two.
Yates has two kills.Hasn’t been set as often as she was in Lindmar yesterday.You have to
have confidence in your passing and your hitter to shove that
quick set to the middle blocker.>>That is kill kill number four
for Robinson. The team lead. Cedar Falls in red. And Ankeny Centennial in white.
No one home in the back corner. And Centennial is playing at a
different level in the last five-minute.Cedar Falls plays a
perimeter defense.So it leaves the corners wide open.She went
over the block for that. Even if she hadn’t gone over the
block it would have gone in the corner.That was a great spot.
Battle at the net.Attack from Brown and too hard.And Ankeny
Centennial inching closer and closer from taking
this opening set. They lead by 5.Let’s listen of
the huddle of the Cedar Falls Matthew Johnson.Control. We can control our serve
receive. passes.We’re rushing ourselves
on the The other thing we have to stay in on it. Like we’re rushing — it’s
leaving too much court over here.Take a little court away.So
Auerbach row can read and react. You’ve got to set it and go
straight up. Hey we’re still playing.22-17. Let’s go.We really receive all
of our head coaches allowing us to put
wireless microphones on them. strategy.So you can listen in to
the The coaches are really good. They know how to motivate their
team.When he was talking about the blocking the front row is
blocked sets up the back row defense. What do you do defensively to
stop her.Seven, Robinson. Wisconsin is getting a good one
next year.>>They really are.She is something. Jumping out of the gym. A 6-point lead.Make it 7.It’s
set point Ankeny Centennial. She’s from the service line.This
is the fifth point in a rowshe’s served.Cedar Falls has only lost
two sets all year. They’re undefeated in matches. They only lost two sets all
year.They’re on the brink of losing their third set.Both of
the sets they’ve set have been towards the end of theseason
too.>>Set point for Centennial.
Good, up there by Graves. Brown who’s working on six kills sets it over. And Ankeny Centennial goes up 1-0 with a 25-18 victory in the
opening set.They started strong. They finished strong. And they defeat Cedar Falls but we’re a long way from over here
in this 5A matchup.The crowd is loving it.Let’s take a look at
the last point barb. That was a great up by Hayes. Centennial leads it 1-0.We’ll be
back with more.>>STWOOIF-18 Ankeny Centennial
the statement in the opening set.Cedar Falls they’re down. But they’re not out of it. But they’re not out of it.Eric
Braley and Barb Randall.Cedar Falls they’re down.Eric Braley
and Barb Randall.Cedar Falls has been so good this year.Really a
very efficient attack for Ankeny Centennial hitting
.382.That’s a stark contrast.And Cedar Falls needs to pick up
their defense to offset that.>>The leaders in that first set
for Cedar Falls. Six kills for Akacia Brown.She
hit .333.Hulstein had two.Yates had two.Someone else needs to
get a couple more to help Brown and her offense.For Ankeny
Centennial great balance. Robinson finished with six kills on seven attacks hitting a sizzling .714 attack percentage. Four kills for Sauer hitting
.400. Good defense with 16 digs for
Ankeny Centennial. Well, Centennial needs to win
two more sets to win the match. They get the first point off a
net violation. tough team.If I’m Matthew
Johnson it’s a They need to control themselves and not push
too hard. Go up and play and play the way
you know how to play. One of the losses coming to
Cedar Falls.Great job by Hulstein here giving the tigers
the lead earlyon in the second set. Hulstein is a little undersized
for a middle.She’s 5’11”. She’s doing a great job of
hitting the armpit area.And then she fires up the team.Having her
do well is good for the tigers. Take a look.9th pass.set.
Greenbacks up and gives a quick Yates finishes the job with her
third kill. 2-1 Cedar Falls.Blocked back. But they’re going to call a
lift.That’s because Yates were too far behind her head.When she
touched the Balshe kind of caught the ball it’s called a
carry. Emerson Green after the final win over Lindmar, she said we’re
just so excited. We understand if one point
doesn’t go our way we have to keep fighting. Well the opening set didn’t go
their way.They haven’t had many situationswhere they’ve had to
come behind. Robinson does Ananias job of
inside-out swing against the hitter.>>Cedar Falls in the
semifinal had a very balanced attack.Yates had 16 kills.Brown
had 10.Hulstein nine. Shildroth with seven.Who’s going
to play basketball at the University of the northern Iowa
in two years.She’s just a junior. Her brother AJ playing for the UNI.
The Green family certainly does as well.4-3 Ankeny Centennial on
top.And attack here.That was close.But smart decision by the
back row of Centennial to let that one slide by.>>That one she’s over on top of the ball so the ball is going to
go down.She knows what she’s doing.The approach spot on.Now
let’s watch her serve and how she attacks the ball all the
way back behind the service line.>>5-4. 6-4.She’s a nice piece of this
puzzle here.What made that play so good was the quick set.Sauer
was able to hit between the blockers because there were
10 feet between them.Yates with the kill. She’s going to play volleyball at Dayton. #11 is going to play at Arkansas
south. Winters to Denver.Robinson
Wisconsin.And Sauer to Missouri. So a lot of players who’re playing right now in the 5A
championship match will continue playing volleyball at the next
level next year.That is huge. That’s why these teams are here.
Because they have so many players that make great contributions to their teams.But
the defense never knows who the ball is going to. The attack down that far line
landed right on the line. If it lands on the line it’s in. Any part of the ball on the line
it’s in.Ankeny Centennial won the last set 25-18. So again there was — that was
Hulstein hitting from the outside.You can see there’s a
huge hole in the block.And so Hulstein has no problem kill.
finding the hole and getting the The blockers for both teams
really need to work on closing the block so there are four arms
solidly like a wall that the hitter had to hit around. Much easier to hit it through a
window or doorway.Over the wall but out-of-bounds.When you take
that attack. When you take that angle to get
over the ball it might sail on it you a bit.You have to make
sure it dependswhere you’re hitting the ball from.If you’re
not above the blocker then you need to hit under and
roll the ball over.You can’t just hit wherever you want and
hope it will find the court. Calea Jones.The outside hitter
with her fourth kill.Jones a true team player.She’ll be back
next year. One of the returning players for
coach Jessica Rinehart.I think Green really trusts Hulstein.
She’s having her running quick out of the middle. The last play had her hitting
outside.She trusts her and she knows she’s good for a kill when
she gets the ball. And they’re in the white tops.
Cedar Falls in the red uniforms. Centennial.And a side out for
Ankeny Their first two double digits.>>
Here’s the replay. That time you could see Hulstein
reaching to the outside blocker. Go straight up.And the because
they were reaching Winters was able to hit
over the blocker.That was pretty. She’s like a magician. She disguised this so well. It’s just a little questionable because we haven’t seen her have
much offense.She had two kills in the semifinal.She’s dumped
more than in the other two matches this week.
Again, one of the top 50 best players ever to play the sport of volleyball in the history of
the state of Iowa.Let’s look at her.Can’t imagine looking
through the other side of the net how amI going to stop her
attack.>>And if it worked once you might as well try it again,
right?>>Net cam everyone expecting the set.Nobody expecting that
the camp fire.Green now a chance to serve.It’s 11-10 Ankeny
Centennial with the lead. Tigers on a mini run here. Brown attacks it.To the middle.
Beautiful roll shot.I thought she was going to come with the
power.>>And the roll shot was so pretty because it landed in front of the 10-foot line.And
that was such a nice touch on that ball.>>Kennesaw Sauer has been so good. Sauer has been so good.
Sauer has been so good.a Sauer has been so good.
They called that play against Yates earlier and that looked
Laar.She kind of caught it behind herhead and pushed it
forward. As we always say the refs are the best in the state. Evaluated and getting a chance the top official bob Fessler has
been doing it a long time. Jaguars getting a little separation here in the class 5A
championship second set. Here’s head coach Jessica Rinehart in the huddle.First
offense just like. Be live, be KIF active. Devyn. active.Devyn. We’ve got to keep our hands
high. They’re still doing a lot of
quick ones. Josey, stay up.#9.You and Riley
had some confusion. You call it and you take it.>>Head coach Jessica Rinehart overall record 211 victories,
just 30 losses. She’s been the head coach since
Ankeny Centennial was a school. That’s only been six years. All six years she’s led Ankeny
Centennial to state.They’ve been state champions a couple of
times already. They’ve had a great year. Representing the CMICMIL
conference.The tigers needed a point and they got one.They went
to Brown who has eightkills so far today.>>She did a nice job hitting high off the blocker’s hands.
Brown.>>That’s who I’d set.>>The serve by Brown looked
really good.A beautiful pass. And I’d go Robinson as well.>>
She’s hittinged over the block, and just putting the balldown.
over the block, and just putting the balland just putting the
ball down. over the block,I bet her arm. knees.They could probably
scratch her Broad shoulders. Beautiful build for a volleyball
player.And strong upper body. So Robinson with nine kills.
Sauer with nine as well.For Ankeny Centennial. That’s been the storyline here.
Cedar Falls have only lost two sets all year. But they lost the opener 25-18 match.in the class 5A
championship Realizing everyone is creeping up.No one is at home
in the back row.Everyone was creeping up.She was able to get
a hand on it and put it in the Golden corner. Kirsten Graves the libero.Block
attack. And it’s FOU for a point. Here’s #8 Riley Morgan. 5’9″ senior setter.n for a
point.Here’s #8 Riley Morgan. for a point.Here’s #8 Riley
Morgan.w for a point.Here’s #8 Riley Morgan.5’9″ senior setter.
Service 8.Nice hustle.But that’s exactly the kind of effort Cedar
Falls is going to need if they come back here.The lead grows to
six. Coming in hot.Brown miss handles
it. Graves gives it her all.Let’s go
inside the tiger huddle.>>We’re just making too many
mistakes.We’re letting them comfortable.It’s playing defense
and make them take extra swings. And how many pressure swings
they’ve taken in the last couple of days. You’ve got to make them uncomfortable. You’ve got to do a better job of
scrapping, getting your feet set. Making them take a swing.>>
Let’s go.>>So you heard assistant
Timmons in there hit service with a purpose.That is exactly.
You have to hit where the coaches want you to serve.
There’s a reason they want you to serve that.Against Ankeny
Centennial part of the reason is so Robinson
can’t be set.>>Timmons a long time assistant
coach at Cedar Falls.>>They’ve got a great team. Good head coach, and great
assistants. Down for a Centennial point.You
can see her hands were pushed against the net.out-of-bounds.
That’s why the ball went You have to keep your shoulder
parallel to the net so it creates a parallel wall.>>Green
had to scramble to get a set off there.Sauer waiting to get that
block.An 8-point lead.And the momentum and energy is going.You
want to serve tough.That time just a little too muchon it.You
need to get back there, and calm yourself and go.Don’t play
play yourself into the racing feeling.Good swing.>>Emily
Hayes.Tigers able to handle it defensively.Now the overpass all
the way to the back row.Better dump.Good
job by the libero to keep that alive for Centennial. JAGs keeping the play this
morning.Tigers with another point. They trail by six.>>They kind
were doing what coach Johnson was telling them. Keep the rally going.Make them
take another swing.That’s exactly what the tigers were
doing.Another serve with purpose: They don’t get a good attack.>>Both coaches must know what
they’re talking about.Kind of like teachers, and parents.
You’ve got to listen to them. They know what they’re doing. A 5-point lead for the JAGs.
Almost another service ace. But a free ball is almost as
good. It results in another tiger point.But they’re happy that
Centennial calls their time out. And the run for the tigers has
made this one interesting in the second set.Let’s go inside the
Centennial huddle. You’ve got to step in fast. You’ll be ready. We’ve got the game lead. Go. As I was looking at research
earlier today I talked to my mark Simpson. You know what these two teams at
Ankeny Centennial tournament all eight participants are in the 5A
state tournament.Talk about good competition early in the year before the
championships starts. Barb.That was months ago though, You heard about coach Rinehart
sticking the pass.Which is exactly what they did. They had Lively run the quick
pick trying to take it to the blocker so Sauer was up against
the block.So then Cedar Falls is pushing them up against the
wall.>>Attack was good.Just hit it too hard.Now it’s a 3-point
ball game here in the second set. The Centennial won the first one
25-18.Finally.It was a run of 5. Momentum is swinging back to
Cedar Falls side.They need to get this stop here, and get the ball right away so
Centennial can’t get it going back their way.There’s one of
them.block.It’s scored by a defensive Look at how perfect this is.
Shutting the door on the tigers there.Sauer to serve. She’s been a mainstay for this
team for many years. Green to Brown from the back.
That’s what you call following the ball.Every coach tells every
defenderfollow the ball.Well it’s hard when you’re following
the ball you don’t know where the lines are.Hopefully her team
was yelling at her. Tigers had a 5-0 run just
minutes ago.Looking to get another 5-0 run right now.
Tipped. And good job defensively.Scrappy
defense.Great hustle.But the tigers are celebrating another
point.Green really sees the court well. She sees from her basketball experience she’s knows what’s
happening. She loves the Golden corner.
Green committed to play basketball at the University of
the northern Iowa.Down the line. That one is in. Inching closer to the 25 points
and that is the third kill for Ankeny Centennial’s Winters. The libero who’s done a terrific job with the serve.23-19. Got it through the block.Brown
is having herself a day.Nine kills.there.>>And you can see
the block is Robinson touches it.But it’s just her fingertips
andit’s hard to control the fingertips. It’s hopefully your back row can
dig the ball.>>Setter dump.Down for another point.Emerson Green.>>If I’m coach Rinehart don’t
let the setter anymore.You have to be aware.She can be jumping
and above theheight of the net and send the ball over.You have
to be aware where she is. Josey Magner the library re-for
Ankeny Centennial.Look at that hustle.Into the bench.Keeping it
alive. Oh my. When the block happened right here this was called a lift
right there.You cannot hit with an open hand and she had an open hand hit
underhand.Open hand.>>30 seconds before that play Green
was in the bench keeping it alive.Who’s it going to be. Who’s going to win the second
set.The JAGs or the tigers.For all of the momentum tigers have
right now digging themselves out of the huge hole.
Kenedy Balentine wants to end the set right now. Nice thing for the tigers is
that their fans are back into it.All this momentum they’ve
gained has kind of awakened the fans.>>
Centennial was dominant in the second set. Set point.But Cedar Falls tigers
on a run.They got it.Centennial up 2-0.Give them credit. They held off a furious run by
Cedar Falls and now Centennial is one set away from claiming
the 2018 class 5A championship.>>Just a little bit of
miscommunication how far back the ball was going to be set.
Will Centennial win in three. Will the tigers force a fourth
set.We’ll be back to find out. Centennial has looked very good
here.Let’s take a look at some of thehighlights from the second
set.It’s more than one player getting in the action for
Centennial.Ari Winters on the first kill. Sauer with the sweet touch.There
she is.Devyn Robinson. Tigers had a big run in the
closing stages of the second set. And we are excited for this
third set where anything can happen.It’s a must win scenario.
If they want a chance to defend their class 5A title and force
the fourth set. Centennial is still hitting above .300. That’s when they gained the
momentum.Close start for the tigers. It’s great when they make a run
toward the middle and end you don’t have to exert that much energy back to tie it. We’re tied at one apiece now.
Taking a look at some individual stats. And she’s hitting .273.Six kills
for Yates, and four kills for Hulstein.Green and for
Centennial. 10 kills for Robinson HOUTING
.533.She has two digs and eight blocks. Sauer hitting .544. Overall .362 for Ankeny Centennial. They’ve been too close Yates said enough is enough.And
ends the rally with the point. 2-0. Is the replay of Yates. Well she’s up against the double
block.It goes off the fingertips.We kicked off of this
broadcast exactly one hour ago and we’ve seen some beautiful volleyball
on both sides of the net.Cedar Falls committed on Robinson and
both Brown and Yates were up on the block, pushed over and got a
great block on it. Green another strong serve. Brown.10 kills now for #21
Akacia She’s just a junior.Not yet
committed to where she’sgoing to go to school.>>Beautiful block.
>>So Cedar Falls is really doing a smart job of blocking
right now. They know that Calea Jones on
the right side didn’t get set that much.They’re bringing all
three blockers, and then they can double and triple block
anythingthat goes to Jones or Winters. We’ll see if Centennial makes
some adjustments. I would say watch what’s
happening on the block. The center can see it out of her
periphery.That’s a right side hitter.Tigers lead by four. Let’s go inside the tiger
huddle.We’ve got a long match. We’re happy about the start.
We’re not going crazy over the start. We’ve got so much more work to do.It’s just throw a ball
around. You just made them a little bit
more uncomfortable. Let’s go.>>That’s great advice from
coach Johnson.>>Matthew Johnson has been the head volleyball
coach for 15 years. Falls.This is his fifth year at
Cedar 497 career victories.Eight trips
to the state tournament. This is a fourth time he’s taken
Cedar Falls to the state tournament.As coach.The run
continues for Cedar Falls.>>I’m not saying I have a favorite
here because it doesn’tmatter who wins.But I really like
watching the celebrations.>> Well they have something to
celebrate because they lead by 5 in a must win third set.>>Good
job to get that one to hit the court.>>Well that was a great
spot too.It was long enough where the front row blah blockers couldn’t
playit. Nice spot in the middle of the
floor. Centennial won the first set
25-18.Won the second set 25-22. Back row attack.Down for a kill.>>Sauer has been a mainstay in the lineup for Ankeny Centennial
for a long, long time. She broke a bone in her leg and
was out for five weeks. End up falling to west Des
Moines valley.But she said it just hurt her somuch because she
wasn’t able to play at 100% last year. Now she’s a senior and now she’s hungry and she wants to do
everything in her power to get Centennial their fourth state
final in six years.>>A little bit about her leg
Jerry. They have a zoo over there.iy. ny.They have a zoo over
there.jy. uy.They have a zoo over
there.ry.They have a zoo over there.Mascots.But the one that
came after Kenna hurt her foot was the
LLAMA. Whatever they there’s the LLAMA. There’s as YITTLE unicorn.When
they rub the ears they’re going for luck, and they have one of the assistant coaches that keep track of how the llama works. That’s kill 11 for Sauer. Everybody is on the floor for
balls.You’re getting your body in position and taking those
balls. Ari Winters with the serve. Service error and the tigers get
the point. Graves again older sister is one
of the best of play volleyball at Cedar Falls high school. She was a middle and Graves now.
We like middles>>Helping in the back row. Back row attacked by Brown.Set
near sides.It’s Sauer again. Kenna Sauer the senior.So
Missouri has been recruiting her many schools were. She signs with Missouri.What is
she going to bring to the next level.>>She’s got a lot of
grit.She fights hard I think it will be interesting to see how
these players transition to the next level.It is a lot different
at the next level. It’s hit so much harder, and
everything is like 10 times what it is here.>>Playing at a very high level
at class 5A championship. There is a noticeable jump and last year at Cedar Falls.Attack
goes out-of-bounds. And it’s now 12-8 in favor of
Cedar Falls.That time that block was a little bit separated. She tried to cut inside the
block.And couldn’t find the court on the other side of the line.
Here’s the set.Going right. She had her spot picked out.
Right there. This senior class for KOOENGES
has been a part of the two-state championship teams.Also they
felt the heartache last year. They know the highs and lows from inside the US Cellular Center in the high school
volleyball championship.They had a couple of lows and they’re
trying to get a highs and in their career.I made three
out of the four years they’ve been in the high
school have been state champ.One year we weren’t.We don’t talk
about that year. We made the semis but we don’t talk about that. Here the replay. That looked back good to me.But
the rest of I want to make sure nothing inappropriate happened. Sauer I’ll keep talking about
her.She keeps making plays.She’s got 13. And you can see what a well-formed block does for you.
Centennial on a run.Let’s listen with head coach Jessica
Rinehart. Riley and that 5-6 zone.We’ve
got to limit our errors and keep the ball on that side.
Be smart or if you see a double or triple block put it into a
corner.We stay the aggressor. Ultimate confidence.One ball at
a time.Make them make the play. Play smart go. If you see a triple block up
against you there’s got to be an area of the court open.>>Sara Alberts had a baby eight days ago where is she.She’s on
the bench.>>A former national team.These
parents and teachers, and coaches know what they’re
talking about. Had a baby eight days ago, and
wants to see Ankeny Centennial win another state title.The
momentum has shifted back tothe JAGs. And we’re all knotted up at the 12-12 in the third.Good pass.
Nice set.Hulstein with the swing. alive.Centennial able to keep it
Jousted at the net. And Emerson Greens there.And the
Emerson Green they were right on her.That’s the first time
they’ve blocked one of her tip attempts.
Line drive served. Dial that one up for a service
ace. It’s hard to get service aces
against outstanding defensive teams at this THELF. Riley Morgan the setter. Point Cedar Falls. That was a 6-point run for the
judging before Cedar Falls could win the ball back, and Cedar
Falls really needed to keep that from happening because they’re the ones that need to gain the
momentum so they can carry this into a fourth set and
potentially a fifth set.Coach Rinehart is right.They are in
the lead. They can stay the aggressors. The attack error benefits Cedar
Falls.Here’s Clapp.>>She has been serving at many of the runs that Cedar Falls has
had throughout this tournament. This is a good rotation for
Cedar Falls to score points. Really got a lot of separation
yesterday against Lindmar.>>I think we jinxed them.Their
arms are high.They’re kind of pushed over.They could be pushed
over more. But they still got the point. CHINGS one hard.It’s hard to be
a setter. It’s hard to be a setter on the
team.You need to set the ball three to four feet off the net.
That’s for a couple reasons.One so that your hitter can swing
through with their arm andnot hit the net.If you’re tight to
the net you can’t hit around the net.If
you’re off the net.So it’s good to be four feet off the net swinging with the ball. Brown with 13 kills.Overpass.
Golden opportunity.Tigers not able to get the pointthough.
Overpass. Brown 14th. Still counts as a touch.Attack
out-of-bounds. We’re past the halfway point.
Tigers lead by the slimmest of margins.This is what Cedar Falls
needs.What Ankeny Centennial needs is to stop this run right here, take control and end it in
three.>>Nice serve by Emma Wedgbury. She’s just a sophomore.
Centennial has looked very good in the first and second sets. Playing even with the tigers.
Slice and dice that one.They say it goes out-of-bounds.She cut it
but a little bit too much. 2-point lead for Cedar Falls wanting to keep the run going.
Centennial wins that battle above the net.Lively did a nice
job of staying above the ball and watched what
Yates and put it on the floor on the tigers side. Two of the taller players will
Yates a 6’5″ JUP.Lively a 6’3″ senior. You can’t teach or coach height.
>>That’s what we say.>>A lot of good options.Down
the line.We’re tied at 18-18.If I’m Ankeny Centennial right now we need to make hay while
Robinson is in the front row. Set her the ball every single
time and let her do something with it.It’s out-of-bounds. The JAGs on top. Knowing that the game is hanging
in the balance. The set just a little bit too
much.Just under the ball.>>Let’s go inside the Cedar
Falls huddle.If she goes big and early Devyn goes with her.>>
Take a pass here.Robinson DHASS the middle.Soc the middle.h the
middle.a the middle.s the middle.e the middle.s the
middle.So you can use them if you want.Understand is flying
away.court.They’re leaving the middle We’ve got a place to dump
on.Let’s go.Robinson chases the middle.She’s going with the
Cedar Fallsmiddle wherever they go.Then the middle court is open
for a dump.Green she could potentially have a nice spot for a dump here. Especially if Yates makes
herself noticeable.And the Robinson sticks with her.
Expecting the setter dump.Good call on both coaches parts. That was open and what Johnson
told her to do, and I’m sure in the other huddle that the jaguars. Two consecutive points
by Centennial since the time-out. JAGs are having a 2-point lead. Magner into the net.Died out.We
have to give credit Falls. regardless what happens to Cedar
This was a rebuilding year.They graduated six starters off last
year’s state championship team. The only people that thought
knew it was a rebuilding. They didn’t have game day
varsity experience.That’s right. They played state runners-up for
two years.This team has been building up every day in the
gym.>>20-21. 16 kills now dialed up by Akacia
Brown.Look at that extension.Are you kidding me?>>You basically
set it to the ceiling and let her go after it.
She’s got the go-go gadget arms to get up there.She has broad
shoulders.And the hang time too.>>Robinson writes an
inspiration messages on her hand in ink. Gets a semifinal quote from the Mohammed ALI. Whatever she wrote today is
helping her lead this Centennial.Centennial is so
close to sweeping the tigers. Brown with a chance to serve.
Nice serve. Almost a service ace.Here’s
Centennial.Back for attack for Sauer.Green keeps it alive. A little tip.Good rally. And a point goes to Centennial.
23-21.>>Winters did a really nice jobof going line.The line
was wide open and she hammered it.>>Again, any Iowa Hawkeye
basketball watching that’s James Winters daughter.James was there
when I was there.She got it. Sliced it.Good cut. Just gets it in. 23-22.Graves. Good up.Quick set. Denied and we have match point for the jaguars of KOOERGES.The
number 2 ranked Ankeny Centennial. 11 seniors on this team. yesterday.They defeated Iowa
Catholic Today undefeated Cedar Falls.And it’s down and in for
the tigers.And that’s a shot. Going down the line. And it’s down. And the Ankeny Centennial has won their third class 5A state
championship in three years.They played well.A historic season
for Cedar Falls and 46 wins.One loss. The tigers runners-up last year. The champions the year
runners-up as well.A great battle but Centennial had just a little bit more when it counted most when it came to the final. What do you feel it boiled down
to here, Barb.Basically anything Cedar Falls tried to do was
stopped by Ankeny. Even when they got on a run
before it could completely swing their way. They took it back.>>It’s incredible to see the
celebration because you know how much again looking at a broken bone in the leg year for Sauer. out.And then the pink T-shirts
come We’ll now honor both teams as well as the all tournament
here in just a moment. Overall for the match Ankeny
Centennial hitting .266.12 for Robinson.Brown had 16 kills.>>And Robinson hit .409. And then dig Cedar Falls actually outdug Centennial.And
Ankeny Centennial outblocked Cedar Falls 9-5.>>Jim beamer and Dion Cramer. Presenting awards to the 2018
class 5A all tournament team is John sandal regional manager for
Iowa farm bureau. Here is your 2018 class 5A all
tournament team. For Centennial Ari Winters. From Cedar Falls Emerson Green. From Lindmar megan Renner.From
west Des Moines valley Maddie cubic. From Ankeny Centennial Devyn Robinson. From Cedar Falls Akacia Brown. And your 2018 class 5A all tournament team captain, from Ankeny Centennial Kenna Sauer. Ankeny Centennial with three
members on the all tournament team.Sauer the captain joining Robinson and Winters.Lindmar
with Renner, and cubic on the all tournament team.I’d
take that team up against a division 1 team.That’s a great
all tournament team.>>Many going on to play at the next
level.A umbilical cord can of the juniors they’ll be back with
their teams in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We still get to hang out.Keep it
to Iowa public television all day long. We’ll have 4A, 3A, 2A, and 1A.
We’ll be here until 8:30 to 9:00.It’s a long day but it’s a
fun day. And the atmosphere is amazing.
Great job by our production to bring you the sights and the Friday.sounds of this
championship And now a chance to hand out two
team trophies. Your class 5A runner-up the Cedar Falls head coach Matthew
Johnson. And now, your 2018 class 5A
champions coach Jessica Rinehart and the jaguars from Ankeny Centennial.>>What a season for Ankeny
Centennial.Coming in as the number two ranked team.11
seniors.Ankeny Centennial head coach’s Jessica Rinehart I love
this team. This is a place where we play
our best volleyball.43 and 1 overall.This group has won three
championships in the last four years.They’ve won 4
championships in the last six years.They had to beat west Des
Moines valley yesterday to get here.I
think they thought once they got past that match they could
get past anybody.A championship last year. A runner this year.Runner-up two
years ago. Pretty solid performance from
Cedar Falls and Ankeny Centennial. Back with more championship volleyball from Cedar Rapids,
Iowa.Stay tuned for more here on IPTV. Funding for the Iowa Girls High
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School State Volleyball Championships. Fareway, proud to
care for the places we work and live.By Musco Lighting, the
sports lighting specialists, for you, your project and
providing lighting systems your community.♪ ♪ >>It’s time for state
championship volleyball.Iowa Public Television is proud to
bring you statewidecoverage of the class 4A state title game as today,
Dubuque Wahlert will take on the Saints of Cedar Rapids,
Xavier.I had, everyone, with Sandy Stewart this is BJ Schaben.>>It will be a great
match. legends.>>Dubuque Wahlert are
Most state titles in the history of Iowa. All-state junior in Carter,
committed to play at Kansas state.Very good team.>>She’s
phenomenal, jumps out of the gym, probably oneof the top
players, with a 35-inch vertical, she’ll be fun to watch
today.>>Now, for the Saints as street.they come marching down
the Seven trips to the state tournament, but first ever at
the state championship.Strong front line with Magill and
Jefferson and couple other good team Ball.
leaders, Yamilkoski and>> Through sophomores on theteam,
starting, hopefully they can keep their composure and have a
good showing in the first state finals.>>Now, let’s officially
meet these teams.Here’s today’s public address announcer, Tim>>
Welcome to the US Fitzpatrick. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for the 2018,
IGHSAU girls state volleyball 4A championship! Fans, please welcome to the floor, the waller Catholic
Golden Eagles.>>Here comes Dubuque Wahlert. Actually the fourth-seeded team,
coming into the state tournament, boy, they had a
great run.Look at the run.They have won eight straightmatches
coming into today’s title game with Xavier.>>Now,
please welcome Xavier Saints.>>And how about the Saints!?
Third straight aherence — appearance here.
They’re trying to make history to become the first team from
Cedar Rapids to win a state title in 10 years.>>A lot of
good hometown support first reading the Xavier Saints today.>>Fans, it’s now time to
introduce the players and coaches for today’s 4A championship match up. First up, Golden Eagles from
Dubuque Wahlert. 5, DOOER. 5 Roth, McDonald, Burke, 12, Norton 16, Rain Knapp, 17,
Lueken, number 19 Morgan Herrig. The assistant coaches, Chris
Lenart and Michelle Reidy.Now, here are your starters for the
Golden Eagles. Number 2, Aliyah Carter, 6, Perry,
number 8, Rachel Eddy.Number 11, Carolyn Conlon. And number 18, Lauren
Montgomery.Number 20, Morgan Montgomery. The libero number 10, Maddie
McCarron.Head coach for the Golden Eagles, Lindsey Beaves. Saints.Now let’s meet the Xavier
Number 2, Ashley Hinrichs, number 3, Mercedes Burger. Number 6 Ryann Ridder.Number 7,
Lindsey Winger. Number 9, Taylor Marlin.Number
13 Madison Rollinger. Number 17 Julia Shoger and
number 19, Rylee Beardsworth. Assistant coaches, Doug Palmer, Paul Desmond, Jenny Augustine and Cait Klenk.And the
starters for the Xavier Saints, Magill,
Jeffersen, number 11, Garrison. Number 14 Olivia Richards,
number 15, jasmine Yamilkoski and number 16 Emily
Jasper, your lobero number 10, Keera ball, head Filer.coach
for the Saints, AustinYour officials for the FA championship match, the first referee, Jay Grassley,
second, Megan Timmins, line judge O’Keeffe and All right.
Hartgrave.Who is ready for championship volleyball?>>The
US Cellular Center isrocking, from border to border, Iowa
Public Television has you covered for the Iowa high school
volleyball state championship. Let’s take a look at these
players, what are the keys for them?>>Just like the whole
season and two matches in the tournament, Carter, the outside hitter makes a big game.
She’s the go-too player, shewill off, they will STRUGer. The transition, overcome the
outside hitters for Xavier and transition to get that ball out
to Carter.>>Other side, what about Xavier?>>I mention would
in the pregame, three sophomores starting as the first time in
the state finals, composure will be a big thing here for the
Saints and aggressive serving. They come in, want most tough
serving team in the 4A, they will keep it up, totransition
away from Carter on the outside.>>The officials
checking everyone over for the starting lineup, Dubuque Wahlert
will be wearing white and royal blue, trimmed in gold. For the Xavier Saints, navy
uniforms and white numbers.You can see the intensity.They have
played against each other twice this season.Each team has a
victory but in a tournament where they played best of 3.This
is best of 5.We’re open ready to go.Xavier will get things
started with the third.Sandy you mentioned they’re aggressive, averaging 2.4 aces
per set. They lead the state with 236
aces.>>That system.The composure will come backto play
here in the match.You know, first time on the big stage,
hopefully they get in the game and play and forgivenet it is a championship
and just play. >>They set it up, Dubuque
Wahlert is going to scramble. cash in. Opportunity, Xavier
will>>Unforced errors on both sides.They’re getting their
bearings out there.>>It is interesting that both teams,
yesterday, both got their opening set in thesemifinals.
nice.They said they were a littleAny Dubuque Wahlert the
two-time defending state championship, rebuilding from
last year [indiscernible] that was saved as it was back door.They
found Magill, go to thecenter. Magill will put it down, and using all of her 6’5″ frame to
pound it down.Xavier has the first lead.>>You can see the
great coverage Dubuque Wahlert will have to do.They’re
outmanned at the net with the 6’5″ hitting there.
Magill, just being a sophomore. >>Tied it up.>>That was a
smart play there by Carter.Show can really slam that ball.A big
block over there.today. She will have to hit smart>>Dubuque
Wahlert will bring in the libero to serve.McCarron.That
one went long.Point for Dubuque Wahlert.>>Another error back
there.They have to wash that.A little hesitation, not enough
arm speed to bring that ball in.>>Magill swings harm, blocked
nicely.Here’s Carter.>>She’s getting a big jump.>>Magill is
such a force. Especially on the outside.>>Any
ball on top of the net, she will have it.The 6’5″ frame, getting
her hands out there and bring it back in the Court.>>Xavier
ended the regular season dropping two straight, but they
have rallied, obviously, to get to this point, winning four in a
row.At this point, knocked away. Dubuque Wahlert has gone through
a tough stretch.Lindsey Beaves about halfwaythrough the season
had to make decisions and changeupsin the lineups.They had
a stretch where they lost eight of 10 matches.Everybody said the
run is over.Dubuque Wahlert regrouped asthey always do and
right back in the thick of it.So is Magill.>>She will be
tough to stop. She’s so strong on the ball
handling.They will be out there on the height Xavier. >>Magill serve, handled by
McCarron, back to the middle. That one did get in.Lueken with
the kill.>>Beautiful set by Montgomery.Waller is a sophomore
setter.Trying to make them move, having the outside shoot set.>>
Carter with 24 kills, 10 digs, double-double in the semifinals against the top seed blutton yesterday.>>See
they go back to her — do they go to her?>>Yeah, the attack that is
deadly.>>She can do it from the front and back row. She’s their go-to player.She got
a great player with Carter there.>>We got a chance to
watch her one more year.She’s just a junior.>>This attack. Will be ruled out.Too much steam
from Richardswith Xavier.>>Got to get in a better position from
Xavier.That is a little bit out of the set area that you want.
Ends up in not too aggressive play.>>Saints can use a side
out.Got to work it here.Carter will pump it up.Will get it
right back.>>Little roll shot. Wasn’t quite there for a full
swing. >>This will be blocked out.
Xavier does get the side outthey needed.And now have to work it
on this end serving.>>Their number two hitter for Xavier is
Jefferson.She’s doing a nice job out there when Magill rotates to
the back row.>>When Xavier services, you can hear a pin drop in this
building.I think both sides are apprehensive to get in the game
just yet. >>A nice pass. Front line attack.That happens.
Jefferson gets it down.>>She’s 5’11”. And will get a much shorter
blocker, she can swing away. Little intensity there. She’s fired up. Opportunity here for hitter.The
craftiness of Yamilkoski.>> She’s a sophomore goes up, sets
the ball, a beautiful jump on the secondattack.She’s the
Dubuque Wahlert all-star.>> Three-point run by Xavier, to tie this one up.>>Nice block and coverage by Xavier.>>It is handled in
the backrow by Richards.>>A tight set, Jefferson handled it
well.>>A lot of the offense going through Carter right now
for Dubuque Wahlert.Here she is again.Gets it down.That’s why. Big side out for Anwar al-Awlaki>>She took a quick step
takeoff.Landed in front of the attack line. She’s top to stop wherever they
are.>>The opportunity here in this opening set, ball for
Wahlert.And that is going to be deflected out.>>
[Indiscernible] I believethere is a touch high off the block.
You can see she’s pushing that quick step out farther,the
blocker has to move.A touch tip of the block.The block is a
little late getting there. Conlin — Conlon gets the kill. Jefferson said I’m the go to,
she’s always here.>>She puts a nice pass up, gets the ball
right back.She’s something out of the back row.>>Another
three-point advantage for Wahlert >>XAEFR avier running the offense.>>
Seeing a double hit. >>Going back to Carter, pushing
it to the outside.So … A little mishandle there.today.>>
You missed it earlier In the 5A title day.Ankeny
scenario swept the previously unbeaten cedar falls
tigers, so they win another championship.As Xavier gets the
point here.>>A nice cut back there by Conlon, the number two attack
purpose for Wahlert.She missed the line. That was interesting .>>Got
that one.>>Controlling the middle.>>Very nice.The tallest
player there in the middle.6’1″ and a senior.She wants to lead
this team to a state title, no doubt.Tough
passing the ball here for Xavier.>>Conlon with the roll
shot. >>Nice slide attack.>>Now in the middle.That is in.>>Nice job, sophomore did a
great job getting that ball to Carter.>>So much talk about
Carterfrom Wahlert.Conlon, a huge influence as this one moves
on forward inthe first set. Now the largest lead for
Wahlert, by four. And Tyler, from Cedar Rapids Xavier said talk this over.Let’s
see what the head coach Lindsey Beaves is saying to her team. [Crowd noise]>>We need to make sure we’re
reading the defense.You have to run through the ball.Middle,
doing a good job getting off, continue to do that.Push points,
let’s go.Points.>>One thing I would mention the last transition, Conlon did
a good job, getting off the net, ready to attack.That is what she
reeninforced. Right now, Xavier is not in
system.Not ready to swing.Watch for them to be ready for the
roll.>>They’re getting caught off guard with the rotation. The big player, sophomore, a while.Eve Magill has been out
for >>One more rotate for her in
the front.>>Down by Montgomery. offense.
>>Great transition to Xavier has to find a way to get out of
this slump right now.>>A net violation called on
Wahlert.Xavier will get the point.Magill back in.Look at it
at the net.Oh, the hair!Conlon. >>The hair got it. Yeah.Oh.>>And a service error.
Against Xavier here.>>You want to go tough, butafter you are
lost, down five, you want to get momentum, get the serve in.The
composure is coming intoplay for Xavier.They have to settle down,
play their game.>>Here’s Magill.>>That is in the back
row there.>>Carter.Oh, dug out nicely by Magill again.
Jefferson.The big swing. That is just downhill for Eve
Magill. good defense.>>Morgan Montgomery playingGot the first,
couldn’t get the second.You will see Magill goes down the line,
that is the big success through the last couple matches, really
essentially in the line shot. [Indiscernible]. That is a killer, the coach, you shake your head, thinking
… >>Little bit of breathing room
here for Dubuque Wahlert.>> Nice pass.There you go.Great
pass.Good defense.>>Shot block. Magill in the middle.>>
Beautiful. >>6’5″, going up against 5’7″.
Magill wins it out for the side out.>>Great dig over there from
Wahlert.Wahlert does cover the Courtwell.Anything over the net
will be tough with the height advantage.>>Mercedes Burger.>>Pretty big pass. >>Deep line, no deflection.>>
Having some issues there.So if they can get that fromMagill,
see if she can do something with it. Magill, with a hitting error.>>
She is having trouble with those steps off the net.>>Lauren
Montgomery respectfortune cartser will take that one. — back to a five-point edge.>>
Good way to read the setter taking the ball over.Nice job
for the block.>>How about that, 10 kills for
the semifinals. >>Another 5’11”, another tall
player for the assistants and a senior.
Richards.>>They have still got Magill on the front row. >>An ace!>>Magill, that tall frame, has a nice extension on the serve.Good tournament for being
a sophomore.Plays good defense, too.>>Certainly does. Carter, dug out. — hava — Richards.>>You
could see she saw that coming. Nice shift to the open side,deep
back position.>>Yamilkoski known for her defense, but had a
good passto set that up.Here’s Montgomery, serving it up for
Carter. Still gets a kill! Nice right side attack, pretty
effective, anywhere on the Court, get the ball to her.Nice
35-inch vertical jump shehas.>>Carter will serve it.>>Good pass.>>Seeing our senior.Richards,
the little spark plug for the Saints doing nice work in the
front row.That deep right corner will be open.>>On this
rotation, this isa big moment here in this opening match for
Xavier, ifthey want to get back into it, Magill on the bench,
outwith the rotation. In their place is Burger.>>Dubuque Wahlert. >>Xavier finds the opening,
Emily Jasper. >>Small play by Jasper, knew
she had two big blockers, in the fourth position.Nice stop shot
there for thekill.>>We have a close game.>>Trying to wipe
out the five-point deficit a couple of times. Carter back on attack. Up and now over.Carter again.
Opportunity for Wahlert. And dug out nicely. Played at the net, this is
blocked back.Opportunity for Xavier, comeback to Jefferson.It
is out.deflection. Long, Jefferson wanted a>>That was a
great rally onboth sides.Not play on both sides.And they got
the swing.>>What do you think?>>That was close.>>McCarron
or not?>>Hard to see when it is that close.We don’t have the
replay option here in high school as we do in college
volleyball.But I believe it was out. >>And an ace big time for
Wahlert.Eddy serving that up.>>Xavier has to focus.They haven’t
been passing the ball that way. >>Xavier will burn their final
time-out here of the set, as this one, getting to the later stages go to the Xavier upon huddle and
hear what coach Filer is saying.>>Don’t worry about calling,
when she’s in the back row, score.They can’t win with her in
the bock row.We have to maximize that.Their middles will hit the
same spot over and over until you block them.You know where
they’re going.Don’t be weak minded, get infront, block them.
Make that tip, we’ll take that down.Right now, we need to fight
every single second.Don’t give up, cover, get a big swing.Let’s
go!>>Smart advice there to just really focus.When you don’t
pass the ball, it is a matter of focus.Focusing in, play every
second of the ball.And also, adjusting the block to a counterattack in the
angle that Wahlert has been hitting.>>Xavier has been — I
mean, that is their option, standing around, passing,
finding people that can swing hard.They lead the state by
averaging 12 kills per set. >>A little bit off with the pass there.>>That is ruled side out,
Xavier.>>Nice job there, Saint.>>Yamilkoski with the
serve, Carter, from the back row.>>Conlon shot handled.>>Nice
on the block.>>Conlon again. She’s halfway through the set,
and now once again. >>She’s the number two, go-to
player behind Carter and nice strong attack. Here’s Duehr.And a block in the
middle. Now Carter. What body control Aliyah Carter
has, just two points away from the opening set.They lead it by
four.>>Very impressed by DubuqueWahlert covering hitters,
keeping the ball in play, getting it up for Carter to do
something with it.>>Seven kills, Jefferson with a quick
pass.Carter again.Ace kill. >>Not having time to approach,
just a quick shot jump.She’s up in the air, with a phenomenal
arm swing to bring that ball down.Unbelievable.>>They’re all
running it through Montgomery, Lauryn has done a terrific job
setting them up.Carter can’t handle it.And Xavier gets a Garrison. much-needed point here
from >>Magill, that is an uphill
battle here.See if they can run up four straight to bring it into
overtime. >>Set point.>>Nice pass.>>
Conlon, shot, what a hammer! That’s it for the opening set, Dubuque Wahlert gets the
first set on their way to winning their third straight
state championship game.Take a look at this.>>Again, talking
about a beautiful pass, a quick transition.Conlon, number two
hitter onthe team, hits it away for the first set win, nice job
Wahlert taking the first set.>>25-20, Wahlert to beat Xavier
in the opening set.We have the second coming your way here in
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the conversations online with Iowa Public Television.♪♪ Follow us on Twitter.Connect
with us on all our social networks.>>My name is BJ
Schaben, we’re joined by John Sanboothe.
Thank you for sponsoring the championships, but this
tournament is special.>>It is glad to be part of this.Through
the partnership we give out grants, scholarships and awards
to keep it going. partners and that will>>You have been
long-term continue on for quite some time.Obviously very
meaningful, because you tie Iowa and therural economy, but all
the economies together when you look at all the players and how
it plays into the girls high school athletic union.>>These
girls show the ability to work hard, determination and love for
the community.Those traits are shared by Iowa farmers.That is
why we’re proud to be part of this.>>John, thank you for
your support.We have ourselves a good state championship scene
here.>>Yeah.>>Wahlert takes the opening set, and now they’ll serve it as
they switch sides as Xavier will set up Magill.She gets the
opening kill.So Xavier will start out in front. yesterday badly in the first>>
[Indiscernible] lost set and came back to win.They’re an up
and down team with the young team they have out there.>>We get into it.Carter! The 9th kill.>>Amazing for a junior.
One of the best players in the country.>>Attack percentage at
33%.Conlon hitting over 30. Xavier as a team hitting at 159, which is well below herseason average.>>They
need to have it a little tighter and inside.She’s tall enough to
do anything with that ball on top of the net.>>McCarron
serve.Here is Magill.McCarron able to snuff that one out. Some balance here by Xavier,come
back on this side.>>Nice recovery there for that tip shot.Carter blocked at
the net. Tough.>>Wahlert is right there.>>Got to hustle.And
Wahlert takes a 3-1 lead.>> Again, this nice scrambleon the
Wahlert side of the Court, keeping the ball in play.And
again, Carter for the kill.Nice roll shot.Xavier was in the
no-man’s land, weren’t at the net, not back far enough.Got
burned in that thing. Garrison.>>This will get down,
These two teams played rightat the end of the regular season. And which Wahlert won this —
won that match as part of the tournament, two-1.
>>Two good teams, little different philosophy in style,
with the all-around play with Wahlert and the big
player.The height advantage, Wahlert is younger, have the
experience here, settle downin the second set. >>Here’s Carter again.Dug out
by Jefferson. And Yamilkoski back to Jefferson
with the back row attack.In the middle.Magill making the
presence felt.>>The great cover.>>Not there.>>Carter
says I will ease up.>>The change up.>>What is happening
is thatthe ball is not going down.Great coverage, great
attention to get the ball out to Carter.>>A time-out taken here
by Xavier.4-2 our score.Go to the Wahlert huddle and hear from the head coach Beaves.
>>Five or six.So go one or go to four.Does that make sense?>>Yeah, yeah.>>Hey.Good job on
coverage. I think we are getting antsy when an offseter — libero sits
in six. We have cross corners. Let’s go.>>Good advice as to
where the open spots are.Libero.They have the
defense.Just a smart, smart offensive set, to know wherethe
openings are and what shots are available.>>Think about what
Wahlert is trying to accomplish. Trying to win a 20th state
title.Four head coaches that have won at least two or more
state championships.Lindsey Beaves is trying to win another
one.Former head coach Tom Keating has won 11.They have had
an Olympian.>>Caleb.>>With their resume.>>Look at that.
>>Victorious against Wahlert from September 18 to
October 13, the team has regrouped and regathered and coach Beaves has done an
unbelievable job directing the ship, with three starters return
from last year’s team.>> Exactly.As soon as you mix
things up, you have the right players to approach the right
team. A mishandle there by theSaints.
Interesting in the overpass.Look at the defense back there by the libero.You cane
stuck in the middle spot. It is [indiscernible] with the Saints a lot of good
memories of being a head coach. >>Quite an interesting note.
With the programming, 11 state championships you won at
Wahlert. Service error by Xavier they’re
showing flashes of unravelling quickly here.>>Little shaky.
Having trouble with composure.A few things.Keeping composure. The motto of the team is strive
together.I think they can pull together and get back into the
set here before it isthrown away by Wahlert. And third. Yamilkoski back to Jefferson.
Took some for them to get the side out.>>One of the seniors,
with the Saints, the roll shot.
Catching Wahlert.>>Score kills.And Carter with a smasher.
>>Great block. Got a hand on it, throw it down.>>How about that.Emma Duehr
getting involved with terrific passing with Lauryn Montgomery
right at the net.>>Good supporting cast withEmma Duehr.
swing.Big block, can’t really This defense will pull up, in it
unexpected like that. Another great serve. That is the backup attack.The
backup player.If you are above the net, that is a good call.>>
9-5.Largest lead here.>>Good pass. >>>>Again, Magill is out of
the lineup for Xavier, you can tell it is a different team.>>
Little miscommunication on the outside there.>>A hit, sign up,
Xavier.>>That was a little lower.A little miscommunication
between Montgomery and the hitter there.Conlon.>>Now Jefferson will serve. And a big block in the middle.
Power from Conlon.>>Montgomery and Conlon have a good
connection.They’re trying to move it out.Doing a good job
making the block.They’ve got to penetrate andget over the net.
Just a little bit late.>>And service error.>>Conlon, you
don’t see toomany from Wahlert. They’re one of the most
proficient serving teams here at the tournament.>>Oh, what a scramble.>>
Amazing.Jasper is their top server.a lift.>>And they’re
going to call>>Yeah.>>That was a little bit toomuch of a
kill.Good try.But when the ball is behind you and you redirect
the ball that much, it is a carry.Illegal hit there.That
Jasper, too bad, 11 aces in one match this year. Top server.To only get one
chance.>>The back-row attack. That one will get in for
Garrison.>>That is an open spot for Xavier.Position 5.Go in
the serving order.That position 5 will be open.Man-up defense,
good spot to take advantage of.>>Magill going to be calledfor
going into the net.>>Actually, over the net call.>>OK.>>But
since the center and front row, she has the rightto
set the ball.When the blocker reaches over to interfere, that
is an overreach. You can’t reach over on the second attack.>>Patience pays off.>>Hasn’t
really done a lot of damage yet. Maybe she’ll get going in the
second set.[Indiscernible].>> Seven kills so far today for
her.>>Nice scramble. Nice up there.>>Carter.>>And
they’re digging her better this step.And we’re going
to see a double hit called against Wahlert.>>And the
attack is a little low. Montgomery is trying to get
there, trying to push to a double hit.Trying to see if
there is a little close there. But … I think she’s doing a
good job keeping her eye on the ball handling.>>Lauryn
Montgomery is dishing it out.You hear sometimes in football, the quarterback slings
it around.You are seeing that today.>>It is a good look where the ball is, the blockers, aso
far more for Wahlert, she’s doing a great job there.>>
And that shot.>>A nice bump set, the hitter couldn’t quite
get the ball in. >>Morgan Montgomery, little
strong.>>After her sister.>> There we go.Lauryn and Morgan.
Didn’t quite have the connection there going.>>Carter from the
back row. A dig by Richards.>>Nice
recovery there by Xavier.>> Carter.>>Oh!>>Whatever could not get
square.Jasper was trying to rotate,but couldn’t find the
spot in time.Watch this.>>Nice swing, trying to stay out of the
net, couldn’t get her hands all the way on it. >>Jay state will get a goodone
in Carter.>>They have to wait.>>One more year.>>Nice
scramble, put the ball in play there.You have to
commend Wahlert for the block coverage.They’re right there to
pick up the block.>>Wahlert has taken Xavier out of their game
today, no question.>>Uh-huh. Trying to get a hit there.>>It
has been on the rotation and no Wahlert is getting strong at the
net, the timing is perfect.And the timing is so perfect that Xavier wants another
time-out.>>Beautiful block by Conlon, strong hands, Xavierhas
to be ready for the ballin the back.>>Let’s hear what they’re
saying with the Xavier Saints. >>You can do this.Right now,
you can win this set, but we have to do thosethings.Then, us
having better hitters comes out. Us having better setters comes
out.All of those things.The first thing is we need to cover
better and defend better.You can do it, you can do itin this set.
You can make it 1-1.But it has to be every single time, we
understand the severity of getting under, covering.OK?The
only reason they’re in this game is because they’redoing a better
job at that than we are right now. >>Very nice calm, collective
coach finer giving good tips.We talked about one of the keys to
this is court coverage and defensive transition for both
teams.To be able to pass the ball,get it up there and get the
ball to the outside strong hitter. >>Xavier leads the state
averaging about 11 assists per game, why are they so off today?
>>Wahlert is good. You have two good teams.ball.
Wahlert is controlling the A lot of unforced errors on Xavier
side, not playing their game. Start with the pass.Get a pass
going and run the offense.>>Looking for a
deflection,not getting one, side out.Wahlert, 16-11. little low.
>>Again, the set was a The hitter will know they can’t
swing full force on that. Keep the ball in play for
another point.>>Largest lead for the Golden Eagles. >>A good pass. Nice dig. Carter plays some defense, too.
>>And a quick tap.Handled by Wahlert.>>Wahlert, great court coverage. What a point being back and
forth.>>Oh, my gosh. >>Facial!Yamilkoski trying to
rally around that.>>Going after the ball.Wahlert is
waiting for the other team to make mistakes.>>Now Wahlert
serves with Eddy. This one going to be blockedout.
>>Nice set by Yamilkoski, in the middle, very effective.>>To the middle.How about
Conlon again, great save today for her.13 kills by Aliyah
Carter, five to start in the second set.It has been Conlon
taking upthe extra bonus points, if you will, for Wahlert.>>On
the quick attacks, it is set to the outside.>>What a swing!>>You know it
is going to hurt, right?>>You know it is going to hurt when it
comes down.>>That is amazing. To get a block on her in theback
court.They have to find a way to block her backward attack. The timing on that is the much
more difficult thing todo.You have to wait.Make adjustments
there and start to block her back there. Nice pass there by Magill.>>
They get the kill from Jefferson.Now it is rally time.
They have to hold the serve for a while here to get backinto it.
Down by as many as 7.>>She’s one of the seniors.That was a
nice kill.The right side attack has been effective.Magill had
some rough going line shots.They need to get her the ball to do
some work on that side.Rebound.>>Conlon gets it over.>>Little
out of sync there with the offense.Look at that
hustle. >>The point, Wahlert, and Carter, blocked back by>>Nice
job with the Magill. adjustment there.You have to block her out
ofthe back court.Nice timing. Excellent, nice defense and
adjustment there.You have to start blocking her back court
attack.>>See if that is a statement point or not. The rally for the Saints.
Accumulating points here pretty quick.>>Magill in the front
court, couple of nice points there with Xavier.>>And how about that?Lauryn
Montgomery. Said hey, I’ll beat you here.>>
Only 5’7″, but the fight is there, can’t quite close it,
beautiful swing between the block.>>Huge side out.>>And
Conlon, salivating over that one.>>And lost control on Xavier’s
side, having issuesthere.Having a hard time getting in the
offense.Great hook up there at the net by Wahlert.>>And a service
error.Keeps the Saints going in this one.>>Again, when you go
back there and you are a little out of breath, you tend to lose
your focus.Take a breath, focus, get the ball into play.>>A lot
of work to do for the Saints.>>A net violation
on It was tight.Wahlert.Over on the swing through.Break the net.
See that here.The big block up there, but you see — oops came
down across the net.Yep. Great camera work by our team.
>>That is in full effect, as the Saints have rattled off
three in a row.A six-point deficit down to 3.The largest
deficit in the set is seven points.>>Taking off the serve.
Wahlert is closer than they want.So … That’s a tough angle to hit.She
did it well.>>Carter finding it. The line.Attack.>>She has so
many shots in her arsenal. That is an amazing cup shot to
hit it off the 10-foot line.She takes what they give her, that’s for sure.>>Maddie
McCarron.>>Magill, handles well.Now a double hit.That one
rolled up the arm of Montgomery.>>That line chart, what was
really doing it for Magill yesterday.But Wahlert, adjusted
and had a great move, one mishandle on the set.Nice hard
swing longshot by Magill.She needs to get going. >>Carter served it
aggressively.>>[Indiscernible].>>Here’s Magill.Side out and
attack error.>>Little late getting thereto the goal.It has
to be a little higher. She’s trying to go, get a touch.
Thought she had one, but not quite.>>Two points away from
taking the second set. Dubuque Wahlert they would be one — checking
the substitutions.>>OK.Play on.Jay Grassley said move her
along.23-19, Wahlert, with the lead on the serve.>>Putting
that pass up where they need to.>>As she goes in so strong,one
of the big-time swings.Great to Montgomery for a beautiful set,
she could do wanted. anything with the ball she>>16 kills
during the second set.We’re at set point.Got to think about it,
got to tie this shoe.Like a batter
with two strikes on them.>> Make sure the shoes are tied.>>
Lauryn Montgomery, the sophomore, dishing it out. sophomore.>>Very composed for a
There’s a nice swing.>>What a dig by McCarron.>>Carter!Wahlert one set away
from winning the third state championship and 20th overall.
>>Some of the great fans that are here, with the packed
downtown Cedar Rapidswith Wahlert making the dripdown and
Xavier right here around the corner.Watch this last point.
Great court coverage by Wahlert. Phenomenal.And you can see
Carter swinging away.Textbook, McCarron, Montgomery, Carter,
deal closed.Back with the third set in amoment here on Iowa
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It was just a powerful>>These and other shows areavailable at
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formal educators and partner with families and informal
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learners to encourage engagement and retention.Contact
educational servicesto find out how IPTV can support learners of all ages.>>We are ready for the third
set, here from the US Cellular Center here in Cedar Rapids.With
Sandy Stewart, BJ Schaben here on Iowa Public Television.We
hope you are enjoying thelive coverage here in HD across the
state of Iowa.Not many people get this opportunity, but we do
at deliver to you.Iowa Public Television to The first couple
sets as we take a look at the highlights here, it has been about tapping and finding>>
Exactly.Carter. She’s been unstoppable.Right side, left
side, back court, the go-to player.Conlon a
great supporting cast member with phenomenal blocking, very
effective in the front-row attack as well.>>
Quite some noticeable differences between the two
teams.Aliyah Carter with 17 kills,hitting just about 32%. And Eve Magill, the star for
Cedar Rapids Xavier.She’s been held quiet, almost caught up in
the rotation.But it looks like Xavier is going to play their
normal way, Conlon comes up with the first point.>>Right, you
mentioned she’s been effective in thismatch as well with eight
kills hitting smart out of the middle.Moving things around,
good credit to Montgomery the setter to running a nice
offensive attack for Wahlert.>>The service error will tie this
one up.win this set. For Xavier, they’ve got to>>Right, now or
never. >>Took series to get here. You don’t get many chances out
of the finals.You have to take every advantage.Volleyball it is
3-5.A lot come out after being down to and somehow win 3.
Anything is possible at this point.Xavier needs to bring
their A + game at this point. The 5A title game, sen 10 —
centennial defeated cedar falls. You see McCarron dig it up.A
specialist at that.this up. Getting air is Carter, tying>>
That might have been one of the only errors.Little hesitant
coming in, timing wasn’t quite right onthat.Great defense by
Xavier to get that ball back over.>>Gets another run at it.
This one dug out of the backfield by Ball.Xavier.Give it
up.>>Nice scramble there.>> Magill has influence in this
game. They have to figure out how to use her.>>
She was killing the ball in the semifinal match. And you can see how she takes
advantage of her height.She should be all over that attack.
>>Jefferson.>>Nice control by Jeffersonon the back row.>>By
the way, this is Xavier’s first lead of the match.And they’re
adding to it.>>We’re talking about Magill on the outside
here.That line shot was really tournament.working well earlier
in the That she goes again.That is what they need more of.Keep
the ball tight and clamp down the line.Good coverage there. >>Good job by Yamilkoski.
Carter, tries to pound it.She found –>>Without an approach,
the caption happened really quick.She just jumps and swings.
Again, Xavier has to learn to stack up, get back on the
court.Play defense.Got caught in the middle there. >>Magill, not there with the
timing.Tied up at 4.>>Little miscommunication with the height
of the set, what the set will be. Start comun indicating —
communicating where she wants the ball.>>Taking something
off that is it Olivia Richards.>>Very
emotional player.A player that gets fired off.>>Nine kills so
far, 10, yesterday in the semifinals.>>Nice.>>Now
Xavier is getting it go.the offense.Yamilkoski is
controlling You can feel it. >>A nice bas from Magill inthe
back row.Beautiful second attack fromWahlert.Unusual to catch
them off guard, a nice option with the
second ball over. And Carter.>>A couple here in
the third set. Not in position for a good shot.
Tried to do a roll.Sometimes you have to take it in play. the
ball standing and keep>> Largest lead of the championship match for Xavier. Carter with the big swing!Side
out.>>On the middle, the right side player, flying around.You
can see her on the rightside, comes in front, even against the
triple block, able to get the ball over.[Audio
skipping].>>Xavier can do damage withher in the background
and block her if she’s attacking.>>And this will be blocked out, Olivia Richards.>>A
beautiful outside attack.Doing that all during the state
tournament taking the right side block and use it.>>Now back to serve is Richards.Carter.Man, Jefferson
will keep it up. >>Nice court coverage.>>Free
ball here.>>See where they go. Nice court coverage.Xavier is
making great adjustments on defense.>>Another opportunity,
Montgomery sets it up.And Duehr.>>Duehr only 5’8″. Nice on the right-hand side.Give
it to Montgomery the back set only a single blocker and took
advantage of it with Duehr with the set.Great camera angle
there.>>To Eddie. Now Jefferson.Attacker.>>Very
nice jump in there.The perfect set.Nice set by Yamilkoski.Needs
to keep the ball out there so the hitters can do
something with it.>>Yamilkoski, Montgomery, back
to courter. This one is long, almost as tiring here. if you know, Carter
is>>Maybe a little bit.There is the block up there,at least
she’s getting a block. Tried to go the opposite
direction.It worked. You see that beautiful hitter
coverage there.Nice pass.>>To the middle. Xavier will take that one with
Emily Jasper.>>You have a pass, you can run your offense.
Nice job, Xavier, making a statement in the third set.>>
Largest side in the championship match by five, Xavier Saints,
Wahlert taking a time-out. Go to their huddle. [Chatter] [Crowd noise]>>I don’t know why we decided
to veer away from the game plan, but it is notworking.We’re
catching everything high, not moving our feet.Side
out, and sidelines.>>I love it when the coach is a little
sarcastic.Like what happened to our game plan, go back to our
game plan.Pass the ball, hit our shots. A good time-out, to bring back.
them in, and get the passes>> My favorite, it took her a while
to get to the huddle, because she had to come up with
something.See if the point gets across.>>What happened to the
gameplan?>>it is working. [Laughter]>>Nice time-out.A
side out, stop the run there by the Saints.>>Ashley Hinrichs now in on
rotation. Bumps it up.>>Used two hands on
it, Yamilkoski.>>Trying to run under the ball.Tried to get her
a better pass to run the offense.A nice sophomore for
Xavier. A good future ahead of them here
with the young talent they have on the team.>>Conlon.>>Hesitation there on that.
Don’t know if it is a two-set, one set.You can see that there
is notouch on the block, they call a poor hit. No touch, nice call from the
officials.>>Wahlert on the rotation.Perry will now come in.
>>Beautiful serve. >>An ace going through for Jefferson. Xavier at the right
time for>>You will see Jefferson –Saints are one of
the best Certain of that. serving teams
in the state.>>Carter, from the back.Got the
reps needs. >>Almost need a double block.
Doing a single block.Giving her a block to hit around.Almost a
double block on her, wherever she’s hitting.
They’re picking on Magill, making her pass the ball.>>And
how about the strong shot by Garrison. >>Nice selection by Yamilkoski,
nice way to mix up the offense there.>>Burke will come in now
onthe rotation for Wahlert. Conlon.And it will be ruled out.
>>Trying to follow coach’s direction, that each corner was
there but a little bit strong.So it is going away right now for
the Saints.>>Six-point lead for Xavier. The largest of the entire match.
Great effort there by Magill, three-ball here, forWahlert, go
to Carter.>>Oh, that was crafty.They set it up with
Conlon and Carter.>>That is what you call a left-side cross.
The middle blocker to the outside, the outside to the
inside.It really mixes up the blockers. So that is a nice advanced set
there for Wahlert. It locks — it looks like.>>
Here’s Magill. >>Nice, they need more of that
for sure. >>Magill picking it up.Fifth
kill here of the set.>>Playing great defense.Serving well, a
little more in this match, only a sophomore, but certainly showing
her mettle out there.>> McCarron up to Carter.>>You
see they had three blockers on that.They’re going to have to
bring it in, because she’s still hitting inside the block.
Amazing.Nice attempted adjustment, trying to find a way
to slowher down at the net. >>Duehr back in the retation
for per — rotationfor Perry. He’s Magill.>>A nice attack,
being off the net.The setter did do the best to bump set the ball
to the outside.You can see the bump set, the height and arm
point. That is cross court skill.>>Jefferson.>>Nothing fancy.
Kept the ball in play.I love the way Jefferson is staying off the
net, to keepthe ball in front of her.She hit a couple of nice
line shots for kills.Much better showing for Xavier in this set.
>>They’re OK with swap and side out.They’ve got the largest lead here now at seven.That would be
ruled out.>>A little bit low. Jefferson a little too quickin
there.I love the defense by Magill, pass in and dig.For 6’5″
player, you have to love a player that plays back
and front row.>>Carter one of those. >>Nice by Yamilkoski to getthat
set.>>It will be ruled deflected as it went out.Side
out, Xavier.>>Nice hustle by the set.
Jefferson did a great job using the block on the outside.
Block and it counts. so.>>Emma Duehr didn’t think A slight,
even a little touch counts. So … nice job running downthe
ball there by Yamilkoski.>>Duehr.>>First time didn’t
work.Let’s try it again for the backside. Duehr.Second time worked for One
of the seniors on the Wahlert team.>>Conlon and Eddy back in
on the rotation.Eddy will serve it here for Wahlert.Fortune>>Nice serve there.Wow!>>Flip
it.>>Nice hustle in the back row.>>Ball going off it, but
guess what, double hit will be called here.>>Yeah.I wonder
how much coach Filer will let them get close or take a
time-out.Trying to keep the cushion so they don’t get too
close.Really need a side out to maintain that.Oh!>>Just hit the tape.>>That saved a time-out for
Xavier with the side out.>>And here’s Yamilkoski.>>Great pass.>>Carter, that
attack in the back row, which has been tough to stop for Xavier.
Jefferson, she’s getting it on. >>She is.She’s 5’11”, senior
outside hitter.Perfect swing. Great kill.>>Conlon in the middle.Dug out
by Ball.>>Ball has been doing a great job back there.I love
the lines person, moving so she can see where the ball is going.
Great job lines person.>> Jasper able to sneak thatone in,
after the great passfrom Yamilkoski.>>Really smart.This
is what we have been seeing the whole tournament,the way Xavier
is playing here in the third set. Oh, went off her face, that
counts.>>That will be long.Two points away from Xavier making a
statement that they’re back into this one.>>Phenomenal play by
Xavier.Good court coverage, better defense, smarter
attacking, looking good in the third set.Wahlert, unusually,
has beenunnerved and making unforced errors.>>Set point for Xavier.
As they try to rally behind this large contingent.Carter. >>Nice dig.>>Played up, now Duehr.>>
Wahlert — Xavier has done a great job, covering the Court, scrambling. See what they do with the ball
here.>>Got it!Xavier wins the third set.>>That was a
statement.25-14, Xavier is back.>>So we will go to the fourth
set.Xavier says no, no to Wahlert on the way to third
maybe not yet.straight championship, just We’ll see
what happens in the fourth set, when we return as the Saints
take the third set, 25-14.♪ ♪ >>Find your favorite programs
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800-779-7000.Thank you so much.♪ ♪ >>Join the conversations online
with Iowa Public Television.Follow us on
Facebook.♪ ♪ Connect with us on all our special networks.♪ ♪>>Xavier has a little bounce
to them.How about this, the third set.They take it 25-14. Very resilient bunch.Here we are
moving into the fourth set.We take a look at the highlights
back into the third set.Really the break away session happened
after this thing was tied up on four. With Xavier just on a huge run.
19-10, they outscored Wahlert down the stretch. >>You can see the big change. Magill came on strong.The Court
coverage was much improved. Jefferson is leading up there
with Magill.>>Magill with 11 kills here so far in this match.He had
stuck with them in the third set.Of course found
out she was in the Iowa Public Television and might have thrown
her out on the sepping — opening set.>>Got
to be ready.Smile had her face, that’s good.>>Now serving.As
Wahlert goes deep into their bench with Molly McDonald.>>Nice court coverage.
Nice block. starter.A hand on the ball from
the They’re right back on it.>>Magill.>>Nice transition.They’re going
to have to serve tough and serve in to keep Wahlert off balance here.
>>Jasper.>>They’re serving Carter,>>
Magill. make her work harder here.>>With the free ball
here.Too tight. Oh,.>>On the arms.>>It was
almost too easy.Yeah, she lost focus.And a nice, easy free
ball.Happy birthday to Wahlert. >>Used her arms and her legs on
that.>>Tough one, a nice free ball, can’t do something with
it.A point to the other team. Nice job to put it down.She
didn’t that left handed.>>Lueken will come back in. McCarron on the serve, a
terrific day defensively. That is outside on the save.
Garrison comes up with another kill.>>Nice job.One of the role
players there for the Saints doing here work.Getting side out
there, beautiful attack there, my — a>>Xavier trying to forcefifth
set, Wahlert has otherideas, especially with Aliyah Carter.23
kills.>>What amazes me is how farthe ball is off the net.Of
course, she’s 5’9″.But she gets up so high and can still really
crank the ball down into the Court forjust
5’9″. The ball well off the net soshe
can work with it.>>Magill, the sophomore is not patient.>>
Twice it is called on her.You cannot reach over the net,
interfere with the other team when they have a second play.You
have to go up straight.That is one of the hardest thing.
Especially the setter’s backrow, you don’t need to be upthere
when the setter is touching the ball, with a back row setter.>>
Big moment, free ball here for Xavier.>>Good support coverage.
>>Montgomery tried to dump it. Here’s Magill. >>Oh.>>Every point –>>There
–>>Now here’s Magill.>>Net
violation, Wahlert.>>Cedar Rapids Xavier with a
huge side out.Magill will come back to serve.>>Both teams
need to just settle down, play their game.They’re both really
good teams.See which one wants it more.>>And ace!>>Ha-ha-ha!>>Magill, with the kill, ace
serve from the back, front court, back court. Nice serve, nice touch.>>
Carter!Lurking!Aliyah Carter.>>They bring her around from the
right side, the right side position.She will swing around,
hit from the three position, really tough to keep an eye on
her. She is an amazing athlete.>>
Unbelievable vertical. And coordination for Aliyah
Carter. on Yamilkoski. Now this is
lifting called>>Good call.It can get a little sloppy.Glad
they’re keeping it clean. When your hand is behind youlike
that, little too much.Little higher.She really redirected the
ball. >>Richards, brought back by
Lueken.>>See that block again. Richards have been effectiveout
there.Got her that time.Ball was low, block took care of it.>>
Three-point run by Wahlert leads to a Xavier
time-out.Go to the Wahlert huddle.>>Yeah, yeah, make an
aggressive move.>>You are leaning this way,you have to
move that way, to be balanced. Hey, keep forcing that services,
make aggressive moves on defense, especiallywhen the
setter is on the front row, identify.Assume the exist on the
block.Let’s go! >>Nice few reminders.Yamilkoski
does like to takethe second ball lower.We need to know where
she’s at and ready for the second ball. Nice advice to the libero and be
on the Court and makea quicker move to the ball.Nice recovery
by Wahlert coming out with the lead in the fourth set. >>Carter with the ace.Dangerous
territory now for Xavier.Down by 4.Even though it is the early
goings of the fourth set, Wahlert has shown that they can
go on big runs. >>There is a good pass.>>Nice pass, hitting error.
Richards a good competitor, but a little long.>>Five-point run
now after this was tied up at 4.>>Oh!>>
Oh!Everything is going Wahlert’s way.>>Again, there is some great coaching there.You can see
McCarron listening to her coach, backanything.on the Court, ready
for Gets the kill.I love when a libero can keep it in play and finds an
empty spot on the other side.>>To somebody else, all you.We
expect you all year to dothis without a coaching staff.We will
cheer beyond belief for you right now.You go make the play,
you gomake the memory right now. Let’s go!>>I love that.You
know, you do have to take huge time-outs when youare really
struggling.We’ll see if there is leadership on the Court, even
though three sophomoresare out there.Senior leadership needs to
come in strong.They’re the ones focused on the Court, because
they’re out of time-outs. >>Down by 10. Carter will serve.>>You see they were ready for
the second ball over.>>Yamilkoski over to Jefferson.
And that is a huge –>>They really need to stop the bleeding
here and get a point.You can’t get it from your senior.See
Jefferson with the nice attack to stop the run. >>Now Richards. >>Tough serve see what theycan
do with the free ball.>> Jefferson again with the strong
swing.That is deflected out.>> Started with the free ball and
tough serve.senior.Jefferson came to play, the This is her
last match. This outside attempt.Another
nice pass.>>That will be a side out,
Wahlert.>>Little miscommunication on the defense
there. We had player trying to cover over the deep back.Look at
the great turnout from Dubuque Wahlert, love to see the
students here andall the support the players get here.>>Wahlert has been
here so many times they can coordinate their fan base between the blue row, yellowrow.
Nothing less than spectacular when you see their student
section here.>>Exactly.>> They are exerting their force
out here in this fourth set. They’re saying we want to take
our 20th home.Doing a great job here with serving, good court
coverage, great offensive transition.>>So here’s the
shot.And the Saints will get Jefferson going again for the side out.A five point game.
>>Jefferson, opposite in the lineup of Magill, two outside
hitters, both have to have a big game here in the fourth to get
back into the match.>>Here’s Duehr.>>Nice scramble.>>Blocked
back, now put over.Free ball opportunity. Coming back at you for the
Saints.>>Good court coverage. Little tight.>>And it was a
double hit against Wahlert.>> Right, but she’s a back-row
setter, can’t jump up and hit it over.A tight set.Those are a
little hard to handle.>>And that is just long.Carter thought
about it, butthen peeled away. >>Right.Good court awareness of
where you are.>>There is the student section.Yellow, blue
line, yellow.Very coordinated. And looks good on Iowa Public
Television.>>Yeah.Jefferson has come to play.Three or four
kills here in the last rotation. Now Magill back up there.>>
Score is back within four.Here’s Jefferson.>>One of the top
performers here this year.>>Jefferson
could not stop that one.Side out Wahlert.>>Again, senior Morgan
Montgomery only 5’7″, but running a quick attack out for
her.The block is late getting there for the Saints.Got to get
up there, bigger blockers, little late, not too strong to
get over the net.>>Wahlert serving here withMolly McDonald.
>>Nice pass.>>Magill. >>More off the net.Great
hustle, great coverage.Whoa! >>And a hard-earned point Ball
and others with the hustle for Xavier to make itinto a point,
for a four-point game.>>You want to keep the rotation with
Magill up there.Again, didn’t know who would get the ball, who was there.>>
Sometimes as the match wears on, you can get unforced errors.back
to Carter. You get it going again, go>>She’s not tired.
They’ve been trying to pick had her, make her pass, make her serve receive.You have seen
Magill is going in for a tip, that shot
over there, where the right side player could be
playing defense there.>> Magill, hitting errors.It is a
six-point game again. >>Again, Saints are out of
time-outs.They have to fight. Get the ball to Magill, the t go-to player here.>>The ace!
McCarron.>>One of the seniors for Wahlert.A 5’2″ libero. Great plays, a key ace serve.
Tough.>>That one going to be long.>>Again, they’re having
trouble getting that ball high enough and tight enoughwith it.
for Magill to do something She’s trying her best for that. their
bench.>>And now the Saints go to>>Trying to slow things
down, out of time-outs.A substitution to mix thingsup a
little bit.>>Julia Shoger will come in.Here’s Magill.>>Nice control by Magill.>>And a lift will be called
against Wahlert. A side out for the Saints.>>A
little carry there.Close call. That is a good call.Oh, yeah.She
held on to that ball, you can see.She brought the hand back
and forward.>>Too much control. >>Little break for Xavier,
yeah, exactly.>>The Saints serve it with Burger.>>Like
palming the ball in basketball, you can’t reallydo that. >>Now, Magill, dug up by
McCarron. Montgomery to Carter.And this
one is blocked by Lueken.>> They’re making Magill work.She’s
got to pass it and tryto get back and hit.That is really hard
to do. She just didn’t have any kind of
momentum or point toget up there.Nice job by Wahlert with
theblock.Smart play there to make herdo extra work.>>Think
about the turnaround in the season for
Wahlert, block out, side out, Magill will serve.They lost 8 of
10 matches for about a month. They were struggling.Carter was
banged up, they were able to right the ship,rally, come back. Beat the top-seeded team
yesterday.In the semifinals. Today, rolling right along with
Carter and company.>>Really good game plan.You know they
will go to Carter.They moved her around to get her around the big block. Kudos to the stuff for PRT
putting together a game plan for Carter to still be effective
against a big line.>>Ball with the dig.>>Good
coverage on both sides.That was a nice roll shot.I have seen
Xavier get caught in no-man’s land.They’re not back and not at
the net.You can block or way off the Court play defense. Montgomery.
>>The intensity by Lauryn Her passing today has been nothing
short of electric.And another ace.Three points away from the
third straight championship.The second ace of the day for
Carter.>>She’s effective, all the way around.Just a great
athlete. Nice pass, nice bump set.>>
Jefferson.What a shot.Senior, trying to rally her team.>>
She’s done a great job her.Very effective with the different
shots in the frontcourt. Nice kill shot there by
Jefferson.Trying to keep them in. >>The service error!>>Well, it will be a tough,
tough road here.Anything is possible in volleyball.But a
tough way to come backwhen you have to score basically 12
straight points — or 10 straight points to even tie it
to force it into an overtime. Great court coverage, again,nice
–>>The fister by Conlon.
Jefferson.Carter with the dig. Duehr.>>They run it quick –>>
Terrific defense.New Duehr with the placement.>>Jefferson has
been doing there.nice work on the outside >>Carter.>>Championship point
comingup.>>When all else fails, bumpthat to Carter in the
back row and she will take care of it.>>One of the seventh
kills today for Aliyah Carter. Wahlert touching their third
straight championship.Aliyah Carter has been a part of all the these runs.
Jefferson, not done yet.>>Nice show of fight there by the Saints.A beautiful touch
shot therefor the kill.>>Still a championship point. Here’s class 4A Jasmine
Yamilkoski.A lot of work to do. And it will end it.Wahlert is
the 4A champion! [Cheers] >>What a history for Dubuque
Wahlert as they downed Cedar Rapids Xavier here in the 4A
championship game.>>Phenomenal match.Knew it would be touch.
Xavier had a great third set, but Wahlert was just too much
tonight.Great senior leadership. Phenomenal game plan, they just
executed and got their 20th state championship.Amazing.
Congratulations.To the Wahlert eagles.>>The keep looking on,
on this championship point.Oh, yes!>>Got to love that.Kind of
coming from the middle of the season when who knew where they
would end up, losing eight matches, 12 losses coming in.
Great way to pull together as a coaching staff and pullit
off again this year.>>Wahlert the 20th state championship,
which is the most in the state by a school.For Xavier, we know
there isheartache on that side. Today, it was Wahlert’s day here in the 4A title game.>>
For Xavier we talked about composure, three sophomores.
Magill back next year, Yamilkoski back next year.They
have a bright future ahead.Only see bright things aheadfor the
Xavier Saints.Tough loss today. Kudos to Wahlert for pulling it out and showing their meddle
today for a state championship team. >>Gary zinna grin.Presenting
awards to the class 4A all-tournament Farm Bureau.team, John Sanboothe
for Ladies and gentlemen, here is the 4A tournament team. From caply, Carolyn Conlon. From Xavier Akeela Jefferson! From Dallas center rights, Catlin Knutson. From sergeant bluff luton Kensey
Foley.From independence, Madison Larson. From Xavier Catholic Eve Magill. And your 2018 class 4A
all-tournament team captain, from Wahlert Catholic, Aliyah
Carter! [Cheers] all-tournament team captain>>
So Aliyah Carter, the year.for the second straight Did it as a
sophomore now asa junior. What a group there with Conlon.
Kinsey Foley, Madison Larson, Magill of Xavier and of course Aliyah Carter. 16 kills, a double-do you believe — double-double.>>Two well-qualified teams get
here.We might see them again herenext year in the finals.
Congratulations to Carter and all the nominee winners today.>>
Xavier Catholic and head coach Austin Filer. And now presenting your 2018 class 4A champions, coach
Lindsey Beaves and the Golden Eagles from Wahlert Catholic! [Cheers and applause]>>The Wahlerts again winning
their 20th state championship in high school volleyball. Their third straight here. Unbelievable job and how to
rally around after struggling halfway through the season.>>
Amazing. Kudos. I give it to the way they have a postgame ceremony.
Honoring all the girls.Coach Beaves has three statetitles, we
might see her next year with Carter back, setter back and who
knows might be playing Xavier again with their key players back as well.>>So our class 4A
state championship game is over. Centennial won the 5A, it is
Wahlert in class 4A.Coming up next as you have seen, the final
line score.Wahlert takes the first two sets, drops the third,
wins it in the fourth, big fashion, 25-14. Coming up next.3A.That is
underway here in a few moments. For Sandy Stewart, BJ Schaben
saying so long untilthe 2A title games as you are watching the
girls statevolleyball championship here on Iowa Public
Television.Funding for the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union
Volleyball Championships is Iowa Farm Bureau Girls Stateprovided
by — The path to greatness starts early. The Iowa Farm
Bureau believes inIowa’s youth and their pursuit of greatness.
That’swhy we’re proud to be the title sponsor of the Iowa Girls
High School Athletic Union. Each student’s effortis important and
when one rises we all rise to a better
Iowa. Fareway, along with Nabisco, Frito Lay and Sara Lee
is a proud sponsor of the Iowa Girls Sports Championships. We
congratulate all the schoolsand student athletes participating
in this year’sGirls High School State Volleyball Championships.
Fareway, proud to care for the places we work and live.By
Musco Lighting, the sports lighting specialists,providing
lighting systems for you, your project and your community.>>Funding for the Iowa Girls
High School Athletic Union Iowa Farm Bureau Girls State
Volleyball Championships is provided by — The path to
greatness starts early. The Iowa Farm Bureau believes inIowa’s
youth and their pursuit of greatness. That’s why we’re
proud to be thetitle sponsor of the Iowa Girls High School
Athletic Union. Each student’s effort is important and when one
rises, weall rise to a better Iowa. Fareway, along with
Nabisco, Frito Lay and Sara Lee is a proud sponsor of the Iowa
Girls Sports Championships. We congratulate all the schools and
student athletes participating in this year’s Girls High School
State Volleyball Championships. Fareway, proud to care for the
places we work and live. By Musco Lighting, the sports
lighting specialists, providing lighting systems for you, your project and your community.>>Eric: Championship coverage live from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, continues from the 2018 girls
volleyball championships.We have handed out trophies already and now it is Class 3A
as the Kuemper Catholic Knights, ranked number one all season
long take on the second ranked Tipton Tigers who return their
entire starting line-up from team.last year’s state
tournament Greetings.Eric Braley and Barbara Randall.Welcome back
to the broadcast.This will be a great match-up.>>Barbara: It
will be fun to watch.This is Tipton’s first time to the state finals and Kuemper was
ousted earlier than they wanted to be last year.Should be a
little bit of a chance for revenge.>>Eric: Let’s take a
look at Tipton.Last year their first ever trip to the state
tournament and theymade a great growth from last year to this year setting school
records for match and set victories in a season. They have some players that can
play.>>Barbara: I love Sommer Daniel.She has great court
awareness and great control over the ball.>>Eric: Kuemper, 44-1 overall.
That’s a lot of pressure when you are ranked number one
preseason and each and every night you got to bring it.Now
they have a chance to really prove to everyone they are the
number one ranked team.>> Barbara: And they expected tobe
in this match last year and were beaten in the semifinals.It will
be interesting to see ifAimee Adams can lead her team to a state championship this year.
>>Eric: Ready for the team intros with public address
announcer Rick Blackwell.Will call the teams out with smoke
and fire and energy as we get set for this 3A match-up.>>
Announcer: 2018 Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union girlsClass
3A State Volleyball championship match. Fans, please welcome to the
floor the Tipton Tigers! [Applause]>>Eric: Tipton comes in here, they are a little deer in the
headlights look. Last year it was their first
3-0.time here and they got swept year.It is a different feel this
>>Barbara: Absolutely.>>Eric: Kuemper has been here before. Many, many, many times.But
they’re on a mission.one of the season.Number one from the start
day They want to finish number one the last day of the season here
>>Barbara: And they should today.probably get it done. They have the offensive power.>>
Announcer: It is now time to introduce the players and coaches in today’s championship
match-up.First for the Tipton Tigers.Number two, Hailey
Stewart! Number three, Alex Hoffman, number five, Bailey Schmidt,
number eight, Madison O’Leary, number ten, Emily Hermsen,
number 11, Grace Nichols, number 14, Ashlynn Downs, number 17, Kelley Leiser, the assistant
coach is Amanda Vollbrecht and Jen Johnson. Now for your starters!Number
four, Sommer Daniel! Number six, Amanda Smith, number
nine, Jamie Kofron, number 12, Laken Hermiston, number 13, Blake Ehler, number 15, Kamryn
Chapman, the libero is number one, Karlee Kamberling and the head coach is Amy Calonder!Now
let’s meet the Kuemper Catholic Knights. Number one, Kenya Trausch,
number six, Brooklyn Bakke, number seven, Elise Janson, number ten, Amber Mohr, Alli
Mertz, Mariah Naberhaus, the assistant coaches are John
Wagner, Nicole Martin, Morgan Molak and Laurie Bueltel. Now for your starters. Number two, Aimee Adams, number three, Grace Molak, number four, Anna Niehaus, number five, Courtney Schenkelberg, number nine, Kara Peter, number 13,
Maci Overmohle. The libero is number 11, Mallory
Badding.Pardon me ladies and gentlemen. Her number is 19.And the head
coach is Keith Stickrod.Let’s meet your officials for
tonight’s game.The first referee is Shawn Petersen, the second referee is Stuart Dusenberry, line judges, Jodie Prescott.Wielenga and Kent
>>Eric: Let’s take a look at the keys to the match.Tipton
coming in as number two.>> Barbara: They need to do a good
job serving.They need to make sure that Kuemper can’t get to
their strengths and their right side and middle hitters.They
need to stay aggressive offensively and they have done a
tournament so far.great job of that this They go up and they
are still tipping.hitting when other teams are So, they need to
keep that goingthrough this match.>>Eric: Kuemper has been
dominant this year.What’s it going to take to seal the deal?
The cherry on top, the championship trophy?>>Barbara:
They need to pass nails because their strengths are in the
middle and on the right side.And you can only set those hitters
if you’re passing well.So, they need to pass and put the ball on the setter set. And they need to stay steady.
Tipton will push them and they may not be used to that.They
just need to stay steady and stay with the game plan.>>Eric: The stage is set. Dons.Kuemper beat
Clarion-Goldfield They had to battle and defeat a very good
Osage team yesterday in the semifinals.Winning that fifth
set 15-13. For Tipton if the quarterfinals
they beat New Hampshire ton 3-1. They were down and had to battle
back and win that one.In the semifinals they took careof a
Mount Vernon team 3-1 yesterday. These are the two top teams in
Class 3A and why not do battle here live in front of everyone
watching on Iowa Public Television for a chance to claim
champion or runner-up. difference.>>Barbara: And there
is a big For the rest of your life, if you end up in that
runner-up position, that’s all you remember and it’s a little
bit of a bitter memory.>>Eric: Speaking from experience, Barb?
[Laughter]>>Barbara: Yes, I am.>>Eric: First serve and we
are under way.Tipton will wear the white celebrating, it is the Kuemper
uniforms and in red and yellow, Catholic Knights of Carroll.1-0
the Knights.And a quick side-out.Serve by Overmohle,
5’9″ senior setter. out of bounds.Blocked at the net
but tooled High flying in, Sommer Daniel.We will call her
name a lot. The junior has committed to play
volleyball at Utah. Listed at 5’9″. Aces across the board.1-1 here
in the first.Over the block. Working near side. Kuemper has options. Tipton gets a good swing. Good rally here. Patient, patient on both sides of the net.And it ends with the
two contactlift call against Tipton.>>Barbara: That’s a good
rally and if that’s any indication of what we are going
to see this afternoon, it should be a fun match.>>Eric: It is
not just a bump, set, kill.It’s long rallies and that’s what you expect in the Another
point.championship match.It is 2-2 now.>>Barbara: We will see
a lot ofthat from Tipton.They like to set a quick set to
Sommer Daniel.On that play she probably shouldhave taken a
swing at it becauseshe had the line wide open and she may have
taken someone’s head off if she would have swung at that ball.>>Eric: Here’s
Kaufman with theserve. Good pass — Hoffman with the
Good pass.serve.Nice set.The student sections are going wild
trying to do everybody thistheir power to They are on theirstate
l.fellow classmates to a state Here’s a look at the re– title.
Here’s a look at the replay. Smoked it down in the corner!
Perfect placement.Tipton looking reallied go.>>Barbara: One of
the keys for Tipton is, you know, play that back part of the
court because everybody tends to get sucked inand so if you hit
the ball into those deep corners, you’re goingto have to
set.I guess that would be a key for anybody playing volleyball.
Not just Tipton.>>Eric: More than one player getting involved
here for Tipton, though.The run continues.Now leading by three. first Very early stages of this set. Kuemper to the outside.Through
the block and down for the point.Good look at Courtney
Schenkelberg, 5’11” senior outside hitter. That’s her first kill and with the side-out, Anna Niehaus back to serve.>>
Barbara: They play different positions.But Coach Stickrod has
put them opposite each other and the reason I think that he’s
done that is so that he always has one of his big guns in the front
row.>>Eric: They try and go as fastas humanly possible.Talking
with their coach, I saidwhat’s the deal with the offense?He’s
like we just try to push it, quick tempo and obviously the
faster the offense, the lesstime the defense has to recover and
get set up defensively.>> Barbara: And that will leave
wide open hits just like Adams had a minute ago.>>Eric: Got
the point.6-4 Tigers.>>Barbara: Smart tip.It looked
like maybe that’s Tipton’s game plan.Even though it is in the
name oftheir school, that doesn’t have to be in their game
plan.But the hitters have come out tipping and I don’t know if
that’s game plan or nerves.We’ll see.>>Eric: No tip on that attack. second kill.A good swing and
that’s her That’s the thing. Tipping works very effectively
because everyone is expecting a big spike like that.But if you
continue to tip, thenthe defense is going to adjust and the tips
just aren’t going to work.>> Barbara: Absolutely. after you have been hammering
The most effective tip happens and hammering.Get the defense
back on their heels and then you tip and the defense is stuck and
they can’t move forward.>>Eric: Fine start to this Class 3A
championship.Hermiston behind the service line for the Tipton
Tigers. 5’5″ senior defensive
specialist.Good serve. Through the block. Unable to convert on the
overpass.Knocked down for the kill! I wasn’t sure because there were
two blockers there, full extension.But somehow that ball
got through and down for the point.>>Barbara: Well we can tell you
why it got through because arms were straight up versus being
pushed over the net.If those arms would have been pushed over the net, the ball
would have stayed on Kuemper’s side.>>Eric: Aimee Adams, the
leader row.on this team serving in the
backLook at that defense.That back row for Tipton.Good hustle. Have to hit it over.kill.And it
will result in a Tigers’>> Barbara: I think we have
discovered one thing.Tipton certainly isn’t afraid ofthis
stage.>>Eric: No doubt about it.>>Barbara: It may be the
first loving it.time they are here, but they’re>>Eric:
Tipton last year first trip to the state tournament. Coach said last year was big.The
players, the coaches even were really wide-eyed, taking
everything in. Had no idea what to expect.And
that quarterfinal match wentso fast. It was a 3-0 sweep. She tried to call a couple of
time-outs but in the blink of an eye it seemed like it took five
minutes.They had all offseason and this season to prepare to
get back tothe stage.>>Barbara: That’s one of the reasons I
think coaches should bring their young teams here.The junior
high, middle school aged teams so they get an idea what this
atmosphere is like.I tell everybody this is one of the
best kept secrets in the state of Iowa.The atmosphere here
during the normal week, there are two coaches — two courts
that go the opposite way of this court.
And then for the Friday big day, they turn the court and have one
court and it is just unbelievable to believe in an
atmosphere like this.>>Eric: We try and bring you the sights,
the sounds, the energy of what’s taking place live in front of us
here on yourTV screen.But it is hard to capture it allunless you
are here.>>Barbara: It is.>>It is hard to capture if you are in
the stands as opposed to playing on the court.Everything is
magnified because this is the final volleyball match for 2018
for Class 3A.What a quick moving play.>>Barbara: That’s what
makes her so good.She is up in the air ready for the ball,
waiting for it right between the blockers’ hands. Nice job being up early, Kara.>>Eric: That ball is set tight
to the net.Good athletic play to stay out of the net and move it
over.Better swing on that attack and it is down for a kill.>>
Barbara: You can expect Daniel to do a lot of that kind
of thing.She is only 5’9″, which is a little bit undersized for
the type of player she is.But she gets kills because she has
such good ball control.She can tip anywhere she wants.She can
roll shot anywhere she wants and she can use blockers’ hands
whenever she wants to and that makes her pretty hard to
stop.>>Eric: That one sails out of bounds.Sommer Daniel leading
all players with four kills on nine attempts. Just a tad under the .500 attack
percentage.Very balanced offense for Kuemper Catholic.No one with
more than two kills so far. Still the early stages of this Wow!opening set of the Class 3A
championships.That’s a tough play to make.You love that
lefty, Aimee Adams.the right side.>>Barbara: I love the
lefty on Everybody who listens should know that.But Aimee Adams
is one of their go-to hitters so she’s going to get a lot of
sets.And when Tipton doesn’t put a block up on her, she’s going
to get a lot of kills.>>Eric: Adams, 372 kills in theregular
season. Averaging nearly four kills per
set. All knotted up at 11-11 here in the first. Kara Peter, the 6’3″ junior
middle blocker.Into the net. Service error and the Tigers get
the point here. Well, talking about Tipton,
their team motto is the best is yet to come and that’s something
they decided in the offseason. Printed T-shirts.They lived that
motto each and believed this year would be the every day and
they truly best ever.And it already has been!Regardless if
they win today or not.>> Barbara: Yep.>>Eric: Most set
victories.Most match victories and advancing all the way to the
championship game.Something tells me they are not just
content yet.>>Barbara: And they have sever underclassmen on
their team.Once they get a taste of this, those underclassmen will lead
for next year trying to get back here again.>>Eric: Into the
net. Attack error makes it a
one-point ball game in the first set.Barb, you live here in Cedar
Rapids and you see what this state championship does for this
city each and every time.The hotels are filled.Parking
garages are filled.>>Barbara: The traffic is The restaurants
are filled.crazy.>>Eric: Because the state of Iowa comes
to Cedar Rapids much like going on in Cedar Falls
with the high school football championship much like boys and
girls basketball and wrestling. What do you love about the fact
that your community that you live in gets to host this?>>
Barbara: One of the things isit makes it really easy for me.I
come here every day and watch almost every match.So, that
makes it easy.But it does really help the economy. It brings a lot of people into
the community and the things that the Cedar Rapids has done
since the 2008 flood has been tremendous.So, now people are
getting to see some of the neat things thatwe get to see on a
daily basis.>>Eric: I like the beautiful placement there.
Grabbing that back line. Take a look and see just how
close this ball was.Just inside.>>Barbara: But where did it
land?>>Eric: In the golden corner which is exactly you, former D-I
There’s a service error.coach.We have seen a couple of those.
Let’s see if a couple of those errors will come back to haunt
the Knights as they trail by just a couple of points. No team has taken a time-out as
we are just past the halfway point of the first set.Kuemper.
Keith Stickrod in his tenth year 291 wins.of coaching.Just 61
losses.>>Barbara: Double contact
called on that set.>>Eric: That is a look at CoachStickrod. They finished second place in
the Hawkeye ten conference.They went 9-1 in conference play.
Their only loss to Council Bluffs. They get the point there.45-1
overall because of good blocking just like this, Barb.
exactly jump at the same time, >>Barbara: Well, they didn’t
but when you jump doesn’t matter as long as your arms are up
pushed over the net.there at the same time and>>Eric: Good
swing.Better block. Quickly back to Kuemper’s side
of the net.Free ball over the net to Tipton.In system. Got it through for the point.
Well, this is going to be decided by just a couple of
points because no team has been able to go on a run so far here.
>>Barbara: No.There haven’t been any real runs.There have
been points of three scored but nothing more than that. And so, it will be — it should be a tight first set.>>Eric: Tipped. A little give-and-go down the
line.Antenna is waving and when that is waving, that means the
ball hit it. That means point for Kuemper.>>
Barbara: And that antenna is lined up with the outside of the
boundary line.If the ball crosses the net touches the antenna, it is
outside of the antenna or considered out of bounds.>>
Eric: Not the best pass and real athletic set.And it results in
the kill.Barb, she was almost in the net,Sommer Daniel, and was
able to play.contort her body to keep it in>>Barbara: I think
that’s part of the ball control that she has. She has good body control.And
she’s obviously played a lotof volleyball to be able to do the
things she’s doing with the ball.>>Eric: Smoked that one
down the far sideline.Get out of the way![Laughter]>>Barbara:
That was a great swing.Anna Niehaus took it to them and
hammered that line.Like I said in the past, it’s really hard to
dig a straight line drive at you right down theline because it
comes at you so quickly.>>Eric: Able to work that one through and again, neck and neck
as we head down the home stretch play to 25, win by two. That is the sixth kill for Tipton’s Sommer Daniel.Here’s
Amanda Smith, 5’10” senior. The other setter.The difference
between a Six-twooffense as opposed to probably the more
conventional side, the one the majority of schools use.>>
Barbara: A lot of teams here at the state tournament have runa
6-2 this year.But a 5-1 is when you have one setter and that
setter goes all the way around in six rotations. Three times she’s in the back
row and three times in the front row.A 6-2 is when setter rotates
to the front row and a hitter comes
in for her.They are placed oppositely so itis always
happening at the same time so your setter is always inthe back
row and you always have three attackers.Tipton’s 6-2 is
a little different because Sommer Daniel is both the setter
when she’s inthe back row and the hitter whenshe is in the
front row.Like she is right now. Yep.>>Eric: Point for Kuemper.They
needed that one.And the interesting thing with that as
we look at the replay, that’s not something they are going to
switch back and forth during this match, right?>>Barbara:
No.>>Eric: They decided it is going to be 6-2.That’s the
offense they are running.>> Barbara: Kuemper runs a 5-1.So,
you will see Maci Overmohle will be back row and then she will
move to the front row.When she is a front row setter that’s
when she can dump and be a little more offensive above the
height of the net.When she’s back row, she’s going to dump it a different way.>>
Eric: 20-18.Having trouble getting this one over the net.Tipton. A very well executed play.And
Sommer Daniel is getting set. She’s getting digs.She’s getting
seven kills already.And it is a three-point lead for Tipton. huddle.Let’s listen in to the
Tipton>>We are playing our game, right?We are playing our
game.Exactly.Our serves are aggressive.well.We are also
serve/receiving veryKeep that up.Keep that up.>>They are not
going to roll>>Right.over. Finish this game right here.We
need more first balls.Let’s keep going at it right here. Okay.Be aggressive!Passing the
ball, go after it.If we’re aggressive from the service line
all the way through, they’re not passing well. So, we have to be aggressive.>>
Barbara: So a couple of Let’s go.things were said.One of the
players said they arenot going to roll over and die and that’s
true.Kuemper knows that this set is not over.And so, Tipton needs
to keep going, pedal to , metal. She wants the first ball put
away.>>Eric: We appreciate the head coaches letting us put
microphones on them so we can get inside their huddles through out the entire day of coverage.
Barb, Tipton starting to pull away. What have they been doing?>>
Barbara: Their offense is quick. When they shoot a ball to the
outside and the hitter is able to go up without a block against
her, that is avan stage jous to the hit — advantageous to the
hitter.And that’s always a quick point.>>Eric: Another attack
error.Kuemper right now hitting .179 as a team. Tipton hitting in the .200s. Needing to make a run now is
Kuemper Catholic.Needing a side-out. Daniel.Into the net. Set point in favor of Tipton. Tough serve. Attack error.Smart to let that
one sail by but a lot of work needs to be done by the Knights.
Even if they can’t climb their way out of this big of a deficit
because their no room for error, getting three points could be
huge for their momentum, for their confidence heading into
this second set.>>Barbara: And that’s what you’re playing for
right now is getting a head start in that momentum here.
second set by gaining some>> Eric: You don’t carry the points
over, but you can carry the momentum over.A pretty
impressive first set victory for the Tipton Tigers.25-19. A big reason for that, eight
kills, eight of them already for Sommer Daniel.Look at the final
point that sealed the deal.>> Barbara: A kill for Daniel.>>
Eric: She’s having a good dayso far.We’re a long way from done.
Tipton wins the first one.Back with more of the Class 3A finals
here on Iowa Public Television. Eric: Tipton wins it 25-19 over
Kuemper Catholic in the first set of the class 3A
championship.Let’s take a look at some of those highlights.
Barb, what really jumped out at you?They played within a point
or two of each other until about 18 and then Tipton stepped on the
accelerator and pulled away. Barbara: Like we expected, the three players to get the most
touches did. Aimee Adams and Kara Peter for
Sommer Daniel for Tipton and — actually, Kara Peter didn’t.It
was Courtney Schenkelberg.So, expect a little more to go to
Kara Peter. Let them lead the way. Eric: You see the stats.A better
hitting percentage, that was the difference in the
six-point victory over Kuemper Catholic.out.Well, down but
definitely not I would not bet against Kuemper.They have been
number one all season long. Only one loss last year.2017. They saw a 2-0 lead evaporate to Columbus.eventual champion
Waterloo, Barbara: I know that that has been with them all
year.And something they have really worked on to get back
here to this point.Eric: For Tipton, they have really worked
on their mental game and culture from last year to this year.
Right down the line. Smart place to go with it and
nice execution. Anna Niehaus is a 5’8″ junior
outside hitter and she’s multi-talented.Over 200 kills
this season and astrong attack percentage.Wow.A quick kill by
Daniel.Barbara: If I’m Kuemper, I may commit and take my middles, have
her go out because you know Sommer Daniel is going to get
set, those quick sets.And from the middle it is hard to make it
out there on time which leaves her with a single blocker.So, I
may just cheat out there and see if I can get a double block up
on her. Eric: We have a pause here.Jamie
Cochran.She’s the best in the state at the shot put and
discuss.Oh, by the way, she is helping lead her team all the way to the
state championship volleyball as well.Great athlete.Barbara: She
will be on the track and field team at Iowa in college. What I really like about Kofron
is she stays aggressive.During the other matches this week when
the set was tight and everybody else was tipping, she was
swinging at balls and getting kills.It was fun to watch.Eric:
The Knights looking good. Right now jumps up to a 3-1
lead.Definitely not a must-win scenario for Kuemper, but they
don’t want — what in the world! You got to be kidding me.
Barbara: Wow.What a great play. Heads-up play.Let’s look at that
one again.This is so heads-up and a littlelucky.Eric: Wow.A
lot lucky.Right?Barbara: Yeah.It was right at Amanda Smith’s
knees and was able to get it up in the air high enough for
Daniel to send it over the net. Eric: And we understand not
everyone watching Iowa Public Television knowing all the rules
of volleyball.But you can bump it with your part.Barbara: Yes.
knee, kick it, use any body Again the refs here are the best
in the state. So, they are going to call
everything consistently and well and that was just amazing.Nice
swing by Adams on that one.No block up with her, which I think
is a mistake.I think Tipton needs to stay hey, wherever
Adams goes, we aregoing to put a block up on her and if we can, let’s get two or
three.Eric: Aimee Adams has been so dominant. 372 kills in the regular season.
A .425 kill efficiency. 21 aces, 319 digs, 22 blocks.She
is just the epitome of what school volleyball.you are
looking for in a high Barbara: And she is a lefty.
Eric: And you like that?Barbara: I love a lefty on the She is
tall.right side.She’s 6’1″.She’s like what you would choodsfor
— choose for a volleyball and she has chosen to go to
South Dakota for her collegiate career.Eric: I don’t like when
we export talent out of the state.But we see the players
decision. We see a lot of other schools at the D-I, D-II level.Barbara: Yes.
There’s so much talent.We have had so this players go all over
the country representing Iowa in practicallyevery state. I can’t think of any in Alaska.
Eric: Getting the kill on the outside makes it 6-4. If you’re just joining us, the
first set went to Tipton, 25-19. A lit run to pull away.Here’s
Aimee Adams, the 6’1″ senior outside hitter. Strong serve.Over the block and
that one wentdown.Amanda Smith is one of the two setters in
that Six-two offense. Attacks it from the back line. Blake Ehler, another senior on the Tipton roster. Getting it through the block. Smart heads-up play by Grace
Molak. Barbara: Here’s another look at
Molak.Using the blockers’ hands. That’s the bad part about using
the blocker’s hand is you have it.to make sure the officials
see [Laughter] Eric: She made contact she said.Barbara: I got
it.Yeah right. Eric: Triple block and it
results in a block. Sommer Daniel.A look at our net
cam.All three blockers.Barbara: Yeah.Their hands weren’t
perfect, butonce they touched the ball, theywere able to just
push it over the net. Eric: Trying to go with a really
shallow serve, Amanda Smith, ended up costing her as it goes into the net. Kuemper wearing the red and
yellow.Tipton in the white tops. Setter dumps. Barbara: That was pretty.Worked
to perfection.That time the middle, which in for a quick.
happened to be Kofron was coming The setter was able to make it
look like she was setting the quick but she pushed it over the
net into the middle of the court. Eric: Disguised it very well.
Just like in football. A fake hand-off trick play.
Barbara: Here’s another look at Kara Peter I have been impressed
that.with her all week.Eric: Me too.Barbara: She does a nice job
as a middle.She is 6’3″.But she does a nice job as a middle
being everywhere. So, as a middle blocker you have
to block absolutely everything that is being attacked at you
and then you have to transition, get off the net back in for a
quick set and she does that.And not every middle does it andit’s
a little frustrating for coaches when the middles don’t do it.But
she is really good.If she’s blocking over on the left side
and for some reason has to be on the right side, she gets there. Eric: Mishandled that one. Kara Peter, 330 kills. .486 kill
efficiency.But what she does in digs and blocks is incredible.
Leads the team in blocks. Let’s listen inside her team’s
huddle with Kuemper Catholic.>> Slow the game down.We need to
play our game.Slow down and be very aggressive.Let’s go.Right
now. Be aggressive.Barbara: Well, one
of the thingswe heard him say there was slow down and I think
he meant — because when he talked to us, he said they try and do everything
really quickly offensively.What I think he meant there was more like take a breath, we lax
— relax, make sure you get your serve in.Relax when you’re
passing.That kind of thing.No slower offense or anything like
that. Eric: Talking to him after that victory in the semifinals over,
Osage, he said the team has had huge focus.He pushes them hard
all year andother.they respond to pushing each They play the
game with passion,determination and a fire in their eyes.He said
in that Osage fifth set he looked through the net at his
team and he was almost scared how determined and focused they
[Laughter] were.Eric: He knew they were going topull it out.He
said I have to give a ton of credit also — as we look at the
replay — to his assistant coaches who do so much and the
practice players because they push the starters.Barbara: And
we have seen on other teams how important that is.Every player
on that bench, whether you’re on the court or All season long.not, is huge in
these matches. Eric: The Knights are looking
strong. Up 12-8 trying to tie this 3A
championship up.They dropped the first set 25-19. By the way, that’s Adams’ fifth
kill. Blocked but out of bounds.Did it
hit?Barbara: Yep.Eric: Wow.That was close.Barbara: Let’s see if
we can seeit on the replay.Eric: She flies in to make contact to
hit it. Tool it out of bounds.Pretty
close.Barbara: Yep and that’s why I don’t want to do that job.
Eric: She had much better view than me. She’s literally looking down the
line.That goes out of bounds. And now a side-out.Checking in
will be Laken Hermiston, the 5’5″ senior specialist to serve.
Very impressed with what I have seen from Kuemper here in this
second set.Different attitude. Another point.Different results.
They are starting to pull away. A five-point lead at the halfway point of this second set.Adams
five kills.Schenkelberg four kills. Four for Molak and three apiece for Niehaus and Peter.The slide. Deep and out of bounds. As the play was unfolding, it
seemed like it was going to result in a kill.Barbara: It
really did.Didn’t look like the block was solid.Looked like
Chapman had all the room she needed and she was just a little underneath it on her
contact.Eric: Service ace!Two players just looking at each other, a little unsure of whose
ball it was and now it is a seven-point advantage.Great job
of serving by Courtney Schenkelberg.Another tough serve
and it’s nota point.a service ace, but it results inBarbara:
Results in a point.Yep. And it will be interesting to
see — Tipton is going to take a time-out.Eric: Let’s go inside
the Tiptonhuddle right now and hear what their coach is saying.
>>Yes.We talked about that. We got to mix it up.Kamryn got a
kill and Emily got a kill.We have to mix it around.Go at
them.Be aggressive.We’re passing balls.We’re passing balls and
doing a good job of that. them.Mix up our offense and go
at Let’s go.Barbara: So, Coach Calonder wants a mixed up
offense which the way I said it makes it soundgoofy. What she means is to not let the
Kuemper Knights know who is going to be hitting it.One side
give it to your outside, middle. Set someone in front of you and
just don’t let them know where you’re offense is coming from.
coaching.Eric: Coach Calonder 19 years of16th year at Tipton. 246 wins in her career.
tournament.Last year making it to state This year, not only
making it, made it all the way to the state
championship here in Class 3A.On the brink of trying to bring home the school’s first ever
championship in volleyball.A seven-point deficit for Tipton,
though.And Kuemper is playing red hot.Back set.It’s open. Barbara: Nice dig by O’Leary.
Eric: Tooled out of bounds.Last touched by Tipton.Kuemper
celebrates.You can see the confidence growing by Kuemper.
Barbara: They have gotten a little bit of their belief back. Not that they ever really were
completely in disbelief.But they might have been starting to
question things and they are starting to feel good.
Eric: Set to the outside.Here’s Kuemper.Back row attack. attack.Came up strong with the
back rowGood hustle. Surprised at how well Adams got
it all the way from her position in the back row.Know a tip. Quick to the middle. Long rally.Is the score going to
be 19-10 or 18-11?18-11. Tipton wins the point.Barbara:
Tipton did a really nice job with their defense thattime,
running a couple of balls down that Kuemper thought they had
won.And then they get up against thesingle blocker and put the
ball away in between the two back row defenders.Eric: Back set tip. It finally hits the pink court.
19-11.Such a balanced offense for Kuemper.Seven kills for
Adams. Six kills for Molak and four
kills for Schenkelberg.On the other side, not very balanced
for Tipton. 11 kills for Sommer Daniel and
only four for Smith.Is it easier when you can focus on just one player offensively?
Barbara: Absolutely. Eric: That’s down for another
point and the Knights are rocking and rolling in this
second set.Barbara: That’s what I was talking about earlier with
Peterworking so hard.She is blocking.She’s at the net,
controlling the ball and then she gets off the net for
transition and can put the ball away. That’s what a middle blocker needs to do. Eric: Caught them off guard. Smart heads-up play. Amanda Smith disguised it well.
Sent it over and the setter’s dump results in a point. She has five kills now. Kuemper. Almost went in the net there.
Blocked.Point for Kuemper.They are now just four points away in
a very lopsided score right now. Barbara: From this replay we
will see why this went down. Her arms were behind her head
and then straight up. When your arms are like that, you’re rarely going to block the
ball on the other side of the net.You need to push over the
net for that. Eric: Setter’s dump again. Power wins that point.Kara
Peter.Barbara: Kofron is doing a good job sticking with her, but
she might want to think about taking a little more of the angles on
the block.Kara Peter tends to turn it one way or the other.If
you take away those angles by spreading your arms, that could
be advantageous for Kofron.Eric: Wow.She plays the game so well.
She is like an artist with her paint brush and smock and
everything.She can set.She can dig.She can block and she has a
variety of shots.A variety of angles.Barbara: She is like an
artist. She probably could do it with
acrylics and oils and all different things.She’s amazing.
Eric: Kuemper plexing their muscles.muscles — flexing their
They wanted to make a statement and they most certainly are
right now in the second set. Barbara: They’re definitely in
control and Tipton is kind of where we were talking about last
set with Kuemper.They are now playing for momentum to head into the third
set. Eric: Serving. Kuemper good swing. To the outside. Back set slide.Great rally.
Barbara: That was a great up by Badding. Eric: Setter’s dump.I think
we’re heading in minute two of this rally here.Barbara: Nice
roll shot.[Laughter] Eric: And we have seen just about every
type of shot that you can have. Barbara: Yep.Eric: Another
beautiful up.And finally Tipton with the point.Does it feel
better when you win Barbara: Absolutely!those long
rallies?You’re also very, very tired.So, it gives you a little
bit oflift into the next point. But that’s a great rally by
Tipton.That kind of rally will help build their momentum for the
next set.That won’t. Eric: Service error and it is
set point after a huge performance by the Kuemper
Catholic Knights. The number one since day one and
they’re one point away from tying this series up 1-1. Out of bounds.24-16 now.It will
be very interesting to see what the third set looks
like.Barbara: Absolutely. Hermiston has a big job to keep
the ball in because any mistake Wow!is the end of the set.that.
Eric: Or any huge kill like Barbara: Yes.That’s awesome.
Eric: Aimee Adams and the rest of her team with the statement win in set two.She has eight
kills to lead Kuemper. They win it 25-16.We got a good
one.This feels like it could go five.Barbara: I think we might
get tosee that last kill again. That was an awesome kill.Let’s
take a look at it here. This is just awesome.She’s in
the right place.The block isn’t out there and she just hammers
it.Eric: We will be back with more as we head to the third set of
Class 3A championship only on Iowa Public Television. Eric: Big win for Kuemper
Catholic in the second set, 25-16ment we are tied at 1-1.
Take a look at some of the special — 25-16.We’re tied 1-1. Take a look at some of the
special highlights.Eric Braley, Barbara Randall with you.Really,
when I look at Kuemper’sBarbara: They are tall.line-up, they’re
tall. 6’3″.That is Kara Peter.And
she’s leading the way at And then they also have Aimee Adams
who is 6’1″. Courtney Schenkelberg is 5’11”.
They have got a couple other six-footers.That’s pretty big
for 3A.Eric: We pretty much flipped the advantage from set one to set
two. Three more kills, two less digs and then one more assist.Better
overall defense for Kuemper in that second set. Molak.Eight kills for Adams, six
for Five apiece for Schenkelberg andPeter and four for Niehaus.
Daniel.For Tipton it has been Sommer 12 kills, 37 attempts. She also had seven assists and
eight digs. She’s going to end with a
triple-double before we are all set.Barbara: Two balls I think
she should have hammered, maybe she didn’t feel like she was in
the right position.But that one was definitely one she should
have taken a swing at.Eric: Good swing there by
makingsure the block was there. But she knew exactly what attack she needed to take. Barbara: Yep. 1-1 1-1.Eric: That’s our series and
that’s the score in the third. Barbara: When you are playing on championship Friday, you can’t
celebrate anything.Eric: What normally is what you think is
kill the other team digs it up. Barbara: Yep.Eric: And returns
it.Barbara: Which goes to prove youhave to play until the
whistle.We have had several occasions through out this week
where teams are used to having the
point at that point but the other team was able to get a
hand under it and get it back. So, they celebrate and then they
realize the ball is still in play. Eric: Beautiful serve results in a service ace and an early
two-point lead for the Knights. That’s why you leave Kara Peter
in to serve.I would too.I jinxed her.Eric: Service — what?They
called it in.Barbara: It looked out from herebut we are way
across the court. Eric: Yep.Back-to-back service
aces.A three-point advantage. Barbara: It does look in from that view.Eric: You don’t get a
good swing out of that because of the tough
serve.They are playing very fluid right now.Barbara: Yeah.I
think we have talked about this before. There’s no way that Aimee Adams
shouldn’t have at least a single block on her.But I would make
sure that my two blockers followed her aroundthe court. Wherever she went, I would go to
and where two people going, potentially three.Eric: They
took that momentum from the second set and they brought it
with them to the third.A five-point lead early on.Let’s
listen in to the coach’s huddle. And let’s talk strategy with Tipton.>>We have to mix it up. [Indiscernible]>>Calm down.Don’t roll over.
Relax.>>Their defense is set up wherewe hit, mix it up. Think about what’s open.Barbara:
Two things were said and they were said the same way but mean
two different things.Mix it up. Mix who gets to take the swing.
Not just Sommer Daniel every time and then mix it up with
your shot.Don’t always hit.Don’t always tip and when you doone or
the other, make sure you are putting it in didn’t places
around the court. Eric: So, Sommer Daniel has been
set — has 40 total attempts out of the 90. So, almost 50% of the time that
Sommer Daniel doing it.they are attacking it’s been Well, guess who knows that.
[Laughter] Barbara: Everybody in the gym.And so, they went away
from her and set a couple other players and they got the point.Eric:
That’s why you got to take time-outs sometimes.Barbara:
That’s right. Eric: Barb, you were all-state
volleyball player.All-American at Iowa. Played on the U.S. team. Coached Division I at UNI.How do
you use time-outs?I know it depends on the strategy.But you
like to give a little time for the team to talk amongst
themselves and then a coach comes in or how — what doyou
think is most effective? Barbara: When I was coaching
Division I and Purdue I was an assistant.But I thought the way
it was done at UNI was very effective.She calls a time-out
and the team sits on the bench and she and the coaches talk
about what they are going to talk to the team about and gives
a chance for the team to talk about what they need to do and
they come into the huddle and discuss whatneeds to happen.
Eric: I think it is interesting because you really have about 50
seconds.It is not like you have a whole time to eat a peanut
butter sandwich or drin ak — drink a lot of Gatorade or something.Football
has much longer time-out and basketball.Barbara: You can get
a lot said in 50 seconds. 15.Sometimes you’re done in ten
or Eric: The other thing is when touse them.Right now, I think
that was a smart play by Tipton to say we need it early on
before this gets away from us. Right now, Kuemper really is
playing with fire right now. Nice placement.Right on that
line. But you see that look in Kuemper
that they have had against Osage yesterday.where they won in five
It’s just that determination, that focus that, no, this is
ours and we are not going to let anybody stand in our way.
Barbara: And when they lose the ball, they get it right back.So,
only three points have been scored on them in this set and
they have been one and done. Eric: Yep. Barbara: So, Kuemper gets it
back and scores more than one. That’s how they have gained such
a big lead.Eric: Kuemper leads by seven.Looking to go ahead in
the series 2-1.Tipton won the first 25-19. Kuemper won the second 25-16.
10-4 the score here in the third. Again if you haven’t tuned into
the class 3shgs — again you championship.have tuned into the
Class 3A Already handed out a couple of
trophies today. Dubuque Wahlert beating Cedar
Rapids Xavier in the Class 4A match-up.Big block and big point
for Tipton.Chapman.Barbara: Tipton definitely thinks that
they haven’t done yet.So, it is good to see they are still
fighting.They are only down five points.That is not
insurmountable. It is good to see they believe
that also.Eric: Nice textbook play out of Aimee Adams, the lefty. Take a look at that one more
time.Barbara: She’s laughing. Eric: The benefits of —
Barbara: Hits her in the face. Eric: The benefits of a lefty on that side.Barbara: The benefits
of a leftyon that side is that is her strong side. So, the ball for a right-handed
player, the ball has to cross her body. For a left-handed player that’s
like having a right-handed player.The ball doesn’t have to
cross your body and timing is easier and makes the offense a
little easier with your left-hander out
there.Eric: Back set.Good swing. More celebration and one other
thing.We talked about kills a lot.But Mallory Badding is doing
a great job as the libero for Kuemper. She’s the one wearing the bright
yellow top. She’s a 5’8″ junior libero and
setter.getting good passes to the Making sure that this offense runs smoothly.Maci Overmohle. This is just a clinic right now being put on by Kuemper.Are you
kidding me?14-5.Barbara: Just about everything that can go
wrong for Tipton is going wrong. Eric: Let’s go inside the huddle
for Kuemper Catholic.>>Keep moving.Move.Move.Focus all the
time.Every ball.Go, go, go.Don’t let up.Let’s go.Barbara: I
agree.Go, go, go.If you’re up by nine points at this point in the
game, go, go, go.There’s not a lot to be said. You can’t be doing that much
wrong.But, on the other hand, Tipton’sgot to be saying we have
to chipaway at this.This is something we can handle.That’s
how you play volleyball.You play one point at a time.You can’t
get three points or six points at one time.So, you have to play
each point and make little chips in that
lead.Eric: Keith Stickrod tenth year. 289 wins, 61 losses at Kuemper
Catholic. Barbara: Net violation.Eric: Net
violation and the run continues for Kuemper.Barbara: Maybe I
should say center line violation.And the difference is
you can have a body part touch that linebut you can’t have a
body part go completely over that line.Eric: Barb, how do you
build tradition?Because clearly, Kuemper Catholic has done it.
Four straight trips to state. 11th in the school history.I’m
assuming it is something youhave to start young and there’s a
bunch of young kids that made the trip from Carroll that are saying in a couple of years I
can be on that high school volleyball team.Barbara: If I
were a high schoolcoach, I would get them started young and make sure we have a
plethora of fifth and sixth I would build clubs they could
graders here.play in throughout the year and make sure that
everybody gets touches on the ball whenever they want. Eric: It seems like there’s a
lot of the same schools that make it to state year after year
Barbara: Yes.after year in every class.Eric: Many of them are
bringing home championships trophies today.Barbara: And
that’s exactly because that’s what they have done.They have
built a program.It has become an expectation in that community
that if you play volleyball at this school, you’re going to get
a trip to Cedar Rapids. a state championship and you’re
You’re going to get a chance at going to have a ton of fun.Eric:
Hard work. Nothing’s handed to you.Barbara:
But, it’s less hard if you’re winning.You still work hard.
Eric: It is more fun too. I have more fun when I win.
Barbara: Yep.Eric: Tipton not giving up, but they’ve got a
mountain to climb if they want to win this third set where it has just been controlled by Kuemper.Good pass.
Nice set.Tooled out of bounds. Point for the Knights.19-7. And overall, Kuemper’s hitting
.260 attack percentage, which is good.It will be interesting to
look set, how efficient they have at just the second and
third been.Barbara: Yeah.It would be impressive to see
because they aren’t making a lot of mistakes right now.Eric: On
the other side, just hitting .132 is Tipton.And
again, Sommer Daniel 13 kills. Five for Amanda Smith. for Kamryn Chapman.Five for
Blake Ehler and three Barbara: So, this is where I think it would be beneficial for
Sommer Daniel to have her set pulled off the net.She’s under
five compared to theblocks.Give her a chance to use the hands.
angles around the blocker’s Eric: That’s something you can
change in game.Barbara: Yep.And there will be times when shewill
want a tighter ball.But with these big blockers, shewants to
be able to hit some angles and if you give her a tight ball,
those blockers’ hands is like hitting into a phone booth or
trying to get outof a phone booth maybe is a better way to
say it.Eric: Ball goes out of bounds. The Tigers get the point.And we
will head to the fourth set soon where it will be a must-win scenario for Tipton. Barbara: That’s a great swing.
Courtney Schenkelberg hit high off the blocker’s hands.Made
sure there was good contact, but by doing so, it also sent the
ball back off the court and the defenders were sucked in and
couldn’t touch that ball. Eric: Service ace! That’s her third.How good is
Osage?They took Kuemper to five yesterday and Kuemper had to win
25-18, 23-25, 21-25, 25-21 and then 15-13.You can only win by
two in the fifth set and that’s what it
took.Osage had an incredible season as well.Tigers get their tenth
point and trying to get some momentum going. Barbara: So, here’s where that
unort — unorthodox rotation comes in.
She plays middle blocker in one rotation, which is hard for a
lefty.For the same reasons, it is easyfor a lefty to be on the
right side.When she’s in the middle, the ball has to cross
her body for her to swing and it is really hard to do quick that
way.You can’t get the ball to the hitter as quickly.So, it is
a little awkward but that’s how they run their offense and they
have been doingit for years. Eric: And it is been working for — it’s been working for years.
Four straight trips to state. Last year was a tough one but
everyone knew.They have had the preseason number one ranking and
they havecarried that every single match, every single day of this 2018
season. Set point for the Kuemper Catholic Knights.24-11.Dominant.
Dominant in the second set 25-16. Even more dominant here in the third. Barbara: Nice — that’s a great
swing.Emily Hermsen was up against thesingle block which
has been atypical this match for her.She’s usually had a double
blockand that’s a little bit harder to handle.But she got a
nice kill out of that single block by going deep cross court.
Eric: Hermsen has been a nice role player.Helping out this
team this year.Nearly 100 kills on the year.There it is! Final score in the third Kuemper
25, Tipton 12. A lot of work needs to be done
for Tipton.Down but not out. Let’s take a look at that last
point.Barbara: This is a great touch by Daniel on the defensive
side of it.But just not high enough for anybody to get to.
Nice play by Adams.Eric: Things are clicking for Kuemper.We will
be back with the fourth set right after this.You’re watching
high school volleyball championships on IowaPublic
Television. Eric: A very, very good Kuemper
Catholic team has been flexing their muscles in the second and
third sets.Let’s see how Tipton can respondbecause Kuemper
Catholic has really taken the momentum to saythe least here.
Barbara: They have stolen it and they’re charging forward.This is
a different Kuemper Catholic team than we saw in thefirst set
and because of that, it’s a different system team.Eric: Look
in their eyes.They are very determined and focused right
now.Let’s go to the start of the fourth set.It’s going to be
Tipton who gets a chance to serve.A must-win
scenario if they want to extend this match, extend
their opportunity to win their school’s first ever state title.
Again, a lot of size on the side of Kuemper Catholic and just a very fluid offense and defense
Barbara: We have been talking to offense transition.about Peter
is there every time for her setter.So, she gets set and can
do a lot with the ball. Eric: Adams with 16 kills on 40
attempts, hitting .325 for Kuemper. Grace Molak seven kills on 13 attempts hitting .462.Six kills
apiece for Schenkelberg and Peter and five kills for
Niehaus.Another point makes it 2-0 in favor of the Knights.For
Tipton, Sommer Daniel close to a triple-double already. She has 14 kills, ten assists,
eight digs. Amanda Smith ten kills, 21
assists and six digs.Blake Ehler with five kills to go along with
11 digs.Barbara: Nice swing by Chapman on that.She was able to
keep it to the left backside of the court. Back row defender touched it. Great play.Eric: There’s the
side-out. Let’s see if Tipton can do a run here early on in the fourth set.
Barbara: So, that time Peter turned it the other way. She’s been going a lot across
her body.This time she went more straightahead and was able to
use a little bit of an inside/out swing to get the kill
around that blocker.Eric: Peter has been serving bullets over
the net.Barbara: Bullets. Eric: She has 42 aces in the
regular season.Schenkelberg had 49.That’s pretty impressive for
a 6’3″ middle hitter. She has 330 kills, 42 aces, 137
digs and 75 blocks.That is the epitome of a well-rounded
volleyball player.One-handed slam dunk.Barbara: Nice job by
Chapman to be up and take control of that ball.The
official absolutely says theball was above — or over the
allowable contact.plane of the net so it was an If the ball
wouldn’t have brokenthe plane of the net then she reaching over.
could have gotten called for Eric: She place with a little
fire in her belly, doesn’t she? Barbara: Yeah, I like it. Eric: Got that one through the wall of the Tipton defense. And that kill is number 17. What a performance.Niehaus.Again they
don’t get a good swing out of it because not the
best pass.Now they get a good swing and itresults in a point.
4-3. Barbara: Ehler did a nice job
using the outside blocker or her outside hand so she gets a
contact and then pushes it out of bounds so she gets a kill out
of it. Eric: If you’re just tuning in, live coverage of the 2018 Iowa girls high school
volleyball championship. 12:15 we tipped off the 4A match which went to Dubuque Wahlert and now 3A if the Kuemper
Catholic Knights win this match, this set, they are your 3A
champions.They are facing off against the Tipton Tigers. Barbara: There’s Molak.Skying up
against a double block.The block wasn’t quite close andshe was
able to pit that. Eric: I’m impressed because Molak doesn’t get nearly many
attacks.She is 5-13.Barbara: What we think is good is same as
a batting average. It is not figured the same way but we would like it up prnd –.300. Eric: Here’s Amanda Smith.A
very, very important member of this Tipton team. A record setting year for
Tipton. Too long and point to Tipton. So, when you get that set
depending where you are on the court, at what point do you make
the decision of what type of shot you’re going to use and
where you’re going to put the ball?Barbara: Well, the key is
makingit look like you’re going to do the same thing every time.So,
you may not make the decision until you are in the air and you
see where the blocker’s hands are.It also depends if your feet
arein the right spot.If your feet don’t get to the ball, you
may have to tip just because you are out of reach of being able
to hit it. It kind of depends on a lot of
didn’t things. Eric: Well, the Tipton fan base
and student section having a lot more to cheer about.Very similar
to what they had inthe first set.Trying to do everything. Barbara: Those are great serves.
Eric: That one very shallow. Kuemper with the point.Barbara:
Well, one of the strategies for serving short balls like that
and if you remember one of our keys for Tipton was to serve
strategically.Well, actually serve for aces.But part of the
reason was because the Kuemper Catholic right side.strengths
are a middle and a You need good passing for that.So, if you can
serve short into the patterns for their approaches, that can
sometimes get them out of system.Eric: Tie
it at 7-7.What is Tipton doing better or what is Kuemper doing
worse thatis allowing this to be a lot more evenly balanced than
what we saw in sets two and three?Barbara: I think they are
serving short.We have seen that. But — this is Tipton. offense so that Sommer Daniel
And they’re also mixing up the isn’t the only one getting the
ball.They talked about it in several different time-outs and
you can see it is working for them as Chapman — well, Chapman
got theset. She didn’t get the point.Eric:
The Knights lead it by one.Much more competitive than what we
saw in the 25-16 win in the second set and the 25-12 win third set for Kuemper.Four contacts. Barbara: That’s the kind of
effort Tipton is going to need five sets.if they want to push
this to Eric: The coach said we just quit thinking so much and
just started playing and that really helped them go on a 9-1 run and
rally for the victory.Barbara: Sometimes I like to think in a situation where you
got killed in two sets and you are facing the end of your
season not finishing it like you were hoping, go out there and
just have fun and enjoy the experience and see what happens.
Eric: Yep.Barbara: Because a lot of times when you have fun, good
things happen.danger zone.Eric: Tipton might get into That’s
what she says when everybody is feeling it.[Laughter] Eric: They
are in the danger zone in the first set and they are trying to get back there here in the fourth.That’s one of my workout
songs.My go-to song.You don’t have one?Barbara: No.list.Eric:
I will get you a play I will make you a mixed tape.[Laughter]
Eric: 9-9. Able to get it out of the net
there. Up and some way, somehow it
results in a point.returned so quickly.Weren’t expecting that
to be Barbara: And that is part of
what happens when you are scrappy with your defense.You go
for everybody ball and you just make sure that you get
touches on things because you know the offense from the other
team is just going to keep hammering away. So, you got to get a touch. Eric: Kuemper responds!this.The
first set was exactly like One or two points separating Kuemper
and Tipton until Tipton pulled away and it was 19-19.Another point and another
lead for the Tipton Tigers. Barbara: There’s Chapman getting the kill off the block up
against the single block.Using the hands and swinging hard.Kind
of to the sideline.If there weren’t any hands there, that
ball would be way out of the gym.It wouldn’t even try and
catch the court. Eric: Hermiston the serve.Got it
through the block. We are tied at 11-11. Well, coach, we will see the
replay here.Coach Amy Calonder in her 19th year of coaching.16
of them at Tipton.She said it is a fun group to bearound and work
with.It’s a very smart group. Tipton, they really understand
volleyball. The seniors have played a long time together, playing club AAU.
Sense of calm with the team and they never panic.Barbara: They
don’t really look like they are panicking.They
look like they are trying to find solutions to the problemat
hand.Eric: Their strength is offense but their defense has
been slowly improving here at state.
Scrappy.Barbara: I think defensively they look amazing.
Eric: She’s very critical as a coach trying to find — Barbara: Yeah. Eric: Good defense there.Hard to
play good defense when that’s coming at you.Mercy!Barbara:
Well, again, this run for Kuemper is coming with Kara
Peter serving.Eric: And Aimee Adams with 19 kills so far
today.A time-out on the court. 14-11 our score.Let’s go inside
the Tipton huddle.well.>> Everything is going really When
we run our offense that’s going really well.this match.Mix up
helps and we are right inWhat do we have to keep working on?>>
Finding the holes.>>Yep.Looking for the holes.Smart.Playing
defense.Smart, smart, smart.Get down low and we also have to get some hands up in her face
Okay.here.Right here we get this side out and we roll.Barbara: One of the
things that they are looking for is holes inthe blocks.They are
having a lot of holes and one of the things that they need to
communicate with each other is where to swing when yousee those
holes.So, that’s on the team and one of the players said that.So,
we’ll kind of pay attention if they’re using that. Eric: Right at the midway point
of this critical fourth set. If Kuemper wins it with plays
champion.like that, they’re your class 3ABarbara: The other thing
that she said in the huddle was they need to get some hands in
her face.They are talking about Aimee Adams.That time they had a
double block up, but Adams beat the
block by getting there quickly and went between the two
blockers. Eric: 16-11.The Kuemper Catholic
fans are feeling it.here.Still some work needs to be done
Barbara: The Tipton fans are trying to get their team back
into it.Eric: That’s what I love.I love fans that cheer when
the team needs it most.Not just when they are rocking and
rolling doing great.Barbara: That will help them.Any time you
get a great block like that, that will get your fans going.
And Chapman does a great job of getting up there and all by
herself putting that ball down. Eric: 16-12 is our score.17-12.
Into the net. Tipton won the first set 25-19. set three 25-12.Kuemper won set
two 25-16 and 3A.A reminder, we’re just at
Class We still have two more championships after this with the 2A and 1A championships.Just
a hair out of bounds. Asking for a touch.Not awarded.
Barbara: And Sommer Daniel is trying to get her team to keep
their heads in this game.She doesn’t believe it’s out of
reach yet and I have to agree with her.In the sport of
volleyball, the minimum swings so greatly that if they get a
couple good points, if Tipton gets a couple good points, they
could be rightback in this thing.Eric: Sommer Daniel with a
triple-double.16 kills. 14 assists, 12 digs. 19-12 now.Barbara: That was a
nice try by Kofron to get a touch on that ball but just
knocked it down where nobody in the back row could defend it.
Eric: Kuemper is finding their groove here in this set.Let’s go
inside the Kuemper Catholic huddle with Keith
Stickrod.>>Every point.Every point.Remember relax. Do our job and do it right. Barbara: So, basically he’s got
it right.Do our job.They’re ahead.If they wanted to go point
for point back and forth, they would championship.win this match and
the state He doesn’t want that to happen.He would like to get a
few more points than just one at a time.They are on a run of
three and he would like them to get a few more.Eric: Coach
Stickrod has been the head coach of detective ten years.Seven
times he has led them to the state tournament. Looking to end the 2018 trip to
Cedar Rapids with the championship. So close.Again Tipton, love that
fight.Returning every player.The entire starting line-up fromlast
year, which was their firsttime they had ever made the state
tournament.Barbara: And Ehler did a nice job that time.She
took a swing.It was kind of a weird set that came at her and
she took a nice swing.It wasn’t overly aggressive but it was into the blocker’s hands and watching it out of bounds.
Eric: Five points away from taking this set and taking this
match.Number five, Courtney Schenkelberg, the 5’11” senior
outside hitter leads the team in aces. Tough angle to take on that.
Going to the middle. Gets out of the way. That is your great relays
champion for the shot put and discuss.Barbara: She takes the
pass and she doesn’t care.She’s going to hit it and that’s
exactly what brought Tipton to this match was their aggressive hitting.Eric: Block. Trying the other side.It was
close.Out of bounds. Barbara: Maybe a little bit
closer than what Coach Calonder would like.But she seemed to
know it was out and it was.Eric: 20-15. Tipton putting a mini run
together here. Trying to force a fifth set. Another long rally. No team willing to budge an
inch.A tough play.That was set really tight to net.I thought
the only way she’s going to hit it is if she runs into the net.
Barbara: Hits it right into the bottom of the net. Eric: A run by Tipton makes it a
four-point ball game.20-16.Play to 25, win by two. Let’s listen inside the Tipton
huddle with coach Amy Calonder.>>Again, you got to believe in
yourself.You have to believe in yourself that you can go get
this.>>We did this two days ago.>>We did do this two days
ago.Let’s go.Do your job.Going Adams.Know where it’s going.
Let’s go!Barbara: So, as they said, they did this two days
ago.They know what it takes and every volleyball player in the
world knows about comebacks. Eric: Kuemper knows it from last
year when they were up 2-0 and ended up losing in five.Barbara:
Everybody who has ever touched the volleyball knows it is
possible.Eric: They are talking about twodays ago in the
quarterfinals when they were down and went on a 9-1 run to defeat New Hampshire — Hampton.Sommer Daniel has 22
kills rightnow.Barbara: Aimee Adams would like to be the last server of this
match.Eric: See if she gets her wish.Blocked at the net!Down for
the point. Three points away from your
Class 3A championship.Barbara: And it looks like Kuemper is
starting to feel it alittle bit. But I think Tipton has maybe a
little bit left in their tank. Kara Peter did a great job there
reaching over. She’s way over the net putting
that ball down. Eric: It’s in!Barely.Barbara:
I’m not sure why Kuemper didn’t go for that.I don’t know if they
thought it was outside the antenna or what the problem was,
but they just kind of stopped. Eric: 22-17.Out of system and
it’s not the play that they wanted. But because of some tough
serving. Kofron.ace.Thought that was
going to be an Barbara: That kid has a lot of grit.Eric: Out of bounds!Oh my! Here come the Tigers!Trailing
just by three.How big is the serving in this run here, Barb?
Barbara: It’s huge.Barbara: I would be so scared [Laughter]
back there. Eric: How about an ace!What do
you do?What in the world do you do?Barbara: Look at Kofron.She
is stoned face.She doesn’t care. She’s won the relay.She is just
going to put the ball over there and see what happens.I love it.
Eric: You can have an impact on every part of the court.Let’s go
inside the Kuemper Catholic huddle now.>>Make sure to be
ready.Be ready.Let’s go.Right now.>>Right here! Barbara: Coach Stickrod says to
be ready and he’s right.Because that serve is coming over tough
and you’re never surewhere the ball is going to go off the
passer’s arm.So, be ready to run it down and send it back over.
Eric: I don’t care if you’re ready. You still got to handle this
thing.Barbara: Absolutely.Eric: I have a feeling she’s notgoing
to hit it into the net.They finally got a good pass andthen
led to an easy kill. this again.Barbara: Well, we
will look at Kara Peter who is a middle blocker, they had her go
to the outside and take a swing which
is not her normal position.But she is good at that too.Eric:
Mallory Badding.We talked about what she means defensively to
this back row. Serving, blocking, point.Match
point for the Kuemper Catholic Knights. Backs squarely pressed against
the wall are Tipton.They won the first set 25-19.But Kuemper
Catholic has looked very good in sets two, three and
four. 24-21. Adams has 22 kills on 58
attempts for Kuemper, hitting .310.Ten kills for Molak.Ten
kills for Peter. And it is match point again for Kuemper Catholic.Service ace!I
love sports.Barbara: I do too. Eric: You never know what’s
going to happen next.Barbara: And you never know the size of the heart. Eric: Match point Kuemper
Catholic.3A match-up and they get it!It wasn’t easy, but
they’ve got it.Ranked number one on day one of the season.They
are number one on the last day of the season. You’re Class 3A champions, Kuemper Catholic Knights!
Barbara: Well fought match by the Tipton Tigers.They really
did a great job coming in here and fought hard.
They’re generally undersized but they are scrappy and they played really well together as a team. Eric: Let’s look at that final
match point. The last one that they needed to
win the championship.Barbara: You’re going to set theplayer
who helped get you here. One of the two go-to players
that Kuemper has.Kara Peter taking care of the last point of
the match.hurt.You got to think that would [Laughter] Eric: They
don’t care.Eric: They just won the state championship.Barbara:
They just got their pink T-shirts. 39-4.Eric: Congratulations to
Tipton.Finished with the state runner-up trophy.Kuemper
Catholic finishes as the champion.Let’s award to
all-tournament team for Class 3A.>>Announcer:
Presenting awards to the 2018 Class 3A
all-tournament team is John, regional manager for the Iowa
Farm Bureau. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2018
Class 3A all-tournament team. From Kuemper Catholic, Maci
Overmohle. From Tipton, Amanda Smith. From Osage, Danielle Johnson. From Mount Vernon, Rory Light. From Kuemper Catholic, Kara Peter. From Kuemper Catholic, Aimee
Adams.And to all-tournament team captain from Tipton, Sommer
Daniel!Eric: I think I would agree with that all-tournament team. A great group of playdies.Heart,
fight, determination and very well represented as — ladies.
Heart, fight, determination, very well represented. Peter from Kuemper, Daniel and
Smith, Johnson and Light. Barbara: It speaks volumes that
Sommer Daniel got the captain after losing the championship
match. She is an all-around player and tournament.she did amazing
things at this Just couldn’t quite get over that last hump.
Eric: We will award the championship and runner-up
trophy now.>>Announcer: The Tipton Tigers and head coach Amy Calonder! And now your 2018 Class 3A champion coach Keith Stickrod
and the Knights of Kuemper Catholic! Eric: Number one ranking all
season.Barb, that’s not easy. Barbara: No.They proved it here
today.Kuemper won that match. They went out and they took it.
Eric: Last year reached the 3A semifinals.They were up 2-0.They
win one more match and they’re playing on championship Friday. They couldn’t get it done.
Waterloo, Columbus, wins the semifinal and the championship.
That’s something that Kuemper Catholic has had to live with
each and every day and they weren’t going to let it happen
and it didn’t.again this trip to Cedar Rapids Barbara: They just erased it. Record-breaking year.Eric:
Tipton a great season.They are your runner-ups at Class 3A.
Well, we have handed out a number of trophies.The fun ain’t
over yet.Stay tuned to Iowa Public Television for Class 2A and 1A
championship.We will be back with plenty moreexciting
coverage live from downtown Cedar Rapids here only on Iowa Public Television. Funding for the Iowa Girls High
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Fareway, along with Nabisco, Frito Lay and Sara Lee is a
proud sponsor of the Iowa Girls Sports
Championships. schools and student athletesWe congratulate
all the participating in this year’sGirls High School State
Volleyball Championships. Fareway, proud to care for the
places we work and live.By Musco Lighting, the sports lighting
specialists,providing lighting systems for you, your project
and your community.>>It’s time state championship
volleyball.Here in the US Cellular Center in downtown
Cedar Rapids, it’s final for the class 2A state title game here
on Iowa Public Television.As it’s a matchup of familiar foes.
Western Christian will take on unity Christian for the 2A
title.I had again, everyone, with Sandy Stewart, this is BJ Schaben, sandy, interesting
matchup, these two have played three times already in the
season, with western winning all three, my how have things
changed for unity down the stretch.>>Their outside track
has been spot on.Western Christian rewriting the record
books.>>For unity Christian, this is their fifth straight tripto
state.Well, Timmermans is a stud.>>Timmermans will carry
them into the final stretch, playing for her mom who also
played in the state tournament.A strong team, they have been here
since 2000 and right for another title.>>For western Christian,
coming into the state tournament playing extremelywell, they
played in the championship game 16 of the last 17 games, won 10 championships. That Madison Hoffman is a great
player. >>A real outstanding attack,
balanced approach. The 6’2″ player in Christian.>>
With the information it with the distinguished coach award.>>This award is given to
anIowa coach who has made a contribution toward school,
community and coaching profess. Presenting is Gene Burger and Lisa brinkMeyer. The winner is Diane harms of
Hartford. She began teaching and coaching
in Charles city. runner-up finish before She had
the comments to a taking over the reigns in between three. — 2003.dynasty.
She’s added to their And they’ve qualified for the championship the 12th
consecutive year.She had heroine this year, and she’s ranked in the top all
all-time.At her side for her matches has been her husband Lawrence an
assistant coach for the Wolverines.Presenting the Golden
Plaque of distinction, from New Hartford, Diane DARMs.>>Since 1998, the Iowa Girls
Athletic Union has honored the state’s greatest
volleyball players with induction into the Iowa hallof
fame.Tonight we honor the 20th class of inductees.We have the
regional manager for the Iowa Farm Bureau the proud sponsor of the athletic
union. We have de-Lisa dubbo. She started for 1982 to 1985and
led the Mustangs to the 1984 state tournament.She was the
class 2A player of the year in 1985 when she
averaged five kills per set for the Mustangs, twice named
Allstate.She went on to play volleyball at University of
Huskers reach the Nebraska and helped the corn championship match along with an
elite eight appearance.Since graduation she’s become a
registered nurse.They’re moving to Hawaii next month, with plans
on helping the community with regenerative medicine and stem
cell treatment.Welcome to the high school volleyball hall of fame, de-Lisa
devolt Rogers.Walking with her today is her granddaughter, Charlie Bell.>>An outlanding athlete, she
went to Creighton university and played softball and volleyball
for the lady jays. area.She’s stayed in the Omaha
She’s been teaching for 35 years and working as an official at
the Nebraska state track and field meet.
They’re parents to Nolan, Nathan Gretchen and Greta.Let’s welcome
one of the pioneers of IGHSAU high school volleyball hall of fame,
… >>Today’s final inducted went
to western Christian. Wes tern Christian twice named an
all-tournament teamselection.17 kills, 17 digs, six service aces
named the captain of the 2004 all-tournament team.Three time
all-state selection.She was named the class two A player of
the year. Went on to play college
volleyball at Wayne state.And starter. She qualified for the division 2 and 2008 named the
team captain and named the Wayne state player of the year.She
attended medical school in Denver and completed her
University.residency at Baylor She and her husband Scott reside in Akron, Ohio where
she’s an Ob-Gyn doctor.Welcome back Western Christian Britly van beak.Once
again, presenting this year’s volleyball class, de-Lisa
debulk.Laura rodham and western beak.Christian, Brittany van Congratulations to all.>>What a great group for the hall-of-famers to be induct fame. inducted into the hall of
>>This is an emotional night, I am choked up because they put a
stamp on volleyball.the Iowa high school
They get recognition.Kudos to the athletic union for this
honor. >>For today’s 2018 IGHSAU class 2A championship match.
[Cheers]>>Fans, please welcome to the floor, the wolf pack from Western Christian.>>Wolf pack, come marching back
in, the second seed here in the tournament and coach Tammy Veerbeek has herteam
playing well as they’vewon 18 straight games. >>Please welcome the Unity Christian knights. >>They with their coach, Patty Timmermans, and beat
top-seeded backman Catholic in the semifinals to get her.>>It
is time to introduce the players and coaches.This afternoon’s
championship match.First, for the wolfpack.The nonstarters. Number 0 Kooima number 5, Kayla,
Zevenbergen, number six, Bausema.8, Kollis.9, Postma, 11,
Vis. Number 13, Van Otterloo.And
number 14, Hanna Kollis. The assistant coach is Mindy Dejager. Number two, grand STRA, seven, Chandler, Schemper.
winnia, four Postma, number Number 10, McKay Van’t Hul.
Number 12, Sienna Moss. And the libero is number 1,
Madison Hoffman.And the coach for the wolf pack is Tammy Veerbeek. Let’s meet the knights from
Unity Christian. Number two nonstarters,
Sandbulte, Byl, Keikema, number 7, Riebeling. Number 8, Byker, number 14, Lucy
Zylstra, number 15, Jenna Bouma. The assistant catches are Jana
van Donge, Dennis Benson and Vanessa van Kempen. The starters for the knights, 3, Timmermans, 6, Wieringa, number 9, Croeze, number 10, Zevenbergen, and 11 Bronner, number 13, Janie
Schoonhoven. And the libero is number 18,Molly Krosschell. Timmermans.The coach is Patty
The officials are advance Welshingman, Smith, Grassley and Timmons.Let’s play
championship volleyball!>>Well, here we go.Look at the keys to
this one.First up for Unity Christian.>>One key to this
match here is their offense runs through the outside attack.The
passing has to be on.That is the number one thing.Passing against
a tough offense.And serve from Western Christian.Second an
efficient outside attack.Their offense has to run through
Timmermans and Bronner on the outside.They’re the go-to,
pick-up passing to run the outside attack efficiently.>>
On the other side for Western Christian.>>Again, as I
mentioned in the opening, they have no real big start.They have
a balanced attack.They need to mix up the offense, all four of
the strong hitters need to be on tonight.Also the outside block.
Timmermans has been so dominant on the outside, they have to
find a way to slow her down. Hopefully the outside tonight
for Western blockers have a good night Christian for them to get
that championship.>>The wolf pack, wearing their black uniforms with maroon
numbers trimmed in Western Christian in their white. baby blue with navy numbers,
trimmed in white.They’re very familiar with one another.We
mentioned throw matches this year, all won by Western
Christian, but in the sets when you look at itcircumstances it
is more dominant for Western Christian as they have won six
of the 7 sets they played against one another.They do it
with balance, as you mentioned, sandy, it is
tough to break that out. They had an unbelievable game in
the semifinals beating top-seeded jettison
Catholic.>>They were down in the regional finals and came back and won over Syracuse.They
have been overcomers this year. Western Christian they’re not
taking it for granted not too overconfident.They’re sister
schols.They know each other.A lot of moms played on these
teams and are former teammates. It is a family reunion. >>The head coaches, Veerbeek
and Timmermans played with each other.>>In the day, in the
early ’90s, western Christian. Several of the moms played for
Unity Christian and Western Christian. here. A rebirth of old teammates>>Earlier today, had the Golden
Eagles winning another state championship.For Western
Christian it has been an equally impressive run
at the state tournament,now playing in the state
championship game. 17 of 18 years in an openingace.
>>Right off the back, the number one key on this for unite is Unity is passing.>>To Hoffman, that is back, Bause — Bausema making herself known.
>>The point will go to unity.A big side out. Challenged it at the net with
Wynja.>>Pushed it off the block with the point. >>The serve is –>>Played up by sev SPEF.Back
row attack.>>And what a kill on the outside for Western
Christian.And Wynja will connect with it 3-1, Western Christian.>>Wynja is one of the 6’2″
setters.An all-around great player.>>Now to the fourth.
That is deadly.We have seen that all tournament long.They’re able
to come up with the blaster in the middle in
Bronner.Got to get her going. With her height and power onthe
stroke.Got to be a factor today.>>One of the three-year
starters her for Unity Christian, a lot of experience
on the floor for both teams. Nice transition, defense to offense there.>>That will get over for Bausema. And Bausema will be serving here, started in the two A title
game.What a day so far here in Cedar Rapids.>>They are going
to the outside for Unity Christian.>>And it is in the back. >>That sophomore is a hitter.A
6-foot middle hitter.A little tender and nice block to put it
on the otherside.>>Timmermans put it back down, Wieringa,
serve.>>Beautiful pass. >>Each team trying to be crafty in the middle. Hofman, she’ll get it over.>>
It is with Timmermans.>> Finding her lines.Will set it
up.Oh, the trick.Erin Wieringa with the crafty move to tie it up.>>
Beautiful.Another three-year starter for the Knights, jumps
it over for the win.>>48 assists in the semifinals
yesterday.>>Beautiful passing from Western Christian.>>
Almost able to get the trifecta.>>So far, the tough servingfrom
Unity is not affecting Western Christian. They’ve been spot-on, great
passing. Kemper to direct traffic forthe
side out.Kooima.>>Free ball, see what they do with the
offense here.>>Wieringa to the outside. The blast by Timmermans willget
down.>>Timmermans 24 kills. Just really nice big arm swings. Catch it inside the block. Playing for her mom, coach Patty
Timmermans that also played here in the state tournament opinion
Croeze on the serve, Unity Christian going for the first lead.>>
Timmermans blocked that, but blocked out.>>Western
Christian is up there, but they have to be strong in this
tournament.It is a heavy, heavy ball.You can see they’re there,
she’s used to it. Nice set by Wieringa, I think
her touch on the ball,floats it perfect. >>Going on to play at Dorset.>>What a dig there by Hofman.
>>You can see why she’s thein the state, leads the number one
offensive player state in digs. >>Little something to be desired opportunity. by Schemper’s>>
When you change your mind midstream, that usually endsup
in an error. Tried to pull up there. Is this is blocked away. How about the shot by gran
Granstra.>>Being a lefty helps her run the offense in the frontrow. A lot of multitasking for
Western Christian. >>Free ball here for the wolf
pack.>>Going through that. >>A quick jump and it pays off.
>>Defense is ready, they’re overaggressive, two people
mishandle. going for the ball, little>>So far, Unity
Christian is holding their own with a balanced attack for Western Christian.>>Side out for Unity
Christian.Three ties.>>There is a ball coming up, setter
takes the first hit, like OK who will get that one?They have to
have someone step up and take that when the setter takes the
first ball. 9-7, Unity Christian.>>That’s
too strong.>>Nice attack by Schoonhoven.She’s one of the
sophomores too at Unity Christian.>>That one in on the
— hitthe antenna.So it will be ruled out. Side out to the wolf Woflpack.>>Coach giving
encouragement there.>>Ace.>>They average 2.5 aces per
shift.Passing is critical for Unity Christian.They have to get
the pass outside play. Both teams with an outside
attack. GSDZ great hit coverage.>>Dig out of the back by
Timmermans.>>Nice spot, nice recovery.>>Wieringa to the middle.>>
Hammered down for beautiful placement on the pass. Coming up for the kill is Jori
Bronner.>>Nice adjustment during the rally, covering the
Court with that last — Bronner with the power hit.>>That was Zevenbergen.With the
dig.Wieringa to the outside.>> Nice try to keep them honest.
Push it deep in the Court.>> This one, it will be ruled in. Side out.>>You need the final
[indiscernible].Third leading hitter on thisteam with 30
kills.Four hitters is almost 200 kills each.>>Five ties and a
lead change here.[Cheers]>>And Unity Christian stillholds the
lead here at 11-10.>>Bronner one of the three-year leaders here at Unity
Christian, she’s effective on the outside as well.Second
leader hitter behind Timmermans for the Knights.>>
How about the blast, Hofman. libero coming up, Madison>>
Give me a chance to swingat the ball.Not too many opportunities.
That was fantastic for Madison Hofman there.>>In the serve.>>That serve
we talked about. blocked.Bronner has her shot
Another lead change. What a battle we have got going.
>>One of the keys is strong outside blocking.They had it
that time.Nice reach and turn back into the Court.All right. Nice coverage here.>>A dig out by Wieringa.>>A double hit or
mishit from the third attack there.A
little indecision on what to do with the ball.Wieringa looking
concerned. No time-outs yet for either
team.>>The largest side — leadof
the set for Western Christian. >>At sophomore, 6’3″, with the
height, can really crankon the ball.Nice power.They are ready
for it.>>Very close to holding on to that.Western Christian bailed
outthere.Good for young players to look at that.You don’t always
watch the ball, take your eyes off to know where the opening
is.That is what she did to put it in that position. >>The service error to Bronner.
This is back to the three-point advantage for Western Christian.>>Another aggressive serving team, averages 2.5
service aces per set. >>Timmermans shot handled by Hofman. Hofman to the front to Wynja. They cash itHul. in with Van’t >>A nice transition to the
hitter’s game off the net.The 3-2.A little lower upon get to
the block to get there.>>Side out on the service
error.Unity Christian with some work to do here.>>And the 5-1
with the setter in the back to run more of an offense.With the
three attackers up there.>>And they’ve got too hard to handle, Van’t Hul poweredthat
through.>>Moss, upset a little high and early.She still got to
powered over the net.Moss. Nice job by the sophomore, found her
line.>>Timmermans, blast — she She likes that spot.>>She
likes that spot.>>Hofman is doing a good job of digging it.
She wasn’t in the lineup that time. She’s tough to dig. Croeze will be in to serve.>>Great shot down the line by
Kempers.>>That hole is number one, 73.Three hitters over 300.
You can see the balanced attack coming into play.>>Timmermans
takes some offof that, but it is covered as well.>>Nice bump set. >>Played over.>>Western Christian, their
offense makes you scramble quite a bit.Not so much power, sandy,
but a lot of creativeness.A time-out here to Unity
Christian.>>Yeah, very strong in the fundamentals.They moved
well when the Paul was on the other side.They’re getting off
the net,getting in good position. >>So hear what head coach Tammy
Veerbeek has to say. >>Everybody that can play will
beat this team.Get touches, grab the balls,get around the block,
dig like crazy.OK?We said if we win a championship, defense will
win it!OK? Keep attacking them, let’s go N
team, one, two, three, team.>>Her motto is grind it tough.
out, play with grit and playThey have a good lead here in the first set.>>19-14, the match, the largest
lead it. Early going, quite a tussle.Six
ties, two lead changes to this point.Again, western, it is knotted up at 11 is really
taking control of the set.A rotation by Timmermans.>>They
brought her out of adifferent position. middle.It was a quick attack to
theVery official.>>5’10” senior, ready to serve it up.>>
That passing from Western Christian is beautiful, on the
money.>>Opportunity here for Western
Christian.>>Playing some good defenseback there, too.>>As is
Hofman.offense.Which jump-starts the Timmermans, now, over.>>Great
coverage on both side.middle.>> And a blast in the Right out of
Bronner.>>Nice job by Bronner there.Both teams doing great
defensive transition to offense. Block was there, but not strong
enough.Great power factor from Bronner for the kill.>>Wieringa did everything she
could to get that over. Now Timmermans to the outside.
That one just didn’t get in by Wynja. >>Quite a player.Running from
the block row.Left-hand swing. The block is on the left side.
She takes advantage of the line kill. That is in.The block did get in.
>>That was kind of a telegraphed set and attack. You can see the run-up slide.The
block is waiting for her. Nice to take the ball to theback
attacker.Or the jump.They were ready for that one.>>Dug up by Timmermans.>>Graph
by Hofman to let that go to the back row.>>Communication an
issue here for Unity Christian.>>This is how their offense upon set is all behind the
10-foot line.>>Blocked out. The strong shot by wing Wynja. The longest set here, Unity
Christian to burn the final time-out for the set.Go to their
head coach Timmermans in the huddle.>>
Send it out to Jamie, keep them guessing. Brook, you got to be ready too,
too find a spot.If they’re covering over here, you have
that side of the Court. Blockers, get up, pen — penetrate, turn her in.>>The
coach was saying the last play, it was a telegraphed middle
attack.They knew it was coming. The setter has to be aware of
that, make a better choice.It is like throwing in the coverage if
you’re a quarterback.You want to make a better choice.To slow the
momentum down from Western Christian.>>
Western Christian has opened up the lead here to 6,
their largest, Schemper will serve.>>Nice pass.>>And the block did get in!Oh,
they’re tough on that side.>> We talked about the keys.The
strong outside block.They’re doing it.The middle blocker is
closing.They have to pocket their hitters.The hitters need
to adjust, if they have a big block, kill it or roll over
deep. >>Back row attack. And this block is deflecked out.
Zevenbergen.>>Almost there, but not square to the net.With
your hands facing out.It will deflect out of bounds.You have
to square up, turn in.Like their coach said.>>Set point.>>Great front coverage by
Western Christian.>>And there it is, Western Christian will
take the opening set. What a run, scoring the lastfive
points.And also, this one was tied up at 11, outscoring Unity Christian 14-5, down the
stretch.As the Woflpack, strong at the net with their blockers, forcing the issue.>>Second set coming up hereon
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networks. >>You are watching the IGHSAU girls volleyball
championships.This is the 2A game. >>Wynja is leading the way.Moss
out of the front row.And playing a good attack.all-around game,
balanced Unity Christian started Christian pulled it out in
strong, but then Western the end.>>You see the statistics
tothis point. The kills, of course the digs.13 digs.The passing is
crossed led by Granstra and Wynja from
Western Christian on the assists.They have all of them.
>>They have a well-balanced team, they play a rotation with
the libero and six-2 offense. It is a balanced, strong
players, great ball handling skills, great forwards.Good
all-around team at Western Christian.>>We’ll see
what happens here in the second set. Timmermans off to a decent
start, too, as well, if Unity Christian.Four kills on 18
attempts.But she also has nine digs.>>She’s been playing all around
and get the kills in the last half.See if they can get
momentumback here.>>Wide shot. Unity Christian starts out in
front.>>That is a good sign when you lost the first set and
come out with the first point under your belt and get started.
>>We need to try to take a attempt.different angle on that
This time, she goes back to her more natural fitting into
the deep corner.Unity Christian unable to catch up to it.Tied at
1.>>Defense good there, couldn’t
quite control that dig, get it up to the setters. >>5A championship earlier. Ankeny Centennial won and 4Ato
Wahlert.We have the 1A title game, coming up at the
conclusion of this one.>>Perfect.They’re
going to have to serve tougher. They’re running free balls
services.all the time on the They’re going to have to
aggressively.serve much more The perfect pass and quick attack to the middle.That is a
nice handle by Timmermans.>>Wynja puts it up, the smash wide from Van’t Hul. >>Not typical of them, they’re
usually off the net situation. Didn’t have time to get a full
approach.You know, get up and get on top of the ball or you
will hit it out.That is a little bit better serve there. >>Timmermans shot blocked, but
it did get in.How about that by Van’t Hul.>>Unity Christian’s
block coverage has not been the best.You can see they’re
standingstraight up.You have to be done and ready for that.
Especially right behind the block.They have to improve the
block, hitter coverage for Unity Christian.That is a tough one.>>
And Western Christian takes the lead for the firsttime.>>
Straight to the pass. second attack there, second
Errant pass, hard to handle set. They get that pass going.>>
There is Timmermans in the middle.She’s been tough to stop,
when they rotate her around and she attacks straight on.>>
Exactly.She’s got a big jump, good big approach.Really tough
— even when they have a block, she’s powering through the block. Another beautiful pass. Now, the setter — I know you
want to go for the ball.You have to be ready for thesecond ball.
The back row attack.The back row defensive player has to be
yelling.That is the communication part. They protect the ball so the
setter is ready for the second one. >>And to go right.Timmermans,
Wieringa and back to Timmermans.>>Wonderful.She is rewarded by
the good pass and gets the set for the kill.>>Western
Christian has been tough to score on when you’re on the
outside.But in the middle, they haveshown vulnerability.And
service error here by Unity Christian.>>Tough one. Maybe a little out of breath.
Working hard with the pass, set, kill.Unfortunate error there.>>
Granstra. >>Another lefty.Some good core coverage on
both sides there.>>And this will be a point for Unity
Christian.>>Nice kill there by –>>Nobody is running away, yet,
in this second set.>>Back and forth, back and forth here. That was Schoonhoven, the only
starting sophomore on the team for Unity Christian. Double hit call.Again, that is
— she’s wondering about that.It is a tough call, but I believe
the player should have a mishandle on the third ball
over.Lead change, second of the set.And the block will be out.
And Western Christian will tie it. We have been tied at every point
along the way.>>Exactly. Again, coach stressed that, the
shoulders and hands turned into the Court.They’re there, they
have to turn the shoulders and handsback
into the Court.>>The obvious right now is for Unity
Christian, have lost 7-8 sets they played against Western
Christian.They need this one right now. A big hit there by Bronner.>>
Yes, off the net.A quick jump and swing.Nice big corner shot
away from the block.The pass from Hofman. >>That one just got in!>>It
is a good way to burn the defense.position there.Western
Christian out of And didn’t struggle to get deep in the
Court.You see they left the end of the Court wide open.Just a
mistake.As a defensive player you have to get back on the
Court after the middle of the transition. >>And block back by Bronner.>>
Things are rolling for Unity Christian the largest lead here
in the championship match, 3.>>Oh!>>Just got out.Ashley.>>That
was a close one.>>One of those looked like it was going out.>>Ooh.>>You be the judge. Can’t really see from that
angle. No replay and no challenge in
high school volleyball, like they do in college. Neither team getting in rhythm,
needing time to transition and get into>>What a hit. offense.
>>Wynja on the kill.Leading the team in kills right now.Again,
when they have time for transition, Western Christian
gets their hittersoff the net, so they’re ready for the 6-2 offense attack.>>Now the
officials conferring here.>>Not sure what that is about.
>>They’re going to change their minds.>>They’re going to call
a back row attack?>>Yeah.>>Correct call.>>She
set her.>>[Indiscernible] >>But not to the hitter.>>
Trying to understand this, too. >>The play before that –>>
Take a look at this. points?>>The play before, how
many>>I think he’s talking about the play before this.So
they had the set, the front-row attacker.So I think the question
was the play before.But maybe that is a high school rule?call
it?Can they go back a play and Not sure.We’ll get clarification
on that.The service error puts the score 11-9.I have a tough
time remembering what happened yesterday.>>Not sure what that
was all about. But anyway.>>The big shot, coming in from
the outside by Timmermans.>>With a vengeance, nice big
approach, in this approach, almost back, way back.
Nice inside cut back.Really enjoy watching her play at the
state tournament.Very fun. Forceful player to watch,
Corrina Timmermans.It is deflected.Western Christian gets
the point.>>Not a big hit, just enough to block.Smart
hitter with Western Christian.>>Western Christian coming in
at 41-5.Unity Christian at 32-6 on the season.And coming up with
the pointthere.It is Timmermans again, 13-10.Timmermans now with
eight kills. handle.>>That was a tough set to Her athletic
ability she wasable to get there, wipe off the block. Push off the block at that point.>>Back row attack by Madison Hofman, the libero. >>Amazing, little 5’8″ libero.
She’s taken off behind the attack line and that is a couple that she’s got.>>With the system saying yeah, I can do that.Now serving
Kooima. >>Nice pass, beautiful. long.That is going to be ruled
>>That was a little off thenet, even though she was outthere,
see where she was at.Trying to come in, keep thatball in front.
So Western Christian is really sneaking up.Playing Timmermans
for straight-down attack.If she can get that deep shot to work, she’s got open
court.>>Give it to up Timmermans.>>Great defense. Their ball here. Christian do here?>>What will
Western What a great point here.>>A great dig by Bronner.Going
to see who will get it.Battle here. And Timmermans gets the handle.
>>I tell you, that is a great, great point there.Both teams
fighting for it.Unity Christian showing some real grit here with that long rally and point. >>Wieringa, fists it over to Schoonhoven.Long point here.
And Bronner.>>They have Timmermans in front.the back,
Bronner up to the A real strong player in the middle for them.
Perfect connect from Wieringa with that quick set.>>Veerbeek
wants a time-out.Unity Christian matching their largest lead here
on the set, it is three, 15-12
here.Let’s go to the Unity Christian huddle and hear what
coach Timmermans is talking about.>>You tell them a
minute.I want — there is somebody I was going to talk to.
Girls listen up.Come on in. Listen to Benson.>>A better
approach and better job, you can get on top of it.Right now, you
are a little under.Reach into the corner. I think you can get on top.>>Coach Timmermans turning it
over to Dennis Benson, one of the long-time assistants at Unity Talking to
the outside Christian.hitter, Schoonhoven. One of the key things for an
transition.offensive attack is the Coaching there to get out tohave
a good approach. She’s a little slow getting out.
With the coaching from the coach there, see if she is make the
coaching work for her on her transition game.Keep
it off the net.>>And an ace.>>Come to the top
serving. As far as aces in class A, averaging two aces per two
set.Showing their serving game in this set, for sure.serve.>>
The change-up on the It pays off.>>That setter had a hard
time handling it. She’s a back row setter. Wynja is a back row player,
can’t take it over.Had to do something with it to keep it in
place.>>Western Christian has wonfive straight sets against
Unity Christian.against one another this And this is the
fourth matchseason. >>Nice recovery on the block.
Schoonhoven outside, keeping the ball in front.Better play
that, and it will be in.>> Unity Christian still gets the
point.>>She gets there, and Schoonhoven got out there.They
went to the big hitter in the middle. Bronner put it away. Kind of a kill that was
successful, though.>>And an error.Big side out for Western
Christian.>>It is tough.Little
overaggressive on that one.>>And the block in the
middle. Too much strength with Wieringa.
>>Wieringa and Bronner up there, almost have the coverage,
but Unity Christian with it tonight.>>Wing Wynja, new serve.>>The
aggressive serving coming into play.And Western
Christian will burn another time-out here.Down by seven,
they’re out of time-outs for the set.>>
Right now, OK, let’s not forget who is ahead in this match.We’re
up 1-0.This is volleyball, right now, we have to change that wave
back to our side.It will take a big defensiveplay or big block
or big kill to grab the momentum and get it back on our side.
We’re standing watching the game a little bit right now.OK.We
played so good defensively, we need to get back to the defense.
Defense starts with the block, make a momentum play for the
team, get this thingback. Let’s go.Team!>>So playing to
get back totheir game of aggressive play, playing timid.
Making errors.Needs a big play. Volleyball is a game of momentum
and runs.Even at the end of this second set, if they don’t
momentum back.win, they have to get Right now, Unity Christian
is all over it.>>Seven-point lead for Unity Christian.>>A
good pass and set therefor the side out here.>>A big dig out
of the backby Timmermans. Opportunity here for Western Christian.And a block.Oh,
handles.Perfect bailout.>>Good coverage by the Western
Christian team. >>And good security there by
Moss.>>Right.We were talking about with both of the teams
having good blocking teams you haveto really cover your
hitters.That cover really paid off for Western Christian, they overpass. got the rally on the >>That was Granstra with that
put-in. A good time out to slow the
momentum a little bit here. >>This one down the line.>>
Little bit of overrotation.Goes a little behind her.Bronner, you
want to crank it, overrotated. The set was even farther out.>>Nice cover there by Hofman. Schoonhoven.Good control stop by
That was a little slow on the communication of what set she
was getting.>>And the block back, againby Moss, straight in
the double.>>Little bit of bullet there on the block back
to Schoonhoven.She tried to do a win there in the elbow. And at the arm, cannot have the ball roll up your arm.That
is an error there.>>Western Christian has it,within 4.Make
it 3.Here comes the Wolfpack.>>Tight pass. Hard one to handle.Time-out here
by Timmermans to break this.>> We have had seven ties inthis
one.Three lead changes.And right now, Unity Christian is till — still up
by three. They were up by 7 go to the
Unity Christian huddle.>> Almost want to have her off a
little bit, come here,but right now, putting her tight.Relax on
the passes.We’re going to side out and pass the ball and take
it two down.All right?Hitters make sure you are not jumping
too tight to thenet.You want to be here with theball, come on
top, bury it.Let’s go!Team! >>This is a fundamental point
there as far as passing to the setter.They’re rolled too tight.
Give her room to work with it. too early.The hitters are
jumping in Got to wait and keep the ball in front to really get a
full swing.>>On the hot serve on the point streak.Not this
time, as it is an error, trying to hit the back line.>>Good
point from Unity Christian to let that one goout.
>>Schoonhoven will now serve. >>And broke the momentum
without a service error. >>That one got in from Wynja. >>Unity Christian got a little confused on the play,
overrotated thinking the ball was going to go down the line. >>Another service error.Unity Christian
getting closer to taking the second set, tying it up in a set
they needed to win.>>Oh!>> That’s an ace.>>Yeah, Western Christian is
playing tentative.They’re usually spot-on with the service.They’ve had some
trouble here in this set with the score. got in, three kills here in>>
Hofman again, that one the set. >>When all fails, get to the
libero in the back row.She’s one to keep an eye on.Good for her.
Great spin on the ball to get it to drop. >>Did just make the date.>>
The set way too tight.Good scramble.>>And a hard-earned
point by Unity Christian, now we’re at set point.>>You have
a great block out there.They didn’t telegraph, knew it was
coming.Perfect, perfect reach over the net.>>And that one will float out.
Western Christian needs a run her at serve.And Emma
Bousema will come in to do that.>>You see the serving position.
Position one is the right back position.She hit it perfectly. The coaches will try to see
where they should serve. If they have a strategy or in
the angle of the ball.Unity Christian is wanting four hits. I think there was a touch. >>Hofman with the dig.They’re
going to Timmermans. And to the block, by Van’t Hul.
that back.>>A nice job of getting That is the block.Really
getting up and over.You have to work more of theline shot so
when the block is there.>>Not over.Still at set point. And Unity Christian will getit.
>>It is a kill.Nice way to mix it up there for the set point.
>>Big set for Unity Christian. We’re tied at a set apiece in the last 2A state
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live peeks at products as they happen and exclusivebehind the
scenes content.Connect with all the social networks by going to
IPTV.org/social.>>So we’re tied at a set apiece.25-16 goes to Western
Christian in the first, second to Unity Christian, 25-21.Look
at the second set, Unity Christian was finally able to
control the net.>>Starting with a really much better passing
game in the second set.Able to get the ball to the big hitters on the outside.
Timmermans with the middle attack, strong.Surveys, great
blocking.Stepped up their game duringthe second set.>>A look
at the statistics through the second set.The kill number is
about even.The digs, and then the blocks.Western has been
strong there.Three aces so far by Unity Christian.>>Right.A
lot of points with Unity Christian, they hung in there
and grit out the long rallies. They won the match.>>Wynja,
the second set, a nonfactor. Only had two kills, no assists.
Much different from what we saw in the first set where she had nine kill it is and seven assists. They go away from winga this time it is town by Bousema. season coming in.>>She has 230
kills on the One of the balanced attacks. Front row players there.>>Side out on the Knights.>>
Coming in strong here. On that side.>>Going to miss it.>>Those
are hard to get your hands up in time to react to those got to stay
deeper.player.Especially on shorter They will take it deep.
You have to get deep on the Court on defense.>>And here,
we’re going to see a double hit.>>That is tough, you will start with tight, trying to get
it over her shoulder, double hit.>>Bronner will now serve. And that one did hit the
antenna, so ruled out.Unity Christian will get thepoint.
They’ve got the first lead here in the third set.>>A good call
there by the official, on top of things.The antenna and any
extension of the antenna is out there.>>Unity Christian, owning
it, Byl making the play.>> Bronner, the top of the second
set, there, that is a result of the tough serve.She’s
really nailing it.There it is. >>An ace.>>When you get that rhythm
going, don’t change anything.It is like when you have that
stretch, you keep the same rhythm.Beautiful toss, big jump,
hard serve to receive.See if she can get a third one in a row
here.>>And that one a little toostrong.>>I jinxed her.>>
Unity Christian it appears has completely relaxed.>>
Definitely.>>They’re playing much moreloose, passing better.
Playing a little smarter. I think Wynja picked up her
game, mixed up the offense more for her hitter. Timmermans.>>It is up there
for>>Where can Western Christian get back on track
here?>>The biggest thing for them is to get into the offense.
Not passing the ball.They have been off balance here.Things
like that, where they can’t get a pass up.And Unity
Christian is passing, doing the transition,
see if they can get into an offensive rhythmhere.>>Nice scramble.>>Great set. >>And Timmermans is able to pound that.Outstanding in this
match overall.Unity Christian is starting to win the long points.
>>Exactly.They’re hanging in tough, not making mistakes.
Letting Western Christian make mistakes.That was a beautiful
set.position.From a really tight And we can see the hitter, give
kudos after a set like that.>> Ends a long run.>>Oh, work all
that hard toget a point and then serviceerror.Darn! Coach Veerbeek encouraging her team.Ooh.And an ace for the
wolf back.>>Both of the teams really strong serving teams. So they have to be bound in on
service.No time out.You have to know who is passing it, want the ball.In the recovery.>>
Timmermans blocks that.For the Wolfpack.about.>>That is what
is talking We need a big play. Need moment up.We need a spark.
And Unity Christian has been winning the long rallies and Western Christian got that one. >>Van’t Hul is the holding the
spot right now.>>They’re going to be the ones blocking
Timmermans.We talked about that as the key to block Timmermans.
>>The service error.Western fighting back from
afour-point deficit to tie it. >>May see a few more service
errors that way. >>Here’s Kroeze.>>Nice pass.>>Unity Christian
will keepit going at the net.>>Coming in a little too quick.
That needs to be a little higher.Unless they’re going in
quick. Miscommunication there. Tough pass.>>Unity Christian
has a three-point run on a lead like that. >>Granstra, a six-2 hitter,it
was an antenna hit on the attack.>>Unity Christian has takenfull
advantage in the middle.A time-out for coach Veerbeek.11-7
Knights.Let’s go to the Western Christian huddle.>>Go up high,
flying.Take that big swing.Keep swinging.Involve everybody.We’re
fine. We’re passing well.Got to get
the side out, battle back.Keep defending, let’s go.There is a
lot of game in front of us yet. We’re not even in the halfway
point to the whole match.Relax, call the game, smilesand
communication.One, two, three, team!Let’s go.>>Some good
comments there to get the team more relaxed.Little uptight.Made
errors.Fly and sky.The outside attackers are tentative, not
going in hard.She said fly and sky. She what they do on the outside.
See if they respond to the coaching staff.She’s been here
20 years with the school. straight championship.Going
through their ninth She knows what she’s talking about. Beautiful pass. Good coverage.>>Good transition, having ahard
time with the full approach. See if they can get off the net and go swing. >>Lot of miscommunication with
Western Christian. >>A nonset –>>Western
Christian gets the side out after the time-out.>>Covering the Court well. >>This will be blocked out,
Western Christian with the point. >>Much better attack for
Schemper, nice attack there by Schemper, following coach’s
instructions.Telling her to fly and sky and get a big swing and she did.>>And Western Christian point.
able to get the hard-earned >>Schemper, one of the two
three hitters, 230 kills on the year.Nice set by Wynja, the top
hitter, going to her.>>Western Christian trying to stem the
tide and tie this one up again. Seen long point runs by Pothof
the teams.This one does — by both of in. the teams, this one
does get>>This is the inside, the back row attack.Offseat, roll
shot.Going their way for Unity Christian this set.>>Wieringa to the middle.
Bronner.Did not time that one perfectly.>>Wasn’t quite ready
for that attack.I think it would have been abetter option to go
to the outside.Middle hitter wasn’t quite ready for that set. With communications, liberoshave
to talk to the setter, let them know where you are at, that you are ready.>>Good
coverage there, from Unity Christian. Ooh.Tight set.Out.>>And that
one did get in! We’re tied at 12.>>Both teams battling.Really
nice to get that ball to drop.>>Now Schemper. Wynja.Bronner, straight set from
Unity Christian still holds the lead.>>They have run that all
tournament.It works well.net. They keep the ball off the Even
around the triple block, was able to reach andget over the
net, over the top of the block for the kill.off.>>This is
starting to pay long. This is going to be ruled
>>And to work on the deep part of the Court.>>Western has
fought so hard to get back in after being down by four.Unity
Christian goes on a big run. That will hit the antenna, it is
a service error. concentration.>>Some of this is
Especially in free throw. You have to really focus. A lot of it is mental when you are serving. That big approach and swing.
They’re playing good defense. >>That one did get in.>>Again,
following coach’s advice.Stay back, keep the ball in front,
swing through. And success. Nice deep, kill shot.>>And it’s blocked out.>>
They’re there again.Have to turn that block in.Really have to
concentrate between the shoulders and hands back in the
Court. Game three is so critical.It is
like getting one over the hump. This is the big match that
sometimes that third game really tells who is going towin the
match. >>Timmermans shot.Back row
attack.Pays off, again.Western Christian gets a little close
and Unity Christian will start to pullaway.>>Nice bump set.
Timmermans ready in the backrow, and now back up in the front
court where she wants to do damage up there.>>And how about that.>>The six footer, the Wolfpack
team.Beautiful swing, good connection there from the
setter.>>Led the team yesterday with 12 kills in the
semi’s against Sidney. And now a service error.Coach’s nightmare.Work
hard for the point and get a service error.>>Controlling
the middle with the big.helping. The side advantage is Right
there, we see it.>>They’re really adjusting to Western
Christian’s attack.Following that middle hitterto the outside
a little bit.Then usually.Missed the coverage by Western
Christian.The camp fire defense. Sitting around, watching it drop.>>Got to be aggressive.And a
little too aggressive there for Timmermans.>>He thought she
got it in.>>That set was a little lowand tight. She was hoping to try and tool
the block, hit it off the block. She missed it.>>The lead is
two, doesn’t feel like two.>> Both are lulling themselves to
sleep, not putting it away.Back and forth. blocked.>>Timmermans is going
to beThat is Moss.>>There we go!A little fired up there.>>Gives the Wolfpack>>We talk
about stealing energy. the block.You know, when the spike
comes hard, you have to be just as strong up there.That is what
happened.A roof and a rebound for a blocked down point. Nice recovery. >>Timmermans with the task. Timmermans will keep it in. Wieringa with the back row.>>
Nice scramble.>>It gets in! We’re tied! >>Ha-ha-ha.Ha-ha-ha.That was
good ball control.The set was way outside and deep.She just
controlled it.Beautiful left arm, left hand roll shot. >>Granstra able to put it down. The Wolfpack for the first lead since they led it 2-1.>>
Schoonhoven a little early on the step.>>Timmermans able to
power Unity Christian still has that through.the advantage.>>
Really nice.Stopped the last half.Little hesitant. She thought I will do a nicedrop
shot. Beautiful touch on the ball.>>Kroeze’s serve.>>They have
the nonsetter setting.>>And Timmermans block backby Moss.>>I tell you, Moss up there block.and Van’t Hul with the
There is nobody behind for coverage.Again, just a last
defensivecoverage for Unity Christian.>>Unity Christian
has led it two times boy as many as four.Western has battled back
to tie it up on five separate occasions here in this set.>>
Oh, that’s tight.>>Did not have the lead since 2-1 early on. here.>>Great use of the block
>>A change in momentum. time-out for Unity>>Timmermans
taking a Christian. 20-19, the Wolfpack.This is the
[indiscernible] Christian. of the night for Unity>>We need
to sit on the attack.The open spot is not here, it is to the
right from the four spot. Especially to the outside. You need to get square on your
sets.Passing, blockers, up and over, turn it in. You can’t face your hitter. Can’t face your hitter. Great job in the back row but
stay low at all times. We could have had it, we reacted
too late.Don’t go to the middle of the Court, it is not there.Team!
>>Good practical pointers. The open spot is the four spot that is part of it. Wynja, see if they make an
adjustment.They have to stay low until the ball hits the floor.Outside
shoot by Schoonhovenhandled by Western Christian. A double hit.The Wolfpack open
up a two-point lead.What a turn of events.>>This third game is
really critical part of the match here.
You win with the championship and you want the third set to
have the edge going into the fourth.Nice
camera angle.>>And this one, western is stealing it down.Unity Christian
will need torally the troops here.>>They’re standing up,
not going for the ball.They’re just a little Quick time-out.
hesitant here.>>Taken by Unity Christian,go to the Western
Christian huddle.>>Like I said, we’re in a good rotation
right now.Three of our best defenders in the back.One good
blocker, going pen to pen with the hit.Stop them now, know
where they’re coming up.Don’t get caught standing watching. Team! Always talking, pace it
out.>>Head coach Tammi Veerbeekhas
her team in position to take this third set.She’s very
superstitious.Last couple of years she’s had pumpkin pie prior to the
state championship.Last year it didn’t work out.Coach Veerbeek
going with the Heath pie and see if it will pay off. >>If it will pay off.Exactly.
Always talking to the team to play with grit.They showed it in
the third set.Timmermans oh, in the middle.>>This is what you
can do with a good set. With the Wolfpack, they’re
complacent and late on the It’s down.block, boom!She really
connects, she connects.>>Going on to play at DORT
college. I’m sure the play-by-play caller
will enjoy watching her. three ball here.>>She what they
do with theGood coverage.A nice try there. >>This got put down.The hammer
by western. >>Schemper has a good set.Had? Nice kills out there. Not quite able to reach it there
for Timmermans.Critical part of the set here. Got to execute.>>Big point.>>Back
there.>>Wieringa, on that side.>>Little hesitant.At
least when it comes to the block.>>Unity Christian still
in this one.>>To go to Bronner here.I
haven’t seen a lot of back, right side slide attacks. That might take western offside. She’s going in front.>>And
we’re going to see a lift. pardon. Our double hit, I beg
your>>Little bit of mishit there.>>Things tighten up even
more.Time-out.Tammi Veerbeek will take the last time-out.23-22.Let’s go to
the Unity Christian huddle.>>Up and big.Slide the thumbs
up to the ceiling.Get the hand over the net.OK?Keep it in the
Court!Let’s go.>>Good tips there.Really needed to improve
their blocks.One of the tips you give theI don’t think player, in blocking position, you make your
hands as big as possible with the thumbs in the air.And push.
Hopefully they can follow coach’s orders there and geta
strong block on the attack.>>Here’s brooke Zevenbergenagain. Hofman out of the back row.>>She’s upswing.Good coverage.>>Bronner blasts that one
through to tie it up at 23.>> Bronner has come through at
critical times.I would keep going to her.The block is
camping on her.So they can maybe try a backslide with her to get
her ina more open position.>> Six ties.>>Beautiful serve. >>>>Another three ball.There
we go.There it is.>>Andeled by western.over.>>
Oh, they could not get it>> Little hesitant.Make it higher
there.The nice idea.>>Tough when you have a setpoint here. >>Wolfpack for it. Madison Hofman, the 5’8″ junior. See if she can control it.>>
She’s amazing back there.>>And Western Christian comes
from four down twice to take the third set 25-23.What
a set.What a finish between Western Christian and Unity
Christian, the fourth set will be coming your way herein mere
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will receive a member card with savings and restaurant
attractions.Learn more at IPTV.org and let the savings
begin.>>Join the conversations online with Iowa Public
Television. Follow us on Twitter. Connect with us on all our social networks.>>Wow!Western
Christian outlasts Unity Christian there in the third set, 25-23.And I think a
lot of people are exhausted after the first three sets.>>I
think so.Quite a match.Quite a run from Unity Christian.They
kept hanging in there, hanging in there.Finish it with the
point. With tough serving. Let’s see who — if Unity
Christian can push it for this set. >>28 assists by Wieringa, 23
from Granstra.They have been going at it from the passing
perspective.You see the kill numbers and digs, outstanding by Western
Christian.78. Which turned the tide after the
lead from Unity Christian.>> The Unity Christian blockmade
its presence. All around good play.Hanging in
there.Playing hard, kept talking to each other.It was close set
could have gone either way.One of those where you have a misset, misserve and every
point counts. >>With Sandy Stewart I’m BJ Schaben, this is the class 2A
game here at US Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids.Thank you for
joining us statewide for the finals here today.>>You were
talking about the block, I think Unity Christian has to mix up
the attack.You can slide.Push that out to a three position.Do
something different to throw off the blockers.>>Madison Hofman,
mental low for Unity Christian, howdo you turn it around against
this team?You have had a tough time winning sets against.>>
Knowing you were so closeone.in the third one and taken You are
not that far off.Little extra effort, one extra made serve and
one extra made block.Focus on every point, executing every set.>>A double hit.3-0, Western
Christian, getting what they needed outfourth set. of the
gate here in the>>All right.A good start.Unity Christian needs
to turn the tide here.A good pass to get the offense going.>>Probably not the best
setselection.Not quite ready. Late getting there.Hits the ball
out of bounds.>>And now Bronner back to serve for Unity
Christian.>>She’s got them going in the third set with an ace,
serve, see if she can do it again. Great dig.>>And a block out.
Western holding strong, Jorge Wynja.>>Eight kills in the
opening set, dominant, since then, very quiet.This one does
get in for western.>>Western Christian has to balance the
attack.They have outside, middle, you never know what is
going.It is keeping Unity Christian on their heels.>>Four-point lead, the block
will get down.Timmermans with the hammer.>>They have to keep
going with her.She’s carried them all wait here.14, that is
15 kills here onthe night.Trying to keep the ball to her.She will
be the strong pointand Bronner. Nice pass. Really good reactions from that
play. both teams in setting up >>Block down.>>Much better
coverage thattime.>>Finding the opening, it is Van’t Hul.>>
They covered the set well, attack well.Keep the ball up on
your side.Option with the kill there with that hole. >>Bousema back to serve. A lot of underclassmen on the
Western Christian team.>> Outside, it was a little antenna.too far, too high on the
Boy, that was quick, 7-2. >>7-2.Western Christian with
the lead on Unity Christian.See what the Knights are talking
about.>>We have to know where we’re at on our lines when we’re
covering and stuff, because I think we played –was close.one
was going out, the otherNot sure if it would have been out.Talk
to each other. You have to let them know ifit
is in or out off the block.It could be an easy point.We need
to use that block now.Right now the block is on one-third of the
Court.They can stay there.We have to run more and split them
up.Let’s go.>>Couple of good points Team! she’s making.As far
as communication on balls in and out. Because they played a coupleof
balls after the coverage that were out.Also mixing up the
attack from the right side of the Court.Setting too much of
the strong set. They need to go quick middle,
back slide.They’re jump Cumming out right now.Ooh, tight pass. >>And a lot of points are easy points on
this set. >>Unforced errors, tough
passing.Missed calls for Unity Christian.That is what we want. That set.>>A great touch on the ball.
Beautiful inside touch shot there for the kill.Wieringa trying to mix
things up and spread the ball out for Unity Christian.>>Come
back here inside to Granstra.>>That was a beautiful backset. She kind of almost let the other
two know she would press up. Threw it behind.The block never
got there. The beautiful back set there by Granstra. Western Christian can pass,
seeing the effects of that here. Everybody can do it.>>Good
transition here.>>Wieringa back here to thenear side.
Timmermans.Just a bubble.>> Those are so hard to get.Right
in the net.We used to do net drills to dig those out of the net.
Definitely an art to that.Nice kill by Timmermans, chasing the
block. Issue Ball control. >>The Wolfpack takes a 10-4
lead.>>Uncommon ball handling errors for Unity Christian. Get focused and they can bring
up their game.Starts with a good pass here to Wieringa. >>Granstra serve.That will be
ruled out.Western Christian is just rolling here in the fourth set.
>>Schoonhoven trying to be line.aggressive, going down the
Too much on the rotation.>>15 state titles, trying to win 16th
is Western Christian. They’re on their way with a 12-4
lead.>>Bronner trying to slide.Got part of the block. Just too high.Maybe try it.
Second ball over might take another position there. What a shot down the line by
Schemper. >>They have so many playersin
the arsenal, they can go outside, middle, backside, well
balanced attack. >>And time-out taken by the
Knights here. Down by nine, 13-4, go to
huddle. the Western Christian>>They have no more good
situation.time-outs, we’re go in a Keep swinging.When they get
a good kill, it is about us and the side out efficiency.We work
on this every day, hours, hours, hours.If we side out and allow
no runs we will be state champs Let’s go.in about 10 minutes.
Team!One, two, three, team.>> She has it down to a teamtime.
>>We do it every day in practice.Exactly.Side out and
score. 10 minutes, we’ll be state
champs.Side out efficiency.>> Coach Tammi Veerbeek was the
Golden Plaque of last year. distinction award winner Of course, with over 860 wins.
>>This year, passed the 800 mark.Quite an amazing run there
at Western Christian. >>That one is in safe.Unity
Christian can’t quite get to it. An ace.Thinking this is the
first year in four years she hasn’t been coaching her daughter who is at Nebraska
playing basketball at a Nebraska volleyball scholarship. Missing her daughter this year,
but she’s probably watching from Nebraska somewhere. >>And the shot, put down by
Schemper.>>It is tough time. Unity Christian has to find some
composure to get back in the match, either from offhanded
play.Western Christian really in control.>>On the 7-point run is
western.>>Nice try on the slide. They’re trying to mix things up.>>This is impressive what
Western Christian is doing. Against a really good Unity
Christian team.They block has to adjust to the outside.>>I
think the straw might have been broken in the end of the third
set.>>Yeah, yeah.>>And we’re seeing the effects of that as
Unity Christian is able to use point here. some grit and come
up with a>>I think the ball was wideand hit it into the antenna.
The official over here called it out.They’re trying different
things, not able to execute. Such a roll of momentum, hard to
get it back when down like this.>>When they thought they had a
point.Not going their way. Now they get one with the back
row attempt from Timmermans.>> She was in no position. Just jumped — stop-jump attack.
She wanted to block that herself, that one.Trying to get
some momentum back to claw the way back in. >>Van’t Hul. This one will get in.>>Yeah. A people out position, lot of
hesitation at Unity Christian. Just go to really bear down, fight hard.They’re out of
time-outs so time-outs.they can’t take any
more>>The block, the dig.>> Nice coverage.>>And western
will get the point on the list. >>It was a nice ideaesh — idea Erin had, to push it over,
definitely a carry.Have to be nice and clean when you set the ball.>>Look at
that hustle.>>Oh, what an opportunity, western, keeping it alive. And that does get in.Got them
all.>>Nice kill by Bronner. Nice set, still hanging in
there.It is tough to play side out. Have to get a side out.>>And a service error.Now five
points away.>>Little tough when you aredown.>>Number one.>>Going for title number 16.20 awarded to Dubuque
Wahlert. And 2A and 4A a lot of history
at the top. >>The crown jewels of Iowa
Public Television — Iowa girls volleyball, Western Christian
right up there.Tough overpass.>>And Wynja.>>Had a good
match tonight.Only a junior.Will be back with Granstra and Van’t Hul, those three key
players will be back next year.>>What a kill.>>They can’t — postma.>>They have a
lot of firepower coming back next year.Posting that big swing
up there.>>The third set The difference in this one is that hit goes long.And we
were at championship>>Amazing. point. >>Yeah, Unity Christian just
kind of fell apart in this fourth set, unfortunately.Give
credit Wolfpack is doing great.>>And the urine Hofman, not —
And.>>The junior Hofman, not yet.>>Championship delayed,
maybe not denied.See if Unity Christian can finish this in strong rally
here.They’re a really good team.>>And that will be it. Western Christian your class 2A state champion. [Cheers] under the net.>>Always a nice
handshake I’m sure the girls know eachother.Their moms played
volleyballtogether 20 years ago.>>And so the 16th state championship will be headed back to Western Christian.The
Wolfpack getting it done here today, go four sets,
outlast Unity Christian in the fourth set, 25-27.The difference
maker is the third in which they outlasted the Knights 25-23.>>
And for Unity Christian, the first time back in the finals
since 2000.run.So they had a phenomenal The two coaches who
are friends, shaking hands there. Western Christian is too many
weapons that Unity Christian couldn’t handle
tonight.>>And the bench oh, yeah. >>That’s great.Awesome. Fantastic team effort.>>
Presenting awards are members of the Iowa girls high school
athletic union and Board of Education Jim Beamer. Presenting the award is John Sanboothe, the regional director
for Farm Bureau. The class 2A all-tournament
team.Western Christian, Madison Hofman. From Unity Christian, Jori Bronner. From beck LAN Catholic, Sydney
Stephan. From Sidney, Kelsey hobby. From one utrition, alley post —
from Western Christian A lifely Postma, and Van’t Hul and the captain from Unity Christian , Corrina Timmermans.>>A great
group there, for the all-tournament team.Hofman from
Western Christian, Bronner from Unity Christian, Sydney Stefman from backman and postman, Van’t Hul and
Timmermans.>>Great group of players.Had great tournaments.
Western Christian, three on that team there.Fantastic showing.>>
Always have the smiles, too. Think about how difficult That
is the picture that hasthat is. to be posted for the
all-tournament team.>>The class 2A runner-up, the Unity
Christian Knights and head coach, Patty
Timmermans. [Cheers] [Cheers].>>And now for the
2018 class 2A champions, coach Tammi
Veerbeek and the Wolfpack from Western Christian![Cheers] >>The Western Christian
Wolfpack, getting their 16th state volleyball championship
congratulationsto head coach Tammi VeerbeekJob well done.and
her team.They had to earn it. They did today against Unity
Christian.>>Yeah, in dramatic fashionthere, played around a
little bit the first three sets, put the mettle to it, and
congratulations, fantastic final for Western Christian.>>Fly
the flag if you are western.You are getting it done heretoday. They win it in four sets as they douse Unity Christian,
25-16. 25-7, in the fourth.What a state
volleyball tourn it has been.One more game,
Holy Trinity, taking Janesville.I’m BJ Schaben
with Sandy Stewart thank you for watching and the 1A championship
is coming up next here on Iowa Public Television. Girls High School Athletic State
Volleyball Union Iowa Farm Bureau GirlsChampionships is
provided by–>>The path to greatness starts early. believes
in Iowa’s youth andThe Iowa Farm Bureau their pursuit of
greatness. That’s why we’re proud to beIowa Girls High
School the title sponsor of the Athletic Union. important and
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better Iowa.>>Fareway, along with Nabisco, Frito Lay and Sara
Lee is a proud sponsor of the Iowa Girls Sports Championships.
We congratulate all the schools and student athletes
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their pursuit of greatness. That’s why we’re proud to bethe
title sponsor of the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union. Each
student’s effort is we all rise to a better important and when
one risesIowa.>>Fareway, along with Nabisco, Frito Lay and Sara
Lee is a proud sponsor of the Iowa Girls Sports Championships. We congratulate all the schools and student athletes
participating in this year’s Girls High School State
Volleyball Championships. Fareway, proud to care for the places we work and live.By
Musco Lighting, the sports lighting specialists,providing
lighting systems for you, your project and your community.>>The sun has set on this
championship Friday from Cedar Rapids.We’re not done yet!We
move to class 1A, the final trophy to hand out.Trinity
or Janesville.It is either going to Holy The two teams have
battled time and time again. Janesville looking for the
fourth straight state title and Holy Trinity, the last time they
won it was 2014.Welcome back inside the arena, Eric Braley
and Barbara Randall. great volleyball.Barb, we have
seen a lot of Why are you excited to see what will happen
in the final match up. >>The last time Holy Trinity
won it was Janesville that may beat.It should be a good
matchup.>>Holy Trinity a very good team.Five starters return,
ninth straight trip to the state tournament. Keep an eye on Emily Box.She
leads the team and the conference.One of the best in
the state.A great player that will really try to carry the
teamto the title.>>You’ll notice her right away.A redhead,
in the middle, jumps out of the gym.You’ll see her do a lot and
enjoy watching her. for efficiency.>>Number two in the
state Number four in the state forkills, Emily Box. teammates as well.Not just her a
lot of great Janesville on the other hand looking for the fourth defending
champs haven’t lotstraight title, three-time a set to a
class 1A team since the 2014.They’re dominant,
what is the reason for that.>> Their offense is maybe more
balanced than Holy Trinity.They know if they stop Box, they have
a good shot at winning.Whereas, you know, Holy Trinity has a
little bit of the net. more to stop on their side>>Send it
over to the public address announcer, Gina Rogers with the
announcement and induction of the team. >>The 2018 IGHSAU girl state volleyball class 1A
championship!Please welcome to the floor the Janesville Wildcats! And now please welcome the Holy Trinity Catholic Crusaders.>>Everything is top not here in
Cedar Rapids for thestate championship today. The lights, the pink, we expect
some exciting volleyball coming your way soon.>>First, for the
Wildcats, the nonstarters, number 4 Rieken, 5 Nielsen, 8,
McCarville.9, naoma Hovenga. Number 11, Marra Fitzgerald.
Number 12, Kendis Gibson Eastman. Number 13 Mackenzie Bengen.
Number 15, Chloe Kiene.The assistant coaches are Todd Bengen and Dana Sorensen.
Wildcats.The starters for the Number two, Brie Thompson. Number three, Grace Hovenga.
Number 6, Bailey Hoff. Number seven, Alisa Bengen.
Number 10, gabby Gergen, number 16, Julia Meister. The libero is number 1, Lily
Liekweg.And for the Wildcats, the head coach is Shelly
Sorensen.And let’s meet the Holy Trinity Catholic Crusaders.First
the nonstarters, number 5, Maria R.N.A. Number 6, Katie Scoville. And number 7, Maille Sheerin. Number 22 Katie Denning. 15 Jori Whitaker, number 24
Bailey Hellweg, 28 Avery Hopper. The assistant coaches are Tom Gendron, Kelli Knustrom and Stephanie, Moh receivefeld.
The starters, Kassi Randolph, number 3 emlow Box. Number 8, Clare and number 14 Mya Lawlor, 16 Taylor Boeding, 25
Eryn Anderson and the libero number 1 Elyse
Pothitakis and the Freesmeier. head coach is Melissa The
officials for the match are first referee Jodie
Wielenga, second referee Kevin Vander Ploeg and line judges are
Stuart Dusenberryand Shawn Petersen. Now, let’s play championship
volleyball!>>Before we — at the first
serve, lock at the keys of the match, first for Holy Trinity,
what do they need to do barb for state class 1A.>>It is hard to
win a championship with one weapon.Janesville will key on
EmilyBox, but Holy Trinity needs to use everyone offensively and
make sure they have one more than weapon to keep outdig the
Wildcats.Janesville guessing and The Crusaders need to dig the
ball one more time than Janesville giving them one extra
swing each time.>>How about keys to the match for Janesville
as they’re seeking the fourth straight state title?>>
Janesville needs to play their game, number one, three-time
defending state champs and haven’t lot a set to a 1A team since 2014.They
need to play their game, use their experience, not just in
this match, but they played throughout the season the bigger
schools.In fact, since qualifying for state, they
scrimmaged with number one, class 5A, the runner-up today, Cedar
Falls, and were competitive.They need to use that experience and
make it to their advantage.>> The stage is set, one more
trophy to hand out.We’re ready. They’re ready.Play volleyball.
yellow.Janesville wearing black andIt is Holy Trinity the
Catholic Crusaders out of Fort Madison wearing blue tops, dark
bottoms.It has been a long day. The first match started at 10:00
a.m.The last match will be started shortly after 7:00 here.
First serve by Holy Trinity, Janesville on the offense. Crusaders work to the middle.
There you see, I told you so. Keep an eye on Emily Box, the
senior, one of the best in the state of Iowa.She gets the first
point of this match.>>She will get lots of points, she jumps so
well, most of the time she’s hitting over the block.The
Janesville defense needsto do something about that.You use the
back-row defenders for that. >>Good swing. We play on.The outside, little
roll shot.That time, didn’t hit it as hard, a nice roll and
Janesville is on the board here in set one.>>Because she
didn’t hit itas hard as the first time when she hammered it
down the line.She did a nice job of switching it up, keeping Holy
Trinity defense on their heels. >>Reeken with the serve for
Janesville, returned to their side.Asking for a kill,
she’s a special player as well. >>Thompson hit the magical
corner, the golden corner asI call it.Perfectly.That ball, you
would have been an Olympian to cover that
ball.>>5’11”, senior outside hitter, Bree Thompson.Another
point, the Wildcatses are stringing can’t three
consecutive points.Kennedy Rieken doing a good job behind
the service line specialist.as that defensive Let it sail long. An attack error makes it
four-point run.4-1 here.It feels like Janesville is happy with
this rotation right now.>>It certainly does.They have two of
the top hitters in the front row right now.If Rieken — I was
going to say if Rieken can keep serving
they have a good points. rotation to score a lot of>>A
side out.Now to serve, it will be Mya Lawlor, 5’4″ senior at the defensive specialist.She’s
played a libero but in another position. 4-2, up defensively. The DOISH Liekweg. It is up on the libero like —
Liekweg.All four were there.>> All four were there, and they
cut it inside for the kill.>> Three balls back to Janesville
and make quick work of it.>> That time Thompson went down the
line. Only a single blocker.Down the line.>>Let’s
listen inside the huddle.>> Relax, all right.You have seen
balls hit harder.We will have to go in swinging.Relax, you are
way too earlyto the ball, trying to kill it. Settle in, get the job done.Stay
in your platform.Little things will win this ballgame.Here we
go.Here we go.Team!.right.>> Coach Freesmeier is It is in the
details when you look at a championship match.She’s talking
about relaxing.things.Everybody is trying to rush Some of the
hitters are coming in too early, which makes the contact point
not as solid as what it could be.She’s trying to calm
everybody down before this set gets out of hand.>>She’s been
there a while and has a lot of success, 35in
three heading over the state tournament.A head coach, 27
years, 14 at Holy Trinity Catholic, 17times she’s taken a
team to state.12 times at Holy Trinity.Roll shot again.Perfect
placement on the near side. Gabby Gergen just a sophomore,
but an integral part of the team for Janesville.>>You could see
her feet were not to the ball as theyshould be for her to hammer
the ball.She tipped it over the block.Just in front of the back
row defender, which is whereyou want the tip to go.>>Good
scrappy defense by Janesville to make sure Box’s kills — attacks
are not turning into kills.That ball sails out of bounds, the
attack here for Janesville.The side out that Holy Trinity was
looking for.A quick glance at stats.Bree Thompson is perfect
today with four kills already to lead Janesville.Emily
Box has two kills.The points have been hard tocome by for the
Crusaders.How in the world did that ball go over.Tough angle.I
have to see that one again. Her back was to the net.>>Well,
when you see a freeball coming at you, you don’t really have a
player that moves to that position,
they’re shifting over in theback row.When it is that short, not
everybody is praying attention to the ball.>>Speaking of
which, it worked really well.>>You know who it was.She went
down the line on the right side attack, EmilyBox and just
hammered the ball.Talked about it throughout the day.When you
are a line digger, digging down the line.The ball comes so
quickly, it is hard to react to, and you have to hope you are in
the right place.>>Stringing together a couple of points
here. Getting back.8-5.Crusaders dug a hole
early on.Trying to climb out here.Big swing by Thompson, good
defense.By the Crusaders.That ball sails deep and outof
bounds.Side out.Wildcats up 9-5.>>Thompson has a triple block
against her that time and they touched it.One of the things I
would say if I were coach Sorensen, don’t try and hit the
ball straight county.That is where even the shortest blockers
can touch the ball. Hit it deep.Use less trajectory
so it is deep in the Court and the block
won’t touch it. >>Barb an American of the hall
of fame, division 1 assistant coach at Purdue and UNI.If you
don’t know much aboutvolleyball, we’ll try to teach you.Give you
some things to learn about this sport.Marching to watch what the
student athletes will do.Barb will give you tidbits throughout
the broadcast so you can learn and enjoy
intricacies, the game withinthe game.>>We hope. >>That’s the plan anyway.10-6. Wildcats back row attack by Thompson.
Doesn’t get through the net. Anderson was right there.>>
Yeah, but if I’m Holy Trinity and I have a player like Bree
Thompson on the other side, I put more than a single block up.
>>Even if she’s in the backrow.>>If she’s in the back row,I
might put a triple block on her.>>Her further, — Bree Thompson’s father is a wrestler.
And third in the state. And coach for wrestling. >>Look how explosive her
approach is, slows up the arm and moves it with the block.That
is what you want to do the ball. when you change the speed ofYou
want it to look like youwill float out of the gym and hammer
the ball. Wildcats.>>Many runs her for
the Look at the placement again. Trying to go sideline to
sideline.A game of inches. That time, just barely missed.It
is set. Crusaders go to the middle.
Somehow kept that ball up off the Court. Go up there by Gergen. Off, roll shot by Bengen.Nice
rally.Neither team wanting the ball to hit the Court.Great
hustle.Quick set.That works.>> Right to the middle of the
Court.Very hard to defend, especially after a long rally
like that.Nice quick set to beat the block over the block to beat the back court defense. >>Grace Hovenga the 5’5″
senior.Extending the lead.Locked down the point.Janesville is
getting pointsfrom serving, from blocking, from their attack, their
hitting.Been a very well-rounded start to the set, now doubling
up the Crusaders atthe midway point.Play to 25, win by two. The team that wins three sets
first wins the match and they’re the class 1A champion. Perfect spot placement.Flying
in. Again, sometimes the finesseand
placement over the power.>> That was perfectly placed.I was
just about to say how great Janesville’ defense looked
because they’re touching everything.That is what we talk
about in the keys.outdig them. Holy Trinity will have to They
missed that ball.So good for Holy Trinity.Lucky to get that
deep tip in play.>>Holy Trinity ranked number three.
Ninth straight trip to the state tournament.>>Wow. They’re here
every year. >>Won it all in 2014.This year
in quarter finals beat Montezuma 3-0. Tight sets, 25-22, 26-24, 27-25.
In the semifinals, they defeated number two, Lamars Galen, 3-1, 25-15,
26-28, 25-20 and 25-16.Emily Box, 22 kills, Anderson 13 kills
in the semifinal victory. Just 24 hours ago.>>Well, that
was a nice kill by Mya Lawlor. She was able to use the
blocker’s hands, send it offthe Court so nobody in the back row
could play it.Double contact on that set will be called.>>The lead stands at 7 for the Wildcats offensively,
Thompson has five kills for Janesville. Bangen with 3, hitting 375.Roll
shot down.Again, she shows she will come up and wallop it.She
pulls back and just rolls it over the block.17-9,
let’s listen in to theJanesville huddle right now.>>Yes.So it is
wide open. So let it come across, drive it down, where is Alisa?Right
here.They’re all loaded up here. Go up strong.You are going to.
Keep hitting the ball.Here we go. >>On first ball, Box 25.That is
the first option.>>Ready?Good January.>>Line up.>>Break on
two.>>Here we go.Push!>>It is always nice when you come to
a time-out and your bench coach, other
teammates whoever it is, gives you open spots on the court.You
don’t always see those in the middle of the action,but it is
always nice for someone to say hey, when youdo this, the middle
of the Court is wide open so you know in the back of your mine,
if you don’t get your feet to the ball or something going
awry, you have the middle of the Courtopen.>>Listening in into
Shelly Sorensen the head coach, been there 28 years.Been one of
the main reasonswhy they have been to the state tournament
nine times. titles.And won four straight
state Barb, not only the four straight state titles, they’ve won it in 2013, 2015,
2016, 2017, but been dominant in that run as well.>>They really
have. I mean, it seems like they’re
almost timing the matches to go for records.Because they’re so
focused and to the point, so to speak.>>They said what
motivates us is the end goal. year.We set our goal to start
theIt is to win another state title and they work on it every
single day.Thompson said they push eachother, hold either
other accountable in everything season.they do, every day of the
That’s what you need.right?You need good coaches, But you need
good leaders onthe team to hold everyone accountable.>>And I
was just going to say, how that will transfer over into so many
other things later in life for them.Leadership roles, in teams,
learning how to play with each other and for each other.It will
be great for their futures to have all of this experience as a
state tournament.>>No matter if you are the star of the team,
the role player on the team, a bench player who works really
hardin practice to push everyone to be better.19-11, Wildcats on
top.Box has been set 12 times and has three kills.Thompson
with seven kills.Good smart placement
there.>>That was a nice role shotby Box.Her strength really
is hammering.Give her the ball. Put it a couple of feet off the
net.She’s jumping higher than what the blocker’s hands are.Let
her take rips at it. >>Good job by Holy Trinity.
Quickly return, hammer one, hammer two, Janesville.Pushes to
the corner.Finds the open corner.>>That is great court awareness by Alisa Bengen toknow that is
open.Nobody said you had to have three contacts.She saw nobody
back there.Just shot it back.>>What do you like about Alisa and how she plays
volleyball?>>I think you say for the whole Janesville team.
They’re gritty.Won’t give up. They’re lacy — laser focused.
From the time they arrived in Cedar Rapids — and sure it
happened before that — they get down here, this is the goal,
they stay here, they focus on winning the championship.>>A
lot on the scoreboard on the opening set.22-12.The lead over
number 3, HolyTrinity. Janesville.here.Trying to close
the door And go up one set to 0 over Holy Trinity. Thompson.Service 8.How strong
that serve is.she works on. You can tell it is manage>>
Absolutely.You have to work on it.You have to get better.It is
the only thing you’re in complete control of.>>Like
shooting free throwsin basketball.>>Absolutely.You
can work on it with a partner. You can work on the contact.
toss.You can work on the ball It has to be consistent so that you
do the same motion and same rhythm. So important to have a good
serve.>>Wildcats.In the black and
gold.And Holy Trinity, the Crusaders, balls goes out of
bounds, gets the point.We talked about this earlierin the day.A
team running away with it.Even with the team that is the set.
losing can’t go back to win Stringing points together toget
momentum, heading into the next set.We wipe the slate clean at
the start of set two.>>What is interesting is throughout this
whole set, Holy Trinity has only scoredtwo
points at a time, three times. >>OK.>>Every other time
Janesville has won the ball back immediately. >>Set point for Janesville. point.The Crusaders get that And Holy Trinity last year,
reached the 1A semifinals, made it to the final four,
returning five starters fromlast year’s team.>>Kassi Randolph is
in to serve.The interesting point about Kassi, she’s a
freshman.Freshman setter, that means good things for the
Crusaders in the future. >>They had to replace alley
Randolph, her older sister last year. A sophomore in Hellweg and
freshman in Randolph.Not easy to step in and be the quarterback
of the team.Both Bailey Hellweg and Kassi Randolph have done a good job this year for Holy
Trinity as freshman and sophomore.24-16.Holy Trinity
getting some ispoints here at the end of set 1. The final point going to
Janesville.25-16 is our final. And they did it in a varietyof
ways.Power, finesse, tough serving and scrappy back row
defense. We’ll be right back with settwo
from this class 1A championship, only here on Iowa Public Television.>>An all-new season of we’ll
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>>A dominant first step for Janesville.Looking for their
fourth straight state title in class 1A.Let’s look at some of
the highlights here.Here on Iowa Public Television.Well, you
don’t have to bound it every single time.Be creative.>>You
shouldn’t get kills off free balls.That just should happen.
>>You can see the celebration, the determination and the focus.
Emily Box for Holy Trinity, four kills on 13 attempts
hitting 331. There is the team stats.
Obviously, when you have device as many kills.Nine more
digs, twice as many assists, you’re more-likely to win and
win in dominant fashion.>> Absolutely.>>It will be tough
for HolyTrinity to push that in the back of their mind and say
all right, we’ll give them the first one, but now it isour time
to come out and battle hard in the second.>>It may be a
little more difficult, but that is what the sport of volleyball
is.It is wiping the slate clean and remembering, hey, you still have to win three total.We
still have the opportunity to do that. >>Bree Thompson leads everyone
with seven kills.Very efficient with it, onlythree attacks here
on 16 attempts. Five kills for Alisa Bengen.
Hitting 417.Very efficient.If she gets set she will make sure
she takes care of the ball.>> We’ve seen her do it in a variety of ways, with hard
driven balls, tips, roll shots. underway here.>>Set two
officially The left side of the TV screen is Holy Trinity
wearing the blue and white tops. The right side in the black and gold, celebrating the
Janesville Wildcats.This is class 1A, the smallest of the
schools.Holy Trinity based in Fort Madison.Janesville for lack of a better team, suburb of Waterloo,
about five miles away from cedar valley. swing.That near sideline, big
Good hold up by Holy Trinity. That tip hung in the air a
little too long.Easily under it with Janesville.How big is
communication in volleyball on the defensive end?There is a lot
of times there seem to be balls that are right in between two
players, whose ball is it?>>It depends on a variety of things.
It depends on if one player is the libero, it is probably her
ball, who is coming at you, who is on sometimes that matter.
which side of the Court, If it is a hitter and on your dominant
arm, you should take it, versus it nondominant arm.being on the
other person’s But the person who takes it should call it. >>It is like a fly ball in>>
Right. baseball.>>You don’t have a lot to>>Yeah.
communicate it. But they have been doing it for
three months, this year.>> Sometimes as many as 17 years —
that might be a little — 12 years together in
these small towns, the kids grow up together.They know each other
pretty well and know how to communicate with each other.>>
Holy Trinity getting the second point here in the second set.
Again, we talked about Emily Box a lot because she’s one
state.of the best players in the They have a couple of other
players that are really contributors, Lawlor, also stepping in, Boeding, and of
course, complementing with the setter and the libero aswell.>>Well, the Pothitakis sisters
are both out on the Court. One is the libero, Elyse and other side.the other is Clare on
the Word from Fort Madison, baby-sitters. they’re excellent
>>You have a source?>>I do.One of my business partners lives in
Fort Madison and before. they both baby-sat for
him>>A look at one of the baby-sitters. The Pothitakis sisters.5’2″.
Hammering it down the loin.I like how calm Holy Trinityis.>>
They’re not riled at all.>>Not at all.>>Especially
considering Janesville won that opening set 25-16.They’re
handling what is being thrown at them here, early on in this
second set.They get the point. off. Patience, perseverance pays
>>And defense.>>Again, we talked in the keys about Holy
Trinity outdigging at least one moretime each rally.That is what
they did that time. That got them that point.>>Back at it again. Locked at the net. Over the block that time.The
sideline swing.Good pursuit.They ran out of room.Right over there
own bench.And that is kill number 10, if you are keeping
track at home for Bree Thompson. Head coach, each of the coaching
staff for Holy Trinity, putting hair color in, hair dye.>>Part
of team bonding. >>Including Tom Gendron, who is
bald.And I said what is the purple smear.Oh, the team
bonding thing.10:00 a.m.The 5A championship at We talked
briefly, Ankeny Centennial had theirs.>>The llama.>>The
llama.It worked. >> Absolutely.They have a zoo of
animals on the bench from past years.Very superstitious.The
hair coloring can be considered the same thing.>>You can see
it in each ofthe player’s hair here. >>Reddish, pinkish purplish. >>The football team, football
team, all the guys, dyed their hair plond blond.>>
It didn’t look that good,I tell ya’.>>Better than shaving your
head.>>I don’t know.>>Ha-ha.>>I mean, isn’t that what it is
about?>>High school, who cares, let’s
have fun.Team bonding.Culture. >>Build the experience.>>
We’re coming over to the house, going to put purple in our hair or whatever.It is
even better when the coaches take part.>>Yeah. My mom got a huge jug of bleach.
We’re just gonna use it.>> Ha-ha-ha.>>7-6. A very close start to this
second set here.Quick step middle.Why is that an effective
play instead of pushing it to the outside, say hey, quickly go
and try to get a point from Bailey Hoff.>>That
quick set beat the block.She got her hand on the ballas a hitter
before the blockis formed and set up.>>It gives you an
advantage.The block can sometimes takeCourt.away some
areas of the If you can beat the block, you have all the areas of
the Court open.>>9-6.Wildcats have led the second set, but not by much.Blocked at
the net again. Tipped, it sails out of bounds.
The line was open, spot was available. Take a look at how close this
was.Nobody is over there.>>It is close.But we have talked
about this all day.The officials here are the best officials in
the state.>>Outstanding.>> They do a great job when they’re
here.And they do a great job throughout the season.They’re
determined to make the call the right call.That is part of what
they work on.They are evaluated while they’re here.They have
official observerswho then meet with them after the match to
talk about different calls they made.Different mechanics they
used.Everybody is trying to make not only the best call they can,
but the right call.>>Well, it is a big deal for the players,
big deal for the coaches, big deal for the officials and big
deal for the announcers to be here.>>Absolutely.My favorite
day of the year.action.>>Bring you all this>>Right now, 10-8.
Not a must-win for Holy Trinity. But they really don’t want against this tough to go down
two sets to 0 Janesville team. Going to that corner again.
Another kill, number 11.On the night, so far for Thompson.>>
It looks like she just went over the block.Again, with the
trajectory, more line drive rather than straight down, she
will have success going over the block.Tips it through.Saw the
two defenders in theair, realize they can’t hangup there forever.
On the way down is when she sails the ball over, drops in
for the point. >>And Hovenga is great, and her sister Naomi is on the team.
A couple of sister acts.That is fun to win a state championship
with your sister. >>No doubt about it.12-8. Down from sideline to sideline.
We’re seeing a variety of shots from Bree Thompson.The 5’11”
senior that will play at Lipscomb.Let’s listen inside the
Janesville huddle.>>Way to finish.Way to finish.They’re all
yelling out, they were like good job.Hey! Where is she.Keep communicating,
keep setting the double block, Make sure everybody knows adjust
anytime you want.what set you have. If you are staying middle let
gabby know, what you arerunning, always.Keep them coming right
here.Let’s go.Push!>>Way to work.>>I would say it does
also start with a pass.However with Janesville, they have
outside terminating hitter. critical.So great passes aren’t
as The critical passes are when your stronger players are inthe
middle of the Court and the right size you have to the sets.
have the good pass to get>> Shelly Sorensen in the 28th year
of coaching. 28 years at Janesville. 662 wins, nine state tournament
appearances. championships.And four state
Four out of the last five years she brought a state title back
home to Janesville.They’re a member of the Iowastar north
conference.Out of breamer county.>>That is interesting. That kill was Alisa Bengen.
blocker.Not typically a middle Blocking middle there.She’s
shown she’s a setter in the back row.Hit from the left side,
gotten kills.Hit from the right, getting kills.Hitting out of the
middle getting kills.>>You don’t ask every player to do
that?Why can Alisa handle that. >>She has a volleyball
background, so to speak.Her dad is an assistant coach for the
team, he played through his life and started a club team up in
that area.Alisa, whose sister is also on the team, McKenzie, the so
far more, doesn’t play, as much as Alisa does, they’ve
grown-up with volleyball in their blood, so to
speak.>>First time-out when we heard the assistant coach Todd Bengen, long time with
Janesville, does a lot in developing the players full-time
at hawk eye community college that is close to Janesvillea —
Janesville as well.Starting to see the separation.It was so
close in the earlysecond set. Stretching it to an eight-point
lead now here inthis second set. Bengen, with the serve.And that
is down for a kill. She hit it so hard that it
ricocheted off the hand, tooled it out of bounds off the
net.Seven kills for Emily Box, 22 in the semifinal victory over number 2, Lamars Galen.>>I’m not keeping stat on this, which hits and strong
kills.It seems better when she swings hard. >>14 kills.14 kills four — I
thought that went the other way.>>Out.>>Changing it on the
scoreboard as well.That time, Janesville gets the point.Holy
Trinity they have tons of experience playing here at
state.Just tons because they have been here nine straight
times.This isn’t something where it is deer in headlights and
they’re overwhelmed, but it is the pressure of this is our last
volleyball match ofthe entire year. So while they’re not scared of
the stage, the magnitude of the game and every point is very
important against a powerhouse like Janesville.>>You come
into each match you play expecting to win.So that is a
piece of it, too.Then all of a sudden, you are down one set and
almost two sets, the reality startsto set in a little bit.It
is like, maybe we are going to lose.You just have to keep that
out of your head and keep fighting. >>That is rule of the coaches,
the private sections, dressed in crazy silver and Halloween well.costumes to cheer them on
asAnd help them up when they need it. They need lifting up right now.
Trailing 22-11. Something needs to happen.Box
will be checking in.And back is Thompson.Why do you think
Lipscomb isgetting a good one out of Bree Thompson?>>She’s shown she can do itall.
Hammer the line, short cross court and all this roll shot
wants.she can put wherever she That shows that she can do so
many skills that make youan all-around player, that it is
always great to get a recruit coming in that can do that.well.
>>She seems coachable as>>She does seem like it.In the back
row, it is always good to see the big back row.hitters play
well in the rotations later. You want to be
in six>>Another point, as Janesville. And again the father of Bree
Thompson, played in the world champions.We have seen players
with fathers or uncles that have been professional or successful
college athletes.Listen inside the huddle andsee what Holy
Trinity has tosay, trailing 21-12 here in the second set.>>
Some of you are defeated right now.Don’t do that, all right?
This is your day.Seniors, this is it, let’s go, push!Here we
go!>>Hey!>>Go, go!>>This is it.Win or lose, this is the
last match of the high senior. school career if you are a She’s
right.They have an appearance thatsome look defeated.They need
to work together to come out of it.They haven’t been challengeda
lot this season.>>They have not.>>Only have three losses.
They’re not used to having to push back. haven’t lost a set.And in their
wins, they So they’re not used to losing sets.They’ll have to
dig deep andthis. help each other get through>>Only three
losses on the year. Central Lee, 3-2.Joaquin, very
good and an everything Ankeny Centennial. >>Both of those teams made it
to state and Centennial won this morning in 5A and look
what Janesville did. They want to play everyone and
all.>>All. >>Cedar Rapids, Jefferson. Peter falls, Cedar Rapids,
Waterloo west.>>I think you said it earlier about building a
program.Once you get the best in your class, start seeing the
upper classmen so you can keep improving and having a
successful program.The kids on the teams understand that.>>And attack error.The Wildcats
of Janesville lead by double digits here in the second set. Up 23-13. Substitution in for Janesville. Lily Nielsen. 5’3″ senior, defensive
specialist.Locked. Good hustle by the Crusaders.
With this touch.>>It looks like a touch from my angle.>>
There was.>>That ball was coming straight at me, I thought
itlooked like the inside hand of the middle blocker touched it. >>Sailed out of boundses but
because it was last is set point.touched by Holy Trinity,
it A service error.And we’ll throw the ball back to the Crusaders. Clare Pothitakis checks intothe
front row. Kassi Randolph, just a freshman,
one of the setters that came in to replace alley Randolph, her older
sister.The second set goes to Janesville.25-14.It looked
strong here so far, barb.>> They really have.They have taken
control, never looked back. Keeping the focus on their goal.
>>Janesville one set away title.from claiming the class 1A
Holy Trinity has work to do. We’ll be back with more from
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, here on Iowa Public Television.♪♪ learn>>Find your favorite programs on IPTV. Improve your life on lifestyle
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with Iowa Public Television. Follow-up on Facebook. Connect with us on all our
social networks.>>Good look at the Holy Trinity student
section.As they are having fun, but it is more fun if Holy set.Trinity can win this third
Force a fourth set.A look at some of the highlights from the
second set. Janesville was victorious,
25-14.Seemed very similar to what we saw in the first set where Janesville won 25-16,
Barb.>>It was similar when they started to separate at 8-10,
Janesville started to pull away. Before that it was different.
First set Janesville jumped out to an early lead. Holy Trinity kept it closer in
the second set.>>A look at the leader, Bree Thompson, 14 kills
already here. She’s been the difference-maker.She’s been one
of the difference makers.Alisa banger with 7.Four kills for
Bailey Hoff, three for Julia Meister.Emily
Box with seven kills.179.No one else with more than two kills
for the Crusaders.Third set underway. Taps it in.They know exactly
where to put the ball.Not too hard.And in the box where Holy
Trinity is just not out.>>That actually should have player was.been where the middle
back The Holy Trinity Crusaders plays
perimeter defense or player back defense.Somebody is supposed to
kindof be in the gap in the middle of the Court.>>Earlier
today.During the 3A championship, we talked about
the difference of offenses. From five-1, you have one setter to 6-2, with two setters.
[Indiscernible] leaders for the lead.Difference in defenses.Is
that something you can switch throughout the match or is that the defense we play
all season long?>>You can certainly switch it throughout
the play.Talk about the different defenses first.There
are two, three main ones. But most teams in the state
tournament this year have played a perimeter or playerback
defense that leaves thedeep corners open.>>Real quick.
Three consecutive service aces right now.Serving is a big part
of volleyball as well.Whether you get service acesor not,
right?>>Absolutely.Even if they’re not aces youcan take the
opposite team out of their normal offense.>>Mya Lawlor has
helped theCrusaders in a must-win third set go up 4-1.Thompson
gets the much-needed side out and four to 2. — 4-2.Another
look.Do both Janesville and Holy Trinity play that defense?>>Both play the perimeter
defense which leaves the godden — golden corners wide
open.If someone was killing the corners they could switch to
middle position.a rotation, to leave the The middle of the
Court is a good sport — spot because
people aren’t sure who will take it.There is a player up defense
that covers that, but it is less common.>>4-3.And that is kill
number 16 for Bree Thompson.>>And the
final answer to your question from earlier is how often can
you change those defenses?We used to have, on this player,
you are playing perimeter from the right side.Rotation from the
left side.Or this player, you will play perimeter all the
time.You can change it throughoutthe play, if you want
to.>>Tied at 4, here in the third
set.And in the net violation, Holy Trinity gets the point.If
you are just tuning in, you haven’t been on social media —
which by the way, stay connected with IPTV sports everywhere you
go. Just join the conversation.
Connect on Facebook and Twitter. They do a good job, if you can’t
get on the live streamon your computer, if you can’t watch it
on TV, IPTV sports on Facebook and Twitter is the way to go. But this is the final
championship of today.10:00 a.m., we broadcasted Ankeny
Centennial over CedarFalls. At 4A, Dubuque Wahlert, the
victor. 3A was Kemper Catholic.And 2A
was Western Christianand only one more championship to hand
out forthe volleyball teams in the state of Iowa.>>That was
possible becauseof the defense they’re playing.Right back got
the hand under the ball and did a pancake dig. You slide your hand flat, palm
on the floor, and the ball will bounce off your head.
As long as no part of the is clean. ball touches the
floor, it >>You can use your hand, knee,
foot, use anything in your power. You can’t lift it or carry it.
>>Right.>>Another look at the highlight. Nobody is at home, disguisedit
well.Dumps it over the net for the point. Crusaders on top. 7-5. And another point.>>Box did a
great job turning the ball across her body, going for the
deep corner.In the middle, the defenses you play are different.
It is usually the same because you don’t have far from the base
position.So the corners are still open.When she turns and
goes deepcorner, lots of times, she’ll have success.>>Holy
Trinity playing somereally good volleyball righthere to start
the third set.Here’s the key, keeping it maintained and not
letting Janesville go on a run. >>And still believing you can
win. >>And another attack by
Thompson the largest lead they have had, up 9-5 in a
must-win scenario for Holy Trinity out of Fort Madison.Good
pass, nice set. That results in a big-time kill.
>>That’s Bree Thompson.She’s normally an outside hitter.That
time quick in the middle, showing again, she can do it
all, right betweenthe blocker’s arms.>>A lot of the student
athletes we had the pleasure Thompson with another of
announcing here today, kill — excuse me, it lookedlike a kill.
It was an eight.Service eight, first second of the match.A lot
play more than just volleyball. You were a multisport standout in Coanch.Did you like the
players that did all the sports.>>I liked them both, for
different reasons.Because they each bring something different
to the team.If you are a multisport athlete, you learn
things inother sports that you won’t learn in just
specializing. Some of it may have to do with
peripheral vision, some of it may have to do with –>>
It translates.>>Exactly.A single-sport athlete, or just
play volleyball year round. Advantages and disadvantages.One
of the advantages is wearing out your body. In multisport athletes, you have
different muscle use and you don’t have the wear and tear on
the body.But you have more shots and knowledge, so it is nice to
have some mucheach. — some of>>That is what we are seeing,
club volleyball, high school volleyball, volleyball,
volleyball, and could get burned out early as well.I really like
following the different girls — oh, hey, they’re on the state basketball team or won the
discus at the relays.We had a chance to see them champion.play
at the volleyball How did thee get that through — she get that
through the double block.Didn’t seem like a lot of room.>>
Doesn’t take a lot of space to get thr — through,
especially if the aren’ts are not — arms aren’t
at the same depth. >>A service error.sophomore
setter.Gergen too much, the She’s back there, hands are
moist, sweaty, championship is on the line.How do you mentally
take a deep breath, and not think about the crowd or how
tiredyou are, maybe?>>That is what you do, exactly.Take a deep
breath.Calm yourself, make sure that you get the ball in.>>Got the ball in.Pancake!She
kept it alive.>>Wow, great hustle.though.>>Not getting
that one,>>One of the things we should talk about with the
pancake dig and the official.So the officials, all four
officials get to say whetherthey saw a part of the ball hit the
floor or not.>>Then they vote?>>Ha-ha-ha.>>Voting is on my
mind thisweek.>>No voting.Line judges if they see the ball hit
the floor, they usethe flag to point it hit thefloor. And up and down refs will make
the call.The up ref, really.>> No question about that call. Here’s a look.Coming right at
ya’.>>You can see Holy Trinity gave the line. And Bengen took it.>>
Janesville is on a run.Listen inside the huddle.>>They get
no more.Going right after them, right here.Control the ball on
our side.Keep talking.Control everything.Do all the little
things.All the little things becomethe big things.Push right
here.Here we go!Push!>>An agree, one, two, tree.>>The
little things become the big things.I love hearing her say we
have given them breaks, no more.>>Drawing the line in the sand.
>>That is the focus the say forever.Janesville team had, I
wouldAnd that’s what has gotten them to this match year after year after year after
year.>>Just keep going.>> Yeah. >>Three-time defending 1A
champion.Wildcats return four starters from last year, including a recruit, Lily Liekweg who has 1,000 career
digs, leads the state in kills, averaging 4.97 — service
error there. Thompson, Liekweg, Bengen, the ICGS all-star game.They’re
just a collective group. A unit, a true team. 14-12, Wildcats, to the outside.
Little bit of confusion.New the Crusaders free ball it back to
Janesville. Now in system, Box’s turn totake
a good swing at it. And probably 99% of the yearthat
attack that swing by Box goes down for a kill.Tonight
it doesn’t.>>Thinking the same thing, turned one, cut back, hammered it, I was thinking
she’s not used to that That is tough.coming back.As a hitter,
it blockless into your confidence becauseusually you
are getting kills on the balls. pegs. It knocks you down a few
>>Still having a nice performance with eight killshere
in the championship match.This is the critical point.When the
game is hanging in the balance, 13-14 and now, what
happens?At this halfway point of this third set.Janesville pull
away? Or can the Crusaders put a run
together right now to force a fourth set?>>Net violation called.whistle
so everybody is It was a little bit of late looking wondering
what the call is.It was a net violation.>>Well, you are
seeing a lot of pink on the TV screenhere.The Court is pink,
the ball girls are pink, the ball itself is pink.>>The
broadcasters.>>We’re wearing pink.>>When the teams were
introduced, they ran out on a pink runway.>>The pink brick
road.>>NOPT yellow.>>A pink brick road.>>The champions get
a pink That is something in the T-shirt. last couple of years, IGHSAU executive director Gene Burger
said we have to make things more big-time.Make this day even more
special than it already is.We have to brand the Iowa girls.And
tie in that color pink.>>And not only that, she’s doing
things about Iowa girls. every announcement, every If you
are an Iowa girl, match has an announcement that asks any woman who has
played sports in Iowa to stand up and then they get an
applause and recognition for helping the game get to where it
is today.Not just volleyball, but allthe sports.>>And it is not just Jean
Burger.Her staff works hard, relentless, open to ideas,
suggestions, how can we makethis better for the Iowa givers?
17-16. Holy Trinity, fighting toothand
nail, trying to do everything in their power to win this third set.Lift-off.>>
Double contact.>>Double contact against Janesville.Tied
at 17 apiece.There is Jean Burger.Nice smile there as she
looks on.>>She’s in her pink. >>Of course she is.>>All the
women on the staff are wearing the same scarf she has on.All
the men are wearing darksuits with the pink tie.She’s really
done a lot throughout the week. They’re all wearing the same black, gray, pink.outfits and
some kind of It is fun to see what new year. pinks addition she adds
each>>Iowa Public Television Paul Yager, you might remember
this, host the girls basketball wore a pinksuit, pants, blazer,
everything.I got the tie.But it is –>>You have a ways to go.
>>Truly special, very special weekend and day here.And it is
not just volleyball, it is not just basketball, softball, swimming,
everything.What a block!Are you kidding me?Oh, my! The Crusaders are on a mission!
>>They’re starting to believe a little bit.>>They should after
plays like this!Holy Trinity, they have the lead.Listen in to
their huddle.>>This is what we do.Aggressive, go ought them.
Let’s get them, let’s go!>> Pick it up.>>Go!>>That is
easy to say aftera play like that.Be aggressive.And that is
the nice part about having a play like that, get everybody
fired up, including the fans,
hopefully that will come back at them to finish the set strong.
>>19-17.I love, nonverbal communication says it all.>>
Feeling better now than we saw her look a couple of sets ago.
>>Sometimes it’s a play that can change momentum.One
single play.Not only does it give them a point, a two-point lead.>>
Three-point lead.>>And how much did that previous play, play into the
factor when Thompson was up making contact over that block?
>>It may have played a little bit of a role, she turned
it and went line, Box.Sorry.that is where Box wasn’t, She’s the
boss.>>She is tonight. All season long.Three-point lead
for the Crusaders. And two contacts to call. Possibility penalty.Let’s see
what Holy Trinity does defensively to try to get a
quick side out.Lily Liekweg serves it over.Set her dump,
Janesville is there upon — in there.It falls
over the top of thenylon.Wow!I thought that ball had a 2%chance
of finding a way overthe net. Kill number three.>>Super!>>
No way.There is no way.I’ll give it 2%.And it did.>>Ha-ha. >>Coming with the power.If you
are keeping track at home, that is 21 kills for
Thompson. And now she has a chance to serve.We play on. Hit the top of the net.Attack
error.21-20. Play to 25, win by two.Bree
looks over to the bench. Finds the zone from her coach,
serves it. Blocked. Down for the point.>>That’s
that middle of theCourt spot we were talking about earlier that
nobody knows who will take it.A lot of coaches call that the
camp fire defense because everybody is sittingaround.>>
Listen in to Janesville’shuddle here.Tied at 21-21. back.>>
That’s the way to fight talking. Keep your feet moving, keep Go
after it, right here.Anticipate, be ready for everything. Talk early, one point at a Push!
>>I think coach Sorensen wants them to push, push, push.She’s
right, right here theyneed to get the point and then push for
another one.Because that will keep Holy Trinity kind of moving
back into the disbelief portion they may have had a couple of
sets ago. >>Janesville has 46 kills as a
team in this match, Holy Trinity only has 19.Doesn’t matter right
now.It is 21-21.A must-win for Holy Trinity.Janesville gets the
point!go there. Not the conventional way to >>Well, Hoff did a nice job of killing that.It looks like
she would swing it, and then just right to the middle of the
Court.>>Through the block, we’re tied at 22. Here’s the replay.Watching the
play unfold.Two players there for Janesville.Good pass.Quick
set.Down to the point.>>Nice save.She was over the line.>>
Yep.>>So the rule on that is you can be touching the line.You
can’t have any body part completely over the line.She
plays the ball out of the net beautifully. She went to catch herself, her hand went over the line.>>
How is, Janesville is able to return that ball. Again, Holy Trinity fired bullets over the net. Coaching staff for Janesville
said the foundation is the back row defense.Attack error.Sails
wrong.We have match point for the Janesville Wildcats.45 wins five
losses, all to larger schools. Have not lost a set in the match since 2014 to a class 1A
opponent, match point.There it is!Janesville is your class 1A state champion in 2018.One, two, three, four in
a row!And five out of the last sixyears.>>So impressive! >>2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 and now
2018, the trophy cases are filling up in
Janesville.And the celebration, the hard work, the dedication
pays off for Janesville.A tremendous year for Holy Trinity.37-4.They made it to the
state championship game. Their ninth straight trip to
state.But Janesville is too much here tonight. Here’s the final point.Didn’t
shy away from the block, went right at them, pushed, pushed,
pushed.>>That’s right.Great win.>>It will be interesting tosee
Bree Thompson there willnot be back next year. Several players graduate.Alisa
Bengen won’t be back.>>What will they be able todo in 2019.
>>Let’s listen to the all-tournament team, class 1A.
>>Presenting awards to the 2018 class 1A all-tournament team, John Sanboothe for Iowa
Farm Bureau.The class 1A all-tournament team.From
Janesville, Lily Liekweg. From Holy Trinity Eryn Anderson. From Galen Catholic, Katie Peters. From Tr o pullo, Kalie simmera. Bengen.And from Janesville,
Alisa From Holy Trinity Catholic Emily Box.And the captain of the
all-tournament team, from Janesville, Bree Thompson!>>Congratulations to the
members of the class 1A all-tournament team.Prupoa, Holy
Trinity, Janesville all represented there.You see the
players and the names on the screen. A very fitting as each of the members so important to
their individual schools.They have given up so much time and
sacrifice to improve and be the best highschool volleyball
player they possibly can be.>>Nice looking group of athlete athletes, nice to see them play
together. >>Before we end coverage, we’ll hand out two trophies.>>The head coach, Melissa
Freesmeier. And now, your 2018 class 1A
champions, coach Shelly Sorensen. And the Wildcats from Janesville.>>They’re used to
hoisting that trophy.>>They work out all year just so they
can do that.>>A special year for
Janesville.Let the celebration carry on, because they deserve
it,what a fun day of high school sports brought to youhere
all day long.From 10:00 a.m. to whatever time it is now.We’re
proud to be a small part of bringing you live coverage from
the 2018 Iowa high school volleyball championship.Huge
shout out to our crew, it takes a lot of people to pull this
off.And they have worked their tails off to bring you this
coverage.And thank you to our great sponsors as well and
underwriters for supporting the Iowa girls and this live coverage. Barb Randall, I’m Eric Braley,
tune in for more coverage, March 2 in Des Moines.I had a blast
hanging out with you.>>Me, too, my favorite day of the
year. >>Congrats to the winners and
all those who participates.This is a broadcast on Iowa Public Television.Girls High
School Athletic>>Funding for the Iowa Union Iowa Farm Bureau
GirlsState Volleyball by– Championships is provided>>The
path to greatness starts early. The Iowa Farm Bureau their
pursuit of greatness. believes in Iowa’s youth andThat’s why
we’re proud to bethe title sponsor of the Iowa Girls High
School Athletic Union. Each student’s effort is important
and when one riseswe all rise to a better Iowa.>>Fareway, along
with Nabisco, Frito Lay and Sara Lee is a proud sponsor of the
Iowa Girls Sports Championships. We congratulate all the schools
and student athletes participating in this year’s Girls High School State
Volleyball Championships. Fareway, proud to care for the places we work and live.By
Musco Lighting, the sports lighting specialists,providing
lighting systems for you, your project and your community.

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