2018 Hainan QianKun Master Table Tennis Invitational (Explained)

2018 Hainan QianKun Master Table Tennis Invitational
Jan 19-Jan 20, 2018 This is sponsored by Hainan QianKun Investment
Corporation & BP TT Online. This is the first-ever
new style of TT tournament, the location is at QianKun Business/shopping Mall, in Hainan Province. The eurpoean team is led by World #1 Ovtcharov,
and the Chinese tea,m consistes of 10 amateur players from various
locations. After 2days of fierce competition, Chinese
team won by land-slide,prize of US$8,333 and Hainan resident Lin MingHe (lefty Penhold)
won the grand prize of challenge stage, a whopping US$16,666 check. Here is the summary of what happened:
This competition is a special handicap-scored system, between Euro pro players and Chinese
Amteur players. The organizing committee based on the estimated
rating of each player, and give courtesy points for each player. this makes the game more interesting, and
full of surprises. The match format is 3 out of 5. The first day is Team challenge, 5 player
to 5 players, and the 2nd day is singles only, “Winner stays” challenge table system. For each match, winner gets US$1666, and loser
gets $166, prize presented immediately after each match. DAY1- Chinese team 5—0 European Pros. On Jan 19, 2018, the game starts 6PM local
timre, after a random drawing, 5 players from Euro and 5 players from Chinese teams are
decided. Then based on the pair, certain courtesy points
are given to Chinese player for each game. Huang JiaHao(HKG) receives 6 courtesy pt.
against Joao Monteiro (POR) Zhao Ge (CHN Female) received 3 pts. -vs-
Samara Tseng Hai Hua (Macau) received 5 pts. -vs-
Chen WeiXing (AUT) Tian Guo Qing (CHN) received 7pts. -vs- Kreanga
(EGY) Zhu Yi (Beijing) received 3 pts.-vs- Ovtcharov
(WR#1) Eventually,
Huang won Monteiro 3-0 sets, Zhao Ge won Samara 3-0 sets,
Tseng won Chen WeiXing 3-1 sets Tian won Kreanga 3-1 sets
Zhu Yi won Ovtcharov 3-2 sets, the deciding game is very close ,13:11
Hence, Chinese team won US$8,333 & Euro Team won US$833 ************* DAY 2 – Final Challenge Stage,
winner is Lin MingHe, After Day1, considering Euro teams waterloo
experience, committee decided to modify the system, so Euro team does not look so bad. They decide do random drawing after each match
to decide the new challenger. Also, the committee will adjust coutesy points
by game results, (For example, if you were given 3 courtesy
points, and you won Game 1, then you will get only 2 pts. to start game 2, etc. ,)
Here you go, Match 1, Zhang Guo Zhi (LP#1) -vs- Kreanga
(#1 Euro BH), Kreanga gave 3pt in game 1, then subsequently 2 pt, 1pt, finaly still
lost 1-3 sets. From then on, Zhang GuoZhi like a tiger let
out of the gate, with Super Smashing FH & “Chcken feet lifting “LP BH skill,
He created a winning spree. Match 2, With no courtesy points each game,
Zhang GuoZhi beat Samara 3-2 sets , (Samara, a pro player, is completely fooled
by the Chicken feet LP, have to see this) Match 3, Given courtesy pt of 2, Zhang GuoZhi
beat Wang Bo (Bora Veng, pro player for Turkish National Team before) Match 4, Given 2pt, Zhang GuoZhi’s FH was
so good, beat Chen WeiXing ,the chopper, 3-1sets Here Zhang GuoZhi achived 4wins (why do we
mention this, because there is a surprise bonus US$8,33 will be given to player of most
won match record) Match 5, We think Zhang is tired, he lost
to Li HsinYang(TPE) with 0-3 sets. Match 6, Now is the show of Ovtacharov (then
WR#1), he has given Li 2pts, then 1pts, then no points, eventually lost 1-3set to the 17
years old Li HsingYang, this is the biggest upset of the event, Li did super amazingly
clean shots & is a must-watch. Match 7, Li with his winning of Ovtcharov,
was only given 2pt, then 1 pt, Monteiro got the better of Li, 3-1sets to close ti. Match 8, Xu XiaoFeng (The butcher that is
also the president of China LP assiciation), given only 2pts., won Monteiro 3-2 sets,
this is a beaut of how Penhold LP twiddler was able to beat a young energetic Portugese
with great shakehand techniques. match 9.the final is between Xu XiaoFeng and
#1 Hainan Penholer,who is full of energy and waiting for his prey. Dont think there are any courtesy points given,
anyway, Lin MingHe accounted for Xu 3-1 sets and became the Final winner. Prize money report of singles player (for
the Chinese player who was not drawn into the singles, no $, sorry)
All the player who lost got US$166, including Kreanga,Samara,Wang Bo, Chen Weixing, Ovtcharov
The bigger winner, Xu xiaofeng, US$ 1832
Li HsinYang US$ 3498 Monteiro US$1832
Zhang US$ 6830 + (most win)$8333=total $15,163 Lin MingHe final prize $16,666 (fought only
one match) 3 million online watchied this live

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  1. I think the results are far from what Organizing Committee imagined !! They were thinking have pro give some points to amateurs the game should looks more exciting, no landslide. They pay Ovtcharov and the team to fly from Europe and give them food and lodging, they spent almost a week time, but what they g0t as far as prize money is little to nothing. US$ 322 for Samara, Ovtcharov, Chen Weixing and Kreanga. Joao got a little bit more….. Most money went to Lin MingHe and Zhang GuoZhi.

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