2017 Volleyball National Champions: I Belong Here

Margaux Arntson: The biggest thing was staying confident and you know when I did get blocked or when I hit it out I just you know remembered
I belong here, I belong here and it was that mantra that really carried me
through all three sets. I belong here. I belong here. I belong here. Crystal Anderson: This team
really taught me the value of hard work Clara Madsen: This experience allowed me to become a
leader. Jenny Smith: Being a part of the team created a new family for me. Margaux Arntson: This team helped me believe I belong here. Crystal Anderson: During the recruitment process I came here for a
tour with Coach Vlasich and at the end of the tour he told me that we’re gonna
win a national championship by the end of my four years and I believed him. Coach Vlasich: That class was really unique because they were all really really close to each
other and it was very clear early on in that season that they had a very common
goal; to get as far as they can to win a national championship. Clara Madsen: Right before that
final championship game everyone on the team was in such agreement and we just
kept saying we belong here, like this is where we’re supposed to be. It kind of
clicked and we all knew that like we were supposed to be there. Margaux Arntson: As the
pressures kind of mounted and I was trying to figure out who I was and where
I wanted to go after graduation I needed something that was just kind of ground
me and keep me sane and and you know kind of keep my feet on the ground and
that mantra that I belong here, that was that kind of became something that I
would say to myself when I just needed a little boost. Coach Vlasich: It was a really fun before
that match because you could just read it in the players’ body language that
they were loose, they were comfortable, they were just enjoying each other
tremendously, and they were dancing and having fun. You could tell it was
their match it was their moment and as a coach you just sit back and you let it
all happen. [Cheers and celebration] Mikena Werner: After we won it was a whirlwind. It
wasn’t until I saw Clara crying and I looked at her and I started crying and I
realized that we actually won the whole thing. Shelbi Stein: Over the last four years the friendships
that I’ve built far surpass anything that I could have ever expected and to
end the the season in the career as national champion is just, it’s a dream
come true. Mariah Rigg: The biggest thing that CMS volleyball has given me is strength of
character and so much stronger and resilient and I’m able to bounce back
from so much more than I was when I first came and there’s just this huge
difference from the scared little girl that first came to the person that I
am now.

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