2017 Canada Games: Sask wins Baseball Gold

So Saskatchewan wins gold in the baseball
event at the 2017 Canada Games. Joined now by Ryan the 3rd baseman for team Saskatchewan
also knocked in an RBI in a 3-1 Saskatchewan win. Ryan its been quite the year for Saskatchewan
quite the couple of years. You guys were in the Canada Cup last year 2016. Now Gold at
the Canada Games what is it about this team that has made it so successful in the last
couple of years. Its you can go out to play an knowing that no matter what you do you
get out there is a guy behind you ready to get the hit that you should have gotten. There
is always someone behind you that is ready to step in. And so you can just trust in one
an other. You don’t have to put all the weight on your back. What is the feeling like you
just knocked off the home team in front of a huge crowed here in Winnipeg what was that
feeling like kind of silencing the crowd almost? Its just you gotta step back and breath just
like play in front of all these people its amazing. But just you gotta put your mind
to it and focus. Now you guys finished the round robin 3 and 3 maybe not the best record
you were expecting. But then you come into the playoffs beat Ontario and then of course
beat Manitoba. What was it maybe about that round robin that you jut couldn’t get going
and then what was it about the playoffs that you finally found your groove? I think it
was we were just trying to do to much of the play round robin we were all just trying to
hit the home run, right. And then as soon as we got into the playoffs we kind of realized
we got guys behind us that can hit the ball as well. You mentioned how hitting is a strength,
what about your pitching tonight. You shut down the Manitoba lineup tonight and other
games as well. What can you say about the pitching performances from your guys in this
tournament? Well overall great job. In the zone, getting strikes all we really needed,
we had good deference behind us. Right so gold medal at the Canada Cup gold medal at
the Canada Games, what is next for this team? Is there anything next on the radar? Well
hopefully again, just always strive high. Alright great Ryan thank you so much for the
time and congrats. Well not the result obviously you guys wanted but when you look back things
how are you going to remember this experience with this whole team? You know what we had
a shot at a national championship that is all I’m going to remember. Its we came up
two runs short that’s a pretty good team. They are defending champions over there too.
So you know if you would have told me two years ago that you would have been playing
in the last day of the tournament and last game I’d taken that from them. What does a
win like this maybe mean for baseball in Manitoba and in general for a performance like this?
Well I think that it shows that we have some players that can compete at the national level.
We knocked off Ontario. We beat some pretty big teams out there. Alberta being one of
them that we had to go in and show and fight and claw and I think that shows what we have
in this province. Is an effort and a mentality that can come out and play against anybody.

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