2016 CUNYAC Men’s Community College Baseball Finals: Queensborough vs. Kingsborough CC

– [Stadium Announcer]
Good evening, everybody, and welcome to the 2016
CUNY Athletic Conference MCU Community College Baseball
Championship at MCU Park. Today, we will see the number-two
seed Queensborough Tigers face off against the number-one
seed Kingsborough Wave. And now let’s meet the non-starters for the Queensborough Tigers. #3 Miguel Garcia, #5 Louis Ampuero, #6 Raymond Blanco, #10 Carlos Solorzano, #14 Michael Calasanz, #17 Joseph Legare, #19 Jeremy Molina, #21 Sergio Marquez, #33 Nicholas Adler, #34 Daniel Silvera, #44 Dionis Arbaiza, #55 Emil Balic, and #96 Anthony Jennings. And now the starting lineup for the Queensborough
Community College Tigers. Leading off, the center
fielder, #22 Joel Luna. Batting second, the second
baseman, #7 Alexis Martinez. Batting third, the first
baseman, #11 Brandon Bautista. Batting fourth, the pitcher
and designated hitter, #25 Christopher Miller. Batting fifth and playing
shortstop, #30 Andrew Perez. Batting sixth, the third
baseman, #27 Jake Morales. Batting seventh and catching,
#18 Kevin Bongiovanni. Batting eighth, the right fielder, #20 Ruberkis Pena Rodriguez. And batting ninth, in left
field, #48 Brian Santana. The head coach for
Queensborough is Roger Mischel, the assistant coaches are Thomas Cannella, Joe Mikoleski, and Luis Herrera. The athletic director is Pete Marchitello, the sports information
director is Jason Demas. And now let’s meet the Kingsborough Wave. #1 Wilson Agramonte, #3 Vincent Moss, #4 Christian Contreras, #5 Juan Tapia, #6 Mark Bronshtein, #9 Alipio Tiburcio, #11 Austin Cordero, #12 Kely Aponte, #13 Matthew Palmieri, #14 Shmuel Silverstein, #17 Julian Hunt, #23 William Stewart, #31 Phillip Pezzolanti, #33 Sean Moore, and #50 Arben Becaj. And now the starting lineup for your Kingsborough
Community College Wave: The center fielder, #52 Eric Ricardo. Batting second and playing
shortstop, #7 Jon Bianchino. Batting third, the right
fielder, #16 Isaiah Polanco. Batting fourth, the pitcher
and designated hitter, #2 Derek Jentz. Batting fifth, the third
baseman, #15 Nathaniel Cruz. Batting sixth, the left
fielder, #32 Antonio Perez. Batting seventh, the
catcher, #8 Anthony Vella. Batting eighth and playing
first base, #18 David Dominguez. And batting ninth, the second
baseman, #51 Steven Catuogno. The head coach for
Kingsborough is Jimmy Ryan, his assistant coaches
are Mario Capparelli, Frank Pellegrino, and Paul Sasso. The athletic director is Damani Thomas, and the sports information
director is Wilbur Thomas. At this time, fans, we
ask you to please rise, remove your hats, and honor America with the
playing of our National Anthem. (“The Star-Spangled Banner” plays) Fans, we would like to
recognize Howard Apsan. Howard is the CUNY University Director of Environmental, Health,
Safety, and Risk Management and a lifelong baseball fan, especially a CUNYAC baseball fan. Howard is also the only person who is in more CUNY campuses than anybody. Fans, let’s have a nice
ovation for Howard Apsan. Howard, it’s your pitch. Right down the middle, nice pitch, Howard. And let’s play ball. – [David] This is QCC alum David Russell. The Queensborough Tigers about to take on the Kingsborough Wave in
the CUNY Championship Game. The Tigers are looking for their 16th title in school history and their first since 2013. The starting lineup for QCC, they’ll have Joel Luna, Alexis Martinez, Brandon Bautista,
Christoper Miller pitching and as the designated
hitter in the cleanup spot, Andrew Perez, Jake
Morales, Kevin Bongiovanni, Ruberkis Rodriguez, and Brian Santana. The Kingsborough defense, in the outfield, going from left to right, Antonio Perez, Eric
Ricardo, Isaiah Polanco, the infield, from third to first, Nathaniel Cruz, Jonathon Bianchino, Steven Catuogno, David Dominguez, Anthony Vella is behind the plate, and Derek Jentz is on the mound. And Kingsborough in the blue jerseys. Kinda looks like Kansas City Royals caps and alternative Mets jerseys. Queensborough wearing the red and black, kind of the Zubaz look. I think both of these teams come in with a bit of confidence, Kingsborough, regular season champions, they beat Queensborough
three out of four times, but Queensborough almost got
a split of the four games. The last time they met, Queensborough was six
outs away from winning, and Kingsborough came
back late and won 4-3, but they know they could hang
right in there with them, and Derek Jentz is on the mound. On April 16th, when these teams met, Kingsborough won 11-1, and Jentz pitched a
complete-game three-hitter. Looking for more of that today. Jentz in his second season, he is 3-3 on the season, one
complete game, an ERA of 3.21. In 28 innings, he’s given
up 22 hits and 13 runs, 10 of them earned. Good strikeout guy, about
2-1, 27 strikeouts, 13 walks. This is the first Queensborough
title game since 2013. It’s funny, they made it
about 22 out of 25 times, so they miss it two years in a row, it feels like maybe 10
years for another team. It’s like when the Yankees didn’t win the World
Series for eight years, that feels like 40 years for another team. And while these Kingsborough
guys were here last year, a good number of them, including Jentz, when they lost to The Bronx, this is the first CUNY title
game for all of the Tigers. And it’s being done in, not exactly Kingsborough’s back yard, but it is in Brooklyn, here at MCU Park, home
of the Brooklyn Cyclones. And if you can make
out the football field, that field here from Brooklyn
Bolts’ season, from the FXFL. – [Stadium Announcer]
Leading off for the Tigers, the center fielder, #22 Joel Luna. – [David] So, Joel Luna,
in his second season, from Flushing High School, at the plate. The table setter, hitting
.368 on the season with a .433 on-base percentage and four home runs and 19 RBI. And the first pitch of the game is a swing and a miss from Luna. The 0-1 pitch, another swing and a miss. Luna with 42 hits on the season. There have been 15 strikeouts. Makes contact there, a
ground ball to short, and it’s booted by Bianchino, and there will be no play. And I imagine that would
go as an E6, and it does. – [Stadium Announcer] The second baseman, #7 Alexis Martinez. – [David] So Alexis Martinez up now. Hitting .267 with 16 runs batted in. So an error on the first play of the game, when these teams met on April 15th, there were 11 combined
errors between these two. And the bunt is popped up, and the play made by Vella. Well, trying to play small
ball in the first inning, and Martinez can’t get the bunt down. – [Stadium Announcer] #9 Brandon Bautista. – [David] Nice idea, a run
an inning will win the game. Bautista, in his first
season, hitting .247. Does have four home runs. Tries to hold up, and does. Getting the signs from
Roger Mischel at third. And that’s taken outside, 2-0. Luna with speed at first, he had nine stolen bases on the year. Jentz’s 2-0 pitch is fouled away, into one of the suites, and it will remain there
for the rest of the night. See if Mischel puts on a
hit and run, 2-1, one out. Luna not going, the 2-1 is high, 3-1. Bautista also a pitcher for Queensborough, went 0-3 in five appearances. The 3-1 is fouled off. And that went into the suite right next to the first foul ball. Mischel didn’t do a hit
and run with the 2-1 count, we’ll see if he puts on a play on 3-2. Luna going, and there’s a chopper to second, Catuogno throw to first is in time. The decision to send Luna may have kept them out of the double play. Now here’s pitcher/DH Christopher Miller with a chance to help out his own cause. – [Stadium Announcer]
#25 Christopher Miller. – [David] Hitting .267 with
six home runs and 22 RBI. Both teams have the pitcher in the DH spot and hitting cleanup, as Miller stepped out and took a ball. Unless time was called
right before the pitch. And time had been called. And that hits Miller, so now it’s two on and two out. I don’t think that was intentional, try to take out the other
pitcher in the first inning. And now Andrew Perez is up,
first and second, two out. Perez hitting .330 with
a home run and 19 RBI, and a .400 on-base percentage. – [Stadium Announcer] The
shortstop, #30 Andrew Perez. – [David] Looking to give
the Tigers an early lead. High and outside, 1-0. The 1-0 from Jentz is high, 2-0. Should get a good pitch to hit here. Perez might be sitting fastball. See if maybe Jentz pulls the string. And time called right as
Jentz was about to throw. And now the 2-0 pitch from Jentz is fouled off into the net. Have a chance for an early lead. And Queensborough hasn’t scored
a lot against Kingsborough. They did score 12 runs in the one win, and then one, one, and
three in the three losses. The 2-1 pitch, swing and a miss, evens up the count to 2-2. So two balls, two
strikes, two on, two out, and #2 Derek Jentz looking
in at the sign from Vella. That’s hit to right field, and he’ll play it on a hop, Polanco throws it back in. And did he avoid the tag? He got the hand in, what a play by Luna! The throw was a little bit up the line, and Luna was able to sidestep Vella and then come back in and tag home plate. And Queensborough takes
an early one-nothing lead. Roger Mischel being aggressive,
sending Luna with two outs. And Jimmy Ryan came out,
the Kingsborough coach, may have been hoping that
Luna came out of the line. – [Stadium Announcer] #27 Jake Morales. – [David] Instead it’s
one-nothing Queensborough. And Jake Morales up, hitting
.282 with a pair of home runs. And that’s inside, 1-0. And that leadoff error coming back to bite Kingsborough early. And that’s fouled away,
into the parking lot. This is one you might wanna park far away, make it a longer walk after the game, but at least there won’t be a
baseball in your windshield. Jentz’s 1-1 pitch is in the dirt, 2-1. And going to third, he is out at third! Miller was indecisive if
he wanted to go or not and he was caught in between. And a good throw from Vella gets Kingsborough out of the inning, but not before Queensborough scores a run. – [Stadium Announcer] One
run, one hit, and one error, and one left on base. After half an inning, Queensborough, one, Kingsborough up to bat. – [David] So now Kingsborough
will get their first at-bat, and a chance to even the score. Their lineup is the center
fielder Eric Ricardo, the shortstop Jonathon Bianchino, Isaiah Polanco, Derek Jentz, the pitcher/DH, in the cleanup spot, Nathaniel Cruz, Antonio
Perez, Anthony Vella, David Dominguez, and Steven Catuogno. And the Queensborough
defense in the outfield, from left to right, Brian Santana, Joel Luna, and Ruberkis Rodriguez. The infield, from third to first, Jake Morales, Andrew Perez, Alexis Martinez, and Brandon Bautista. Kevin Bongiovanni is behind the plate, and on the mound is Christopher Miller. If Miller wants advice on
dealing with a big game and pitching in the CUNY title game, he could just ask his
head coach, Roger Mischel, who pitched in two of these. 2002, he pitched against
Bronx Community College, and their pitcher Cesar Alvarez, and the Broncos won that one, and then the next year was about revenge, and not only was it
Queensborough and Bronx again, it was Roger Mischel and Alvarez again, and that time Queensborough won 3-1, and Mischel pitched a
complete-game seven-hitter. Didn’t get the MVP, that
was Melvin Bautista, who went 2-4 with an RBI
and two stolen bases. But Mischel has also won a
pair of CUNY titles as a coach, looking for number three tonight. And here’s the table setter,
one of them, Eric Ricardo, in his second season, from
Samuel Gompers High School. How’s this for a leadoff hitter? Hitting .447 with a
.517 on-base percentage. – [Stadium Announcer]
Leading off for the Wave, the center fielder, #52 Eric Ricardo. – [David] A big singles hitter, he has 34 hits, 31 of them are singles. And Miller’s first pitch
of the night is fouled off. Is fouled off. As he couldn’t make the play at second, into right-center, Ricardo, a wide turn, but he’ll stay at first. And on the second pitch of the game, the first hit for Kingsborough. – [Stadium Announcer] The
shortstop, #7 Jon Bianchino. – [David] Now Bianchino up, trying to atone for the error
in the top of the frame. Hitting .343 with 11 RBI. And there is a bunt that’s popped up, but they couldn’t get to it in time. I don’t think Bongiovanni
knew where it was immediately. I’m not sure he would’ve
gotten to it if he did. Ricardo with 10 stolen
bases, always a threat to go. The 0-1 pitch from Miller is fouled away. And that bounces… I think that made it into the parking lot. I tell ya, if you wait out there, you could walk after this game with, like, six or seven baseballs. And there’s another one. Miller looking in at the sign, looking for the strikeout, and that’s bounced in the dirt, not a good pitch to throw on, and Bongiovanni won’t even attempt it. A stolen base for Ricardo. Now Bianchino will try
to go to the right side, there is a big hole
between first and second. The 1-2, goes off the glove of Bongiovanni, and Ricardo is at third. I think that will be a passed ball. Queensborough defense will
stay back on the infield. Morales in at third. Willing to concede a run, and that’s bounced, and now it’s 3-2. Kingsborough does well at the
plate against Queensborough, they scored nine, seven,
11, and then four runs. The payoff pitch, is inside, ball four. Kingsborough with an early
threat, two on, nobody out, and Polanco coming to the plate. From Fort Hamilton High School, he’s hitting .344 with 14 RBI. – [Stadium Announcer] #16 Isaiah Polanco. – [David] John Perez, my former Saint John’s
classmate, on the PA. John gave me a ride here
today, so he’s the real MVP. Polanco with first and third, nobody out. And Miller looking for a double-play ball, pitcher’s best friend. Polanco squares around, and pulled back, but Bianchino goes to second. Well, there goes the double play, unless it’s on a line drive. Was conceding the strike
to get Bianchino to second. And that’s low and
outside, the slider, 1-1. Outfield, straight away. The 1-1 from Miller, is foul-tipped, 1-2. See if they throw one in the dirt on 1-2, don’t wanna risk one going
to the backstop either. The 1-2, over the head of Miller, coming in from short, and
it got stuck in his glove, and we’re tied at one. Doesn’t take long for
the Wave to tie the game. Andrew Perez couldn’t
get it out of his glove, they will call it a hit, an RBI single. – [Stadium Announcer] The
pitcher and designated hitter, #2 Derek Jentz. – [David] And now the
pitcher/DH Derek Jentz with the chance to help himself. I think Jimmy Ryan just
told him to hit away, ’cause he was looking for a sign. Runners on the corner with nobody out. That’s to right field, Rodriguez
coming in, makes a catch, here comes the runner,
here comes the throw, and it’s 2-1 Kingsborough. – [Stadium Announcer] The third
baseman, #15 Nathaniel Cruz. – [David] Rodriguez didn’t
have enough on the throw, Wave lead 2-1. Now Nathaniel Cruz, who hit a home run against Queensborough back on April 16th in an 11-1 win. He owned them in that
game, 3-3 with a home run. Safe, another stolen base, that’s three already. And now a runner in
scoring position for Cruz. Three umpires, they’re all talking to each
other about where to go, who covers on a ground ball to first. That’s outside, 2-0. Wonder if the nerves are there for Miller. 3-0. Still only one out in the inning. See if Jimmy Ryan has
Cruz swing away on 3-0. Taking, and he takes ball four. Now coming to the plate is Antonio Perez. Hitting .304 with 13 RBI. In his second season, this is a veteran team, as we
have a meeting at the mound. And saying, “Hey, we already
give up the two runs, “fine, they’re in, and let’s
try to limit it there.” You don’t wanna look up
at the end of the inning and it’s already 4-1 or 5-1. Perez another guy in his
second season at Kingsborough. He’s one of a dozen Kingsborough players who was on the team last year when they lost here in
the CUNY title game. – [Stadium Announcer] #32 Antonio Perez. – [David] He has 14 hits on the year, and a few extra-base hits,
two doubles and a triple. And that is fouled off. A double-play ball would be
nice for Miller, he knows it. The 0-1, swing and a miss. Doesn’t hurt to just
blow it past him either. Perez, 11 strikeouts on the year. The 0-2 from Miller, fouled off. Maybe throw a splitter or a sinker, try to get that double play. And that’s fouled off, into
the suites below the press box. And we’ll do the 0-2 again. Outside, 1-2, good eye by Perez. Shook off Bongiovanni, now the 1-2, fouled off again. A lot of foul balls, and we’re
only in the first inning. – [Stadium Announcer] Fans,
please return all foul balls to the CUNY representatives, please. – [David] And the announcement to return all the foul balls to the
representatives of CUNY. So if you like collecting
foul balls, sorry. 1-2 to Perez. And that’s high, 2-2,
Bongiovanni stood up to catch it. Miller laboring in the first inning, but he could get out of
it with a double play. And that’s inside, so Perez
works it from 0-2 to 3-2. Wonder if Jimmy Ryan would
put on a hit and run here. May not wanna risk a strike-’em-out, throw-’em-out to end the inning. Not going, and that’s on the outside corner, and now they have him in a rundown. And I think there may
have been a missed sign, and Queensborough gets a big break. Polanco was caught in between, and he may have thought
it was ball four to Perez, so he may have started going to third and then realized what happened. So it could’ve been worse,
but Kingsborough will take it, they lead 2-1 now. – [Stadium Announcer]
Fans, just a reminder, please bring all foul
balls to the nearest dugout or a CUNY representative, thank you. – [David] We’ll look during the game at some of the past championships that Queensborough has won. Three years ago, at the
College of Staten Island, they beat Bronx Community 23-14. That was about a 3 1/2 or four-hour game, hopefully tonight goes quicker. It was interesting, Bronx led 10-2 in the
fourth inning of that game, Queensborough came all the way back. Alex Pangourelias was
hitting in the nine spot, I don’t think he played
right field that year until that game, but he went 4-5 with three
RBI and four runs scored, so he got the MVP, and Matthew Brown got the win and pitched five innings of relief. And he could’ve been the
MVP, he really held Bronx, but I think they felt weird
about giving MVP to a pitcher in a game where 37
combined runs were scored, so it went to Pangourelias. And then Brown turned into one of the best pitchers
in CUNY the next year. – [Stadium Announcer]
Leading off for the Tigers, the third baseman, #27 Jake Morales. – [David] So now Queensborough will try to get that run back. It’s Jake Morales at the plate. And that is in there for a strike. Morales hitting .282
with a pair of home runs and nine runs batted in. 1-1, a lot of strikeouts with Morales, 28 of them, and only five walks. Contact there, Jentz
makes the play though, and flips it to Dominguez. Now Kevin Bongiovanni comes to the plate. – [Stadium Announcer] The
catcher, #18 Kevin Bongiovanni. – [David] From Cardozo High School, hitting .315 with four home runs, 17 RBI. He has a 3.9 GPA, CUNY Honorable
Mention Scholar Athlete, and he’ll be playing
at Concordia next year. Trying to leave the Tigers
with a CUNY championship, as he takes that Jentz
offering for a ball. 1-0, line drive, foul. Roger Mischel got out of the way of it. Swing and a miss, Bongiovanni out in front
on the off-speed pitch. And there’s a strikeout. So Jentz looking for a 1-2-3 inning, Ruberkis Rodriguez standing
in the way of that. Hitting .180 with five runs batted in. – [Stadium Announcer] #20
Ruberkis Pena Rodriguez. – [David] 15 strikeouts on the year, another strikeout candidate. And that’s gonna fall in for a single. They’ve been aggressive, and there’s Rodriguez
swinging at the first pitch. – [Stadium Announcer] The left
fielder, #48 Brian Santana. – [David] Brian Santana
up now, hitting .288, on-base percentage of .383,
and nine runs batted in. Swing and a miss. He’ll look at Rodriguez at first base, has three stolen bases on the year. Jentz looking at the runner, and delivers, outside,
nice play from Vella. Santana, in his first season, from Arts and Business High School, fouls that one back into
the net, and now it’s 1-2. The 1-2 pitch from
Jentz, swing and a miss, Santana goes down swinging
to end the inning. – [Stadium Announcer] No runs on one hit, no errors, and one left on. – [David] Well, another look at another Queensborough
championship of years past, how about 2012, that
was played right here, and it was delayed, like this game was, for six days because of rain. It was worth the wait for
Queensborough, they won 9-5. Bobby McDowell hit a three-run homer over the left-field wall
in the second inning. Queensborough led 5-1 after two, BMCC scored four in the
top of the third to tie it, they would score no more. James Scagnelli, the MVP of the game, how many times do you see a
relief pitcher as MVP of a game? Scagnelli pitched 6 2/3
innings of four-hit ball, 10 strikeouts in relief. That looked like it might be
a long game, 5-5 after 2 1/2, Queensborough scored
four runs in the fifth, and they won 9-5. BMCC made a little run, and then there was a runner
thrown out at the plate in the seventh inning and that kind of squashed
the rally right there. Anthony Vella, the catcher, will lead things off in the
second inning for Kingsborough. – [Stadium Announcer] The
catcher, #8 Anthony Vella. – [David] Vella, from
Tottenville High School, hitting .275 with a homer
and five runs batted in. And Kingsborough missed a chance to really extend the
lead in the first inning. And there’s a chopper, and good job by Miller to cover, and they get Vella. – [Stadium Announcer] The first baseman, #18 David Dominguez. – [David] Now Dominguez, in
his first season, from FDR, hitting .308 with a homer
and eight runs batted in. An occasional extra-base hit,
he has a double and a triple. Miller’s pitch, lined to third! And a nice play by Jake Morales. And that would’ve been down the line. Probably would’ve been a double if Morales didn’t reach out and snag it. – [Stadium Announcer] The second baseman, #51 Steven Catuogno. – [David] Now Catuogno, hitting .318, has 10 runs scored. Takes that for a strike. The 0-1 from Miller, fouled away. Not the excitement from the
crowd chasing those foul balls now that they know they
have to return them. The 0-2 pitch, did he go? And they say no, the whole Queensborough team
was coming off the field. Wonder if that could
be tough for a pitcher, as it’s now 1-2. You think you’re out of the inning, and you realize you’re not. 2-2. I think Miller trying to compose himself, he thought he was done, thought Catuogno went around. And that’s high and
outside, and now it’s 3-2. And the payoff pitch from
Miller, is ball four, and again, everybody was
coming off the field. – [Stadium Announcer] The center
fielder, #52 Eric Ricardo. – [David] And we turn over
back to the top of the lineup, and Eric Ricardo, who
singled, stole second, went to third on a passed
ball, and scored, is up again. Hitting .447 on the year. Catuogno with three stolen bases. May try to push the envelope
and see if he can take second. Inside, ball one. So it’s been five balls in a row since he originally thought
he was done with the inning. You’re mentally done, and then they say, “No, you still have to do some pitching.” And that’s in there for strike one. And the pitch count goes up for Miller. And that’s right in there for strike two, so Ricardo being patient. I don’t think he’ll be taking
a third pitch down the middle. The 1-2, is a swing and a miss! And Miller bounces back
nicely from that first inning, no runs and no hits, just the one walk. So both pitchers doing a nice job of settling down in the second inning, a much shorter inning
than the first inning. Let’s look at another Queensborough
title from years past, the 2010 game that was played here against Bronx Community College. Seems like Queensborough
was always playing Bronx. In 2010, Frank Milito pitched
a complete-game six-hitter, and he did it on less than 100 pitches. That was Rich Kashdan’s
last title at Queensborough. And for the Tigers, Jhosangel Segnini hit a
solo home run in that game. I don’t know if there’ll be
any home runs here tonight, of the over-the-wall variety. Jentz had a nice bounce-back inning of his own in the second. And it’ll be the top of the
order, Luna, Martinez, Bautista. Nice time to start the game also, shadows really aren’t a factor. Would be, that happened a
few years ago, it was 2011, get started in the afternoon, ’cause sometimes these games
would start in the afternoon, and then by the late innings, the shadows started creeping in, very big advantage for the pitchers. First-pitch swinging, and it falls in for a base hit. And Luna on for the second time today. Polanco was making up some
ground, but not fast enough. – [Stadium Announcer] The second baseman, #7 Alexis Martinez. – [David] Alexis Martinez up now, same situation as in the first inning, Luna on first, nobody
out, he popped up a bunt. Let’s see if Mischel would
have him try it again, or just have him swing away. There goes Luna, there’s
the throw to second, it’s off-line, and now it
goes into center field, and Luna’s gonna go to third. And the aggressive call
from Mischel pays off. I think that will go down as
a stolen base and an error, allowing Luna to take third. And an E6, that’s the second one on him. Bianchino couldn’t come up
with the throw from Vella. And Kingsborough with the
infield in in the third inning, not wanting to concede the lead. 1-0 pitch, inside corner for strike one, 1-1. And that’s bounced, and here comes Luna,
and this game is tied. Doesn’t matter how you play
your infield when that happens. And Queensborough has tied it up at two. Give Queensborough credit, and sometimes you just beat yourself, as Mischel has little words
of wisdom for Alexis Martinez. Bianchino, at short, couldn’t
come up with the throw, that allowed Luna to go to third, Jentz pitches the bounce in the dirt, bounces the pitch in the dirt, now we’re tied at two, as
that one is fouled off, 2-2. Jentz’s 2-2 pitch, bounce to first, and they say it’s a foul ball. Dominguez fielded it in foul territory, so second life for Martinez. It was close, not much of an
argument from Kingsborough. And that’s bounced, 3-2. The payoff pitch, is
in the dirt, ball four, and Martinez works a walk. And that will bring up Brandon Bautista. – [Stadium Announcer] The first baseman, #11 Brandon Bautista. – [David] Six stolen bases for Martinez, always a threat to go. Bautista grounded out to
short in the first inning. Takes that one inside, 1-0. Mischel yelled something
out to the runner. And it’s lined to left field, going back is Perez, he won’t get it. They’re gonna hold the runner at third, but it’s a standup double
for Brandon Bautista. Now Queensborough threatening with second and third and nobody out. And Christopher Miller again
can help his own cause. I said that the first time
and he was hit by a pitch. – [Stadium Announcer] The
pitcher and designated hitter, #25 Christopher Miller. – [David] Jentz and the
infield will talk on the mound. He’s telling the catcher,
Vella, he said, “Get out here,” had something to say. Maybe with the pitch calling, maybe just with how they’re
gonna set up the infield. I’m not sure Perez picked that
ball up right off the bat. Now the Kingsborough
infield about halfway, the first pitch to Miller
is high for ball one. The 1-0, fouled back into the net, 1-1. Have Martinez at third,
Bautista at second, nobody out, already one run in. And Jentz steps off. And that’s popped up,
see if there’s a play, out of play. And now 1-2 on Miller, only
trying to put the ball in play, and fouls that one off. Jentz looking for the strikeout. As I said in the opening, he struck out 27 batters this year. And Miller strikes out, now
they have to throw to first. That’s a K and 2-3. You gotta take advantage
of these situations, they still have second
and third with one out. – [Stadium Announcer] #3 Andrew Perez. – [David] Andrew Perez had an RBI single in his first at-bat. Andres Perez, I’ve been
calling him Andrew. I beg your pardon, Andres Perez, from the Dominican Republic, fouls that one off into
the net for strike one. Hitting .330 with a
.400 on-base percentage. Seven doubles, Queensborough
would take one now. The 0-1, down the line, fair
ball, and that’ll score two! Here comes Martinez, here comes Bautista, and there’s another
double for Andres Perez. They certainly will take a two-run double. 4-2 Tigers. They’ve come roaring back
early, and they lead 4-2. – [Stadium Announcer] The third
baseman, #27 Jake Morales. – [David] Nathaniel Cruz
dove, but he couldn’t get it. So a chance to do some more damage, a guy on second with only one out. Morales at the plate, he grounded back to
Jentz his first time up. Inside, ball one. Morales hitting .282,
two home runs, nine RBI. Susceptible to the
strikeout, has 28 of them. The 1-0 pitch, goes the
other way, it’s a base hit! Here comes the runner, here’s
Polanco’s throw to the plate, and actually he’ll hold at third. Mischel was sending him and then held him at the last second, wisely, because I think
he would’ve been out. Nice piece of hitting by
Morales to go the other way. Now Bongiovanni up with
runners on the corner. – [Stadium Announcer]
#18 Kevin Bongiovanni. – [David] We’ll have a
meeting at the mound, Jentz struggling here. Queensborough doing better tonight than they did against him on April 16th, when he pitched a
complete-game three-hitter, giving up one run. Maybe sometimes easier to pitch ’cause they scored a lot of
runs for him in that game, so you’re pitching with a big lead, don’t have to be so fine,
not 2-1 in the third inning. Queensborough’s been
pouncing on the mistakes. Now here’s Bongiovanni. Already six hits for the Tigers. Bongiovanni takes that
one down the middle. The 0-1 from Jentz, swing and a miss. Had him out in front. And Jentz trying to limit the damage, make sure Perez is stranded at third. Wanna make some contact, put
the pressure on the defense, the 0-2 pitch, just missed outside. Jentz tried painting the corner, the umpire took the paintbrush
out of his hands, it’s 1-2. That was his put-away
pitch, and he didn’t get it. Now the 1-2, ground ball to third, foul, and Mischel makes the play, gets some applause from the
Queensborough contingency. The 1-2 pitch, swing and a miss. That was strike three,
but Morales takes second. That was kinda smart, Bongiovanni, he couldn’t take first
even though he ran there ’cause there was already
a runner occupying it, but you never know, sometimes
a catcher gets tricked up and throws there when he doesn’t have to, and anything can happen after that. Here is a big moment in this game, although it’s still early, second and third, two out for Rodriguez, who singled in the second inning. And that hits him, wondered
if he might pitch around him. That’s his second hit batter. And now Brian Santana, with
the bases loaded and two out. – [Stadium Announcer] The left
fielder, #48 Brian Santana. – [David] Come with the bases loaded, you try to stay within yourself, he’s not gonna try to hit a grand slam. Queensborough will take a
single here, will take anything. And that one is fouled off, to the… It comes back in, that
went above the suites. There’s four levels here, and I think that went into the
fourth and then bounced back. The 0-1 pitch, low, ball one. Jentz working quickly, the
1-1, swing and a miss, 1-2. And now the 1-2 pitch, another strikeout. And Santana goes down swinging again, but not before Queensborough
scores three runs on four hits. – [Stadium Announcer]
Three runs on four hits, one error, and three men left on base. Wonder if they regret
leaving the bases loaded, they’re happy with the 4-2 lead. Now we’ll look back at another Queensborough title from years past. It was 2008 when
Queensborough beat Bronx here, back when this was called KeySpan Park, and a southpaw pitcher, Victor Gonzalez, pitched a complete-game
three-hitter, 14 strikeouts. That was for Craig Everett’s
Queensborough team. Gonzalez was the MVP, and Shawn Smith and Joel
Feliz had three RBI apiece. This might not be the pitchers duel that some of these games can be. You never know, some of
these pitchers settle in. – [Stadium Announcer]
Leading off for the Wave, the shortstop, #7 Jon Bianchino. – [David] That’s ball one, inside. Jonathon Bianchino walked in
the first inning, stole second, and came around to score
on Polanco’s RBI single. Excuse me, he came in to
score on Jentz’s sac fly. And that’s high, 2-1. Bianchino hitting .343 on the year, the 2-1 pitch from Miller, it’s laced to center field, on the run, it will fall in front of Luna, but he gets it back in to
keep Bianchino at first. – [Stadium Announcer] The right
fielder, #16 Isaiah Polanco. – [David] Now Polanco, who had
an RBI single in the first, stole second, at the plate, looking to Jimmy Ryan in
the third base coach’s box, seeing if there’s any
play on, any hit and run. That’s high and inside, 1-0. Bianchino, six stolen bases on the year, was caught stealing once, and there he… Well, he started and
stopped, and now it’s 2-0. Big shutdown inning, you wanna put a zero up after Queensborough gives you three runs, and now Miller falls
behind 3-0 on Polanco. See if Polanco has a green light, and it’s ball four, a four-pitch walk. Now Derek Jentz, the
pitcher, is at the plate. Jentz had a sacrifice fly to right field in the first inning. – [Stadium Announcer] The
pitcher and designated hitter, #2 Derek Jentz. – [David] He’s hitting .305 on the year with nine runs batted in. Nice spot for Kingsborough,
first and second, nobody out. Don’t think anything is on here. Morales was coming in at third,
possibly expecting a bunt, and now Miller calls out Bongiovanni. Jentz could think about bunting here, getting the runners over, could be a hit and run. Does Queensborough pitch out? Probably not with first
and second, nobody out. “Here we go, Derek” chant coming
from the Kingsborough fans. Jentz squares around,
pulls back, and pops it up, and Bautista couldn’t make the catch. It was catchable. Would’ve been an impressive catch. So Jentz did square around
and then pulled back, and now it’s 0-1. Jentz squares around
and drops down a bunt. And Miller looked to third,
and he airmails the throw! Kingsborough scores a run, and they have second
and third, nobody out. Miller with the mental lapse, he should’ve just gone to first, especially because the bunt
was on the first-base side. He looked to third, I don’t
know why, he had no play there, and then he rushed the throw to first. And Dominguez couldn’t
have caught that one if he was a 10-foot Boston Celtic. – [Stadium Announcer] #15 Nathaniel Cruz. – [David] Sometimes
you just beat yourself. Now a meeting on the mound. Now he’s gotta get over it and make his pitches to Nathaniel Cruz, who three weeks ago went 3-3 against the
Tigers with a home run. Hit .263 on the year. Now deciding how they
wanna play the infield. With the metal bats and the turf, the ball could get on
the infielders quickly, and they might have a play at the plate. Or do you take the sure out at first? And there’s action in the
Queensborough bullpen. I don’t think Roger Mischel is going to wait too long in a title game. Now you can go back to
the top of the inning, when it was 4-2, the bases were loaded, and Jentz made the pitches
he had to to get out of it. And there’s a strike
to Nathaniel Cruz, 0-1. And a swing and a miss. Nope, it was a balk, and we’re tied. So it’s still 0-1. A tough one, you think
you make a good pitch. So it’s a brand-new ball
game, we’re tied at four. It’s 1-1, bounced away, but bounced
towards third base, rather than bouncing towards the backstop. Still nobody out. The 1-1 pitch from Miller, inside, 2-1. Queensborough infield in, trying to cut down the run at the plate. Jentz, the pitcher, the runner at third. And that misses, and now it’s 3-1. That’s lined to left field, there’s Santana, and
he can’t make the play! Kingsborough takes the 5-4 lead. Jentz comes home to score
on the RBI single by Cruz. Queensborough scores three
in the top of the third, Kingsborough scores three
in the bottom of the third. I think Roger Mischel seeing if the reliever who’s warming up is ready. Antonio Perez at the plate, struck out looking his first time up. This might be the last batter for Miller. That’s lined into the net, strike one. Calling that an E7 on
Santana, that’s a tough call. It would’ve been a diving catch,
as there’s a strike called. Miller ahead of Perez
0-1, swing and a miss, and it was actually 0-2, now it’s 0-3. And getting Perez out may
have kept Miller in the game. – [Stadium Announcer] #8 Anthony Vella. – [David] Anthony Vella, grounded out to first in his first at-bat. That’s low for ball one. Now Vella will talk to Jimmy Ryan. Maybe there’s a hit and
run or something on, sometimes they can do that just to try to fake out Queensborough. Maybe Queensborough thinks
there’ll be a hit and run, and they pitch out, and now
they just throw ball two. A chess match going on
between the coaches. The 1-0 from Miller, outside, 2-0. Every time Queensborough scores, Kingsborough comes right back. And now Vella ahead 2-0, fouls
that one back into the net. Now 2-1 with one out. Cruz not going, that’s bounced up the middle, Perez steps on second, throws to first, and there’s a double play, much needed. And there’s a pitcher’s best friend, getting Miller out of the inning, but not before Kingsborough
scores three times and takes a 5-4 lead. Because of errors and walks, there was only one hit in the inning, a leadoff single, yet
Kingsborough scored three times. Now we creep into the middle innings. And we’ll look at another old
Queensborough championship. It was 2005 when Tommy
Reo won the MVP award, Queensborough beat Bronx 7-6 at the College of Staten Island. Reo hit a two-run homer
to break a 4-4 tie, that was the big blow in the game. – [Stadium Announcer] Alright, fans, it’s time for trivia. These three fans, Brian,
Sammy, and Laurie, will each get a big prize and go home with a hat and T-shirt from Diamond, the official sponsor of the
CUNY Athletic Conference, for baseball. Alright, here’s your question: What school holds the record for the most CUNY Community
College Baseball Championships? Is it A, Queensborough,
or B, Kingsborough? That is correct, it’s Queensborough. They’ll go home with a CUNYAC prize pack. Leading off for the Tigers, #22 Joel Luna. – [David] And Derek Jentz
has to feel pretty good, after giving up three runs,
he limited the damage, and now he takes the mound in the fourth and he has the lead. And he throws a first-pitch
strike to Joel Luna. This is his third time
leading off an inning. That was in the dirt, 1-1. Luna hitting .368 on the
year with four home runs. The 1-1 pitch, swing and a miss, 1-2. Jentz looking for another
strikeout, Luna fouls that off. It hasn’t been noticed ’cause of the four runs in three innings, but Jentz has actually struck out five, he actually struck out the
side in the third inning, and gave up three runs. And Luna makes contact,
and it’s dribbled foul. Well, when Queensborough
scored in the first and third, it was Luna getting on
to lead off the inning, looking for some more of
that here in the fourth. The 1-2 pitch from Jentz, is fouled back, and we’ll do it again. Funny to see all the football,
the yard lines on the field, the Cyclones will be playing here in about a month and a half, about five weeks. The Cyclones have been
playing here since 2001. Here’s the 1-2 pitch, and that’s bounced, kinda came up and hit Vella. Evens up the count at 2-2. That’s why they have all the
gear, the tools of ignorance. The 2-2 pitch, swing and
a miss, got Luna fishing. That’s a big out, making sure that first batter
is walking back to the dugout. Now Alexis Martinez at the plate, popped up a bunt in the first
and he walked in the third. Now he comes to the plate
with nobody on base. Usually he was looking at Roger Mischel to see what he should do, well, he’s gonna swing away now, and he takes the first
pitch inside for a ball. And now it’s 2-0. There’s a balance,
you’re ahead in the game, you wanna throw strikes, but you don’t just wanna lay it in there. And now it’s 3-0 to Martinez. 3-1. 3-1 pitch, inside, ball four. Martinez works his second walk. And that will bring up Brandon Bautista with one on and one out. Bautista grounded out
to second and doubled. – [Stadium Announcer]
#11 Brandon Bautista. – [David] Bautista with some power, he has four home runs
and 15 runs batted in. There’s ball one. Bautista looks that one
right down the middle, 1-1. It’s been a pretty calm night, some of these nights can be
very windy, right off the ocean. Got a beautiful day after being
rained out twice last week. And that’s low, 2-1. It’s looped down the left field line, and the catch is made. Nice running play by Perez for
the second out of the inning. – [Stadium Announcer] The
pitcher and designated hitter, #25 Christopher Miller. – [David] Now Christopher Miller up, no contact yet in two plate appearances, he was hit by a pitch and he struck out. Miller, here’s another chance
for Perez, and another catch. No runs, and no hits, and one left on. – [Stadium Announcer] No
runs, no hits, no errors, and one left on base. – [David] Well, Jentz did
what Miller couldn’t do and threw up a zero after
getting staked to three runs. How about some more CUNY
history, how does that sound? 2004, Queensborough beat Bronx 9-5, that was also at CSI, Frank Turzo was the MVP, he went 3-4 with two doubles
and two runs batted in. Felipe Martinez went 3-4 with an RBI, and Mike Boothby got the
win with three innings out of the bullpen. – [Stadium Announcer]
Leading off for the Wave, the first baseman, #18 David Dominguez. – [David] David Dominguez at the plate, he lined one to third base, but Jake Morales stuck his glove out and took away an extra-base hit. Dominguez hitting .308. That’s popped up, will not
stay in play, only strike one. 1-1 pitch, swing and a miss. Now Miller looking for
a bounce-back inning. The 1-2 pitch, bounced back,
and Miller couldn’t get it, Morales, throw to first, in time, and a nice scoop by Bautista. – [Stadium Announcer] The second baseman, #51 Steven Catuogno. – [David] Gotta get that leadoff guy out, that’s been the story of this game. Steven Catuogno up now, walked in his first plate appearance, and he gets ahead of Miller 1-0. Takes that one for a strike, 1-1. Swing and a miss, 1-2. Miller with a strikeout in each
of the first three innings, looking for number four,
and that’s high, 2-2. That’s fouled back, count stays 2-2. And after this, Kingsborough will have
the top of the order up. 2-2 pitch, is in there for
strike three, got him looking. I tell ya, the strikeout he
had in the last inning to Perez may have kept him in the game, the first four guys in the inning reached, Roger Mischel looked like
he might pull the plug, then there was a strikeout, a double play, and Miller’s back out for the fourth, and he retires the first two Wave hitters, and bounces one to Eric Ricardo. Ricardo has singled and
struck out in two at-bats. Scored a run in the first inning. And there’s a swing and a miss, 1-1. Infield and outfield straight away. There’s a ground ball to second, Martinez to Bautista, and
there’s a 1-2-3 inning. – [Stadium Announcer] No
runs, no hits, no errors, and nobody left on base. Okay, fans, it’s time for
another CUNYAC prize pack. This time, we have
Breanna, from Kingsborough. Here’s your question: Which school has the most Community College
Baseball Championships… Oh, excuse me, correction, which school was the Community College
Baseball champions last year? Was it A, The Bronx, or B, Kingsborough? That is correct, it was The Bronx. You’ll take home a CUNYAC prize pack, presented by Diamond, the official baseball sponsor of the CUNY Athletic Conference. Leading off for the Tigers, the
shortstop, #30 Andrew Perez. – [David] So we start the
top of the fifth inning. Here’s Andres Perez, who’s
halfway to the cycle, a single and a double, now he needs the two tougher ones. That’s lined to second, Catuogno to Dominguez, 4-3. Looks like the pitchers
may finally settle down after the early innings. – [Stadium Announcer] The third
baseman, #27 Jake Morales. – [David] Now Jake Morales, who’s grounded back to Jentz
and singled in two at-bats. And there’s a ground ball to short, Bianchino to Dominguez,
bounced it, but a nice scoop. Dominguez may have saved
Bianchino his third error. – [Stadium Announcer] The
catcher, #18 Kevin Bongiovanni. – [David] Now Kevin Bongiovanni, who struck out each of
his first two times up. That’s a ball. 1-1. Looking to finally make some contact. The 1-1 pitch, bounced, 2-1. Bongiovanni hitting .315
with four home runs. And he looks at that off-speed pitch, 2-2. And that’s low, 3-2. And Jentz working quickly
here in the fifth inning. The payoff pitch to Bongiovanni, is low for ball four. Good eye by Bongiovanni. And that will bring up Rodriguez, Ruberkis Rodriguez, who has
singled and been hit by a pitch. Seeing if there’s a little two-out rally, as that one is fouled off. That one is lined, great play,
throw to second, in time! What a play by Bianchino, took away what looked like
a sure hit by Rodriguez. Whoa, and he gets the force at second. The awareness, knowing that he didn’t have
to throw all the way to first. What a play by Bianchino. How about a little more
Queensborough history? As we’ve been going through it, I covered the 2003 win before, Roger Mischel pitched a complete game, that was their first title since 1997, when they beat Bronx 4-2. Back at some of these games,
they beat Bronx 13-4 in ’94, they beat Kingsborough 9-7 in ’92, they beat Kingsborough 7-3 in ’91. Ed Tatarian was the coach for
Queensborough that one year. He had coached at Cardozo, he
was their first-ever coach, he coached there for a long time, and then left for Queensborough,
he won a CUNY title, and then he left for Queens. Some of those old title games, ’89, ’90, and ’93 were
played at Shea Stadium, home of the Mets for 45 seasons. They also played a few
games at Yankee Stadium, ’91, ’95, ’98. Queensborough Athletic Director
Pete Marchitello remembers Queensborough having to pay
for parking at Yankee Stadium. Can you imagine that? They made them pay for parking. And Bianchino makes a
great play in the field and he gets to lead off the fifth inning. 0-1 pitch, low, 1-1. Had 24 hits on the season,
all of them singles. Bianchino in his second year, out of Moore Catholic High School. There’s a ground ball to
second, Martinez to first, and there’s the first out of the inning. – [Stadium Announcer] The right
fielder, #16 Isaiah Polanco. – [David] Now Isaiah Polanco, singled in the first, walked and came around
to score in the third. 1-1 to Polanco, now 2-1,
may have been a cross-up, I’m not sure what happened. Bongiovanni looked like he
was turning away from it, it glanced off his glove. If it’s gonna happen, make
sure there’s nobody on base. 2-1, fouled back, 2-2. Pitchers have been working quicker. You know, when you’re laboring, you take a little more
time in between pitches. Plus you’re pitching out of the stretch and trying to hold runners on. Here’s the 2-2 to Polanco, and that’s fouled away. Been a plethora of foul balls. Polanco from Fort Hamilton High School, freshman, hitting .344. Only three hits for
Kingsborough on the night, but they have a 5-4 lead. And Polanco works the count full. The 3-2 pitch, is in
there for strike three! Miller gets Polanco looking. Now Derek Jentz, the
pitcher/DH, at the plate. – [Stadium Announcer] #2 Derek Jentz. – [David] Had a sac fly
in the first inning, and then in the third inning, he was willing to give himself up, he was bunting and Miller made an error, and Jentz came around to score. And Jentz fouls that one off. And it makes it into the parking lot. Jentz a .305 hitter, takes the 1-1 pitch, it was in the dirt. Figuring out what ball to use. So after all the problems
in the third inning, it looked like Miller might be done, and then he got a
strikeout, a double play, retired the side in the fourth, and gets the first two outs in the fifth. 2-1 pitch to Jentz, ground ball to third, throw to first is there. Nice, strong throw from Morales, and it’s a 1-2-3 inning for Miller. So we’re through five, and
Kingsborough leads 5-4. – [Stadium Announcer] No
runs, no hits, no errors, and nobody left on base. And now it’s time for
another CUNYAC prize pack. This time, we have
Austin, from Kingsborough. Austin, here’s your question: What year was the first Community College Baseball Championship? Was it A, 1987, B, 1988, or C, 1989? That is correct, the answer is B, you are going home with
a CUNYAC prize pack, presented by Diamond, the official baseball of the
CUNY Athletic Conference. Leading off for the Tigers, the left fielder, #48 Brian Santana. – [David] Brian Santana leading
things off in the sixth, 0-2 with two strikeouts, and
he tries a bunt to get on, and fouls it off. Now remember, the last inning ended with Rodriguez looking
like he had a single, and Bianchino took it away. If it was two on, two outs, I think Mischel might have
pinch hit for Santana. Leading off the inning
keeps Santana in the game. The 0-1 pitch, taken for strike two. Looking to avoid his third strikeout. Makes a little contact, foul, as Roger Mischel throws it back to Jentz. Santana, some contact, Jentz to Dominguez, and there’s the first out of the sixth. You make some contact, you
make him make the play, and he did. – The center fielder,
– Now Joel Luna. – [Stadium Announcer] #22 Joel Luna. – [David] First inning,
reached on an error, came around to score, third inning, singled
and came around to score, and then the fourth inning, he struck out. Bianchino, another great play, the throw to first, not in time. That would’ve been really something if he could make that one, and he almost did. So after two errors in
the first three innings, Bianchino looking like Ozzie Smith lately, but Luna too fast, and the center fielder beats out that one for an infield single. He keeps hitting it to short, the first inning, Bianchino made the error
on the ball hit by Luna. And there’s another chance for Bianchino, goes to second for one,
onto first, not in time. So Martinez at first with two outs. – [Stadium Announcer] The first baseman, #11 Brandon Bautista. – [David] Brandon
Bautista at the plate now. That’s looped down the
left-field line, foul ball. Perez couldn’t get there in time. The 0-1 pitch to Bautista, and Jentz will look back Martinez. Now the 0-1, and that’s foul-tipped, 0-2. Jentz looking for his seventh strikeout. Queensborough outhitting Kingsborough 7-3, but they trail 5-4. The 0-2 pitch, laced the other way, foul. Looking for a little
two-out rally in the sixth. And the 0-2 pitch, and a
nice play by Dominguez, it was kind of a soft liner coming at him, and he made the play. So Queensborough goes down
quietly in the sixth inning. – [Stadium Announcer] No
runs, one hit, no errors, and one left on base. It’s time for another CUNYAC prize pack, this time, with Francesca, who
is rooting for Queensborough. Francesca, here’s your question: What baseball is the proud sponsor of the CUNY Athletic Conference? Is it A, Rawlings, B, Spalding, or C, Diamond? And she says C, it’s
Diamond, that’s correct. And you’re going home
with a CUNYAC prize pack, presented by Diamond, the official baseball of the
CUNY Athletic Conference. – [David] Nathaniel Cruz
will lead things off in the sixth inning for Kingsborough, and all of the sudden, Christopher Miller has
been setting them down. – [Stadium Announcer] #15 Nathaniel Cruz. – [David] It’s been nine
in a row if you include the double play hit into by Vella. And that is down the line,
foul, into the seats. The last two innings-plus has been what Roger
Mischel was looking for. Queensborough hasn’t scored
in the last three innings, but Miller has kept them in it. There’s ball one to Cruz. Cruz has walked and reached on an error, though he could’ve been
given a hit on that one. And Cruz looks that in
for a ball, it’s 2-1. There’s a ground ball to Bautista, and he will take it himself. That’s the first out of the inning, and now Antonio Perez, who
has already struck out twice, comes to the plate. – [Stadium Announcer] The left
fielder, #32 Antonio Perez. – [David] There’s a little blooper, and it falls in harmlessly
for Kingsborough. Just strike one. Perez in his second year, from
Susan E. Wagner High School, hitting .304 with 13 RBI, on-base percentage of .429. And the 0-1 pitch, laced
into the net, foul. Now 0-2. And the offering from
Miller, swing and a miss! May have been tipped,
either way it’s a strikeout. Now Anthony Vella will come to the plate trying to start a two-out rally. Well, the pitchers have really settled in, it was 5-4 in the third inning, now it’s 5-4 in the sixth inning. And both teams, Queensborough, remember, it was 4-2, they had the bases loaded, a chance to extend the lead and couldn’t. And even Kingsborough in the third, it was 5-4, and they still
had two on and nobody out. It was either one on or
two on and nobody out, either way, there was still
some damage to be done, and Miller held them at 5-4. Sometimes you get these
top-notch pitchers, you gotta get them early
before they settle in, as Miller falls behind 2-0. And if Perez gets on in the third, Miller might’ve been done right there, after getting six outs. There’s a strike, 2-1. Bounced back into play for Miller, he’ll toss it to Bautista,
another 1-2-3 inning. And all of the sudden,
Kingsborough can’t touch him. Now Queensborough needs a comeback in the late innings.
– No runs, no hits, no errors, and nobody left on base, and it’s time for another
CUNYAC prize pack. This time, we got Roseanne, who
is rooting for Kingsborough. Roseanne, here’s your question: Who was this year’s
regular season champion? Was it A, Kingsborough,
or B, Queensborough? Kingsborough is correct, and you’re going home
with a CUNYAC prize pack, presented by Diamond, the official baseball of the
CUNY Athletic Conference. Fans, the CUNYAC Golf
Classic will take place on Thursday, September 15th,
at Bethpage State Park. The fourth-annual Golf
Classic serves as a fundraiser to benefit the CUNY Scholar
Athlete Awards Program and the (muffled). – [David] So we move
into the late innings, it is the seventh inning, and Christopher Miller leading off. – [Stadium Announcer]
#25 Christopher Miller. – [David] He’s 0-2 and was hit by a pitch. And that’s hit deep to right field, on the run and reaching up
to make the catch is Polanco. Nice play by Polanco. He made it look easy, it wasn’t as easy as he made it look. – [Stadium Announcer] #30 Andrew Perez. – [David] Got to that ball quickly. So 0-2 to Perez, and just missed. Perez with a single, a double, grounded out to second in his last at-bat. Didn’t miss by much,
here’s the 1-2 from Jentz, ground ball to short, Bianchino to Dominguez,
it pulled him off the bag, but Dominguez made the tag! Good play by Dominguez, an underrated part of
being a first baseman, they do, sometimes those
throws take you off the bag. – [Stadium Announcer] The third
baseman, #27 Jake Morales. – [David] Now Jake Morales, 1-3 with a single back
in the third inning. Swing and a miss, strike one. All of the sudden, after the first three
innings kinda went slowly, and it was 5-4, it’s getting late for Queensborough, down to their final seven outs. Ground ball to third, Cruz to first, and a very quick 1-2-3 inning. Time to stretch, it’s the
seventh-inning stretch. – [Stadium Announcer] No
runs, no hits, no errors, and nobody left on base. Fans, it’s time to stand up and
loosen up those vocal chords and sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”. (“Take Me Out to the
Ballgame” plays over speakers) Leading off for the
Wave, the first baseman, #18 David Dominguez. – [David] Bottom of the seventh, Kingsborough looking
for some insurance runs. David Dominguez, 0-2, at the plate. And Miller still in, inside, ball one. That is fouled away, will
it make the parking lot? Yes, it does. The 1-1 from Miller, swing
and a miss, strike two. Dominguez looking to get on
for the first time today. That’s fouled away. That evens up the count to 2-2. Oh! There’s a beaning. And he gets up right away. I’d say he wanted to reach first, I don’t think that’s how he
wanted to do it, but he’s okay. – [Stadium Announcer] The second baseman, #51 Steven Catuogno. – [David] Catuogno thought about bunting and then pulled it back and took a strike. The 0-1 pitch from Miller,
Catuogno tried bunting, looked like he was
trying to bunt for a hit, ’cause it was a running bunt,
but Morales was right there. See if they take it off, do they play for one run? The 0-2 pitch, fouled back into the net. There’s a foul ball, Jimmy Ryan kind of booted it, and he’ll flip it to
the Queensborough bench, and they drop it. So Miller ahead 0-2. Big out to get here with the
top of the order coming up. And that’s fouled off. Think that made it onto the concourse. And that’s in the dirt, 1-2. Not a bad waste pitch on 0-2, you just wanna make
sure it doesn’t get away and you have Dominguez going to second. High, 2-2. Wonder if this might be
Miller’s last hitter. They’ve already seen him
three times through the order. Not much of a pick-off move, but kind of a get-me-over throw, just to tell Dominguez, “I
didn’t forget about you.” Dominguez not a stolen base threat. Inside, 3-2. They’ve gone from 0-2 to 3-2. The Wave looking for some insurance runs in the late innings. And Christopher Miller taking his time, this might be his last
pitch of the evening. The payoff pitch, outside, ball four. And I think that’s gonna do it. – [Stadium Announcer] The center
fielder, #52 Eric Ricardo. – [David] Hm, Roger Mischel, I
think, was thinking about it, he kinda came out, and just decided to throw
a new ball to the catcher. I think he’s saying Miller is his guy. Now we’re at the top of the order, and it’s Eric Ricardo, who is 1-3 with a single and a run scored. And Ricardo will have
a word with Jimmy Ryan. So now Ricardo at the plate, and he’ll step out. Ricardo squares around
and bunts it to third, Bautista goes to third, and they get the out! A very aggressive play by Bautista, and a good play, and a good throw. Now if the throw is off, I’m probably saying, “Take the sure out.” – [Stadium Announcer] The
shortstop, #7 Jon Bianchino. – [David] And if you’re Ricardo, you wanted to bunt it
to the first-base side, but it just happened to
be a little too hard. Now Bianchino, who’s been
everywhere tonight in the field, has a walk and a run scored,
then singled and scored. So they couldn’t get
them over with the bunt, but they get them over
with the wild pitch. Boy, that hurts if you’re Miller. Now a single here, all
of the sudden it’s 7-4. Swing and a miss! Bianchino went up in the zone for it. And Catuogno really came far off the bag. I don’t think Bongiovanni noticed. Infield in for Queensborough, and that’s outside, 2-1. Not sure what happened,
maybe it was a missed sign, ’cause Catuogno came really far off third, and Bongiovanni didn’t see him. And now it’s 2-1. Low, 3-1. A walk wouldn’t be the
worst thing in the world, would set up a double play, would set up a force at every base. Don’t have to give in here, don’t have to give in down 3-1 and throw a fastball
right down the middle. So Bianchino ahead 3-1, and that’s fouled away, and it’s a full count. Think what does Miller throw here. Also wonder is a contact play on, do you hold the runner at
third if it’s hit to a guy, or is he coming home on contact? Here’s the payoff pitch
from Miller to Bianchino. Ball four, and the bases are loaded. Kingsborough loads the bases on no hits, just a hit batter and two walks. So you look, I mean, well, Miller’s only given up three hits, done in by walks, an error that he made. And Miller’s pitching is done, after 6 1/3, gave up five runs, he is responsible for
all three on the bases. There were six walks in
addition to those three hits. He also had six strikeouts, one in each of the first six innings. – [Stadium Announcer]
Your attention, please, now pitching for the Tigers,
#96 Anthony Jennings. – [David] Now Anthony Jennings
comes in from the pen. Tough situation, bases loaded, one out, trying to put out the fire. In his first season,
from Saint John’s Prep, went 3-0 in six games, started two. Had an ERA of 2.91, and in 21 2/3 innings pitched, he gave up 15 runs, but
only seven were earned. Walked 10, struck out 12. I think Roger Mischel got a lot more out of Christopher Miller than he thought he was
in the third inning. – [Stadium Announcer]
Your attention, please, staying in the game, the designated hitter, Christopher Miller. Now batting for the Wave, the left fielder, #16 Isaiah Polanco. – [David] Isaiah Polanco
at the plate, 1-2, singled in the first and walked and came around
to score in the third. When Queensborough beat Kingsborough, the one time they did
beat them, on April 15th, Jennings pitched six innings,
giving up two earned runs. Is there a bit of an injury
for Bianchino at first, did he just cramp up? A little gamesmanship to freeze Jennings? Probably not. So now Polanco, with the bases loaded, facing Anthony Jennings, and Jennings’s first
pitch, swing and a miss. It was outside of the strike zone. Polanco really eager to
jump on the first pitch. And that misses, I think a little high, maybe a little outside, it’s 1-1. Now it’s getting a bit
cool here in Brooklyn. The 1-1 pitch from
Jennings, swing and a miss, 1-2 to Polanco. Looking for the strikeout, the 1-2, laced into left field, it’s a base hit! It’s 6-4, here comes another run, it’s cut off, and it’s 7-4! A two-run single from Isaiah Polanco! Jennings got two swings and misses and he kinda left that one up. – [Stadium Announcer] The
pitcher and designated hitter, #2 Derek Jentz. – [David] Kingsborough making the most of their opportunities, they have seven runs on four hits. Now Derek Jentz at the plate, 0-2 with a sac fly, and he reached on an error
and came around to score. Line drive, Morales had
it go through his legs! Everybody moves up 90 feet,
and now the bases are loaded. They’re gonna call that a hit,
’cause it was hit so hard. – [Stadium Announcer] The third
baseman, #15 Nathaniel Cruz. – [David] Now Nathaniel Cruz with a chance to break the game wide open here in the bottom of the seventh. Infield in for Queensborough. Cruz, a swing and a miss, I think he was trying to hit
that one back to Kingsborough. Bongiovanni may not have
been thrilled with the pitch, even with a swing and a miss, so he’ll go out and talk to Jennings. Jennings trying to limit the damage, the 0-1 pitch, 1-1. Off-speed pitch was high. And those runs are charged to Miller, and he’s on the hook
for the runner on third. Inside, Cruz gets ahead 2-1. Nobody in the bullpen,
this is Jennings’s inning. And that gets the outside corner, 2-2. Outside and low, it’s 3-2. Now he’s gonna have to throw a strike now, because if he doesn’t, it’ll be 8-4. The payoff pitch to Cruz,
in there for strike three! Huge pitch by Jennings. I think if you’re Kingsborough, you’d like to see Cruz be a
little more aggressive there. Now Antonio Perez trying to
avoid the golden sombrero, he’s already struck out three times. Strike one. A big hit would here would
really make everybody forget about the three strikeouts. Ground ball to second, Martinez to first, and Queensborough keeps the lead at 7-4. But a productive inning for Kingsborough, they score twice and
extend the lead to 7-4. Now Queensborough down
to their final six outs. – [Stadium Announcer] Alright, it’s time for another CUNYAC prize pack, we’re with Anthony, from Queens. What sporting goods store is a proud sponsor of CUNY athletics? Is it A, Sports Authority, or B, Modell’s? That’s right, you’ve got it on the nose, and you’ve gotta get that
prize pack, well done. You’re going home with a CUNYAC prize pack presented by Diamond, the official baseball of the
CUNY Athletic Conference. Leading off for the Tigers, the catcher, #18 Kevin Bongiovanni. – [David] Kevin Bongiovanni
still looking to make contact, two strikeouts and a walk. No contact, but the pitch
makes contact with him, and he reaches first
base on a hit by pitch. Well, you take that too. So Queensborough gets the leadoff man on, and there is action in
the Kingsborough bullpen. – [Stadium Announcer] #20
Ruberkis Pena Rodriguez. – [David] Rodriguez has
singled, been hit by a pitch, and grounded into a force out. Steps on second, throw
to first, double play, and just like that, Bongiovanni is erased. It was Bianchino who
started the double play. – [Stadium Announcer] The left
fielder, #48 Brian Santana. – [David] Now Brian Santana at the plate, 0-3 with a pair of strikeouts. And we have a pinch hitter. – [Stadium Announcer]
Your attention, please, pinch hitting for Queensborough,
#17 Joseph Legare. – [David] It’s Joseph Legare. I think Santana would’ve been
pinch hit for in the fifth if he came up with two on and two outs. Now Roger Mischel looking
for a two-out rally, and Legare swings and
misses for strike one. Ground ball to second, and an easy play, Catuogno to Dominguez. – [Stadium Announcer] No
runs, no hits, no errors, and nobody left on base. – [David] Now Kingsborough will look for a few more tack-on runs and
put the game out of reach, it’s 7-4 as we head to
the bottom of the eighth. – [Stadium Announcer] Alright, it’s time for another CUNYAC prize pack. We have Allanah, from Kingsborough. Allanah, what minor league
team is MCU the home park for? Is it A, the Staten Island Yankees, or B, the Brooklyn Cyclones? Could it get any easier than that? And you might be going home
with a better prize pack, you’re going home with
a CUNYAC prize pack, presented by Diamond, the official baseball of the
CUNY Athletic Conference. The catcher, #8 Anthony Vella. – [David] Anthony Vella leading
things off in the eighth. Pops that one up, and Martinez is there to make the play. Had to wait a little while
for that one to come down. – [Stadium Announcer] The first baseman, #18 David Dominguez. – [David] Kind of funny, ’cause I’m sure as serious as Kingsborough is taking their at-bats, they probably want the
ninth inning to start. Up the middle, Perez,
throw to first is in time. And very quickly, the
first two are retired. Now Steven Catuogno is up, 0-1 with a pair of walks.
– The second baseman, #51 Steven Catuogno. – [David] Oh, watch out. Line drive sends a few
Queensborough fans scattering. You watch in relative
peace for 2 1/2 hours and then there’s a ball
coming at your head. Good news for Queensborough, kind of, the top of the order
is due up in the ninth, one, two, and three, Luna,
Martinez, and Bautista. So those would be the three you want. A chopper, foul, count remains 0-2. And that is fouled away. So Kingsborough, a lot of
these second-year players three outs away from doing what
they couldn’t do last year, and winning the CUNY title game. A few years ago, when they were down 3-2
heading into the ninth, they tied it, then gave up a run in
the bottom of the inning, as Catuogno takes ball one. And Queensborough’s been right there. The big one, I think the error from
Miller in the third inning, that might be the play of the game, as Catuogno takes outside to make it 2-2. ‘Cause it was 4-2, runners
on first and second, and if Miller just gets the out at first, 4-2 with one out, even if both runs score, it’s still 4-4, as the count runs full to 3-2, but that scored a run and
had guys second and third, nobody out, and it was 5-4. And Queensborough had their chance to get to Derek Jentz in the third inning, it was 4-2 and they had the bases loaded and couldn’t push any more runs across. And Jennings knocks it down, throws it to Bautista, a 1-2-3 inning, and now Queensborough will
have their last licks. Kingsborough three outs
away from the championship. – [Stadium Announcer] Alright, it’s time for our last
trivia question of the night, (muffled) from Queensborough, ready for our final pack of the night. Who was last year’s Player of
the Year and tournament MVP? Was it A, Francisco Ogando, B, Derek Jentz, or C, Willis (muffled)? A is correct, you’re going
home with a CUNYAC prize pack. – [David] Well, Derek Jentz
looked beatable early on, he gave up a run in the first, he gave up three in the third, here he is in the ninth inning, three outs away from a complete game in the championship game. He has one complete game on the season, that was a seven-inning complete
game against Queensborough. – [Stadium Announcer] The
center fielder, #22 Joel Luna. – [David] And that was
11-1 in the regular season, this is with all the pressure on. Ball one to Luna, and Queensborough will be taking here, trying to draw some walks, trying to start a rally
in the ninth inning. 1-1. And Kingsborough’s been the best team in CUNY in the regular season, three outs away from the title. Luna, fly ball, center
field, Eric Ricardo, one out in the ninth. Been a good year in
CUNY for Queensborough, good enough to get here. Took three out of four, three out of four, they only won one against Kingsborough. Martinez takes high and outside, he’s already drawn two walks. 2-0. Low, 3-0, Jentz working very
quickly, maybe too quickly. Four-pitch walk, now Queensborough needs one more runner. Brandon Bautista at the plate, 1-4, doubled and scored back in the third. – [Stadium Announcer] The first baseman, #11 Brandon Bautista. – [David] I don’t see anybody
warming up for Kingsborough. I would say this is Jentz’s inning, but you never know if
somebody else gets on, maybe they start warming somebody up. And Bautista gets ahead 1-0. Little drama here in the ninth. Things will get really
interesting if Bautista gets on. There’s a strike, 1-1. Queensborough outhitting Kingsborough 7-5, each team with two errors. Kingsborough’s really taken advantage, that’s why they lead 7-4. Outside, 2-1. Now that two-run single
from Polanco in the seventh looms really large now. Back to Jentz, to short,
to first, double play, and the Kingsborough
Wave are CUNY champions! A 1-6-3 double play, and why shouldn’t it be Jentz
starting the double play? He does something that
Roger Mischel knows about, a complete-game seven-hitter
in the CUNY title game. They were number one
in the regular season, they came out here tonight,
they were down one-nothing, they took a lead 2-1, they were down 4-2, they came back and took a 5-4 lead, then they put some insurance
runs across in the seventh. Nice job by Queensborough
getting here this year after two years of missing the game. Some good motivation for the first-year
players who will be back. And this night was about Kingsborough, a team that had a
heartbreaking loss last year and a dozen players coming
back and winning in 2016. Derek Jentz, complete-game seven-hitter, gave up four runs, four
walks, and six strikeouts. Who had him pitching a complete game when it was 4-2 in the third inning? They had a tough time
doing much of anything from the fourth inning on though. So Kingsborough wins the
2016 CUNY title game, seven runs on five hits, two errors. Queensborough had four runs,
seven hits, two errors. Stay tuned for the post-game ceremonies and the announcement of the MVP. – [Stadium Announcer] Fans,
let’s have a round of applause for this year’s runner-up, the Queensborough
Community College Tigers. Will the coaches and captains please join CUNYAC Executive Director Zak Ivkovic to receive your runner-up trophy. And now let’s meet the rest of the Queensborough
Community College Tigers: #3 Miguel Garcia, #5 Louis Ampuero, #6 Raymond Blanco, #7 Alexis Martinez, #10 Carlos Solorzano, #11 Brandon Bautista, #13 Michael Loprete, #14 Michael Calasanz, #17 Joseph Legare, #18 Kevin Bongiovanni, #19 Jeremy Molina, #20 Ruberkis P. Rodriguez, #21 Sergio Marquez, #22 Joel Luna, #24 Gabriel Gonell, #25 Christopher Miller, #27 Jake Morales, #29 Peter Giampilis, #30 Andrew Perez, #33 Nicholas Adler, #34 Daniel Silvera, #38 Andrew Goldstein, #44 Dionis Arbaiza, #48 Brian Santana, #51 Matthew Crawford, #55 Emil Balic, #66 Giovanni Romero, #69 Joshua Azon, and #96 Anthony Jennings. The head coach for the Queensborough
Community College Tigers is Roger Mischel, his assistant coaches are Thomas Cannella, Joe Mikoleski, and Luis Herrera, the athletic director is Pete Marchitello, and the sports information
director is Jason Demas. Fans, your Queensborough
Community College Tigers. And now, your 2016 regular
season and CUNYAC champion Kingsborough Community College Wave. Will the coaches and captains please join CUNYAC Executive Director Zak Ivkovic to receive your trophy. Alright, fans, now let’s meet
your 2016 CUNYAC champions, the Kingsborough Wave: #1 Wilson Agramonte, #2… And now let’s meet the 2016 CUNYAC champion
Kingsborough Wave: #1 Wilson Agramonte, #2 Derek Jentz, #3 Vincent Moss, #4 Christian Contreras, #5 Juan Tapia, #6 Mark Bronshtein, #7 Jon Bianchino, #8 Anthony Vella, #9 Alipio Tiburcio, #11 Austin Cordero, #12 Kely Aponte, #13 Matthew Palmieri, #14 Shmuel Silverstein, #15 Nathaniel Cruz, #16 Isaiah Polanco, #17 Julian Hunt, #18 David Dominguez, #23 William Stewart, #31 Phillip Pezzolanti, #32 Antonio Perez, #33 Sean Moore, #44 Arben Becaj, #51 Steven Catuogno, and #52 Eric Ricardo. The head coach for the 2016 CUNYAC champion
Kingsborough Wave is Jimmy Ryan, his assistant coaches
are Mario Capparelli, Frank Pellegrino, and Paul Sasso. The athletic director is Damani Thomas, and the sports information
director is Wilbur Thomas. Now, fans, let’s meet
our Most Valuable Player. Our Most Valuable Player went 2-3 with three runs batted in and a walk, #16 Isaiah Polanco. Fans, thank you for participating in the 2016 CUNY Athletic Conference College Baseball Championship. Please be sure you take
all your belongings and drive home safely. This has been coordinated
and presented by MCU, strong, trusted, growing.

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