2015 Volleyball Promo

(Music) Hi, I’m Jesse Edwards, I’m a middle hitter and I’m going to be a sophomore. What it means to play to play Volleyball for Vance-Granville? It’s an opportunity I never thought I’d have. It’s a dream come true. Hey, my name is Melissa Elliott. I’m a setter. This is my first year playing with the Vance-Granville Vanguards. What it means to play college Volleyball to me, is coming together as a unit. We’re all together all the time, so it’s kind of like a second family to me, they really mean a lot. Hey, my name is Kara Reese and I’m an outside hitter for the Vance-Granville Volleyball team. I’m currently in the Radiography program and this is my second year playing volleyball for the Vanguards. Playing volleyball for Vance-Granville gives you the chance to interact with other college athletes and it also gives you the chance to create a sisterhood that will last forever. Hello my name is Richard Thomas. I’m an outside hitter. This is my second year playing. My degree is Office Administration. I’ve played volleyball for five years now. My dream was to play college volleyball
and Vance-Granville gave me the opportunity. My name’s Caitlyn Robbins I’m a middle hitter for Vance-Granville Volleyball. This is my second year playing. Being a college athlete is something I’ve always wanted to do and Vance-Granville allowed me to play volleyball. I’m a College Transfer student and I want to transfer to Mars Hill University to play volleyball there. Hello my name is Morgan Carter and I’m a freshman here at Vance-Granville. It’s my first year playing college volleyball and I’m a right-side hitter. This opportunity has provided me with such a great opportunity since I’ve played for the last eleven years. So it’s wonderful to make new friends and be able to play the sport I love. My name is Avery Allen. This is my second year playing in college volleyball for Vance-Granville. I’m a right side hitter. I’ve been playing volleyball for as long as I can remember. It’s been a great opportunity for me to
play college volleyball. (Music)

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