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The 2011 Baseball World Cup was an international
baseball tournament held from October 1 to October 15, 2011. It was the 39th and final Baseball World Cup. The International Baseball Federation selected
Panama to host the tournament, turning down bids from Chinese Taipei and Venezuela. The Netherlands defeated Cuba 2–1 to win
their first World Cup title, and the first by a European nation since the inaugural event
in 1938 won by Great Britain.==Teams==
Sixteen teams qualified for the tournament, placing high enough in regional tournaments
that doubled as qualifying tournaments for the event or by automatic qualification by
hosting the tournament.==Format==
The 16 participating teams were divided into two round robin pools, the top four of each
pool advancing to the second round, in which each qualified team played each of the qualified
teams from the other pool. The top two teams in the standings after the
second round then qualified for the championship final.===Tie-breaking rules===
Standings were determined by the win-loss records over all games played within a pool. In case of a tie, the order of the teams tied
was determined by, in this sequence, (a) the win-loss record of the games played among
the tied teams (=head-to-head HTH), (b) the highest difference between the ratios of runs
scored per offensive innings and runs allowed per defensive innings (=Team’s Quality Balance
TQB), (c) the highest difference between the ratios of earned runs scored per offensive
innings and earned runs allowed per defensive innings (ERTQB), (d) the highest batting average
in the games played among the tied teams, (e) a coin flip.==Venues==
Panama City was the primary city for the event, and also the host of Group 1, while Aguadulce,
Coclé; Santiago de Veraguas; and Chitré, Herrera Province were host to Group 2.==Conditions==
The tournament was marred by inclement weather, causing a number of rainout games that had
to be made up, increasing the pressure on the tournament schedule. In the end, eleven of the sixteen second-round
games needed to be played within two days, requiring teams to play doubleheaders of games
shortened to seven innings, and the bronze medal game in the final round had to be canceled
to allow the final to be played.==Round 1=====Group 1=======Standings========Schedule and results=======Group 2=======Standings========Schedule and results======Round 2=====Group 3=======Standings========Schedule and results======Final round=====7th place game======5th place game======Bronze medal game======Final=====Final standings==*Canada awarded third place and bronze medal
by rule C12 of the IBAF tournament rules, which states that the ordinary tie-breaking
procedure applies in case of a rainout in the final round.==Awards==
The IBAF announced the following awards at the completion of the tournament

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