2 Popular Hitting Drills MADE BETTER!

– Hey, it’s Coach Justin from
Ultimate Baseball Training and today we’re gonna be
talking about two hitting drills that I guarantee every single
one of you hitters out there have done before but we’re
gonna talk about a couple ways to make them more challenging
in today’s video, all right? That way, you can spice
up practice a little bit, get out of the traditional routine, do something a little bit different, and continue to challenge yourself, and continue to improve your skills. So without further ado,
let’s jump into it. (exciting music)
(electric buzzing) So this first drill we’re
gonna talk about is, soft toss. Again, I’m sure every single
one of you watching at home have done soft toss,
whether it’s at practice, or even in your basement,
or your backyard, or your garage, and
that’s one of the things that I love about soft toss, is you can get a lot of quality reps in, you can actually hit a moving baseball as opposed tee work, is great, as well, but that, with tee work the ball is just sitting stationary, right? Soft toss, at least the
ball is moving a little bit, you can get some sort of timing down, you can track the ball, somewhat, or I can get a lot of reps in in a very short amount of time and you don’t have to
actually burn through dads arm when he’s throwing you bucket
after bucket, after bucket. So, soft toss, if you’re not doing it, it’s great to add to your routine but I’m sure most of you guys are. And how can we make soft toss better? Well, that is, we can
incorporate two baseballs instead of just one baseball, all right? Now, the way that we’re gonna do this is if you just have regular baseballs, which I’m sure a lot
of you guys do, right? Just go pick up a bucket of balls. And if you don’t wanna manipulate these baseballs in any way, you wanna keep ’em nice
pearls, that’s totally fine, I’m cool with that. But what you’re gonna have
your partner do, okay, whether it’s dad, or a coach,
or a friend, a teammate, whatever, is they’re gonna
actually hold both baseballs on top of each other, like this, in their feeding hand, okay? So traditionally, all
right, put the bat down, traditionally, they would
obviously be on a knee, right? They’d be down here, like this, and they would go back, and obviously, they’re just holding one hand, they’d go back and forward, and toss. Okay, that’s traditionally
the way that it’s done. With the two baseballs
what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna hold
them on top of each other, not sideways, like this, but one on top of the other. It’s gonna take a little
bit of practice on their end to get the spacing right and everything. But all they’re gonna do
is they’re gonna go back and through, just like
traditional soft toss, but when they release the ball, not as they go back, but once they actually are in the motion of releasing the baseballs they’re gonna say, “Top or bottom” okay? And so again, it’s gonna
take a little bit of time for them to understand, or to figure out how to get the correct spacing, right. Because ideally, when the balls are thrown you want a little bit, six inches or so, of difference between the two. But they should just kinda float, both of them should
float in, just like this, and they say, “Top or bottom” and your job as a hitter is to decipher, “Okay, what did I just hear?” Okay, number one, and then two, you’ve gotta make an adjustment on the fly and you’ve gotta truly watch the baseball and then you’ve gotta
hit the correct ball, so it’s really gonna help you with your vision, and your
hand-eye coordination, and just making adjustments, right? It kinda can simulate, you know, you’re sitting on a fastball
and all of the sudden it’s a change-up, or it’s a curveball, or something like that. You have to adjust as a hitter. This is great way to work on adjusting and also, your hand-eye coordination. A way that you can do soft toss, instead of just with two baseballs, another variation is you can
actually spray paint baseballs or you can get like a red
Sharpie, and a blue Sharpie and you can put red and
blue dots on the baseball, whatever you wanna do. And in that case instead
of saying, “Top or bottom” when they throw the ball, they would just say, “Red” or, “Blue.” So, I mean, get a couple baseballs that you are fine with
painting or whatever and I’m telling you, it’s really, really gonna take your vision and
your hand-eye coordination to the next level. So try it out, let me know what you think. (excited whooshing) And then the second drill that every single hitter out there, I guarantee you’ve done this one before. It’s tee work, right? Revolutionary, I’m sure
you’ve been doing tee work ever since you began
playing this game, right? But I think that a common
problem that this drill, is gonna help avoid, is typically when hitters are doing tee
work, right, it’s just kind of the nature of playing baseball. You get used to doing so much tee work, and you get used to doing it before games, and during practice, and everything. And what you traditionally do is, you just setup the tee just like this, about belt high, right? And then you’re just trying to warm up, and you’re trying to hit
the ball hard, right? You don’t really feel
like challenging yourself and looking stupid with tee work, and so you put it belt high, right in the middle of the plate and you work on crushing this
pitch, and that’s awesome. In fact, you should work
on crushing this pitch because if you can’t hit a
fastball that’s belt high, over the middle of the plate, you need to work on that first. Because to be a good hitter you gotta be able to
crush that pitch, right? But, the problem is, hitters don’t move the tee around enough, they don’t work on hitting the ball in different contact points, and they don’t work on spraying
the ball all over the field. I mean, there’s a lot of
green grass out there, right? Too many times hitters are strictly on the pole side of the field, or they’re strictly hitting
the ball to the opposite way and you need to be able to hit the ball and spray it, anywhere. If he throws you in, the pitcher. I mean the pitcher is
the one that dictates where you’re gonna hit the ball, so if he throws you inside, you should be able to turn
on that ball and pull it. If he throws the ball away, you should be able to hit it away, right? And if he throws it over
the middle of the plate, you should try to stay gap to gap in the middle of the field, all right? But what is the drill? Because traditional tee
work, I like tee work, again, it’s kind of like soft toss, you can get a lot of reps in, in a very short amount of time. Tee work’s great ’cause
you don’t need a partner you can do it in your basement, in your backyard, your garage, whatever. So I highly recommend tee work but one way to make it better is play what I like to call
Around the World, okay? So you’ve probably played Around the World on a basketball court
with your friends, right? Where you’re shooting from let’s say, around the three-point line, different areas of the three-point line? Well, it’s the same thing that
we’re gonna do here, okay? So, ideally this works best
if you’re at an open field, you can do it in a cage,
it’s kinda tough in a net, but at an open field like
this is absolutely perfect. What you’re gonna do is, you’re gonna position the
tee for an outside pitch. So remember, on an outside pitch we’re gonna let that ball
travel a little bit deeper, in a reality we’re still gonna hit it out in front of of the plate, but we’re gonna let to
travel a little bit deeper, but this is the first contact
point we’re gonna work on. And what we’re gonna do is, we’re just gonna play Around the World, we’re gonna try to go
foul pole to foul pole and get as many solid
hits where we’re actually trying to hit the ball, we’re gonna try to do
that as often as we can. We’re gonna try to get
a streak going, okay? So, this first pitch, what I’m gonna try to do with this pitch, I’m gonna align, you can
change the location of the tee, or you can just change the
alignment of your body, right? But this first pitch, for
a right handed hitter, you’re gonna send it down
the right field line. You’re gonna try to keep it fair, okay? So, right down that right field line. So obviously, we’re gonna
have to let that ball travel. Okay, we’re gonna have to hit it, back here, like this, okay? So continue to drive through the ball, continue to gain ground
with your top hand, try to keep it fair, first
one down the right field line. The next one you’re gonna
hit at the right fielder. So, you’re gonna have to position yourself a little bit differently, the contact point’s gonna
be slightly different, hit it at the right fielder. The next one, right center. The next one, centerfield. Then left center, then the left fielder, and finally, down the left field line. So try to go across the field, like this and try to go back. And make it a challenge of, if you can get all the
way across the field and all the way back,
see how many times in row you can do that before you know, you’re trying to hit it
in the right field line, and then you kinda get on top of it and hit a rollover to the shortstop. Challenge yourself and try to see how far you can take
your streak, all right? So this is great way to spice up your traditional, just
regular old tee work, it’s a way to challenge yourself, and it’s a great way to work on hitting different contact points. You can also vary the tee up
and down in the strike zone, I think you should do that. You can go across one time
with belt high pitches, and then go across one
time with low pitches in every area of the strike zone, and then high pitches, right? But this is a great way
to spice up your practice and continue to challenge yourself, and actually do something in practice that translates into a real game. All right, so, I hope
this video’s been helpful, if you’re gonna try out these drills let me know by hitting that like button, all right, I really appreciate that. So subscribe to the channel that way you never miss upcoming videos that we’re releasing. So turn your notifications on, as well. And last thing, all right? If you have not done
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