2 Baseball Fielding Drills That Will Help You Field Every Ball That Comes Your Way!

What’s up guys? Coach Madden, official trainer, YouGoProBaseball.com
and today we’ve got 2 fielding drills that you guys must implement into your practice
routine if you want to be a better fielder and make more plays in the infield. Nick Shaw provides the walk off tonight. An RBI double by Nick Shaw. Right here I’ve got Coach Nick with me, Nick
Shaw, he played with the Brewers last season he was a short stop, he is a great fielder,
and he’s going to tell us the 2 drills that he really likes alot for infielders. Now these 2 drills are based soley on footwork
because I believe everything in the infield is based on footwork, putting yourself in
the best position to catch the ball. So, the first drill is a lateral drill. You get your coach or a partner to roll you
a ball without a glove. We’re shuffling low, flipping it back to him,
taking some shuffles, staying low, staying low the whole time, staying low the whole
time. This drill prevents us from turning our body
when we don’t have to to this ball here. It also helps strengthen our lateral movement
so we can get to these balls and get square to first base much quicker. So the 2nd drill again, based on footwork,
your coach or another player is going to roll you a ball to the right. Now this is going to seem backwards to you
guys, but we’re going to around the ball and go towards first instead of the traditional
backhand. Now, why do we do that? Instead of being lazy, I’ll call it, and getting
here, let’s try to get our feet moving more than they have to and get going that way. Now we’re going left right after that and
now we’re going to get around the ball, backhand it, and come through it. I know a lot of your guys are going to say
I would rather catch this like this, for this drill, let’s get our feet moving more than
they have to, and maybe make this crazy play, say it takes a bad hop this way, we’ve practiced
that before, get our feet moving. I really like that over exaggeration drill,
that second drill that you did there, because guys really need to practice different things
and put their bodies in different positions and just to work on that, even though it’s
over exaggerating, it’s very beneficial to you guys. Again, these are 2 drills that you’ve got
to implement if you want to be a great fielder like Coach Nick here. Again, don’t forget to check out thebattersbox.co
His instagram is @thebattersbox.co Really great stuff over there so go check him out. Also, please if you haven’t already, hit subscribe,
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leave coach Nick and I a comment below and let us know which of these 2 drills is your
favorite and let us know any other infield drills that you’re doing to get better.

24 thoughts on “2 Baseball Fielding Drills That Will Help You Field Every Ball That Comes Your Way!

  1. I love your vids bro they have helped me out a lot because I was having trouble dropping my back elbow and having bat drag could you do aa vid on that or just help me out o it because I've tried everything. Keep it up bro you have helped thousands of people.

  2. My favorite drill is the 1 drill because, I already knew that drill and it really hurts my legs after doing 5 sets of 10 ball rolls. Plus I do this with the wall. But I will try out the 2 drill!

  3. Nice vid! BTW I was wondering, does it affect your swing negatively or positively by hitting baseball's off a tee with a donut on your bat?

  4. Hey john did u play for the Binghamton mets. I coulda swore we saw you pitch in a game 7-8 years ago

  5. Im a catcher and sometimes i throw out people really easily and sometimes my throws are way off. I was wondering if u could do a catching explained like all the mechanics and everything your supposed to do like you did hitting explained and pitching explained? Thx for all the videos!

  6. John and Nick thanks for doing this video because I've been working with my kids trying to get them to understand how much better it is to get around the ball to make good throws and good plays. BTW… Nick hit the nail on the head with the "lazy" comment!!

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