1st Lesson in Table Tennis

Welcome back to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Summer is finished. The new
league season will start soon. Today, we come back to the Ping Sunday. If a new
player comes to me and asks me to correct his technique. So what is the first lesson that I can give
him? Or which part of his technique that
I will look at first? For me, the first thing I want to correct
is “Does he hold the racket correctly?”. This is the first lesson that every new player
should know. I will look at this hand
and the grip first. Having a correct grip is crucial in table
tennis. It lets you feel the ball, and perfom
the technique properly. If the coach didn’t correct the grip at the
beginning, the bad grip will become the bad habit. And it’s very difficult to correct it later. Unfortunately, I still see many new players
who don’t know how to hold the racket correctly. Holding the racket is like the ABC lesson. It’s the base, the fundamental
of your technique. If you don’t know to hold the bat correctly
like the player in this video, no need to train furthermore. It’s like a waste of time. I also asked some coaches in France “If I
show you a hand of a player, without watching him playing, can you guess his playing style? Backhand dominant of Forehand
dominant player?” But they say “No!” or “Not interested in my
question”. An experienced coach
just needs to see the hand calluses and can tell you if you have a good grip or not. He also can guess that if you are a forehand
or backhand dominant player. The hand calluses are the dead, hardern skins
on your hand. The calluses are formed
at the place that you apply the pressure, so it’s like a fingerprint of your playing
style. The good players will have the similar calluses. So If you come to me, my first question is
“Show me your hand, show me how you hold the racket”. Look at your playing hand, I will explain
it right now. This is my hand. Now let’s see what is the calluses patterns
on a correct grip. You can clearly see the calluses. There are 3 calluses on the bottom of the
little finger, ring finger and middle finger. And there is also the callus on the side of
my little finger. So these calluses are called
the “holding calluses”. They are formed because you hold the handle
of the racket. So every players should have these same calluses
positions. But look! I don’t have the callus on the bottom of my
index finger. But if you have
a callus here, that means you have a bad grip or you don’t know how to hold the
racket. I guess that if you can see the hand of Ma
Long or Zhang Jike, they won’t have the callus on the index finger neither. Now, let’s see the “pressure calluses”. Turn back your hand, and look at your thumb. You should see one or two calluses on your
thumb. These calluses are formed
because you apply the pressure while doing the stroke. These calluses are the
fingerprint of your playing style. If you have a big callus on the base of your
thumb, you are a forehand dominant player. But if you have a bigger callus on the side
of your thumb, you are the backhand dominant player. So only by seeing my hand calluses, I can
conclude that I’m a forehand player, who prefers using my
forehand to attack. How did I know that? I’ve explained the correct grip in the previous
video. You must
have a loosen grip, and you should apply the pressure only at the moment you hit
the ball. If you ask another Chinese coaches, they always
say this same principle. For the backhand strokes, you apply the pressure
on the side of the thumb (like this). So you must have the callus on the side of
the thumb. For the forehand stroke, the index finger
will press the racket, and the edge at the bottom of your thumb will be under pressure. That’s why, the bottom
of the thumb must have a big callus. Another point that I want to emphasize is:
You should hold the racket so that it can make a “straight line” with your forearm
like this. This is very important! I really love coaching in table tennis. I want to say that table tennis
is very technical. So you need to learn table tennis techniques
in small details. These small details can make you from a good
player become the best player. Do you have a good grip? And how many calluses that you have? Tell me
by commenting below. See you, EmRatThich!

79 thoughts on “1st Lesson in Table Tennis

  1. How many calluses on your hand?
    Read the full guide here: https://pingsunday.com/ping-pong-lessons-beginners/

  2. Hey EmRatThich! I have a question. What are the steps of teaching after you pass the holding the bat first? Keep it up, I'm a great fan and your videos are so informative! 🙂

  3. Hello…I only have on my little finger and ring finger…none on my middle finger or thumb…I guess I have to revamp my grip? Thanks for the info!

  4. Surprisingly you are absolutely right!) I've just checked myself and discovered that I'm bh dominant player with correct grip) that is true. Never heard about this logic)

  5. Hey I have a question. I have been training tabeltennis the whole summer everyday. I have now quality shots i can almost beat the Adults who are 300 points above me. Today i had many probelems while playing against player at my age because they dont play as hard and with as much spin as the adults. This made it very hard to play against them. Are there tricks to with against these easier player?

  6. I don't play so often, only about 6 to 8 hours a week, hence no calluses 🙂
    Instead my back and especially right shoulder are hurting (like hell) – partially having a negative impact already on my forehand. But that's maybe due to I didn't do much sports for many years…. ;-D

    Can I please ask you to do some videos on stretching, balance training, coordination training, speed of strength training and muscles training – specifically in regards of table tennis?

    I guess these will be my next construction areas…

  7. What grip are we talking about here? One should not assume shake-hand grip. What's the callus pattern for C-Pen and J-Pen grips? Are they different from each other and from shake-hands grip?

  8. I'm RH CPen and have a callous on the right-side of my thumb, near the midway joint, and two on the right-side of my index finger, at the upper two joints. The web of my thumb & index finger is slightly discolored on the back of my hand. What does that mean?

  9. Wouldn't this depend on your opponent? If they know you have a god forehand and you are forehand dominant, then they will always play to your backhand. And as you play more of your backhand shots, the callus that shows you are backhand dominant will become more evident wouldn't it? And say if you don't have the footwork to pivot effectively and recover after a pivot shot, you can't use your forehand which you are best at therefore the backhand callus would become stronger when you are actually forehand dominant. Just pointing it out ?.

  10. +EmRatThich Table Tennis Coach, you are one of the only people i know who reply to peoples comments, so thank you and keep it up.

  11. Hello coach. I am a left handed chinese rpb (extended fingers like wang hao) type player, i notice i only have one callus at the side of my thumb. Does this mean i am a back hand dominant player? Or i have a bad grip? I dont have a coach because table tennis is not really popular in my place but im trying my best to learn and your videos really taught me alot. Thank you!

  12. How do I practice on predicting where the ball will go after my opponent drives or top spins the ball cause everytime my opponent spins the ball to my backhand and I cant reach it,usually Im preparing blocking it in forehand.

  13. I have been studying about grip for longtime and notice that all chinese player malong zhang jike fanzhedong etc they switch the grip between forehand and backhand by moving the thumb up and down and for forehand stroke the give the pressure on the upper thumb(under a nail) on the neck of the racket not side of the nail you notice all the picture the in this clip video.

  14. some coaches said not interested in the question or don't know, because some are humble to admit it and others are just too proud to answer smth that they don't understand, as always there are good coaches and bad coaches, sadly most of them just wanna profit from you without given you the real knowledge ..

  15. Nothing near what you explained: two on the right of my index and one on the interior of my thumb. Oh! Wait! I'm a penholder! xD

  16. ERT i have a video suggestion for your next one, how to spot a bad coach? i've seen some of the comments and many pple 've improved their game by just following ur advices contradictory to their years of coaching classes with some "professional coach", sometimes players accomplish smth and after they just think they can coach as a career, or some others will teach just smth and if you wanna know more u ve got to pay extra, let me know ur opinion cuz u ve already made a video of the cost of their classes depending on the country, experience, etc. and also u can see their understanding in the ppt that they do in ITTF which sometimes r just boring…..

  17. Hi ERT I still not able to understand that I'm a forehand or backhand dominant player as I have callouses on below my ring finger , middle finger and little finger but not behind or side of my thumb. And I also hesitate in attacking during a match as most of my loops and drives fall out of the table or drop into the net. Can you please explain why this happens and how can I improve the quality and consistency of my strokes.

  18. Hi coach emratthich! I'm a right handed player. I have a calluses in my upper pinky finger and I have a calluses in my upper part of thumb which you said is a backhand dominant player. Is it okay or I have a problem in handling a racket?

  19. Is it bad if i don't touch the part of the bad that is between the handle and upper part with my thumb? The curvy part. I think it's a huge problem because I don't have time to switch from forehand loop to backhand loop. Instead I get a really hard hand and do a horrible block. Is it because I don't hold the curvy part with the part between my thumb and index finger? I hope you understand and can tell me. Thank you! Wish you the best!

  20. I dont have any caluse at the base of my thumb, but im defenitely playing with forehand dominant style, is that because i'm putting pressure on my racket in the wrong way?

  21. how about calluses for a CpenGrip Player? I have one at the side of my thumb, my index seemed to have swollen a little in the left(facing my palm), and my middle and ring finger seemed to have bent just very little going to the left(facing my palm)

  22. alas! no callus!!
    have been playing for only 2 years in office and only 4/5 hours a week. but i badly want those calluses (lol, but im serious)

  23. hello coach, i just have a calluses in my side of my thumb. but i play with my fh not my bh. are my grip is wrong? correct me, coach. thanks!

  24. Hi coach ! I only have one caluss on my ring finger, and thats all… backhand player, dont think ive got calusses on my thumb at the right place or its very small…

  25. Coach i want to ask. The ways to hold the racket for the forehand and backhand strokes are different, in the match i have problem with switching between forehand and backhand due to this difference. Do you have any tips for this.

  26. coach EmRatThich is Fan Zhendong a Backhand or Forehand player ?? because I see very good shots from his backhand and forehand …. and what you prefer for the beginner player is to have a strong backhand and forehand like fan zhendong ? or to
    have very powerfull forehand and good backhand like Ma Long ??

  27. I have 3 calluses: on my little finger, a numb finger and on the middle finger. But I do not have calluses between the thumb and forefinger.I now that I am is forehand dominant player. Maybe I`am not close hold the racket?

  28. Can you make a video where you show how to give the maximum spin on the ball when you serve (backspin, sidespin, topspin…)? Thankks, you're the best when it comes to explaining about tt

  29. Spot on there… I have those three calluses on my hand and a significant one on the side of my thumb and I am very backhand dominant! Thanks for the useful video!

  30. Thank you for your videos. I'm a beginner that wanted to advance too quickly. I wanted to jump past basics and purchase new equipment until I started watching your channel. You have contributed to the improvement of my basic skills. Now ping pong is more fun! I'm starting to work on FH loops. It is still a work in progress but the 'feeling' and muscle memory is starting to take shape! Thank you and keep up the good work. I'm glad you care enough to make detailed videos to help people enjoy the table tennis sport!

  31. For long term improvement, no doubt grip is the first essential thing to correct and improve. But it's not an easy thing to correct in one lesson. For a first encounter with real table tennis, I prefer to teach people the 1 fundamental: follow the ball.

    When the opponent strikes the ball, watch the ball.
    While it comes towards you, follow the ball.
    When you strike the ball, watch the ball.
    While it moves away from you, follow the ball.
    Always follow the ball. You will see the opponent and the table in your peripheral sight, they are large objects. The ball is a small object and needs focus, to know its trajectory, speed and spin.
    Following the ball isntantly improves a player's ability to keep the ball on the table and it's a life long fundamental tool.

    This mixture of short term improvement and long term improvement is essential to keep a player's motivation. Too much short term and there is no horizon. Too much long term and there is no immediate gain.

    That is my, non-Chinese, philosophy 🙂

  32. Hi coach, I wanted to ask if DHS Fang Bo AC(carbon) is a good beginner blade? I play offensive forehand loop dominant game and I use Hurricane 8(hard) for my forehand and Hurricane 2 Neo on my backhand. If it is not a good beginner blade what blade would you recommend,is Stiga Allround Classic a good beginner option?

  33. Hi coach.. im a left handed player.. i have a callus on the side of my middle finger.. i dont have much on my thumb.. so what does it mean..? thanks for replying in advance..

  34. hey coach, why don't u make a video on spin evasion?? also give some tips on whether to go with the spin, or against it?? And how to redirect opponent's own spin??

  35. I play twice a week. No callous. My bat & arm look like the video . I watch & learn from you. Thank you. I only have 600 rank @ my club. Have won over 800 players. Spin is major weakness am age 82. Played hard bat in 1959. Hope to be 1100 player this time next next year.

  36. I have big and dark calluse bottom of my pinky finger …And have a light calluses bottom of my ring and middle finger …So explain me sir

  37. Personally think there are some significant difference in calluses between player with ST handle and FL handle especially on little finger and ring finger.

  38. I do not have any calluses but I hold my racket correctly. I'm backhand dominant player. I guess my hand is too rough to have calluses lol

  39. I cannot play when I change the table tennis board. The table in my school is very slow and the table in my friend's house is very fast I can't play in the board that is fast compared to the board in my school. please solve my problem

  40. How can you know mine? I don't have calluses cus' I apply force only on the tip of my pointer finger and by knuckle of my thumb. I leave my last 3 fingers relaxed. The reason I don't have calluses is because my fingers are being cushioned by the rubbers sponge. My coach told me that it helps me relax my wrist. I'm a forehand dominant player

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