(1A) 2018 IGHSAU Iowa Farm Bureau Girls State Volleyball Championships

1A>>Funding for the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union Iowa Farm Bureau Girls State Volleyball Championships is provided by– >>The path to greatness starts early. The Iowa Farm Bureau believes in Iowa’s youth and their pursuit of greatness. That’s why we’re proud to be the title sponsor of the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union. Each student’s effort is important and when one rises we all rise to a better Iowa. >>Fareway, along with Nabisco, Frito Lay and Sara Lee is a proud sponsor of the Iowa Girls Sports Championships. We congratulate all the schools and student athletes participating in this year’s Girls High School State Volleyball Championships. Fareway, proud to care for the places we work and live. By Musco Lighting, the sports lighting specialists, providing lighting systems for you, your project and your community.>>The sun has set on this championship Friday from Cedar Rapids. We’re not done yet! We move to class 1A, the final trophy to hand out. It is either going to Holy Trinity or Janesville. The two teams have battled time and time again. Janesville looking for the fourth straight state title and Holy Trinity, the last time they won it was 2014. Welcome back inside the arena, Eric Braley and Barbara Randall. Barb, we have seen a lot of great volleyball. Why are you excited to see what will happen in the final match up. >>The last time Holy Trinity won it was Janesville that may beat. It should be a good matchup. >>Holy Trinity a very good team. Five starters return, ninth straight trip to the state tournament. Keep an eye on Emily Box. She leads the team and the conference. One of the best in the state. A great player that will really try to carry the team to the title. >>You’ll notice her right away. A redhead, in the middle, jumps out of the gym. You’ll see her do a lot and enjoy watching her. >>Number two in the state for efficiency. Number four in the state for kills, Emily Box. Not just her a lot of great teammates as well. Janesville on the other hand looking for the fourth straight title, three-time defending champs haven’t lot a set to a class 1A team since the 2014. They’re dominant, what is the reason for that? >>Their offense is maybe more balanced than Holy Trinity. They know if they stop Box, they have a good shot at winning. Whereas, you know, Holy Trinity has a little bit more to stop on their side of the net. >>Send it over to the public address announcer, Gina Rogers with the announcement and induction of the teams. >>The 2018 IGHSAU girl state volleyball class 1A championship! Please welcome to the floor the Janesville Wildcats! And now please welcome the Holy Trinity Catholic Crusaders.>>Everything is top notch here in Cedar Rapids for the state championship today. The lights, the pink, we expect some exciting volleyball coming your way soon. >>First, for the Wildcats, the nonstarters, number 4, Kennedy Rieken. Number 5, Lilly Nielsen. Number 8, Cloey McCarville. Number 9, Naomi Hovenga. Number 11, Marra Fitzgerald. Number 12, Kennedy Eastman. Number 13 Mackenzie Bengen. Number 15, Chloe Kiene. The assistant coaches are Todd Bengen and Dana Sorensen. The starters for the Wildcats. Number 2, Bree Thompson. Number 3, Grace Hovenga. Number 6, Bailey Hoff. Number 7, Alisa Bengen. Number 10, Gabby Gergen, number 16, Julia Meister. The libero is number 1, Lily Liekweg. And for the Wildcats, the head coach is Shelly Sorensen. And let’s meet the Holy Trinity Catholic Crusaders. First, the nonstarters, number 5, Maria Rauenbuehler. Number 6, Katie Scoville. And number 7, Maille Sheerin. Number 22, Katie Denning. Number 15, Jori Whitaker. Number 24, Bailey Hellweg. Number 28, Avery Hopper. The assistant coaches are Tom Gendron, Kelly Knustrom and Stephanie Mohrfeld. The starters, number 2, Kassi Randolph. Number 3, Emily Box. Number 8, Claire Pothitakis. And number 14, Mya Lawlor. Number 16, Taylor Boeding. Number 25, Eryn Anderson. And the libero, number 1 Elyse Pothitakis, and the head coach is Melissa Freesmeier. The officials for the match are first referee Jodie Wielenga, second referee Kevin Vander Ploeg and line judges are Stuart Dusenberry and Shawn Petersen. Now, let’s play championship volleyball!>>Before we get at the first serve, let’s look at the keys of the match, first for Holy Trinity, what do they need to do Barb for state class 1A. >>It is hard to win a championship with one weapon. Janesville will key on Emily Box, but Holy Trinity needs to use everyone offensively and make sure they have one more than weapon to keep Janesville guessing and outdig the Wildcats. The Crusaders need to dig the ball one more time than Janesville giving them one extra swing each time. >>How about keys to the match for Janesville as they’re seeking the fourth straight state title?>>Janesville needs to play their game, number one, three-time defending state champs and haven’t lot a set to a 1A team since 2014. They need to play their game, use their experience, not just in this match, but they played throughout the season the bigger schools. In fact, since qualifying for state, they scrimmaged with number one, class 5A, the runner-up today, Cedar Falls, and were competitive. They need to use that experience and make it to their advantage. >>The stage is set, one more trophy to hand out. We’re ready. They’re ready. Play volleyball. Janesville wearing black and yellow. It is Holy Trinity the Catholic Crusaders out of Fort Madison wearing blue tops, dark bottoms. It has been a long day. The first match started at 10:00 a.m. The last match will be started shortly after 7:00 here. First serve by Holy Trinity, Janesville on the offense. Crusaders work to the middle. There you see, I told you so. Keep an eye on Emily Box, the senior, one of the best in the state of Iowa. She gets the first point of this match. >>She will get lots of points, she jumps so well, most of the time she’s hitting over the block. The Janesville defense needs to do something about that. You use the back-row defenders for that. >>Good swing. We play on. The outside, little roll shot. That time, didn’t hit it as hard, a nice roll and Janesville is on the board here in set one. >>Because she didn’t hit it as hard as the first time when she hammered it down the line. She did a nice job of switching it up, keeping Holy Trinity defense on their heels. >>Rieken with the serve for Janesville, returned to their side. Asking for a kill, she’s a special player as well. >>Thompson hit the magical corner, the golden corner as I call it. Perfectly. That ball, you would have been an Olympian to cover that ball. >>5’11”, senior outside hitter, Bree Thompson. Another point, the Wildcats are stringing can’t three consecutive points. Kennedy Rieken doing a good job behind the service line as that defensive specialist. Let it sail long. An attack error makes it four-point run. 4-1 here. It feels like Janesville is happy with this rotation right now. >>It certainly does. They have two of the top hitters in the front row right now. If Rieken — I was going to say if Rieken can keep serving they have a good rotation to score a lot of points. >>A side out. Now to serve, it will be Mya Lawlor, 5’4″ senior at the defensive specialist. She’s played a libero but in another position. 4-2, up defensively. It is up on the libero Liekweg. All four were there. >>All four were there, and they cut it inside for the kill. >>Three balls back to Janesville and make quick work of it. >>That time Thompson went down the line. Only a single blocker. Down the line. >>Let’s listen inside the huddle. >>Relax, all right. You have seen balls hit harder. We will have to go in swinging. Relax, you are way too early to the ball, trying to kill it. Settle in, get the job done. Stay in your platform. Little things will win this ballgame. Here we go. Here we go. Team! .>>Coach Freesmeier is right. It is in the details when you look at a championship match. She’s talking about relaxing. Everybody is trying to rush things. Some of the hitters are coming in too early, which makes the contact point not as solid as what it could be. She’s trying to calm everybody down before this set gets out of hand. >>She’s been there a while and has a lot of success, 35 in three heading over the state tournament. A head coach, 27 years, 14 at Holy Trinity Catholic, 17 times she’s taken a team to state. 12 times at Holy Trinity. Roll shot again. Perfect placement on the near side. Gabby Gergen just a sophomore, but an integral part of the team for Janesville. >>You could see her feet were not to the ball as they should be for her to hammer the ball. She tipped it over the block. Just in front of the back row defender, which is where you want the tip to go.>>Good scrappy defense by Janesville to make sure Box’s kills — attacks are not turning into kills. That ball sails out of bounds, the attack here for Janesville. The side out that Holy Trinity was looking for. A quick glance at stats. Bree Thompson is perfect today with four kills already to lead Janesville. Emily Box has two kills. The points have been hard to come by for the Crusaders. How in the world did that ball go over. Tough angle. I have to see that one again. Her back was to the net.>>Well, when you see a free ball coming at you, you don’t really have a player that moves to that position, they’re shifting over in the back row. When it is that short, not everybody is praying attention to the ball. >>Speaking of which, it worked really well. >>You know who it was. She went down the line on the right side attack, Emily Box and just hammered the ball. Talked about it throughout the day. When you are a line digger, digging down the line. The ball comes so quickly, it is hard to react to, and you have to hope you are in the right place. >>Stringing together a couple of points here. Getting back. 8-5. Crusaders dug a hole early on. Trying to climb out here. Big swing by Thompson, good defense. By the Crusaders. That ball sails deep and out of bounds. Side out. Wildcats up 9-5. >>Thompson has a triple block against her that time and they touched it. One of the things I would say if I were coach Sorensen, don’t try and hit the ball straight county. That is where even the shortest blockers can touch the ball. Hit it deep. Use less trajectory so it is deep in the Court and the block won’t touch it. >>Barb an American of the Hall of Fame, division 1 assistant coach at Purdue and UNI. If you don’t know much about volleyball, we’ll try to teach you. Give you some things to learn about this sport. Marching to watch what the student athletes will do. Barb will give you tidbits throughout the broadcast so you can learn and enjoy intricacies, the game within the game. >>We hope. >>That’s the plan anyway. 10-6. Wildcats back row attack by Thompson. Doesn’t get through the net. Anderson was right there. >>Yeah, but if I’m Holy Trinity and I have a player like Bree Thompson on the other side, I put more than a single block up. >>Even if she’s in the back row. >>If she’s in the back row, I might put a triple block on her.>>Bree Thompson’s father is a wrestler. And third in the state. And coach for wrestling. >>Look how explosive her approach is, slows up the arm and moves it with the block. That is what you want to do when you change the speed of the ball. You want it to look like you will float out of the gym and hammer the ball. >>Many runs her for the Wildcats. Look at the placement again. Trying to go sideline to sideline. A game of inches. That time, just barely missed. It is set. Crusaders go to the middle. Somehow kept that ball up off the Court. Go up there by Gergen. Off, roll shot by Bengen. Nice rally. Neither team wanting the ball to hit the Court. Great hustle. Quick set. That works. >>Right to the middle of the Court. Very hard to defend, especially after a long rally like that. Nice quick set to beat the block over the block to beat the back court defense. >>Grace Hovenga the 5’5″ senior. Extending the lead. Locked down the point. Janesville is getting points from serving, from blocking, from their attack, their hitting. Been a very well-rounded start to the set, now doubling up the Crusaders at the midway point. Play to 25, win by two. The team that wins three sets first wins the match and they’re the class 1A champion. Perfect spot placement. Flying in. Again, sometimes the finesse and placement over the power. >>That was perfectly placed. I was just about to say how great Janesville’ defense looked because they’re touching everything. That is what we talk about in the keys. Holy Trinity will have to outdig them. They missed that ball. So good for Holy Trinity. Lucky to get that deep tip in play. >>Holy Trinity ranked number three. Ninth straight trip to the state tournament. They’re here every year. >>Wow. >>Won it all in 2014. This year in quarter finals beat Montezuma 3-0. Tight sets, 25-22, 26-24, 27-25. In the semifinals, they defeated number two, Lamars Galen, 3-1, 25-15, 26-28, 25-20 and 25-16. Emily Box, 22 kills, Anderson 13 kills in the semifinal victory. Just 24 hours ago.>>Well, that was a nice kill by Mya Lawlor. She was able to use the blocker’s hands, send it off the Court so nobody in the back row could play it. Double contact on that set will be called.>>The lead stands at 7 for the Wildcats offensively, Thompson has five kills for Janesville. Bengen with 3, hitting 375. Roll shot down. Again, she shows she will come up and wallop it. She pulls back and just rolls it over the block. 17-9, let’s listen in to the Janesville huddle right now. >>Yes. So it is wide open. So let it come across, drive it down, where is Alisa? Right here. They’re all loaded up here. Go up strong. You are going to. Keep hitting the ball. Here we go. >>On first ball, Box 25. That is the first option.>>Ready?>>Line up. Good January. >>Break on two. >>Here we go. Push! >>It is always nice when you come to a time-out and your bench coach, other teammates whoever it is, gives you open spots on the court. You don’t always see those in the middle of the action, but it is always nice for someone to say hey, when you do this, the middle of the Court is wide open so you know in the back of your mine, if you don’t get your feet to the ball or something going awry, you have the middle of the Court open.>>Listening in into Shelly Sorensen the head coach, been there 28 years. Been one of the main reasons why they have been to the state tournament nine times. And won four straight state titles. Barb, not only the four straight state titles, they’ve won it in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, but been dominant in that run as well. >>They really have. I mean, it seems like they’re almost timing the matches to go for records. Because they’re so focused and to the point, so to speak.>>They said what motivates us is the end goal. We set our goal to start the year. It is to win another state title and they work on it every single day. Thompson said they push each other, hold each other accountable in everything they do, every day of the season. That’s what you need. You need good coaches, right? But you need good leaders on the team to hold everyone accountable. >>And I was just going to say, how that will transfer over into so many other things later in life for them. Leadership roles, in teams, learning how to play with each other and for each other. It will be great for their futures to have all of this experience as a state tournament. >>No matter if you are the star of the team, the role player on the team, a bench player who works really hard in practice to push everyone to be better. 19-11, Wildcats on top. Box has been set 12 times and has three kills. Thompson with seven kills. Good smart placement there. >>That was a nice role shot by Box. Her strength really is hammering. Give her the ball. Put it a couple of feet off the net. She’s jumping higher than what the blocker’s hands are. Let her take rips at it. >>Good job by Holy Trinity. Quickly return, hammer one, hammer two, Janesville. Pushes to the corner. Finds the open corner. >>That is great court awareness by Alisa Bengen to know that is open. Nobody said you had to have three contacts. She saw nobody back there. Just shot it back. >>What do you like about Alisa and how she plays volleyball?>>I think you say for the whole Janesville team. They’re gritty. Won’t give up. They’re lacy — laser focused. From the time they arrived in Cedar Rapids — and sure it happened before that — they get down here, this is the goal, they stay here, they focus on winning the championship. >>A lot on the scoreboard on the opening set. 22-12. The lead over number 3, Holy Trinity. Janesville. Trying to close the door here. And go up one set to 0 over Holy Trinity. Thompson. Service 8. How strong that serve is. You can tell it is manage she works on. >>Absolutely. You have to work on it. You have to get better. It is the only thing you’re in complete control of. >>Like shooting free throws in basketball. >>Absolutely. You can work on it with a partner. You can work on the contact. You can work on the ball toss. It has to be consistent so that you do the same motion and same rhythm. So important to have a good serve.>>Wildcats. In the black and gold. And Holy Trinity, the Crusaders, balls goes out of bounds, gets the point. We talked about this earlier in the day. A team running away with it. Even with the team that is losing can’t go back to win the set. Stringing points together to get momentum, heading into the next set. We wipe the slate clean at the start of set two. >>What is interesting is throughout this whole set, Holy Trinity has only scored two points at a time, three times. >>OK. >>Every other time Janesville has won the ball back immediately. >>Set point for Janesville. The Crusaders get that point. And Holy Trinity last year, reached the 1A semifinals, made it to the final four, returning five starters from last year’s team.>>Kassi Randolph is in to serve. The interesting point about Kassi, she’s a freshman. Freshman setter, that means good things for the Crusaders in the future. >>They had to replace Ally Randolph, her older sister last year. A sophomore in Hellweg and freshman in Randolph. Not easy to step in and be the quarterback of the team. Both Bailey Hellweg and Kassi Randolph have done a good job this year for Holy Trinity as freshman and sophomore. 24-16. Holy Trinity getting some is points here at the end of set 1. The final point going to Janesville. 25-16 is our final. And they did it in a variety of ways. Power, finesse, tough serving and scrappy back row defense. We’ll be right back with set two from this class 1A championship, only here on Iowa Public Television.>>An all-new season of we’ll meet again. 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Obviously, when you have device as many kills. Nine more digs, twice as many assists, you’re more-likely to win and win in dominant fashion. >>Absolutely. >>It will be tough for Holy Trinity to push that in the back of their mind and say all right, we’ll give them the first one, but now it is our time to come out and battle hard in the second. >>It may be a little more difficult, but that is what the sport of volleyball is. It is wiping the slate clean and remembering, hey, you still have to win three total. We still have the opportunity to do that. >>Bree Thompson leads everyone with seven kills. Very efficient with it, only three attacks here on 16 attempts. Five kills for Alisa Bengen. Hitting 417. Very efficient. If she gets set she will make sure she takes care of the ball. >>We’ve seen her do it in a variety of ways, with hard driven balls, tips, roll shots. >>Set two officially underway here. The left side of the TV screen is Holy Trinity wearing the blue and white tops. The right side in the black and gold, celebrating the Janesville Wildcats. This is class 1A, the smallest of the schools. Holy Trinity based in Fort Madison. Janesville for lack of a better team, suburb of Waterloo, about five miles away from Cedar Valley. That near sideline, big swing. Good hold up by Holy Trinity. That tip hung in the air a little too long. Easily under it with Janesville. How big is communication in volleyball on the defensive end? There is a lot of times there seem to be balls that are right in between two players, whose ball is it?>>It depends on a variety of things. It depends on if one player is the libero, it is probably her ball, who is coming at you, who is on which side of the Court, sometimes that matter. If it is a hitter and on your dominant arm, you should take it, versus it being on the other person’s nondominant arm. But the person who takes it should call it. >>It is like a fly ball in baseball. >>Right. >>You don’t have a lot to communicate it. >>Yeah. But they have been doing it for three months, this year. >>Sometimes as many as 17 years — that might be a little — 12 years together in these small towns, the kids grow up together. They know each other pretty well and know how to communicate with each other.>>Holy Trinity getting the second point here in the second set. Again, we talked about Emily Box a lot because she’s one of the best players in the state. They have a couple of other players that are really contributors, Lawlor, also stepping in, Boeding, and of course, complementing with the setter and the libero as well.>>Well, the Pothitakis sisters are both out on the Court. One is the libero, Elyse and the other is Clare on the other side. Word from Fort Madison, they’re excellent baby-sitters. >>You have a source?>>I do. One of my business partners lives in Fort Madison and they both baby-sat for him before. >>A look at one of the baby-sitters. The Pothitakis sisters. 5’2″. Hammering it down the loin. I like how calm Holy Trinity is. >>They’re not riled at all. >>Not at all. >>Especially considering Janesville won that opening set 25-16. They’re handling what is being thrown at them here, early on in this second set. They get the point. Patience, perseverance pays off. >>And defense. >>Again, we talked in the keys about Holy Trinity outdigging at least one more time each rally. That is what they did that time. That got them that point.>>Back at it again. Locked at the net. Over the block that time. The sideline swing. Good pursuit. They ran out of room. Right over there own bench. And that is kill number 10, if you are keeping track at home for Bree Thompson. Head coach, each of the coaching staff for Holy Trinity, putting hair color in, hair dye. >>Part of team bonding. >>Including Tom Gendron, who is bald. And I said what is the purple smear. Oh, the team bonding thing. The 5A championship at 10:00 a.m. We talked briefly, Ankeny Centennial had theirs. >>The llama. >>The llama. It worked. >>Absolutely. They have a zoo of animals on the bench from past years. Very superstitious. The hair coloring can be considered the same thing. >>You can see it in each of the player’s hair here. >>Reddish, pinkish purplish. >>The football team, football team, all the guys, dyed their hair blond. >>It didn’t look that good, I tell ya’. >>Better than shaving your head. >>I don’t know. >>Ha-ha. >>I mean, isn’t that what it is about?>>High school, who cares, let’s have fun. Team bonding. Culture. >>Build the experience. >>We’re coming over to the house, going to put purple in our hair or whatever. It is even better when the coaches take part. >>Yeah. My mom got a huge jug of bleach. We’re just gonna use it. >>Ha-ha-ha. >>7-6. A very close start to this second set here. Quick step middle. Why is that an effective play instead of pushing it to the outside, say hey, quickly go and try to get a point from Bailey Hoff. >>That quick set beat the block. She got her hand on the ball as a hitter before the block is formed and set up. >>It gives you an advantage. The block can sometimes take away some areas of the Court. If you can beat the block, you have all the areas of the Court open. >>9-6. Wildcats have led the second set, but not by much. Blocked at the net again. Tipped, it sails out of bounds. The line was open, spot was available. Take a look at how close this was. Nobody is over there. >>It is close. But we have talked about this all day. The officials here are the best officials in the state.>>Outstanding. >>They do a great job when they’re here. And they do a great job throughout the season. They’re determined to make the call the right call. That is part of what they work on. They are evaluated while they’re here. They have official observers who then meet with them after the match to talk about different calls they made. Different mechanics they used. Everybody is trying to make not only the best call they can, but the right call. >>Well, it is a big deal for the players, big deal for the coaches, big deal for the officials and big deal for the announcers to be here. >>Absolutely. My favorite day of the year. >>Bring you all this action. >>Right now, 10-8. Not a must-win for Holy Trinity. But they really don’t want to go down two sets to 0 against this tough Janesville team. Going to that corner again. Another kill, number 11. On the night, so far for Thompson. >>It looks like she just went over the block. Again, with the trajectory, more line drive rather than straight down, she will have success going over the block. Tips it through. Saw the two defenders in the air, realize they can’t hang up there forever. On the way down is when she sails the ball over, drops in for the point. >>And Hovenga is great, and her sister Naomi is on the team. A couple of sister acts. That is fun to win a state championship with your sister. >>No doubt about it. 12-8. Down from sideline to sideline. We’re seeing a variety of shots from Bree Thompson. The 5’11” senior that will play at Lipscomb. Let’s listen inside the Janesville huddle. >>Way to finish. Way to finish. They’re all yelling out, they were like good job. Hey! Where is she. Keep communicating, keep setting the double block, adjust anytime you want. Make sure everybody knows what set you have. If you are staying middle let gabby know, what you are running, always. Keep them coming right here. Let’s go. Push! >>Way to work. >>I would say it does also start with a pass. However with Janesville, they have outside terminating hitter. So great passes aren’t as critical. The critical passes are when your stronger players are in the middle of the Court and the right size you have to have the good pass to get the sets. >>Shelly Sorensen in the 28th year of coaching. 28 years at Janesville. 662 wins, nine state tournament appearances. And four state championships. Four out of the last five years she brought a state title back home to Janesville. They’re a member of the Iowa star north conference. Out of Bremer county.>>That is interesting. That kill was Alisa Bengen. Not typically a middle blocker. Blocking middle there. She’s shown she’s a setter in the back row. Hit from the left side, gotten kills. Hit from the right, getting kills. Hitting out of the middle getting kills.>>You don’t ask every player to do that? Why can Alisa handle that. >>She has a volleyball background, so to speak. Her dad is an assistant coach for the team, he played through his life and started a club team up in that area. Alisa, whose sister is also on the team, McKenzie, the so far more, doesn’t play, as much as Alisa does, they’ve grown-up with volleyball in their blood, so to speak. >>First time-out when we heard the assistant coach Todd Bengen, long time with Janesville, does a lot in developing the players full-time at hawk eye community college that is close to Janesville as well. Starting to see the separation. It was so close in the early second set. Stretching it to an eight-point lead now here in this second set. Bengen, with the serve. And that is down for a kill. She hit it so hard that it ricocheted off the hand, tooled it out of bounds off the net. Seven kills for Emily Box, 22 in the semifinal victory over number 2, Lamars Galen. >>I’m not keeping stat on this, which hits and strong kills. It seems better when she swings hard. >>14 kills. 14 kills four — I thought that went the other way. >>Out. >>Changing it on the scoreboard as well. That time, Janesville gets the point. Holy Trinity they have tons of experience playing here at state. Just tons because they have been here nine straight times. This isn’t something where it is deer in headlights and they’re overwhelmed, but it is the pressure of this is our last volleyball match of the entire year. So while they’re not scared of the stage, the magnitude of the game and every point is very important against a powerhouse like Janesville. >>You come into each match you play expecting to win. So that is a piece of it, too. Then all of a sudden, you are down one set and almost two sets, the reality starts to set in a little bit. It is like, maybe we are going to lose. You just have to keep that out of your head and keep fighting. >>That is rule of the coaches, the private sections, dressed in crazy silver and Halloween costumes to cheer them on as well. And help them up when they need it. They need lifting up right now. Trailing 22-11. Something needs to happen. Box will be checking in. And back is Thompson. Why do you think Lipscomb is getting a good one out of Bree Thompson?>>She’s shown she can do it all. Hammer the line, short cross court and all this roll shot she can put wherever she wants. That shows that she can do so many skills that make you an all-around player, that it is always great to get a recruit coming in that can do that.>>She seems coachable as well. >>She does seem like it. In the back row, it is always good to see the big hitters play well in the back row. You want to be in six rotations later. >>Another point, as Janesville. And again the father of Bree Thompson, played in the world champions. We have seen players with fathers or uncles that have been professional or successful college athletes. Listen inside the huddle and see what Holy Trinity has to say, trailing 21-12 here in the second set. >>Some of you are defeated right now. Don’t do that, all right? This is your day. Seniors, this is it, let’s go, push! Here we go! >>Hey! >>Go, go! >>This is it. Win or lose, this is the last match of the high school career if you are a senior. She’s right. They have an appearance that some look defeated. They need to work together to come out of it. They haven’t been challenged a lot this season. >>They have not. >>Only have three losses. They’re not used to having to push back. And in their wins, they haven’t lost a set. So they’re not used to losing sets. They’ll have to dig deep and help each other get through this. >>Only three losses on the year. Central Lee, 3-2. Joaquin, very good and an everything Ankeny Centennial. >>Both of those teams made it to state and Centennial won this morning in 5A and look what Janesville did. They want to play everyone and all.>>All. >>Cedar Rapids, Jefferson. Peter falls, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo west.>>I think you said it earlier about building a program. Once you get the best in your class, start seeing the upper classmen so you can keep improving and having a successful program. The kids on the teams understand that.>>And attack error. The Wildcats of Janesville lead by double digits here in the second set. Up 23-13. Substitution in for Janesville. Lily Nielsen. 5’3″ senior, defensive specialist. Locked. Good hustle by the Crusaders. With this touch. >>It looks like a touch from my angle. >>There was. >>That ball was coming straight at me, I thought it looked like the inside hand of the middle blocker touched it. >>Sailed out of bounds, but because it was last touched by Holy Trinity, it is set point. A service error. And we’ll throw the ball back to the Crusaders. Claire Pothitakis checks into the front row. Kassi Randolph, just a freshman, one of the setters that came in to replace Ally Randolph, her older sister. The second set goes to Janesville. 25-14. It looked strong here so far, Barb. >>They really have. They have taken control, never looked back. Keeping the focus on their goal. >>Janesville one set away from claiming the class 1A title. Holy Trinity has work to do. We’ll be back with more from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, here on Iowa Public Television. ♪ ♪ >>Find your favorite programs on IPTV. Improve your life on lifestyle programming. Programs made possible in large part by viewers like you. Join Iowa Public Television for Festival November 17-18 and 24-28. >>Now things are as vital as seeds. Many are going extinct. Join IPTV to discuss this issue. Learn how seed-keepers are protecting them in seeds, the untold story. That is Friday at 7:00 p.m. in two locations, the IPTV studios in Johnston and T box upstairs in decorum. Get your free tickets at IPTV.org/events.>>Hi, I’m Charity Nebbe, host of Iowa Ingredient. More and more people are becoming sustaining members to support Iowa Public Television. It is easy and hassle free. You choose an amount to give each month through your bank account or credit card and you are set. It is a great way to support shows you love month after month. You can give online or call 800-728-2828. Thank you so much. ♪ ♪ >>Join the conversation online with Iowa Public Television. Follow-up on Facebook. Connect with us on all our social networks.>>Good look at the Holy Trinity student section. As they are having fun, but it is more fun if Holy Trinity can win this third set. Force a fourth set. A look at some of the highlights from the second set. Janesville was victorious, 25-14. Seemed very similar to what we saw in the first set where Janesville won 25-16, Barb.>>It was similar when they started to separate at 8-10, Janesville started to pull away. Before that it was different. First set Janesville jumped out to an early lead. Holy Trinity kept it closer in the second set.>>A look at the leader, Bree Thompson, 14 kills already here. She’s been the difference-maker. She’s been one of the difference makers. Alisa banger with 7. Four kills for Bailey Hoff, three for Julia Meister. Emily Box with seven kills. 179. No one else with more than two kills for the Crusaders. Third set underway. Taps it in. They know exactly where to put the ball. Not too hard. And in the box where Holy Trinity is just not out. >>That actually should have been where the middle back player was. The Holy Trinity Crusaders plays perimeter defense or player back defense. Somebody is supposed to kind of be in the gap in the middle of the Court. >>Earlier today. During the 3A championship, we talked about the difference of offenses. From five-1, you have one setter to 6-2, with two setters. [Indiscernible] leaders for the lead. Difference in defenses. Is that something you can switch throughout the match or is that the defense we play all season long?>>You can certainly switch it throughout the play. Talk about the different defenses first. There are two, three main ones. But most teams in the state tournament this year have played a perimeter or player back defense that leaves the deep corners open. >>Real quick. Three consecutive service aces right now. Serving is a big part of volleyball as well. Whether you get service aces or not, right?>>Absolutely. Even if they’re not aces you can take the opposite team out of their normal offense. >>Mya Lawlor has helped the Crusaders in a must-win third set go up 4-1. Thompson gets the much-needed side out and four to 2. — 4-2. Another look. Do both Janesville and Holy Trinity play that defense?>>Both play the perimeter defense which leaves the golden corners wide open. If someone was killing the corners they could switch to a rotation, to leave the middle position. The middle of the Court is a good spot because people aren’t sure who will take it. There is a player up defense that covers that, but it is less common.>>4-3. And that is kill number 16 for Bree Thompson.>>And the final answer to your question from earlier is how often can you change those defenses? We used to have, on this player, you are playing perimeter from the right side. Rotation from the left side. Or this player, you will play perimeter all the time. You can change it throughout the play, if you want to.>>Tied at 4, here in the third set. And in the net violation, Holy Trinity gets the point. If you are just tuning in, you haven’t been on social media — which by the way, stay connected with IPTV sports everywhere you go. Just join the conversation. Connect on Facebook and Twitter. They do a good job, if you can’t get on the live stream on your computer, if you can’t watch it on TV, IPTV sports on Facebook and Twitter is the way to go. But this is the final championship of today. 10:00 a.m., we broadcasted Ankeny Centennial over Cedar Falls. At 4A, Dubuque Wahlert, the victor. 3A was Kemper Catholic. And 2A was Western Christian and only one more championship to hand out for the volleyball teams in the state of Iowa. >>That was possible because of the defense they’re playing. Right back got the hand under the ball and did a pancake dig. You slide your hand flat, palm on the floor, and the ball will bounce off your head. As long as no part of the ball touches the floor, it is clean. >>You can use your hand, knee, foot, use anything in your power. You can’t lift it or carry it. >>Right. >>Another look at the highlight. Nobody is at home, disguised it well. Dumps it over the net for the point. Crusaders on top. 7-5. And another point. >>Box did a great job turning the ball across her body, going for the deep corner. In the middle, the defenses you play are different. It is usually the same because you don’t have far from the base position. So the corners are still open. When she turns and goes deep corner, lots of times, she’ll have success. >>Holy Trinity playing some really good volleyball right here to start the third set. Here’s the key, keeping it maintained and not letting Janesville go on a run. >>And still believing you can win. >>And another attack by Thompson the largest lead they have had, up 9-5 in a must-win scenario for Holy Trinity out of Fort Madison. Good pass, nice set. That results in a big-time kill. >>That’s Bree Thompson. She’s normally an outside hitter. That time quick in the middle, showing again, she can do it all, right between the blocker’s arms. >>A lot of the student athletes we had the pleasure of announcing here today, Thompson with another kill — excuse me, it looked like a kill. It was an eight. Service eight, first second of the match. A lot play more than just volleyball. You were a multisport standout in Comanch. Did you like the players that did all the sports. >>I liked them both, for different reasons. Because they each bring something different to the team. If you are a multisport athlete, you learn things in other sports that you won’t learn in just specializing. Some of it may have to do with peripheral vision, some of it may have to do with –>>It translates. >>Exactly. A single-sport athlete, or just play volleyball year round. Advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is wearing out your body. In multisport athletes, you have different muscle use and you don’t have the wear and tear on the body. But you have more shots and knowledge, so it is nice to have some of each. >>That is what we are seeing, club volleyball, high school volleyball, volleyball, volleyball, and could get burned out early as well. I really like following the different girls — oh, hey, they’re on the state basketball team or won the discus at the relays. We had a chance to see them play at the volleyball champion. How did thee get that through — she get that through the double block. Didn’t seem like a lot of room. >>Doesn’t take a lot of space to get through, especially if the arms aren’t at the same depth. >>A service error. Gergen too much, the sophomore setter. She’s back there, hands are moist, sweaty, championship is on the line. How do you mentally take a deep breath, and not think about the crowd or how tired you are, maybe?>>That is what you do, exactly. Take a deep breath. Calm yourself, make sure that you get the ball in.>>Got the ball in. Pancake! She kept it alive. >>Wow, great hustle.>>Not getting that one, though. >>One of the things we should talk about with the pancake dig and the official. So the officials, all four officials get to say whether they saw a part of the ball hit the floor or not. >>Then they vote?>>Ha-ha-ha. >>Voting is on my mind this week. >>No voting. Line judges if they see the ball hit the floor, they use the flag to point it hit the floor. And up and down refs will make the call. The up ref, really. >>No question about that call. Here’s a look. Coming right at ya’. >>You can see Holy Trinity gave the line. And Bengen took it. >>Janesville is on a run. Listen inside the huddle. >>They get no more. Going right after them, right here. Control the ball on our side. Control everything. Keep talking. Do all the little things. All the little things become the big things. Push right here. Here we go! Push! >>An agree, one, two, tree.>>The little things become the big things. I love hearing her say we have given them breaks, no more. >>Drawing the line in the sand. >>That is the focus the Janesville team had, I would say forever. And that’s what has gotten them to this match year after year after year after year. >>Just keep going. >>Yeah. >>Three-time defending 1A champion. Wildcats return four starters from last year, including a recruit, Lily Liekweg who has 1,000 career digs, leads the state in kills, averaging 4.97 — service error there. Thompson, Liekweg, Bengen, the ICGS all-star game. They’re just a collective group. A unit, a true team. 14-12, Wildcats, to the outside. Little bit of confusion. New the Crusaders free ball it back to Janesville. Now in system, Box’s turn to take a good swing at it. And probably 99% of the year that attack that swing by Box goes down for a kill. Tonight it doesn’t. >>Thinking the same thing, turned one, cut back, hammered it, I was thinking she’s not used to that coming back. That is tough. As a hitter, it blocks into your confidence because usually you are getting kills on the balls. It knocks you down a few pegs. >>Still having a nice performance with eight kills here in the championship match. This is the critical point. When the game is hanging in the balance, 13-14 and now, what happens? At this halfway point of this third set. Janesville pull away? Or can the Crusaders put a run together right now to force a fourth set?>>Net violation called. It was a little bit of late whistle so everybody is looking wondering what the call is. It was a net violation.>>Well, you are seeing a lot of pink on the TV screen here. The Court is pink, the ball girls are pink, the ball itself is pink. >>The broadcasters. >>We’re wearing pink. >>When the teams were introduced, they ran out on a pink runway. >>The pink brick road. >>Not the yellow. >>A pink brick road. >>The champions get a pink T-shirt. That is something in the last couple of years, IGHSAU executive director Gene Burger said we have to make things more big-time. Make this day even more special than it already is. We have to brand the Iowa girls. And tie in that color pink. >>And not only that, she’s doing things about Iowa girls. If you are an Iowa girl, every announcement, every match has an announcement that asks any woman who has played sports in Iowa to stand up and then they get an applause and recognition for helping the game get to where it is today. Not just volleyball, but all the sports.>>And it is not just Jean Burger. Her staff works hard, relentless, open to ideas, suggestions, how can we make this better for the Iowa givers? 17-16. Holy Trinity, fighting tooth and nail, trying to do everything in their power to win this third set. Lift-off.>>Double contact. >>Double contact against Janesville. Tied at 17 apiece. There is Jean Burger. Nice smile there as she looks on. >>She’s in her pink. >>Of course she is. >>All the women on the staff are wearing the same scarf she has on. All the men are wearing dark suits with the pink tie. She’s really done a lot throughout the week. They’re all wearing the same outfits and some kind of black, gray, pink. It is fun to see what new pink addition she adds each year. >>Iowa Public Television Paul Yager, you might remember this, host the girls basketball wore a pink suit, pants, blazer, everything. I got the tie. But it is –>>You have a ways to go. >>Truly special, very special weekend and day here. And it is not just volleyball, it is not just basketball, softball, swimming, everything. What a block! Are you kidding me? Oh, my! The Crusaders are on a mission! >>They’re starting to believe a little bit. >>They should after plays like this! Holy Trinity, they have the lead. Listen in to their huddle. >>This is what we do. Aggressive, go ought them. Let’s get them, let’s go! >>Pick it up. >>Go! >>That is easy to say after a play like that. Be aggressive. And that is the nice part about having a play like that, get everybody fired up, including the fans, hopefully that will come back at them to finish the set strong. >>19-17. I love, nonverbal communication says it all. >>Feeling better now than we saw her look a couple of sets ago. >>Sometimes it’s a play that can change momentum. One single play. Not only does it give them a point, a two-point lead.>>Three-point lead. >>And how much did that previous play, play into the factor when Thompson was up making contact over that block?>>It may have played a little bit of a role, she turned it and went line, that is where Box wasn’t, Box. Sorry. She’s the boss.>>She is tonight. All season long. Three-point lead for the Crusaders. And two contacts to call. Possibility penalty. Let’s see what Holy Trinity does defensively to try to get a quick side out. Lily Liekweg serves it over. Set her dump, Janesville is there — in there. It falls over the top of the nylon. Wow! I thought that ball had a 2% chance of finding a way over the net. Kill number three.>>Super! >>No way. There is no way. I’ll give it 2%. And it did. >>Ha-ha. >>Coming with the power. If you are keeping track at home, that is 21 kills for Thompson. And now she has a chance to serve. We play on. Hit the top of the net. Attack error. 21-20. Play to 25, win by two. Bree looks over to the bench. Finds the zone from her coach, serves it. Blocked. Down for the point. >>That’s that middle of the Court spot we were talking about earlier that nobody knows who will take it. A lot of coaches call that the camp fire defense because everybody is sitting around. >>Listen in to Janesville’s huddle here. Tied at 21-21. >>That’s the way to fight back. Keep your feet moving, keep talking. Go after it, right here. Anticipate, be ready for everything. Talk early, one point at a time. Push! >>Push! >>Ha-ha-ha. >>Push! >>I think coach Sorensen wants them to push, push, push. She’s right, right here they need to get the point and then push for another one. Because that will keep Holy Trinity kind of moving back into the disbelief portion they may have had a couple of sets ago. >>Janesville has 46 kills as a team in this match, Holy Trinity only has 19. Doesn’t matter right now. It is 21-21. A must-win for Holy Trinity. Janesville gets the point! Not the conventional way to go there. >>Well, Hoff did a nice job of killing that. It looks like she would swing it, and then just right to the middle of the Court.>>Through the block, we’re tied at 22. Here’s the replay. Watching the play unfold. Two players there for Janesville. Good pass. Quick set. Down to the point. >>Nice save. She was over the line. >>Yep. >>So the rule on that is you can be touching the line. You can’t have any body part completely over the line. She plays the ball out of the net beautifully. She went to catch herself, her hand went over the line. >>How is, Janesville is able to return that ball. Again, Holy Trinity fired bullets over the net. Coaching staff for Janesville said the foundation is the back row defense. Attack error. Sails wrong. We have match point for the Janesville Wildcats. 45 wins five losses, all to larger schools. Have not lost a set in the match since 2014 to a class 1A opponent, match point. There it is! Janesville is your class 1A state champion in 2018. One, two, three, four in a row! And five out of the last six years.>>So impressive! >>2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 and now 2018, the trophy cases are filling up in Janesville. And the celebration, the hard work, the dedication pays off for Janesville. A tremendous year for Holy Trinity. 37-4. They made it to the state championship game. Their ninth straight trip to state. But Janesville is too much here tonight. Here’s the final point. Didn’t shy away from the block, went right at them, pushed, pushed, pushed.>>That’s right. Great win.>>It will be interesting to see Bree Thompson there will not be back next year. Several players graduate. Alisa Bengen won’t be back.>>What will they be able to do in 2019. >>Let’s listen to the all-tournament team, class 1A. >>Presenting awards to the 2018 class 1A all-tournament team, John Sanboothe for Iowa Farm Bureau. The class 1A all-tournament team. From Janesville, Lily Liekweg. From Holy Trinity Eryn Anderson. From Galen Catholic, Katie Peters. From Tropullo, Kalie simmera. And from Janesville, Alisa Bengen. From Holy Trinity Catholic Emily Box. And the captain of the all-tournament team, from Janesville, Bree Thompson!>>Congratulations to the members of the class 1A all-tournament team. Tropullo, Holy Trinity, Janesville all represented there. You see the players and the names on the screen. A very fitting as each of the members so important to their individual schools. They have given up so much time and sacrifice to improve and be the best high school volleyball player they possibly can be.>>Nice looking group of athletes, nice to see them play together. >>Before we end coverage, we’ll hand out two trophies. >>The head coach, Melissa Freesmeier. And now, your 2018 class 1A champions, coach Shelly Sorensen. And the Wildcats from Janesville.>>They’re used to hoisting that trophy. >>They work out all year just so they can do that.>>A special year for Janesville. Let the celebration carry on, because they deserve it, what a fun day of high school sports brought to you here all day long. From 10:00 a.m. to whatever time it is now. We’re proud to be a small part of bringing you live coverage from the 2018 Iowa high school volleyball championship. Huge shout out to our crew, it takes a lot of people to pull this off. And they have worked their tails off to bring you this coverage. And thank you to our great sponsors as well and underwriters for supporting the Iowa girls and this live coverage. Barb Randall, I’m Eric Braley, tune in for more coverage, March 2 in Des Moines. I had a blast hanging out with you. >>Me, too, my favorite day of the year. >>Congrats to the winners and all those who participates. This is a broadcast on Iowa Public Television.>>Funding for the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union Iowa Farm Bureau Girls State Volleyball Championships is provided by– >>The path to greatness starts early. The Iowa Farm Bureau believes in Iowa’s youth and their pursuit of greatness. That’s why we’re proud to be the title sponsor of the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union. Each student’s effort is important and when one rises we all rise to a better Iowa. >>Fareway, along with Nabisco, Frito Lay and Sara Lee is a proud sponsor of the Iowa Girls Sports Championships. We congratulate all the schools and student athletes participating in this year’s Girls High School State Volleyball Championships. Fareway, proud to care for the places we work and live. By Musco Lighting, the sports lighting specialists, providing lighting systems for you, your project and your community.

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