11 thoughts on “1999 Dallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings MNF Week 9

  1. 11:06 – "Last year the Minnesota Vikings' offense was so great that this defense really didn't have to do much. But when the offense started to sputter this year, you start realizing what your deficiencies are." Boomer summed up in two simple sentences the primary reason why the Vikes choked in the 1998 NFC Championship Game. It wasn't Gary Anderson's fault that Minnesota's defense gave up 427 total yards and 30 points to Atlanta's offense. (Their pass defense was especially porous in that game.)

  2. God, that sucked so bad when Emmitt broke his hand and they made him leave the game. He was so feeling it and was in the zone that night. He could've threatened the record for most yards in a game that night and he not left. I wish they would have wrapped his hand up and let him keep playing.

  3. It's extremely ridiculous to not get a chance of Revenge to a team who beat you in the playoffs

  4. Jeff George had the ability to be one of the best to ever play the game, but ended up a journeyman because he lacked leadership and was a cancer. His raw talent was good enough to have a long career with many teams, but nothing else.

  5. Back when Monday night football was on ABC and had some classic games…rip korey stringer orlando thomas dennis green

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