1985 Stilwell Indians vs Blackwell Maroons (Class 3A State Semi-Finals) Baseball

Leading off for the Indians is the Catcher, Jack Cunningham Drops in for a hit. Cunningham on first, nobody out Batting Second will be the Left Fielder Brett Gray. Keith Hudson will pinch run for Jack Cunningham Strike one is the count to Brett Gray, the 3 time State Wrestling Champion Carl Hightower on the mound for Blackwell One and one the count Two balls one strike Nobody out, top of the first inning here. Stilwell and Blackwell Two and Two the Count Runner on first. That’s Keith Hudson The Pitcher Hightower throwing to first for the fifth time! Gray grounding to the first baseman. Hudson advancing on the play Steve Barton is the batter. Hudson on at second. One out, top of the first inning 0 and 1 the count Fouled back and out of play. Steve Barton in the hole. 0 and 2 Hudson on second One and two! Down goes Steve Barton. Two outs now. Top of the First Inning Keith Hudson on Second The Batter is Trent Teehee the Third Baseman. Hudson back in safely at second Low and outside. One ball, no strikes The count to Trent Teehee 2 and 0 RBI single for Trent Teehee. Keith Hudson scores Indians lead 1-0 here in the first inning over the Blackwell Maroons Now the Right Fielder, Gene Neff Neff leading the Indians in RBI this year 1 and 0 the count to Gene Neff One and one the count. Trent Teehee at first. We are in the top of the First Inning of the 1985 Class 3A State Semi-Finals. The Stilwell Indians leading the Blackwell Maroons 1-0 A single by Gene Neff.

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