Ready Guys, Three, Two, One. Scotty it’s a good day. Oh many dreams are coming true today Brett. Yes this trampoline Down the bottom of the tower it is and we’re doing some things today, we’re gonna drop a thousand golf balls. You had to write 1000 Callaway golf balls including some of the new chrome softs yeah onto this trampoline, but there’s a purpose Oh, there is the challenge is simple if we’re dropping a thousand onto. This surely one’s going and surely Sure, we get in there Got a cracker idea Scotty reckon you could throw a ball from here up 45 to Derrick on the form [mumbles] Give it a go. Oh man it’s bright. Scotty’s gonna, throw one up See if you can get there is we’ve only got a few balls, but we’ll give it a go. Let’s give it a go you ready Derrick straight to the hand mate Oh Oh Close to the right amount of height send it How did you drop that? It almost hit me in the face it actually came out with some serious pace he hit the roof I actually thought that got you in the Scott. No joke let’s go again less berries Hey Derrick. Yeah? I’m gonna give you a bit of a challenge Before we get into the thousand drop. I’m going to give you ten throws so we’re going to move to the little green over here. I want to see if you can flush one in. Yeah, sure Is that no joke if you think there’s fifty bucks I’m holding you to that I’m actually going fifty dollars in my wallet well perfect. I’m gonna take it off. Yeah, no chance all right first attempt. I got ten That’s my wall oh Yeah great. Tenth ball 50 bucks is looking safe as houses. Oh I’ll be doing very well to label it on the green. Yeah, you’re gonna need a flusher Derek. Oh That was very close that has landed there. I almost took your cash. You still got three more pops at it Last take, I’m gonna be one unhappy camper if it goes in YES, I flipping did it I put one in the whole. 50 BUCKS OH. HE PUT IT IN. **Laughing** 50 bucks!! I didn’t really think he’d do it. Dude that hit the pole like twice. I cannot believe you did that Aaron look I do things like that all the time I Did you see that? I did see it and I still can’t believe it all right, let’s put this thing back over there Now you don’t know this but me and Derek numbered every single golf ball is very boring right to us to ours We want you to comment this week for the comtest Guess a number. Guess a number between 1 and 1000 and whichever ball goes in the hole is the correct answer and get in the comment That sounds mighty fine to me. It does I reckon. That’s good get your answers in get excited alright here We go thousand golf balls Ahh frick! Get in! AHH nothing in the hole. Well that was pretty fun well, I reckon we got a bit of picking up to do man that looks so hectic so Are we picking up and going again and? Sure it’s worth another punch Okay, so here’s the situation it’s another day it got really windy and we just had to postpone it because the golf balls are falling everywhere hmm We’ve got an extra 700 this time. Yeah Two waves but they can’t drop 1,700 at once so they’re just going to go a thousand pick up 700 more and then 700 yeah So we don’t have to do that clean up again So hopefully one goes in that Cup the old GoPro copped a bit of a battering So we’ve had to reinforce him in some strapping tape go well son Back at the top we’re here on day two little contest clue we actually might go about 1700 balls in 1633 to put your answer in the right one that goes in the hole. We’re gonna pin That’s 44 club shit right yeah, I’m rocking one as well Okay, good link in description if you want to get your own 44 club. Yeah get you merch You might be wondering what I’m doing with this helmet. Well. I just like it no I’m gonna put my body on the line and get a great camera angle. Hope you appreciate it almost dropped I really yeah, I’m just gonna hide behind here. Hey good on your night. Yeah, all the best down there alright We’re about ready all right Derrick on you pal here. We go three two one Now what you’re about to see is may clarify the plan, but not full of the plan You know how it just happens in life you say you’re gonna do one thing and then you just completely forget What you doing? Oh Derek on you pal so you’re gonna do a thousand and then straight away you’re gonna do The 700 off of that OHH none in!! how is that possible? ONE WENT IN!! ONE IS IN!! Bombs away I don’t want to give away the number Devin, where are you?? I’m here I’m coming I’m so excited!! One went in!! We don’t have to walk them up again!! You beauty! That’s like a heavy snowstorm, it’s just white just almost like a funnel going down. It’s so cool You probably can’t see it from that far there. We go it’s in there all right, so one’s going in I hope your contest entries in cuz we have the number and we’ll reveal it in a few days about that I think you’ve got knotted in it was one of the first ones was it yeah on the first day And I’m pretty sure it was one there And then another one Knocked it in you have to know as well The numbers are scrambled so the first thousand doesn’t mean the numbers were one to a thousand no There’s a hole yeah They’re all mixed together if you just point the camera A lot look like they either hit the springs here and destroy the area the door was open There’s some over on the road. There’s some in there. There’s some over there. We’re in for a mighty cleanup What could we drop 1700 golf balls on next brett? I? Don’t know Scott Yeah, God let us know dude And if you’ve got ideas for what you want to say it’s drop on the trampoline here at the tower comment your ideas as well Thanks for sticking around make sure you like subscribe we got videos every week We do have 44 Club merch to link in the description if you want to check it out You guys every week see you next week do you want me to give you an outro that actually is clean? To give you an option, or you guys reckon that’ll just trump it. No I can oh you actually have a guy no Well now that we have 1700 golf ball its What’s the question?

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  1. you make things come true. I used to hate maths but because of you guys I feel like I like maths too. thank you for the cool challenges you did. This video was great.

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